Naruto Chapter 579 Breakdown: The battle of the Uchiha brothers gets underway, and a new movie is announced!

Greetings one and all! It’s time for another Naruto manga breakdown!

But before we start with that, I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the announcement of yet another new Naruto movie, titled “Road to Ninja – Naruto the Movie.”

It's a Naruto movie that stars... EVERYONE! I think... O_o

Now, I’m not sure about all of you, but the title of the movie is quite generic compared to the other Naruto movies we’ve seen in the past. The sub-heading “Naruto the Movie” suggests that the movie is about either the character Naruto himself, or Naruto the series as a whole.

Either of those would very broad themes to cover in a single movie and would suggest that the movie may cover a significant span of time, possibly from the start of the series all the way up to the most current events of the anime, or even the manga. The fact that characters like Minato, Kushina and even Tobi seem to be involved in the movie – judging from the page above – definitely seems to support the idea that it covers a large time gap or, at the very least, a largely broad theme. Perhaps the movie is a summary of Naruto’s life, or of the events of the series. Or perhaps, it simply deals with a specific theme that touches on those details in a more indirect or abstract way.

Unfortunately, there are too few details to be certain, and it’s too early to tell either way. My only real question is, are you looking forward to the new movie release?

Back to the chapter at hand, all I can really say is, what better way is there to start a chapter, than to start it with an awesome colored double page spread?

It's so big and fluffy! I want to eat it! >_<

It’s been a while since we last got a colored page from Kishi, but this one is really cool and probably one of the best we’ve had in a while, both in terms of quality and style, so it’s all good.

If you click on the image and take a closer look at the finer details, you’ll notice Sakura, Kakashi and Sai featuring in it as well and they seem to regard Kurama in quite a casual and wholly typical manner, with Sakura having a fit, Kakashi lazing about and Sai drawing a picture of his new, overgrown subject. The entire scene seems to fit the new, recent revelation that Kurama is now no longer just a monster or a weapon to control, but rather a shinobi of Konoha, just as Naruto claimed. Not only that, but he is now also an important member of team 7 as well. The image also highlights just how much the colours on Naruto’s clothes match the colour of Kurama’s furth and the dark patches around his eyes, an aesthetic similarity we don’t often have a chance to see in the black and white panels of the manga.

Luckily, the front page wasn’t the only great attraction in this chapter. The battle that followed it was quite epic as well.

Sasuke never liked losing to Itachi in the Susanoo Snake Skipping contest...

I have to admit, this battle got off to a great start. Now only do we get to see Sasuke and Itachi battle together against the same opponent, but we also got a glimpse of just how different each of them fight from one another, despite their similar repertoire of abilities.

Itachi seems to follow a more reserved and cautious approach to battle. He doesn’t want to risk killing Kabuto, so he takes a more defensive stance against Kabuto’s attacks and chooses to deflect or avoid them, rather than retaliate in a hostile manner. Sasuke, on the other hand, immediately retaliates with typically deadly counter-attacks despite Itachi’s pleas for him to be careful. He quickly decapitates Kabuto’s snake summons, while Itachi opts to simply restrain them instead (as seen above) and he wastes no time in launching his counter attack directly against Kabuto, citing that he won’t “die easily”.

Of course, it stands to reason that Sasuke would know more about battling the likes of Kabuto than Itachi does – having experience with Orochimaru in the past – however, it almost seems like he’s pushing a little bit too hard, as if he’s trying to impress Itachi by showing off his power and his insight regarding their opponent.

Sasuke is very experienced when it comes to impaling snakes. O_o

Of course, even if Sasuke was going all out to kill Kabuto, it has now become questionable whether he would be able to do so even if he wanted to. Yep, that’s right. If it wasn’t bad enough that Madara and Tobi were already hax beyond belief as it is, Kabuto decided he didn’t want to feel left out as one of the villainous trio, so he decided to do something about it…

Kabuto has now officially become hax.

As we’ve learned in this chapter, he has genetically enhanced himself with a modified version of the Houzuki clan’s ability to liquify using research done on Suigetsu, and he has also given himself the regenerative powers of the Uzumaki, which he acquired through experimentation done on Karin. We’ve also learned that, according to Kabuto, all Uzumaki have red hair, although it remains a mystery as to why Narutois the only Uzumaki we know of who doesn’t follow this rule of thumb.

DAMMIT! It's another Uzumaki paradox!

This unwritten rule also puts into question whether any of the other red-headed characters we know of, such as Gaara or Karui, are Uzumaki as well. There is a chance that they could be, seeing as how it is said that survivors of the clan scattered across the world, but if that is truly the case, then I am sure more details will come up regarding the matter in the near future.

One thing that I do have a gripe about though, is this sudden fixation on the regenerative powers of the Uzumaki. Although we learned some time ago that they all have exceptional life forces and live longer than the average human, it was never mentioned before that they had remarkable regenerative abilities. In the past, Naruto’s healing factor had always been attributed to Kurama’s chakra, not to his clan heritage, and he only ever healed exceptionally fast when he was using Kurama’s chakra directly, otherwise it would take him longer to recover from severe wounds. Now, it’s being suggested that it is in fact his Uzumaki heritage that was the cause of this enhanced healing

My question is, if that was always the case, then why didn’t Karin heal after being stabbed by Sasuke’s chidori? Why did she need Sakura to heal her?

There are other examples I could use to highlight my point, but in the end, I suppose it is ultimately a moot point at best. I’d just prefer it if the new details Kishi introduced into the story, didn’t seem to invalidate or overwrite the details we had learned previously in the past. It makes these new plot twists feel somewhat contrived.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, we’ve also discovered that Kabuto has now learned his own version of Sage Mode after visiting the snakes’ equivalent of mount Myoubokuzan, known as Ryuchidou (Dragon Earth Cave), which is also apparently related to Juugo’s clan somehow. What this all really means, is that Kabutomon is now evolving into Omgitsadragonmon.

And the most important thing we learned in this chapter, was that the snake was NOT, in fact, coming out of Kabuto's ass. It was just wrapped around his waste. Thank goodness! X___x

With all these upgrades, it makes me wonder who the most hax shinobi of them all really is.

In any case, that’s all from me this week. I’m sorry the breakdown was so long, but there were quite a few details to cover. Here is the winner of last week’s caption contest.

eke2k6: ....

Well done to Eke, for his winning entry.

Here is this week’s Bubbliton screen.

*Insert possible caption here.*

Yeah, I know, it’s Kabuto again, but he just makes it so easy…

Anyway, good luck and I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^

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  3. Woot! I won!

  4. Bubbliton Entry:

    Kabuto: Ra-ah-ah-ah-aaaah. Rama, Ramamaaa! Gaga, oolala!!!!

    Caption: None needed… <_<

  5. Bubble: I’d do me. I’d do me hard.

    Caption: How Kabuto acts when he is wearing his Orochimaru suit.

  6. Bubble: My scales are like iron shields, the shock of my “tail” like a thunderbolt, and my breath, death!

    Caption: Kabuto reveals Halitosis as his ultimate weapon…

  7. Tenrai why would you be sorry about the Breakdown being long? XD Its awesome as it is! Thanks!

  8. Bubblition:

    Kabuto: I really have no idea why people think I’m creepy…
    Caption: He’s just misunderstood

  9. Is it just me or am I the only one who sees Kabuto’s sage mode ungodly imperfect.

    For toad sages the less perfect the senin mode the more toad-like the appearance. Assuming it’s the same for snake-senin mode I would say Kabuto is far from being in a perfect senin mode like Naruto’s as he looks almost more snake like than human.

    The question then becomes: Does a perfect senin mode have any substantial benefits over a non-perfect senin-mode aside from appearance, and if so what advantages are there?

    The only advantage at this point that I can see Kabuto has over Naurto is he can have a snake attached to him to gather natural energy for him much like Jiraya had ma and pa frog (In hindsight this probably explains the snake peeking out of his robes all the time).

    Just some food fer thought.

  10. Bubble: This floor is so clean you can eat off it!

    Caption: Kabuto disregards the 5 second rule

  11. You know, I don’t think regenerative is the correct term that kishi was looking for. I think what he meant was a sort of ability to stretch ones body beyond normal limits through sheer will power. Karin staid alive pretty long considering her wound before receiving aid, kushina survived having the nine-tails ripped out of her right after giving birth, and nagato used the last of his life force to bring an entire village back to life… all pretty impressive in my book. To me i guess it means that the senju and uzumaki are descendants of the younger brother that fractured off, but staid in good standing and naruto was the reuniting of those two clans, but then where are Hashirama kids at?

    Similarly the byakugan could actually be a fracture off the older brothers’ descendants. And when madara revolted they could have solidified their alliance with the senju and that where the whole pride issue arises with being known as the best doujutsu bloodline, especially within konoha. and the rinnegan and byakugan do apparently share some common traits.

    sorry bout the rumblings, it be spring break…

  12. @Alec

    The idea that the Hyuuga are distant relatives of the Uchiha in the same way the Uzumaki are distant relatives of the Senju, is actually very sensible, and highly likely, considering it’s already been suggested that the Byuakugan and Sharingan are related.

    It would be cool if more details about that came up in the future.

  13. Well it was originally stated by Kakashi during the chuunin exam that it was believed that the Sharingan was derived from the Byakugan but now it seems like out off all the Kekkei Genkai’s, the body techniques can be attributed to the younger brother, and the doujutsu’s can be linked to the older brother. My reasoning for this, they wouldn’t be perceived as equals if one was derived from the other. Too bad this can’t be confirmed unless there is a naru-hina baby born with Rinnegans (^_^) *fingers crossed*

    But fanfiction aside, I see another comment about Kabuto’s transformation, and it should be noted that his appearance was changing regardless of sage mode. like we seen him meditate in order to enter sage mode like Naruto and we know summons can summon other summons as seen by Shima. In this fight so far we seen the snakes attack while Kabuto enters sage mode so even though it’s known that there are 2 ways to enter sage mode, it can’t be done without someone solely focusing on gathering nature chakra (until they are in sage mode). note that Kabuto had only partially transformed into that snake-like figure when he gave Naruto the information on Akatsuki. Otherwise the once partial transformation would mean there is more than one stage of sage mode and that he has been been in that state for months on end. Plus during that conversation with Naruto he claimed that change was because of Orochimaru’s genes so unless he spouts wing out of his back, the horns are the only change in his appearance when entering dragon sage mode.

    Great Breakdown as always Tenrai, I voted for being keen for the movie because they are giving Kishimoto more credit for it than just the design because all Naruto movies are based off his design and this could be linked to the story-line.

  14. @Michael Crume I would say that Snake Sage even for all it’s Similiarities to Toad Sage, the differences haven’t been explained clearly. The difference maybe that this is the perfect version of Snake Sage and we just automatically want it to be like Toad Sage…. whereas having only the Toad eyes are an indication of perfect Toad Sage, maybe being more snake like is the perfect Snake Sage mode…. I think it stands to reason that each sage technique( if all three exist) would look very different from each other. I mean theoretically if Tsunade could get Slug Sage, I doubt she would have Slug eyes. Obviously there are some similarities but we already have seen the Snake “regurgitation” technique and Snake Skin shedding, which are both very different from Naruto’s abilities as Toad Sage…

  15. Bubblition: I’m too sexy for this snake! Too sexy for this snake! The snake that’s about to rape… your ASSES!!!
    Caption: That snake is looking at ass alright. Don’t worry Kabuto will figure it out he always does.

  16. Bubble: Only I can live forever!

    Caption: Harry Potter Fanboy in Voldemort Cosplay

  17. i REALLY hope there is more to the chapter than the spoiler lets on….if we just read a chapter like what it depicted…we literally just went in a circle and never moved the story forward…..i just want to get back to….iono the main character…Naruto…it is about him…it is his manga. Tired of Uchiha’s and their Spam-nu-jutsu madara, sasuke, itachi… is getting old

  18. Spoilers are out:

  19. to get rid of my irritation for this i am going to play some Naruto Generations and beat the shit out of susuno sasuke for the next hour and a half

  20. @Drice

    Lol. The chapter isn’t even out yet. First see what it is like before you turn emo on all of us. O_o

    If, the chapter is just how you expect when it comes out though, then by all means… πŸ˜›

  21. lol i’m not emo any more, just went kubi mode and beat the shit out of sasuke…ahhh so glad i bought this game…worth every penny πŸ™‚

  22. chapter is out!

  23. my god…most pointless chapter in a long time?? Yes. Sry Ten but come on, NOTHING happened…at all…not even a useful flashback….literly that was 1 min at most in manga time…

  24. @Drice

    It was a battle, what did you expect?

    Most battles take up a lot of pages, and pass through very little time per page relative to chapters with less action, that much is a given. Look at the first chapter of Naruto vs Pein. No more than a minute or two could have passed in that one chapter in terms of real battle time – because of how fast everything happened – but that didn’t stop you from enjoying it, did it?

    I actually found the chapter to be quite good all-in-all. I enjoyed the battle quite a bit, I enjoyed the nostalgia of the banter between the two brothers, and I liked the fact that Kabuto is proving to be a capable combatant himself.

    From a technical standpoint, putting aside personal taste, I see nothing wrong with this chapter at all. Perhaps your dislike for Sasuke is contributing to your ill feelings more than the actual quality of the chapter itself? O_o

  25. @ Ten you make valid points…perhaps my large distaste for sasuke played just a little roll in my dislike for the chapter >.> but just a little

  26. @dricedt, you’re clearly not familiar with Dragonball Z…

  27. @Tenrai

    Sometime during the battle with Kabuto I would guess we get to see Sasuke’s new tech. also I would say if Itachi and Sasuke start getting along too well that might make Itachi’s disappearance/evaporation that much harder for Sasuke. However if Kabuto somehow regained control of Itachi in order to fight against Sasuke that would allow Itachi to have his brotherly chat (during battle of course) and would solidify Sasuke’s convictions of at least not trusting Tobi so much…. and then through “closure” Itachi would evaporate? Just a thought.

    there was some kabuto reveal and a bit of a skirmish but I think some of us are feeling the tension over the half dozen things hinted at that have only left questions: what is on the scroll Suigetsu has? , are the Kages gonna survive? ,what happened between Madara and Hashirama?, Who is Tobi( which is less a question about identity than it is about history)?

    these seem more important than whether Sasuke and Itachi are sharing a moment or Kishi displaying Kabuto’s hidden technique…. they’re cool and maybe necessary but I’m getting a bit impatient. Now maybe I’m just naturally restless as a person but I’m tired of us getting half battles… I mean I understand why Kishi’s doing that but we have three large battles unresolved, more than half a dozen questions… I understand we are at the climax of the story but I’m not sure if I can endure a fight between Kabuto and the Uchihas (unless Kabuto reveals something about the Edo Tensei technique during the fight), at the very least i hope we get to go back next chapter and watch the Kages fight again. I’m for the underdog.

  28. I liked this last chapter because of the fast pace and the great duo Sasuke and itachi make now that Sasuke is more on par with his brother.

    As for the future, just like ashesreignited, I would like to see all the questions answered as well and a lot more new techniques out of the konoha 11 and maybe something more from itachi, and for Christ’s sake can we please see the 8th Gate being opened by “Lee” and slap us over the face with a actual survival of the technique so he’d surpass his master.

    Also the battle I’m most eager to see is naruto’s battle with Tobi and to see just how haxed he’s become now that he has all that extra bijuu chakra and knowledge from the beasts.

    As for the Kage vs kid buu (Madara) battle i wish naruto doesn’t have to revive Gaara a second time @ now that he’s got no more aid from Chiyo .

  29. @ashesreignited

    Technically speaking Itachi should “evaporate” when he thinks he has finished his “goal” i.e turn of Edo Tensie and Kill Kabuto …. But Achieving that goal would turn him off as well . lol

  30. @Ahsan I know that turning off the Edo Tensei turns off Itachi….. I don’t really care how Edo Tensei is ended, but I’m trying to figure out in my own head how Itachi could keep his promise to Sasuke before the Edo Tensei is ended… if he isn’t going to keep his promise than it seems Itachi is just manipulating Sasuke into helping him which seems a bit against the whole “brotherly love” vibe going on. If Itachi ditches on his promise with Sasuke I think that’s going to be really messed up. Naruto may have to set Sasuke straight but Itachi has to at least make Sasuke a little doubtful about his goals to get revenge on the village…

    My theory would mean that Sasuke gets his brotherly chat and then Sasuke would be forced to turn off the Edo Tensei (including Itachi) which means a kind of mourning or letting go. also it would give Sasuke a big enough reason to go all out if he’s fighting both Kabuto and Itachi, which would allow us to see his new abilities… That’s my two cents…

  31. I’m pretty stoked that Itachi was able to genjutsu Kabuto! I think Sasuke was too…

  32. I’m trying really hard to come up with something good for the Bubbliton ….

    I love trying to come up with a good story for Kabuto in this picture…. I magine if The Uchiha’s share a bachelor pad with Kabuto and they walk in on him just after doing a couple hundred handstand pushups ( notice the sweat) … Kabuto: oh look a cheeto on the floor…..

    or maybe he was getting ready to go to comic-con as the Lizard from the new Spider-man movie…

  33. @Ashes

    Lol. We actually tried to have a writing contest a while ago, where people would write a scene they wanted to see in the manga. It’s a pity it never really took off though, because you probably could have had fun with that.

    It was actually Ahsan’s idea. @___@

  34. Actually guys, I don’t understand why Kabuto hasn’t simply de-summoned Itachi yet like he did The clay Artist. O_o

    Is there something I am missing?

  35. @ marksman Kabuto hasn’t de summoned anyone, every Edo Tensei that we know of has been sealed…. except for Madara. Deidara( clay explosive artist guy) was sealed he was never de-summoned, he was captured in the fight with Kankuro’s squad. Turning off the technique would turn off all the Edo Tensei zombies.

  36. Ah, I see.

  37. so what do you guys think will happen next chapter? Honestly I think that Kishi has set it up so that he can either continue with the Uchiha Bro’s or he can switch to naruto/kage fight. The ending seems like a place Kishi would take a break because it’s not exactly a cliff hanger but it is a good spot to switch topics.

  38. dricedt, it is a good spot to switch the scenes but I think it will probably be ongoing with the Uchiha bros. and after that madra and the Kages again. The thing with naruto is that he’s probably way out Tobi’s league even if we haven’t seen Tobi’s full powers yet and unless he’s close to Madara’s skill he won’t be that much of a taboo because let’s face it we’ve been given in this past 2 months a couple of shinobi who have the skills to conquer the world excepting Naruto and Sasuke.

    Madara: Rinnegan (All jutsus), EMS (Great use of Upgraded Susasno’o), Uchiha skills to the max, hashirama’s cells, Mokuton and regenerations via Edo Tensei Body so basically a Hidan on SO6P crack with a pinch of Captain Planet and Chuck Norris and some Swayze moves.

    Kabuto: Top Medical Skills, great smarts and knowledge, White Snake cells infusions (Orochimaru 2.0), Snake Sannin Mode (Cheap Naruto wannabe but with great results), Uzumaki cells (great regeneration skills), Hozuki Kekegenkai (Liquid body, great defensive skills), Juugo’s skills witch I don’t actually understand all that much because when Kabuto explained it it seemed like he was comparing the Snake Sannin Mode energy gathering with juugo’s loose of control.

    Like Naruto’s frog morphing issue if the use of natural energy was to great ,I figured Juugo’s problem was simmilar when he would lose control. i guess that still a unknown.

    Anyway the bottom line was that while Kabuto and Madara are now crazy over 9000 strong, what surprises will Tobi come up with other that what we’ve seen him do in his fight with Minato and his skills shown so far in the war, to me he’s not that big of a threat and his only great skill is the “pass through body trick” other then that we’ve seen already and it can be beat real easy by now.

  39. @ Eugen there were some “spoilers”( I say spoilers loosely) going around that said that both Naruto’s “team” and Tobi are going to retreat…. I would think even as powerful as Tobi is that controlling that many tailed beast through brute force of chakra may have taken a toll… I mean he is sweating from strain… also I think Naruto and his team ( Gai and Kakashi ) are pretty exhausted and there’s reinforcements on the way to where Naruto is…. so I find that I believe the spoiler…. There are only three options, 1. the defeat of Tobi which would end the story which seems unlikely, 2. the capture of Naruto, in Tobi’s current state, taking Naruto maybe just a bit beyond his capability, 3. both sides retreat, lick their wounds and go at again “tomorrow”… I think the third is most likely, though how Madara is defeated whether Edo Tensei ends or the Kages somehow seal Madara…. If Edo Tensei ends that means Kabuto was defeated without being killed ( or the Scroll Suigetsu tells one how to end Edo Tensei) . We don’t know if Kabuto will regain control of Itachi and then Sasuke is forced to fight Itachi and turn off the Edo Tensei… or the Uchiha brothers win. Right now Kabuto surviving looks likely unless Suigetsu somehow figures out where Sasuke is and shows up with the scroll but I consider that a long shot….

    My theory or speculation
    So Madara is defeated by the Kages before the Edo Tensei is ended,it seems a bit too predictable if Edo Tensei ended and a bit of a cheat if the Kages combined didn’t defeat Madara. I mean we still haven’t seen Mei ( the Mizukage’s hidden eye) and I doubt the Raikage and the others have shown all their abilities…. Though I admit that from what we’ve seen the Kage’s are getting batted around pretty good…

    Kabuto regains control of Itachi which forces Sasuke to go all out. Sasuke then is forced to end Edo Tensei.

    Tobi retreats from the battle field.
    So I mean I could go into it deeper but I think this is honestly the closest thing that could happen… but then again remember we only see everything the author gives us, there maybe something he would surprise us with… I mean who thought Kabuto had a Snake version of Sage mode?

  40. @ ashesreignited, It is a tense and taboo situation and we can’t really know, from this stand point where things are gonna go from here, you have a lot of good scenarios in mind and a one of the three you pointed out, but a retreat could be that case seeing as the only bad guy with a Back Bone is Madara, who I don’t see backing out of a fight even if he were to be sealed with TenTen on a deserted island for all eternity.

    Tobi and kabuto on the other hand are sleezy little chickens who tend to flee from the battlefield when things get a little to much for them, Tobi for one ran like a little rat after he was owned by Minato and when Naruto’s gonna hit him with a Rassengan in the back and give him the “give up on me giving up” speech, he’ll probably run for the hills spouting the “I’ll be back when your great grandson will be your age” shit.

    All in all a retreat will be a really bad move and it will give us, as the readers, a sense of weakness for the bad guys and I don’t think Kishi will risk the status of his main bad guys like that unless he wants to change the main antagonist with Sasuke, witch I doubt, especially now, when he’s doing so good with Itachi. maybe he’s hate will finally be gone and itachi will take that burden away from him by finally telling him the truth.

  41. @Eugen

    Actually, I don’t believe retreating is a sign of weakness. It’s actually a sign of intelligence and it means a bad guy knows when to take a step back and protect his own interests, rather than his pride.

    To me, one of the biggest problems with most villains in any story, is that they always seem to be exceptionally arrogant or overconfident and that single factor always contributes significantly to their defeat, because they end up underestimating their opponents. However, Tobi always struck me as the type of villain who was smart enough to know when to play it safe, rather than simply putting on a front for the sake of his pride. You say it would be bad for him to retreat and it would make him seem weak, but remember that he has already retreated from battle once before. More than once actually.

    Remember his battle against Minato? He knew when he was at a disadvantage. He didn’t stick around to let Minato have his way with him, so he retreated when he knew the risk was not worth further action on his part. He decided to bide his time, rather than rush to his death, knowing that there was always an alternative and that patience was a virtue. Retreating from Naruto now because of chakra exhaustion from controlling 6 tailed beasts would be no different really. It doesn’t mean he is weak, it just means he is smart.

    To give an example of what happens when you don’t retreat when you should, I’ll use Pain as a reference. Pain, despite his monstrous power, made a huge tactical error when facing Naruto during the Pain invasion arc. After he used Shinra Tensei to destroy Konoha, his technique then went into a long cool-down period where it would no longer work. At that very moment, Naruto appeared to face him, but instead of retreating to let Deva Path Recover before facing Naruto (animal path could have easily summoned him to where the other five paths were waiting outside of Konoha), Nagato instead decided to use Asura path to hurl Animal path to Naruto’s location, to summon the rest of the paths to confront him.

    All this really did, was give Naruto an opportunity to destroy five of Pain’s six bodies with relative ease, because Deva Path was useless during most of the battle, and thus unable to adequately support the other paths. Only once Deva Path came back online did the tide turn again, but had Pain retreated and rested first, the battle would have probably gone very differently, and been far more in Pain’s favor with all six bodies ready to battle at the same time. In the end, you could say that Nagato’s arrogance in that situation lead to the defeat of Pain.

    I don’t see that as a strength, just a bad case of swollen pride.

  42. Going off-topic here but I’ve had a theory since I first saw Itachi for the first time and later his mother. Could it be possible that Mikoto was actually a Senju?

  43. @ Tenrai
    I appreciate the support… you pointed out what I was going to bring up.

  44. @Kantonkage possible yes, Since we don’t know if she has the Sharingan because we never saw it used we can’t say why she was a Jonin or if she was even born as a Uchiha , but then by that logic it’s a possibility that she was from the Haruno family, or related to Shikamaru as an aunt or little sister to Mito Uzumaki too…. You need to have at least some strong circumstantial evidence…. ithere is so little about her. The only thing we know is that she had a chat with Kushina and she died at Itachi’s hands…

  45. I always found it interesting that whyle Kushina was going away from the village she stmbled upon Sasuke’s mom. Maybe she was the person who alerted Tobi. @The chapter, that recollection of a mission, by the two no less, was reallllly cool. They knew their teamwork after so long. I think we are seeing a different side of Kabuto. Earlier he seemed confident enough in his abilities to fight anyone, even the great Orochimaru claimed he could be as strong as Kakashi sensei. The vibe im getting from Kabuto is that he is ready to wild-out. He even said he could rewrite Itachi’s instructions to fight Sasuke, instead he is showing is power and I dont see him backing off. All in all, I still see team Itachi coming through, mainly cus of Itachi sama.

  46. About the way Kabuto, to me was before, I meant to say that he was confident but at the same time either over cautious or held back by Orochimaru. He fought Naruto, Shizun, and Tsunade at the same time. Now with the student being the master, to put it in one way, he is free to fight if he wishes. I believe him to be a highly brains person, not one to decide something on a whim but rather on what he has concluded after a lengthy study. I think Kabuto is at a greater height of power than we think.

  47. I was always kinda hoping Kakashi would be the one to final battle against Kabuto. A battle of wits so to speak. Besides, I always felt there was some unfinished business between those two since the chunin exams.

  48. @Maidencrow

    I agree that Kabuto is definitely at a high level of power as far as shinobi go. In fact, I might even say that the only reason he never fully fledged his wings before, was because he was always lurking in Orochinmaru’s shadow.

    However, in saying that, Orochimaru may have also been the person that inspired Kabuto to be great in the first place, which has certainly been suggested, so we can’t take that away from him.

    In the end, I’d say Kabuto is a genius on the level of Minato or Itachi, as far as his intellect is concerned, but I also think he has many weaknesses that those two didn’t. For one, Kabuto rellies too much on the power he acquires from others, rather than his own strength. He was on Kakashi’s level before the timeskip, according to Jiraiya, but instead of honing that skill and becoming even stronger on his own, he chose instead to genetically modify himself with the powers of others, like Suigetsu, Karen, Orochimaru and Juugo and even now, he wants Sasuke’s power so that he can understand all ninjutsu.

    In the end, because of that, he’ll always fall into the shadow of others…

  49. @ Tenrai

    maybe Kishi loves to show case new techniques to make us forget about old techniques. Except for his snakes and his genjutsu we haven’t seen much in the way of offensive battle jutsu… I mean his snake+water abilities( shed skin, enhanced dodge,) seem mostly to make it easier to survive an attack not necessarily go on the offensive. I think there are a few techniques for going on the offensive that we haven’t seen. all we’ve seen so far is Orochimaru’s hand me downs.. I would be impressed if Kishi allowed for some upgrade of the old abilities. i mean Sage jutsu for Naruto magnified his rasengan technique. Kabuto had a chakra “hand knife” attack that would be cool.

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