Fairy Tail 276 Breakdown. Dragons hate transportation? THAT’S why they destroyed ships in legends!

Looks like it’s time for this week’s Fairy Tail breakdown. Sorry for being late, guys. 🙂

Fairy Tail 276 was a nice chapter. There weren’t any fights or anything epic, but it was OK. I don’t like Natsu’s nakama speeches because they are boring and Mashima could have made him say something much more badass, but it was good nonetheless.

I’m really happy that the minor characters got some spotlight this week because that was interesting. It’s funny how Raven Tail’s Kurohebi was completely ignored, though. He didn’t use any magic. He didn’t even talk!

Wait, he might have Silence Magic…



Who am I kidding?

So Natsu's unique trait has now become something every dragon slayer has? I smell plot kai.

The second day’s trial is called “Chariot” and Natsu just has to volunteer, even though he knows his weakness is transportation. Well, Sting knows that too, yet he came out, so they are both idiots.

What surprised me, though, is that Gajeel has motion sickness too. I thought that was Natsu’s quirk, but now we know that all true dragon slayers have it. Apparently, Gajeel wasn’t one before, unlike Natsu. I have no idea what that means. o_O

Anyway, Raven Tail’s Kurohebi is in the lead and Bacchus is fifth, until he decides to try harder.

By flipping the chariots over with a stomp of his foot.


This guy… is something else. If he did that without using magic, then I wonder what he’s capable of doing if he uses it. X__X
Anyway, after shocking everyone with that display of power, Bacchus runs straight to the goal, followed by Kurohebi, Riseley, Yuka and Ichiya.

The only ones left are the dragon slayers who are pathetically fighting to make it to the end. While Natsu and Gajeel push themselves to their limits, Sting decides that it’s not worth it. He says that Sabertooth will win everything so 1 or 2 points won’t make a difference. I bet they will at the end of the Grand Magic Games!

He then asks why Fairy Tail participated in the games. Natsu answers with a nakama speech.

Natsu haters are laughing maniacally right now.

Even though I keep on hating on nakama speeches, I actually liked this one because it explained why Fairy Tail wants to be #1.
Seven years ago, they didn’t really care about it. They probably were the strongest, but they didn’t even want to prove it by defeating other guilds. They went on missions and they loved partying with their friends. Their spirit hasn’t changed. They want to make their friends happy by making Fairy Tail #1, so they can stop thinking about the sad times and move on.

Fairy Tail’s determination shocks the crowd who had ridiculed them and some people even start cheering for Fairy Tail! Are they regaining their fame?

Anyway, it looks like Sting is jealous. 😛

Comrades are trash?!? GET HIM, OBITO!! *I hope you caught the reference*

Sting just has to go emo on us, like Sasuke. He’ll probably end up joining Fairy Tail, though. :/

Well, that’s it for me. See you next week with Fairy Tail 277, “Stockings”! O.o I wonder what it’s going to be about. Fanservice? 😉

Being mean to Natsu is fun. 😈

~ by 最強 Dragon on March 30, 2012.

7 Responses to “Fairy Tail 276 Breakdown. Dragons hate transportation? THAT’S why they destroyed ships in legends!”

  1. It’s out and it’s really late. 😦

  2. Not that late dragon. @Kurohebi aka Orochimaru cousin, there was no Fairy Tail member in the vicinity so he loses his significance.

  3. Isn’t Fairy Tail 277 coming out today?

  4. I actually enjoyed this last chapter. I just started reading the new one, so I will comment on that later, but I found the race for last place between the three dragon slayers to be quite funny.

    Also, Natsu’s inspirational speeches were… inspirational, as usual. Lol.

    And Dragon, you’re right about the whole speech thing. It was cool that Natsu wanted to do this not purely for the sake of being recognized, but rather, to show everyone that Fairy Tail isn’t dead and that for the sake of those who were left behind for those seven years, they would keep going and rise from the ashes.

    I wonder if Wendy will have motion sickness now. O_o

    Thanks for the breakdown! ^ ^

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention, the new chapter is out.


  6. Lol, I have great timing.

    @Ten: You should wait to comment on the new chapter until the new breakdown is out, because I’m already working on it. 😀

  7. Wow! Elfman is finished. No chance.

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