One Piece 660 Spoiler Pics & Summaries

Below you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for One Piece chapter 660.

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それを止めるロー (ルームの範囲が広がった?)海軍船を浮かす

Sanji, Chopper, and the children arrive where Law and Smoker are.
They say “It’s the Marines!” and run back towards the castle.
The Marines pursue.
Law stops them (has the scope of his “Room” gotten wider?) and makes the Navy ship float (in the air, I assume)

Source: AP
Credits: Geg

Sanji, Chopper, and the kids escape and arrive at the place where Law and Smoker are. (Maybe T means Name & Chopper? I dunno)
They run away from the Marines, back into the building.
The Marines follow them.
Law stops them by lifting up the Marine battleship (with Room?).

第660話 王下七武海 トラファルガー ロー

研究所内を逃げるチョッパー達 子供から連れてこられた理由を聞く(病気が壱年で直るとつれ てこられる)






止めるロー (ROOM タクト)で海軍の船を浮かしさかさまに


660: Shichibukai Trafalgar Law
Chopper’s group is running away. (Not sure about this next line but…) the kids ask why they’re able to tag along (it’s because their sickness can be cured in one year)
Along the way there’s a room with a person in a prisoner’s outfit being submerged in ice

The severed head has a brief argument with Sanji, saying to put him down and let him search for his child alone
Sanji and Franky, who escaped first, meet up with Chopper’s group

Law and Smoker are there, so the crew and kids run back into the castle
They’re chased by the Marines
Law uses his Room power to lift the Navy ship and turn it upside down


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