Fairy Tail 275 Breakdown!! Cats can predict the Apocalypse. Take that, Mayans!

Hey WRA! Sorry for not doing the breakdown last week, but I had some… problems. If anyone asks, I was not in Japan torturing Mashima for the terrible way the Jellal vs Jura fight ended, all right? >_>

Last week’s chapter was awful. Two thirds of the chapter were epic, but the end completely ruined it for me. The fight was amazing, but Mashima had to make Jellal lose in the most humiliating way possible. It would have been OK if he had lost in an honourable way, but he didn’t. He was defeated by chili peppers! -__-

Thanks to that, Fairy Tail didn’t get any points and they’re still last.

If only Mavis could fight in the tournament...

Even though they are losing badly, Fairy Tail knows it can become the #1 Guild in Fiore again. Lucy lost because Raven Tail cheated and Jellal was defeated because Mashima felt like trolling us, so they have the power to do this and they know that the key to winning is never giving up.

Didn't you say that when Acnologia attacked? 😛

Chapter 275 was a transition chapter and I really liked it. It felt refreshing because it was very funny and it introduced some important plot elements, such as a new rival for Erza and a shocking plot twist involving Lucy.

I really loved seeing the Fairy Tail guild members interact. It was hilarious! Juvia’s daydreams are crazy as usual and seeing Laxus trying to calm down Gajeel and Natsu was ironic because he was just like them before he left Fairy Tail.
Unexpectedly, a new character is introduced during the party and he looks badass.

Let me guess... your magic involves alcohol?

He’s the S-Class mage of Quatro Cerberus, Bacchus and he beats Cana in a drinking contest! *gasp* Well, he does have the name of the Roman God of wine… and apparently, he is very strong because he met Erza on missions very often and they were equal in power. And that was seven years ago, so he should be even stronger now!

He also revealed some interesting information. The guilds fighting in the Grand Magic Games can call on reserve members to join their team. That means that Fairy Tail can do that too, so we might see some of the potential S-Class mages such as Freed, Cana and Levy fight!

Speaking of fights, it looks like they aren’t completely random, as we were led to believe, but the King of Fiore decides which battles he wants to see. And guess what? The next fight is going to be Bacchus vs “the one from Fairy Tail who transforms”. So Erza will fight soon! I hope she’ll win, but we still haven’t seen Bacchus’s true power, so she might lose.

By the way, it looks like Arcadias, the Knight Squadron Chief, is planning something…

Oh, "that"... The Bijuu Bomb? Oops, wrong manga. X__X

Why do villains always have to be so mysterious? What does he mean by “that”? Zeref’s revival, or something even darker?

We’ll get the answers to those questions soon. But for now, we can just see a glimpse of the future. And it doesn’t look good.

Is Lucy going to die?

This was a shocking plot twist. Last week’s chapter ended with Levy writing a diary in Lucy’s place and this vision confirms that something bad is going to happen to her. What do you think?

I think Lucy is going to disappear for a while after sacrificing herself to save her friends, but she’s not going to die. It would be too much. She’s a main character and Mashima didn’t even kill Makarov, so why her?

Well, that’s it for this week. See you in the comments. 😀

That is disturbing in so many ways.

~ by 最強 Dragon on March 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “Fairy Tail 275 Breakdown!! Cats can predict the Apocalypse. Take that, Mayans!”

  1. It’s out!

  2. First I think awesome breakdown

  3. FIRST!!! Kanton doesn’t count, he cheated. >_>

  4. If Lucy’s singing and crying, I don’t think she’s the one who dies, or disappears. In the last chapter, it was Levi that was narrating and talking about Lucy, and in this one we see a vision of Lucy singing. Maybe it is actually Levi who dies, or disappears and Lucy is crying for her?

    I don’t know, but it doesn’t actually show Lucy’s death in a vision, so I won’t assume she dies. She is one of the main protagonists in the story, besides Natsu, so I don’t see Mashima killing her off any time soon.

    Anyway, great breakdown Dragon. Thanks again. @__@

  5. @Tenrai

    I think something bad is going to happen to Lucy because she’s singing and crying inside a castle that’s collapsing right on top of her. She might be sacrificing herself to save her friends and because of that, Levy will write a diary in her place.

    Anyway, I agree with you that this theory is a bit far-fetched because Lucy is a main character and she can’t die. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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