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扉絵 インぺルの新獄卒獣 ミノチワワ



城の中でMと部下の会話 人面鳥モネ 登場

ロー『場所を変えなきゃ見えない景色も有るんだスモーカー・・・・メス』と言いスモーカーの心臓を抜き取り 勝利 スモーカー倒れる



Looks of things title is Smoker vs Law.

Cover is Minotaurus and Animals.

I’m officially freaked and impressed by Law.
He attempts to kill Tashigi and Smoker stops her….
The G-5 Crew is impressed but the chapter ends with Law taking Smokers Heart out…… (and Luffy showing up.)

Meanwhile Luffy’s crew is seen riding Brownbeard.. And we see “M” and crew, and the bird lady….

Shichbukai Law vs. VA Smoker
ID’s New Guard Beast: Minochihuahua

Law says, in regards to Tashigi “Weak shits should just die”
The Marines, upset by the insult, shoot, but Law counters by replacing their bullets with snow
Law tries to cut Tashigi again but Smoker stops him
Marines: “Uooohhh! Smoya!!!”
An intense fight begins

The crew is moving around by riding on top of Brownbeard
Inside the castle, M and his subordinates speak. The human-face bird-body appears.

Smoker starts to suspect that there’s someone behind Law (figuratively and physically?)
Law: “If we don’t change this setting, there’ll be more things that shouldn’t be seen, Smoker…. Scalpel” and with that, he extracts Smoker’s heart. The match is decided. Smoker has fallen.
Luffy appears there
Luffy: “Eh?! You are…!?”


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