A very happy belated to a very special person……… who eats people. <___<

Greetings all. Marksman here, The Incredible Marksman that is.  And I’m bringing the party to wra for this particular day, which happens to be unique in its own way. It is indeed, a happy belated day, to a person I am sure we all love and cherish, TENRAI SENSHI!!!!!!


For he is indeed, a jolly good fellow. ^^

*moments later after spazzing out*


Personally… I would just like to say thank you to a very special friend, and a blog writer who I might add, is the very reason our wra blog is still alive and running after so long. Through and through, Tenrai Senshi has faithfully provided us in the past with touching Anime write ups,  heart moving fanfiction, and as of recently, epic Naruto Manga breakdowns.

He has re-edited the blog, and made it that much more welcoming for those of us who escape to the web for solace, fun, and plain good old fashion anime awesomeness.   Not to brag, but he has helped us reach 2,352,947 hits. Way to go Senshi!!!!

Tenrai: *eats Marks*

“Wait….I didn’t know you were here.”  X______x

Tenrai: I am not. <____<  *fades back into Wra backround while plotting to eat kantonkage*

Kantonkage: *Pulls out Grenade launcher*  T______T

To those of us who are fortunate enough to make it another year, rejoice, because everything is not a given. Don't take it for granted. Here today and gone tomorrow goes a certain expression. Nevertheless, may our lives continue to thrive past that belated day and reach the span of many years to come.

In any case… I know I speak on the behalf of most, if not all of the Wra family when I say we are happy to have you Tenrai Senshi, and we wish you well on your future endeavors.

I said it once, and Ill say it one last time;

Happy Birthay Tenrai Senshi. ^^

~ by The Incredible Marksman on March 31, 2012.

9 Responses to “A very happy belated to a very special person……… who eats people. <___<”

  1. 1st O.o… Happy Birthday Tenrai Senshi, Aries FTW!
    Marksman, thanks for letting us being able to celebrate together!

  2. Lol. Marks did a sneaky thing without me knowing. <_<

    Thanks, I appreciate it Namskram. ^ ^

  3. Well deserved post for a great person

    Thanks for everything TenTen

    And Happy Birthday

  4. Aw. Happy Birthday Tenrai!

  5. Tenrai, have a great day, happy birthday and thanks for keeping this place and all it’s great visitors join this blog every time with great feelings of joy and appreciation.

  6. Tenrai, I’ve been here for a long time. I know people sometimes don’t mention the history of this site for various reasons, but I think this needs to be said:

    When I say I’ve been here for a long time, what I mean is: that I’ve been around since before WRA and even before that (what some people call ‘the glory days’ of) IRA. It’s actually so long ago now, I wonder who would remember IRA. Again, I apologize if anyone has mixed feelings about IRA.

    I often looked back and wondered if WRA would ever have the energy that IRA used to have. But, let’s be honest, IRA was always flawed – more than a lot of people know. So the first thing I want to say is that WRA has already surpassed IRA by leaps and bounds. WRA continues to be a fun place to read up on what people think of our favorite manga or animated series. It continues to be my favorite hub for Naruto manga especially. And it continues to have a great community of personalities. And I believe that many people have contributed to that, but none more than you – Tenrai. You have kept this place pure, all the way to its very core. Long live WRA. Hail to the king baby.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Honestly, it’s all of you that keep this place going. Without the community, or other authors, there is no WRA, so thank all of you for helping to keep this blog going for so long.

    And thanks for all the birthday wishes, I appreciate all of them.

  8. @tenrai happy birthday person who shares the birthday with either Sakura or Hanabi. As a gift *punts some poor random WRA member (wrapped in explo*cough*candles in Tenrai’s direction.*

  9. *emerges from exploding candles*
    “Happy birthday Tenrai!”
    *gives tenrai his rib-sword back*
    As Gavin mentioned, there are few of us left from the glorious old days when Aizen and Pein were the big bads, and “SURPRISES” of all wicked sorts were doled out like standard greetings… Thanks for keeping the dream of awesomeness alive!
    And to any of the site elders who remain.. SOUND OFF LIKE YOU’VE GOT A PAIR DAMMIT!

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