Naruto Chapter 578 Breakdown: Emo brothers of the world, unite!

There comes a time in a manga where a character does something so inexplicable, that you cannot help yourself from facepalming at the mere thought of it. With Sasuke, this happens quite often for me, because, let’s face it, he hasn’t exactly been the wisest when it comes to many of the decisions he has made, or the paths he has chosen to walk. Sasuke has stabbed his friends, tried to murder them, indirectly poisoned them, threatened to destroy villages and even killed a village leader after nearly causing all out war, to name a few discrepancies.

But, there also comes a time when characters manage to redeem themselves in the eyes of their critics to some varying degree, and with this chapter in particular, Sasuke somehow manages to do an asspull no jutsu like no other he’s ever performed before.

He managed to be…. calm and reasonable…. *audience gasp.*

This latest act of Sasuke’s will no doubt be discussed in detail by some, but before we start comparing notes on how many redemption points he just earned, let’s first take a step back and have a look at the bigger picture we’re facing here right now.

Let's hope this isn't anything like the three endings of Mass Effect 3...

So, this is it then. These are the final three battles that will determine the ultimate outcome of this Fourth Great Shinobi War – which was also, admittedly, the shortest of the great wars in this manga so far, spanning the time of only a few days at the most.

The only question is, once these three battles are over, does that mean it’s just the end of this war, or does it mean the end of Naruto as a whole? Personally, I don’t believe Naruto will end just yet, because, at the very least, Naruto still has to battle Sasuke before the curtains close. I don’t think Kishi would spend hundreds of chapters building up for a battle between the two of them, only to squander it right at the end with a pep-talk from Itachi.

Still, these events do bring into question just how long Naruto has left to go as a series before it is finally completed.

Speaking of said battles, it looks like one of them isn’t going too well for our five Kage. Madara is living up to his reputation as a god of shinobi – albeit with the help of Hashirama’s power – and he’s proving to be a match for what should be the five strongest shinobi among the five great nations.

Don't worry, there haven't been any major flashback yet, so we're all good.

Unfortunately, we’ve now come to a point where Madara seems to be ‘trolling’ the five Kage. He’s set them on a back foot with his Mokuton clones and the whole scene spells “doom” for our heroes on the battlefield. This is where Kishi presents the premise that Itachi and Sasuke will have to defeat Kabuto in time to save the five Kage from their impending doom, but in truth, I hope it doesn’t turn out that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really looking forward to the battle with Kabuto, but to me, it would feel like a cheap victory for the five Kage if Madara simply vanished because of events taking place far from the battlefield. The battle with Madara started with the notion that the leaders of the new world would personally erase the sins of the past themselves for the sake of the new generation.

They even promised Naruto that they would handle things and that he could leave it to them. If those leaders don’t even have the strength to live up to their words, then it would make their promises seem very empty, and their strength as a whole, seem dull.

What would be great, is if the five Kage finish Madara off to prove themselves capable of living up to their promise, just as Itachi and Sasuke get the better of Kabuto. It would be a double victory, so to speak, and a far better than simply watching the Kage be saved by others who technically shouldn’t even be involved in this conflict anymore.

Still, the real draw of this chapter wasn’t the battle with Madara, but rather, it was the promising start of a new conflict between Itachi, Sasuke and Kabuto, the more pertinent factor of which was the newly formed alliance between the former two.


Ah yes, the Uchiha brothers unite at last. This will be the first time we’ve ever seen Itachi and Sasuke fight side-by-side rather than against one another, and quite frankly, I’m quite excited to see what they are capable of together. Sasuke earned a few brownie points for not being a douchebag and for offering to assist Itachi, but he still has a long way to go before he is redeemed in my eyes.

What’s even more interesting though, is that Kabuto doesn’t seem to be worried about facing two opponents who are both on such a high level of power. Perhaps he’s being overconfident, or perhaps Madara wasn’t the only trick he had left hiding up his sleeves.

Let’s see how things kick of in the next chapter. For now though, that’s all from me. Here is the winner from last week’s caption contest.

TenraiSenshi: Go Captain Planet!

Yay! I finally won my first bubbliton contest! Of course, under normal circumstances, I would never choose one of my own entries as a winner, but some of you insisted I did so I guess it’s alright just this once.

It also doesn’t help that there were only three other entries to choose from. <_<

Here is this week’s bubbliton:

*Insert possible caption here*

The bubble on the right can be used for Kabuto, or for Sasuke/Itachi if you have a funny idea for what they might say in this situation. I’ll just change who the bubble is pointing at appropriately depending on the winner’s interpretation of this scene.

See you all in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 19, 2012.

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  1. First

  2. Dammit Kanton. Now I can’t tease you for coming second anymore. T___T

  3. nice breakdown, congrats on the bubblition 🙂

  4. Nice!


    Snake: You know Kabuto, it would be nice if you freshened up back there once in a while
    Kabuto: ….

    Caption: …..

  5. Another excellent breakdown Tenrai. And congratulations on winning the bubble post contest.

  6. Nice breakdown, Tenrai…

    I kinda figured that Itachi – while he didn’t act like it – would have brought Sasuke to his battle with Kabuto. I also think that even though he promised to stay and talk with Sasuke after the battle, that it is an empty promise as the edo tensei will let his spirit go…

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Naruto destroyed the Demon Statue of the Outer Path – thereby releasing the other tailed beasts. But that’s a lowly guess on my part.


    Snake – Who’s up for a Kabuto-Uchiha sandwich??
    Kabuto – ME! umm… what was the question?
    Caption: Hungry anyone?

  7. CAPTION: That is certainly a large shit Kabuto is taking.

  8. the 7th response was for me..

    *teleports behind holy and yells SURPRISE!!!

    [ITS NOT RAPE IF YOU YELL SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


    – spill7

    hi marks, kanton n 1010.

  9. Kabuto — “Who invited you? Do you know what happens to gate crashers? They have to match wits with the Riddler.”

  10. its funny how the horrible mass effect 3 ending affected even that breakdown,btw is it possible to have a discussion about ME3 ending?
    i know they are some mass effect fans here who want to bash the ending like me

  11. Spoiler section has just open!!! I know in the a few minutes the spoiler will be posted! I’m so effing excited. 😀

  12. And it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! 😀

  13. Holy shizit!!! Kabuto’s all warmed up and ready to rumble!!! 😀 😀

  14. Spoiler Alert.

    Kishi just fucked up my whole day, how the F*** did that sleezy little nerd learned Sage Mode, the White Snake tech Orochimaru had and also the Uzumaki and Hozuki clan secret techniques.

    F@@# Sasuke’s hax no jutsu, Kabuto and Madara just went from hex to Chuck Norris over 9000 with Patrick Swayze and a captain Planet T Shirt.

  15. Si its out:
    Now to the reading!


    It”s out now

  17. I’m a glad the spoilers were a bit misleading and Kabuto only learned the Snake Sage Mode and not the one Naruto learned at Myobokuzan. The pros and cons might be similar but I guess we’ll see just how much the two are like one another.

    The thing is Kabuto now is a living hybrid of at least 4-5 strong shinobi clans and the only card missing is the Rinnegan with witch he can obtain a Perfect eye to match he’s already very strong body.

    The funny thing is, Naruto already has most of this abilities from childbirth and Sage mode was acquired from Pa frog, so the only difference in skills between Naruto and Kabuto (Except Kurama) is the Hozuki clan’s water style fail safe jutsu.

    Also it seems that the debate about naruto’s healing ability from his clan’s bloodline rather then Kurama’s aid seems to have taken a turn for the clan’s side with Karin’s blood line being proven, finally. So Kurama might accelerate the process of healing but the credit is Naruto’s own blood mostly.

  18. Interesting idea with Naruto healing via his lineage,not due to Kurama.
    All this power ups that we witnessed recently makes me think that to get upper hand you would need master a topnotch sealing techniques.
    What other counter attack options you have against rapidly healing liquid body that absorbs live energy,..

  19. @Eugen sage mode Kabuto allows Sasuke some practice before he goes up against Naruto? Kishimoto is prepping Sasuke for future fight? that’s what it seems like, since Sasuke never had a chance to see Naruto in Sage mode. Remember he does know a little bit about fighting Naruto’s chakra cloak mode from the Valley of the End, that experience allowed him to dodge one of Bee’s attack.

  20. I think Sasuke’s gonna be so jealous of Kabuto and Naruto’s sage-mode training that he’s gonna pull a Sage-mode-no-jitsu right out of his ass. Just like that hawk summons when fighting Danzou.

  21. All-in-all, that was a fairly good chapter. Kabuto has haxed himself quite severely, as I’m sure many of suspected he would, but he took it even further than I thought bny essentially giving himself bloodlimits from two powerful clans, in addition to learning the snake version of Sage Mode.

    You can tell it isn’t the same as Naruto’s, because Naruto’s specifically turns his eyes to match the pupal shape of a toads pupils, while Kabuto seems to retain the serpent-like pupals of a snake.

    Also, it stands to reason that Kabuto’s next evolution would be the likeness of a dragon because eastern dragons are depicted as serpent-like creatures, so it seems to fit. I wonder how Kabuto’s sage mode compares to Naruto’s. One thing it does prove is just how high-level sage mode actually is. Naruto having already learned it is a testament to his skill and the fact that he perfected it to the point of a flawless transformation, something even Jiraiya couldn’t do, says a lot as well.

    I’m glad Sage Mode still hasn’t been forgotten. I hope we see more information on it in the future.

  22. Is anyone else keen to see Kishimoto make the next movie? reading that almost knocked me out of my chair. Although “Naruto the movie” makes it sound like a live-action film :S

  23. Here a poster of the new movie
    I wonder how Kabuto is gonna lose seeing he is fighting Sasuke.

  24. I say that Chiyo and Sasori were also from the Uzumaki clan the former the only survivor of the “Pinocchio project” and former’s obsession with eternal life.

  25. fun fact for the day, a long time ago in a comic galaxy far far away, the flash (the 3rd flash wally west) developed the power to harness a huge energy reserve and it gave him even grater speed while enveloping him in a golden cloak. does that sound familiar to anyone else? I know its not uncommon for this sort of thing to happen, but it does make me chuckle from time to time. golden flash, golden cloak, speed, generational power up thingy, im just sayin’ (or maybe im super saiyan there are similarities) have fun with that

  26. @Tommy

    I’m still waiting for Blood Prison to be subbed so we can watch that first, nevermind the new one that is now being announced.

    Still, I am curious as to what the new one is about.


    There’s a good chance that Sasori and Chiyo were also Uzumaki. Actually, most of the people we don’t know the last names of, who have or had red hair (Chiyo’s was likely red before it turned gray with age), may in fact be Uzumaki. I thought of Gaara as well, because he has red hair and technically we’ve never heard a last name for him either, but his brother and sister do look normal, so that is questionable. Unless… Gaara was adopted, or his mother was actually a second wife to the Kazekage (which would make her Temari’s and Kankurou’s stepmother). @____@

    There’s also a chance that Karui is an Uzumaki too, because as far as I recall, she has red hair as well. They say Uzumaki survivors were scattered across the world after the destruction of their village, so a few survivors may have ended up in each country. One thing I can say though, is that, scattered as they are, I doubt the Uzumaki clan lineage will last long and they will likely become extinct within a few years if they don’t unite again somehow.


    Do you guys think that the Slugs might also have their own version of Sage Mode as well? So far we’ve seen the snake and toad versions, but it would be cool if the slugs had their own version that is comparable to the other two.

    Perhaps Tsunade may surprise us in the battle against Madara by suddenly using Slug Sage Mode, or maybe the miotic regeneration technique she uses IS actually the Slug’s version of Sage Mode (storing up chakra in the forehead seal to be used when needed as a transformation catalyst, as opposed to keeping still and drawing natural energy to transform). Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  27. I wonder what the hell is Shikkotsurin means. Myoubokuzan is the the one Naruto is been to. Does it relate to what TENRAI said above regarding slugs? We already have Jiraiya’s frog and Orochimaru’s snake, Tsunade’s slug is the only one missing in the picture and they are 3 legendary sannin. That’s a good point Tenrai. Given the hint of Jiraiya as to Naruto and Orochimaru to Kabuto. Regarding to that me might see Tsunade’s slug sage mode as to Sakura?

  28. @pisbolman it means Humid Bone Cave.
    @tenrai if so than it means Gaara only got hair and not the genes.

  29. @Kantonkage

    Why do you say that?


    If Sakura suddenly breaks out Slug Sage mode, I will be amazed. But we haven’t even seen her summon slugs yet, so I don’t even know if she has the contract yet…

  30. Thanks for the breakdown Tenrai!
    @wra, can anyone tell me whats the correspondence between the latest anime chapter (254?) and the manga? Whats the number of manga I have to read to continue throughout the history? Thanks in advance!

  31. ahahahaha sakura in sage mode… stop it i’m dying here

  32. @Nikeairforce03: around 513

  33. @Kanton

    I think my question is a bit confusing. 😀 What i mean is does it relate to slug or something else? o_0


    We didn’t see Kabuto’s training and suddenly appears to be mastered the snake sage mode. And appears to have a contract with snakes. I was wondering WHEN he got it mastered. Is it the time Orochimaru took his body or even before Orochimaru has taken his body? It seems like Kabuto took a long time to master it because he said that Orochimaru wanted to learn it quickly but failed. And adding to that sage mode the bloodline from two clans that he had in his body now or was it three? From Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin’s? Talking about power ups Kabuto damn f*ck the way even if we haven’t seen Sasuke’s EMS in real action! 😀 Anyway it’s been said in the manga too many times that the next generation surpass the old one thing. Just my two cents.

    Question: How different do you think snake sage mode is to frog sage mode? They seem to have one thing in common: FORCE of NATURE. Naruto’s i think is more superior to that of Kabuto’s because Naruto already had the body to bear the ability of a sage and a bloodline from Uzumaki which someone said earlier here that can heal fast or recover fast from wound or battle Kabuto need to alter almost 3 different person to get the body to bear that ability.

  34. @pisbolman Perhaps since slugs like humid places.
    Snake sage mode probably higher reflexes but lower strength.
    @tenrai he didn’t survive the extraction of Shukaku

  35. @tenrai from way earlier, what tsunade is using now cant be a sage mode. pa frog specifically says that dark rings around the eyes are the tell for the tech’. the miotic tech she uses would be mildly similar in that its extra stored energy but she has no perceptual bonus and natural energy isnt involved. i cant say its not something she learned from the slug sage
    (at this point i think everyone is assuming there is one) but its not a slug sage mode until she gets dark rings and funky eyes.

    and on that note im not convinced sakura will get that power because while kishi has no problem making people look weird or have crazy eyes (read as: naruto in sage mode, kisame, kabuto, sauske excreta excreta) but kishi seems to have an aversion to making the girls look weird in any way. theres only one real exception i can think of off the top of my head and thats hinata and her eyes. other than that i dont think there are any girls with a funky face or eyes in the whole series.

  36. bubblation:
    sauske: omg is that hinata! no, no wait its just anko never mind not important.
    kabuto: i know right.
    caption: red shirts, guess how your mission ends?

  37. @ tenrai ur forgetting tayuya
    the bone cave might have something to do with the kaguya clan? i dont see how that would fit in but the bone thing seems to support it..

  38. @Kantonkage

    Well, there was a different technique used to extract Shukaku that time, and you also have to take into account that Gaara was already near death beforehand from his battle with Deidara.

    It stands to reason that he would die more easily than Kushina did, considering his far worse condition at the time his bijuu was extracted. Kushina was in much better health and even then, she only barely survived.


    The reason I suggested Slug Sage mode, was because Slugs are known for their regenerative abilities, so it kinds fits that Tsunade would have learned the ultimate regenerative technique from the slugs. Although I didn’t mean that it was Sage Mode in the purest sense, whereby she absorbs natural energy, just that it might be the slug’s equivalent of Sage Mode (in terms of the strength and prestige of the tech).

    Also remember that it is suggested that Juugo also absorbs natural energy which is the catalyst for his cursed seal transformations. He does not attain markings around his eyes, so it stands to reason that different versions of transformation may yield different aesthetic changes in the user’s body. Naruto’s eyes also got horizontally split pupils like a toad while Kabuto’s remained snake-like, so even though they both have their versions of Sage Mode, they do not show identical transformations.


    I’m afraid there’s no way of telling how Kabuto’s version of Sage mode will compare with Naruto’s. I assume each version is unique, but equally powerful, just in different ways.

    It also depends on what techniques the Snakes taught Kabuto to use in conjunction with his Sage Mode. Remember, although two people can learn to use the same form of energy, that doesn’t mean they’ll both suddenly use the same techniques, or have the same strengths and weaknesses. Fukusaku taught Naruto frog fu that utilizes the extended range of attack of his Sage Mode, but it’s obvious snakes wouldn’t use Frog Fu because they are not frogs, so they’d probably develop their own techniques.

    It’s the same as two people using chakra – the same energy source present in both – for completely different results. One will be better at Genjutsu, the other better at Taijutsu, etc. I think we’ll see the same diversity in Sage Mode as well, between the different major summons.

  39. Oh, and on a side note, I guess we now know why Juugo has always been able to communicate with animals. He’s one with nature, so it stands to reason that he might be able to understand the language of nature. @__@

  40. @tenrai, i still think im going to stick by my guns and wait to see what happens, only time will tell. but thats a solid argument and i definitely see what your saying. juugo does have a different method of obtaining natural energy and the transformation he and the curse mark go through are radically different than frog sage as well as the frog kata. im curious to see though weather animal sages ie. frog/snake are similar in that respect vs. a bloodline limit form of transformation. i get that snake and frog are different too. i would expect (given there real world counterparts, snakes eating frogs and all) that the perseptual advantages and other frog powers are almost defensive in nature (even though in practice a ninja can use them offencively) and the snake sage i would think would manifest more openly offencive powers. probably super speed strikes and or a peircing type of kata move as opposed to the power strike the frog kata seems to be.

    given orrochimaru, jman, kabuto and naruto’s (in sage mode) eyeliner no jutsu though i still think face markings are an animal sage thing. i will admit that the picture of tsunade you have up above does look similar with face markings so it could be a sage tech of sorts i think if sakura ever does get a slug sage power up (and lord i hope she doesnt) it will be closer to the naruto/kabuto eyeliner mc emo-contacts

    also clearly the stage is set for sauske to become a snake sage to help level the power gap between him and naruto. not because he has a huge chakura already but because (insert generic uchias are good at chakura control explanation)

    and one last though, would learning all 3 types of animal sage techs complete some kind of skill set that makes you into the rikkudo sage? thats an interesting thought.

  41. actually, one more thing. there that old myth about snakes having hypnotising eyes, do you think snake fu could have a foot in the genjutsu camp? because that would fit sauske perfectly when he (and we all know he will) becomes a snake sage

  42. Well as for Sasuke becoming a snake sage, I find that very unlikely since he’s not gonna learn in minutes what others trained from weeks to year to do (Uchiha’s might be geniuses but not that genius) nor does he need a power-up to fight Naruto since he’s been getting power-ups very frequently. plus since he abandoned the snake contract and killed Manda I highly doubt he’d ever be taught how to use that version of sage mode.

    Now on the other hand, he’s already been compatible with the curse mark and using nature energy inadvertently when activating his curse mark so it’s not a stretch to assume he’d create a form of sage mode based off what he can remember of having a curse mark(most likely a hawk version since he loves his wings) and of course Sasuke would make up his own sage mode, that’s how cool Kishi wants him to look.

    Now as for Tsunade’s miotic regeneration, this is something I have been having problems with as of lately because maybe it was just an oversights when making the chapter but Tsunade definitely used her ability just to teleport to the fight and the mark disappeared. But the next time they showed her, she gained it back and not only that, she released it again… FULLY. but when you look back at the Pain fight she used it, still retained consciousness but soon fell into a coma and then it took her a while before it came back but this time she regained it while in the middle of a fight! with Madara no less.

    Sure she’s the medic and she wasn’t in the midst of it at first and that mark on her forehead is just built up chakra but if she used all that chakra just to show up to the fight. How did she get it all back? and in such a short period of time. The only answer …. they had a giant feast prepared for her like last time …… or maybe.

    P.S. If summons are supposed to be such good battle companions, why the hell are Kabuto and Itachi the only ones using them? Is Tsunade the only Kage that has one? and why was she healing the team instead of having katsuyu do it? clearly there is something I am not understanding.

  43. @Tommy

    When Tsunade first used her technique, she only used a small amount of chakra from her forehead seal to heal herself, not all of it. She specifically mentions this herself, if you read that chapter carefully. Naruto even asked her about it and she said she won’t make the same mistakes again like she did against Pain.

    Perhaps you should go back and re-read that chapter just to clear it up for yourself.

    As for summons, I presume that signing a contract with any specific group of ninja animals isn’t an easy feat to accomplish, which would explain why so few ninja are able to summon in the first place. Firstly, you have to find the animal you’re wish to make the contract with – some are very well hidden, like the toads and the snakes, etc – and then you still have to gain the loyalty of that animal, enough for it to agree to a contract with you.

    So far as we know, Sasuke is the only character so far who has a blood limit that allows him to pull summoning contracts out of his bum, so for everyone else, they have to do it the hard way. <__<

  44. It appears that if you train with Orochimaru you’ll gain the ability to pull rabbits out of your ass. Kabuto somehow gaining the DNA of nearly everybody(One that includes someone who blew himself up) it’s amazing he doesn’t have the Sharingan or Byakugan or have shown to have use the Mokuton. While Kabuto may not be completely out of his ass. His plans go a bit too well so far I haven’t really seen him fail in anything.

  45. Out of the 25 characters that have used summons in the manga, 16 have been from Konoha(15 if you think tobi is from kirigakure). Most of the others have been renowned shinobi whose summons played key parts in their fighting ability like Hanzo, the 2nd Mizukage, Nagato and Kisame, then there are the honorary mentions like Motoi, Temari, the sound 4 and shima, who is a summon so shouldn’t be in the list.

    So out of the 8 shinobi not from konoha, half of them were total bad asses with their summons, so what happened? out of the 4 other villages there is only 2 alive and neither could be considered elite compared to the others. Especially when there was a time when all the best had summons, now only 1 kage(to our knowledge) has a summon and the only kage level fighters that have summons are all from Konoha…. i’m tellin’ ya, it’s a conspiracy.

    @tenrai I’ll take your word for it instead of looking for it, I figured since the dot disappeared and the Raikages hand regenerated that she used it on getting them there in fighting condition. I remember there was debate over how the arm grew back and if she did heal it , then why didn’t she do so earlier and that led me to the conclusion that she uses it all at once and wasn’t gonna waste it on a hand considering how long it took to recover before.

  46. @Tommy

    I found the page for you, just to make it a bit easier.

    Firstly, on this page, at the top you see Tsunade release her seal to heal her wounds. Once her wounds are healed, she stops the technique and the chakra lines return to the mark on her forehead and it reappears again, as seen at the bottom of the page. On the next page, you can see the mark is still there on her forehead, so it never actually disappeared altogether to begin with, because Tsunade only used a small fraction of its chakra.

    As for the Raikage’s arm, you see it on this page, but that is because Kishi made an error. In the next chapter, the Raikage is missing his arm again, so it was never healed, nor did it somehow come back.

    Here is the page where Tsunade mentions not using all of her chakra and how this time wouldn’t be the same as it was with Pain.

    I hope that all helps.

  47. To add to what Tenrai said and to what he also mentioned a few times before and people don’t seem to remember.

    Tsunade only turned into an old hag in the Pain invasion arc because she gave all that chakra she had stored in her forehead (probably for a very long time) to katsuiu in order to save all the villagers of Konoha from Pain’s shinra tensei nuke. now you can all imagine what a shit load of chakra it took Tsunade to cover and protect the whole of konoha’s citizens. And even after that she still had the guts to stand up to Pain and challenge him, even if it was an empty bluff.

    So the use of her Mark for solo purposes means she can probably hold it activated for a fairly long period of time, because she’s only giving extra chakra to herself and nobody else.

    Glad we cleared that one up 😉

  48. gosh dang man kabuto upgrade much?

  49. also i think kabuto makes a solid case that it might be best for naruto to fight sasuke in sage mode..defenseively speaking. as he was able to dodge the speed of that susanoo arrow pretty easily.

    that is unless his kurama chakra cloak is impenetrable

  50. @Dish

    I disagree that Sage mode would be Naruto’s best bet when it comes to battling Sasuke. As powerful as Sage Mode is, remember that Sasuke’s completed Susanoo’s primary weapon is Amatarasu, not the crossbow, and he seems to be incredibly efficient at spamming it. We all know the best way to deal Amatarasu is either by having an absolute defense that can stop it from reaching you in the first place (which Sage Mode doesn’t grant Naruto), or by moving fast enough to avoid it altogether like the Raikage did (which Naruto should easily be able to do while in full Kyuubi chakra form).

    Even if Sasuke does use the crossbow, Naruto’s speed in his transformed Kyuubi state would be enough to avoid a crossbow bolt. In fact, if he can deflect Bijuu bombs, I’m sure he could just deflect the bolts in a similar fashion if he wanted to.

    And finally, Naruto’s Bijuu bomb may be the only tech besides perhaps Rasenshuriken, that could break through Sasuke’s Susanoo.

    In any case, when Naruto and Sasuke have their final battle, I reckon they will gradually increase in power as the battle progresses, kinda like they did at the Valley of the end. They’ll probably start at their base forms, fight, move up to Sage Mode and the Sharingan respectively, then up to Kyuubi chakra mode vs EMS/Susanoo at the peak of the battle. That’s assuming both don’t learn new techs in the time leading up to their battle. O__o

  51. well i’m sure you’re probably right over all.

    also totally agree with you about the final battle. hope they slowly increase their powers to a climax

  52. @zzattack Thanks! I have a friend that has been wanting Sasuke to die the whole Anime, now I got him to read the manga, hes gonna be pissed to see a possible redemption 😦

  53. HURRAY I MADE IT YOU GUYS!!!! i found my way here XD hey i was thinking, as i was in the middle of my physics final last Thursday lol and it occurred to me…that Jiayra’s death was pointless……before naruto is taught sage mode, he is reverse summoned to mt frog…(cant spell it’s real name sry)….jiayra coulda released the frogs and had them reverse summon him out so he wouldn’t have died against pain 😦

  54. @Drice

    Sorry, it seems I forgot to update the links to the new breakdown, which is probably why you got lost.

    It’s my fault. T___T

    As for the Jiraiya thing, remember, he knew that he could have retreated and lived and Fukusaku even suggested it, but he decided to stay instead, to get as much information on Pain as possible to give to Konoha so that they had a chance against him.

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