Bleach Chapter 484 and 485 – The Leader…

Awe all, or should I say, “Nihow” O_O been plying my trade in China -_- the last couple of weeks so when I returned had some Manga to catch up on :D.

There is some problems I have with this arc and my “Kubo will troll” senses are tingling… Let me explain why.

We have our first “Death” in Bleach of a Shinigami, this new threat took out the 1st Divisions 2nd in command… That is more damage then Aizen ever truly did! They have killed more in 3 minutes then Aizen did in the entire of Decide and Kankuro Town Wars… And Aizen was fighting Teenagers <__<

Now I know you are all thinking… but this is what we wanted, some good guys dying means that Kubo will take this war seriously? But there is no emotional connection he is killing for the sake of killing, and this single act has brought into question everything we may have believed about Bleach.

So maybe Aizen wasn’t trying to Kill anyone from Soul Society but only really trying to stop this new power, or the Soul King from allowing this new power to attack SS? This is a bit of a far out theory but I find it strange that Kubo is putting so much emphasis on death now when before he allowed people to live when they clearly should have died…

Now let me explain the “Kubo gonna troll sense”

What do most of us want out of Bleach? To see all the Bankai, so Kubo is basically screwed he needs to rethink his strategy with character such over powered Shikai’s how can he better it with a Bankai… So what does he do? He creates an enemy that can steal an opponents Bankai… Of course Ichigo’s cannot be stolen as Ivan helped us see but now all those Bankai we wished to see can be thrown away so quickly by this short developments.

The chapter goes on to reveal the true “leader” of this rebellions, a man obsessed with “peace.” He reminds me of Zangetsu’s Shikai form.

Kubo also trolls us by introducing these new characters to quickly kill them off… S o the whole mini rivalry etc from chapter 848 was basically just filler meh…

Chapter 484 began with the “leader” and his servants… The leader seems to demand outright respect from his followers and in truth it seems his followers give him that respect, their loyalty seems to be based more on fear then admiration.

I like how Kubo is writing up Ichigo and Ishida’s Friendship now of all times, I believe he is highlighting so that later we can see them turn against each other…

Return of Nel and the Arrancar…

I think many Bleach fans where excited when they saw the return of the 2 Female Arrancar with the biggest… <_< Personalities 😛 The Leader mentions that they have already defeated Hueco Mundo… Which could mean a Shinigami/Arrancar Alliance in the near future. The return of Grimmerjow and much more 😀

So over all the chapters where epic… I will do a more detailed Breakdown next week for this week was just trying to catch up 😛

Pein out

~ by pein0avenue on March 28, 2012.

One Response to “Bleach Chapter 484 and 485 – The Leader…”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst!
    Thanks Pein, cant wait to read your next breakdown!

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