Naruto Chapter 577 Breakdown: Another hateful Uchiha… who would have thought?

It’s strange, how time passes us by, isn’t it? Whenever I take the time to look back at how far we’ve come on this blog, it surprises me how long I’ve known some of the people who come here for – people I’ve never met in person, but who I’ve gotten to know fairly well purely through interacting on a blog where we share common interests.

Some of you have become close friends, others, rivals. But, in the end, every single individual I’ve met here is a reminder of how time keeps moving forward, pressing ever onwards, sometimes even beyond my own sense of awareness.

And now, we’re coming around to nearly six-hundred chapters of Naruto and I find myself asking “six-hundred chapters? Have we really gotten that far already?” Technically we haven’t, but it’s close enough that all I can say is, ‘onward and upwards!’

We've come a long way, but the journey isn't over just yet!

One thing that has remained constant throughout Naruto as a manga though, is the tremulous state of the Uchiha. Whether it’s Sasuke, Itachi or Madara, all of them seem to have some dark shadow hanging over their lives and it makes me think back to what Tobi said before, about the curse of hatred that stains the Uchiha clan, a curse that was born when the Sage of the Six Paths chose his younger son’s ideals to rule the world with love and compassion as opposed to the older son’s idea of ruling with strength.

It seems as if we are now seeing the effects of that very same stain now marring the words that drip from Madara’s tongue as well. The guy clearly has a few issues to deal with, and he seems to be holding onto the embrace of hatred just as much as Sasuke is.

Are all Uchiha this emo?

When I think about it even further, I find myself noticing even more connections between Madara and Hashirama, and the Sage’s older and younger son respectively. In a way, both were vying for a position of power – to rule over their people. Both were also different in terms of their ideals and how they felt it was best to rule. Madara favored strength and power, while Hashirama favored love and compassion.

One ‘brother’ was ultimately chosen over the other. Hashirama was chosen to lead over Madara and just as it was in the past, it was that very choice that gave birth to hatred in the eyes of the ‘brother’ that was not acknowledged. It gave birth to conflict and vengeance. The cycle which began thousands of years ago, simply repeated itself in the time of Hashirama and Madara and followed the same pattern in almost every single way. The results, in turn, were just as disastrous.

Remember what your mom said about not running around with sharp objects in your hand? Yeah...

I think it’s quite clear that Madara is using Tsunade as a scapegoat to take his hatred out on, as she is the closest living relative of Hashirama’s. His words – where he mentioned that she would be the first to die out of the five Kage – are proof of this. At the end of the day, it just feels like he’s throwing a giant temper tantrum like some child who didn’t get the toy they wanted. He’s taking out his anger on the world, and the five Kage who essentially represent the greatest nations of the world, all because he couldn’t get over his own personal issues of discontent.

But you know, as far as I am concerned, all this talk about fate and a curse of hatred passed down through the Uchiha is all really just a load of poop if you ask me. I’m tired of hearing about it as if the Uchiha don’t have a choice to do anything but be hateful. The truth is, they do have a choice and one Uchiha in particular has proven that. That Uchiha is none other than Itachi, ironically enough.

Itachi took his "knock, knock" jokes just a little bit too far...

Itachi is what you could call, a wild card as far as the Uchiha are concerned. Instead of following the vicious cycle of hatred his fellow clansmen fell to, he chose to walk a different path. He could have joined the revolt of the Uchiha clan against Konoha and allowed their country to become consumed by the fires of vengeance, but he chose instead to fight for peace, to end the cycle of hatred even if it meant dooming the Uchiha clan.

To that end, Itachi destroyed his own clan and willingly became a traitor in the eyes of Konoha. He walked a lonely path filled with death and despair, and he ultimately died at the hands of his own brother to see that goal through to the finish. It was a difficult path, but it was also his own path and not one guided by the self-imposed fate of the Uchiha. It showed us all that one is not simply bound by their fate, but rather by the choices they make.

What Itachi is really trying to say is "Dammit, stop whining like a baby and leave me alone!"

Of course, Itachi did unwittingly feed Sasuke’s hatred in the process, and even he understands the mistake he made by doing so, but it’s not like Sasuke doesn’t know enough about the situation by now to decide from himself what to do from here on out. It’s not like he doesn’t have a choice when it comes to taking revenge, especially when he knows why Itachi did what he did and what his goals were.

Part of what annoys me about Sasuke as a character is that he never takes responsibility for his actions. He just allows himself to be swept up by the words of others and he acts as if it is was his predetermined fate to be an avenger, as if he has no choice in the matter. Instead of swimming against the currents of fate, he simply goes with the flow, ignorantly fanning the fires of hatred and war, willing to destroy the lives of others for such a blind and empty resolve. Now he’s following Itachi like some lost child and he’s probably going to get in the way of Itachi’s goals of stopping Edo Tensei, just to prove a point.

Stupid Uchiha and their stupid emoness. <_<

We all know that deep down inside, Itachi is facepalming right now.

Well, that’s all I have to say on this topic for now. We know the next chapter will likely involve a battle between Itachi, Sasuke and Kabuto, but we can’t be sure who will be fighting who.

All I can say about it is that I hope Kishi isn’t taking things too far by having three major battles happening at the same time. I’m sure Tsunade will pull a wolverine on us and heal from Madara’s attack to continue the battle on that side, but with so many things happening at once, it makes me wonder if things may become to chaotic for Kishi to handle.

In any case, that’s it from me this week. Here’s a new bubbliton contest for all of you to have fun with.

*Insert possible caption here*

See you all in the comments! ^ ^


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  1. Hey nice blog and good breakdown. So what are your predictions for the upcoming chapters?

  2. @Bread Crumbs

    Thank you, and welcome to WRA. ^ ^

    If I had to guess what would happen coming up into the next few chapters, I’d say that the next few will mostly focus on the battle between Madara and the five Kage and this new battle between Itachi, Kabuto and Sasuke (however he is involved). Both these battles are directly related to one another and the outcome of one may drastically effect the outcome of the other.

    I think Kishi may take a back seat on the battle with Tobi for now to focus more on the other two. I have a feeling Sasuke may battle Itachi, perhaps as a way for Kishi to show off his new strength by making him fight an already renowned and powerful shinobi, although there is the chance that Sasuke may attack Kabuto as well. It’s hard to tell really. I can’t exactly imagine Sasuke attacking Itachi openly, but at the same time, if he and Itachi tag-team against Kabuto, it may be a bit overkill, unless Kabuto is just ridiculously strong or has a few more secret summons of immense power up his sleeve. O__o

  3. Yondaime!

  4. @Nike

    It seems you have miscounted.

  5. @tenrai
    nice breakedow. for the most part i think your right and kishi is going to focus on those two battles but i think its going to be more on the secrets of kabutos body (god i just want to know where that snake is coming from)
    and the fight it self kabuto is some how going to have the upper hand on itachi and sasuke if those two fight together that is and the only way to beat the hell out of him is going to be the info that was found in one of the hideouts.

    the kage fight madara is just going to keep on playing with them i dont think tsunade is dead she has that regenertion jutsu activated and remember how she was stabed by everyones favorite snake orochimaru in the chest whith a sword and lived. i know this wound is way worse but she still going to live i dont know if she will survive the war but she will survive that.

    Tsunade: yes madara is right i am wearing pads
    Mizukage: impossible!!
    Tsuchikage: i knew it
    Raikage: bee will be disappointed
    Madara: dont over estimate the power of the rinnegan
    Caption rinnegan all ways useful

  6. Four is death

  7. Five is life?

  8. Bubbliton:

    Tsunade: Let our powers combine! Fire!
    Mei: Water!
    Gaara: Wind!
    Oonoki: Earth!
    A: Heart! (O_o)
    Madara: Don’t tell me…

    Caption: Go Captain Planet!

  9. Great breakdown, Tenrai.

    I agree about the excuses put up by Sasuke and other Uchiha to fuel their hatred. Basically, I would love to see Naruto say something like this in his final battle with Sasuke:

    “So, your brother murdered your clan… My parents died to save the Konoha that Itachi loved and you hate. Cry me a river!”

    Someone should tell Madara to grow up and get over his anger. But of course, that would simplify the battle, and what good is that? lol

  10. Ten..i think it’s ok to just give yourself the win for the bubble contest. anyone who’s followed this blog long enough knows there’s no one greater than captain planet/swayze

  11. @Dish

    Lol. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be fair for me to choose myself as the winner of the bubbliton. It would also seem very self serving.

  12. I vote for you Ten, hands down. You deserve it and you could add “over 9000” at the end of the caption. That bubble made me laugh like a crazy person.

  13. You know… I don’t know if it’s the kyuubi or not, because for some reason, Killer Bee doesn’t heal from the Hachibi Like Naruto can, but at the same time Naruto doesn’t spit ink from his mouth like Killer B can. BUT, I think for some reason, Naruto’s ability to heal doesn’t come from the kyuubi, because The Hachibi is like an octopus so Killer B has a physical feature to spit ink, while the kyubbi is a cat(fox LOL) with whiskers. Madara mentioned Hashirama healing without seals, and they noted that Naruto heals quicker than others but they didn’t know why, but they assumed because of the fox. I think he has the same ability as Hashirama to heal without signs, but he will learn about it later on.

    Tsunade: I’m going to take you out now now Madara with my own weird mutation jutsu that is awesome and powerful
    Gaara: She
    Oonoki: Lost
    mizukage: Her
    Madara: Bitch, you saying that like that’s sage mode. That isn’t sage mode, go sit down somewhere, because everytime you talk, YOU FUCK UP. Need I bring up the Pein incidents?
    Caption – Just get back in the kitchen, Tsunade…

  14. “Itachi took his “knock, knock” jokes just a little bit too far…”

    Itachi, he’s the Schwarzenegger of Naruto.

    And you just know what’s going to happen next.

    Mr. Kabutorochimaru, say hello to Mr. Totsuka Sword. ^__^

  15. “I think he has the same ability as Hashirama to heal without signs, but he will learn about it later on.”

    That would explain why he didn’t die when he fought Kabuto during the Tsunade arc in part I.

  16. @Josiah

    When we look at evidence from the manga in the past, there’s a lot of evidence that suggests that Naruto’s healing ability does come from Kurama. An example of this can be seen with his battle against Sasuke, where he healed the wound where Sasuke impaled Naruto’s left lung almost instantly when he accessed Kurama’s chakra. Note, he only healed quickly after gaining Kurama’s chakra (his eyes went red and got slits, etc).

    This contrasts starkely with other instances, where he has healed lesser wounds far more slowly. For example, after he was beaten up by Karui just before the Kage summit, it took him hours to heal those wounds and we could still see traces of them when he met Sakura. When you consider how quickly he healed a hole in his chest with Kurama’s chakra, as opposed to the much slower rate he healed cuts and bruises when he wasn’t using Kurama’s chakra, I think that in itself is enough evidence that it is Kurama’s chakra that contributes to Naruto’s faster healing.

    Naruto probably survived his fight with Kabuto in part 1 thanks to Tsunade’s healing combined with his stronger life force as an Uzumaki (they tend to live through things that would kill anyone else, like how Kushina survived having Kurama extracted from her).

    However, if we took the theory one step further, we could say that it might be a combination of both Naruto’s own chakra and Kurama’s that creates the healing effect. Perhaps Naruto’s stronger vitality as an Uzumaki does allow him to recover faster than normal people from wounds, and when his chakra is strengthened by Kurama’s, the effect is strengthened to vastly accelerated rates. We do know that when Naruto is in Kyuubi chakra mode, the life force of his chakra is enough to cause Mokuton to go crazy, so I definitely think ties to his healing.

  17. god this is such a typical tuesday night for me lol, i’m sitting up when i should be asleep in the wee hours of the morn waiting for naruto spoilers and the chapter, man i hope the manga doesn’t end soon, it’s like waiting for that new movie to come out and your inline opening night. But i get that every week 🙂

  18. the raw perhaps?

  19. Spoilers are out.

  20. The fact that WRA has members all @ the world uniting for the one reason to stay up or weak up at unimaginable hours is just great.

    For me now it’s Wednesday and it’s 11:38 AM, I’m guessing me and Tenrai share the same timezone GMT +2, but I see all of you guys from all over the world and I though it would be nice for all of us to come and say where we’re from.
    Me myself, I’m form Bucharest Romania, how about you guys ???

  21. @Eugen

    That’s a good idea. It would be nice to get to know where everyone is from and just how diverse WRA is from a nationality perspective.

    I think most of you guys know I am from South Africa by now. Lol.

  22. @Tenrai

    O_O Are you on a ship? 😀 From Philippines here.

  23. @Pisbolman

    Haha. No, I am not on a ship. Why do you ask? O_o

  24. It’s out

  25. It’s out!!!! 😀


    It’s seems like you’re moving from what you have said.. 😀

  26. wow! well i am currently in southern California in the U.S and it’s 416 am here…but I’m getting my naruto fix before bed :3

  27. wow i’m not a sasuke fan by far…but it is kinda cool to see him FINALLY team up on a side the audience is on. I think this will be a good fight, i’m kinda over the madara fight personally, i think they’ll acknowledge his strength and he’ll get released or something. They hinted at that this chapter. However, if kabuto does get done off with after this fight, though i doubt it, that will mean that a huge section of the manga is over. Cause Kabuto strikes me as the ultimate villain, more so than madara or tobi

  28. @DRICED

    Where in Southern LA? Been there before my wife lives there with my daughter somewhere in Arcadia.

    I think Kabuto will complete the jutsu where one can take over one body or Orochimaru will appear again releasing from Kabuto’s or take over Kabuto’s body. I agree that Kabuto or Orochimaru would be the main villain. I think either Tobi or Kabuto is in the race to get the perfect body to fulfill the moon’s eye plan because Kabuto is up to rikodou’s power too,

  29. Nice chapter overall, Itachi and Sasuke will be over 9000, and I’m glad they’ll fight together for once. Also Tsunade made a bluff last week that didn’t really hold on, with Hashirama’s healing jutsus.
    I for one like the fact that Tsunade is finally in the middle of action but I was really looking forward to the fact that Tsunade might spawn some real cool ninjutsu in this fight.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that she has the regeneration jutsu and also uses Taijutsu on Gai & Raikage’s level but some nature manipulation would really be a treat now. And it was also speculated Tsunade might be a lightning type shinobi witch would be great to see.

    I actually think the kages are in way over there heads and it’s not like I’m doubting them, but a Uchiha with Senjuu blood and the Rinnegan and Edo Tensei Body that can use all rinnegan jutsus and also Susano’o makes this situation a bit too overwhelming.

    Naruto by now seems like the only one that can fight on par with Edo Madara and maybe Itachi, Sasuke, Tobi and Kabuto. Other then that I’m not giving anyone else much time against this Ultimate Powerhouse.

  30. ch578 wasn’t that exciting, just setup mostly… I mean we all now know that Sasuke and itachi are going to fight Kabuto (but it’s a uneasy armistice, a tenuous alliance) and it’s very likely Kabuto is going to use “that” jutsu, whatever that means…. but not really any big revelations. I mean except for the mutiple wood clone jutsu which looks alot like one of Naruto’s shadow clone Jutsu, nothing spectacular, I mean we know he still has the powers of the Rinnegan which he hasn’t been forced to use. I’m not sure but don’t the wood clones all have the Rinnegan? So would they have a shared field of vision likes the Pain’s 6 paths ? Do the wood clones like shadow clones split chakra? At the very least if the clones have the same powers, more than one susanoo? the multiplicity of a sharingan or rinnegan user is something we’ve never seen. I mean pain split his abilities 6 ways… each one of the clones could have all the powers of the Rinnegan( diminished in chakra but still capable of all the techniques)

  31. @Eugen

    I don’t think Itachi would be able to fight on par with Madara, one-on-one. If it where just Madara himself, then I would say maybe, but this isn’t just Madara. It’s Madara with Hashirama’s cells, the ability to use all Hashirama’s Mokuton abilities, and the Rinnegan on top of that.

    Madara would be able to absorb or repel most of Itachi’s abilities and thanks to the EMS, he has no downsides to using jutsu like Susanoo, while Itachi does. I think we could also confidently say that as far as intellect is concerned, Madara would be on the same level as Itachi as a genius of Shinobi. Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubts Itachi is incredibly powerful, probably stronger than each of the Five Kage individually, as well, but Madara currently has the combined powers of two of the strongest shinobi to have ever lived outside of the Sage of the Six Paths himself.

    Naruto vs Itachi would make for an interesting debate though, now that Naruto is working with Kurama. 😛

    But let’s not go down that road. It’s too dangerous and there would be too many fanboys involved. <_<

  32. @ Tenrai Senshi Tsunade: I have the power! ( He-man impersonation)

  33. ^^^ The He-man quote was to fit into the bubble

  34. First of all, great breakdown @Tenrai, I always enjoy the breakdowns and the debates that ensue but even if it’s an uneventful chapter, you can make a breakdown worth reading.


    I couldn’t agree with you more, this is the first chapter in a long time that Sasuke didn’t grind my gears with his cry-me-a-river BS. As for Kabuto, I also think that he is more like a main villain than Tobi or Madara, especially since we don’t know what his evil scheme is yet. Plus the fact that he was one of the first villains we were introduced to in the beginning would make the series come full circle instead of having the main antagonist show up in the middle of the series.

  35. Wow. I think to me, Sasuke’s douche-bag factor was halved in this one chapter

  36. What an epic chapter.

  37. I’m from Sugar Land, Texas

    sweet chapter lookin forward to talkin about it

  38. itachi is the most badass character straight up…madara is mad strong but i feel like until he gets put in a corner we wont see what he’s really made of…kabuto kabuto kabuto, what makes him so confident against the uchiha bros.? sasuke has the ems that fights gonna be sick plus nobody realized how smart itachi is- sauske wants to talk to him and itachi said ok first we defeat kabuto and cancel the edo tensei but hello once that happens itachi peaces out and sasuke is gonna be tighttttt

  39. Ten, I know what you mean about Itachi, but i was betting big on Itachis edo body mostly and he’s use of the sharingan and also his smarts.
    True madara has all that and more but then again so did Nagato with a fully healed body, yet itachi proved to be more then anyone would have thought.

    All I’m saying is that edo itachi would make for a fast use of the totsuka sword given an opening madara would be sure to leave due to his arrogance against only one opponent.

    Maybe 9 out of 10 times madara would win thos fight but i do give itachi the betest of chances out of all the strongest shinobis out there along with the ones i already metioned.

  40. sorry for the spelling, i’m texting from my iphone and it’s a real pain

  41. @Eugen

    Nagato wasn’t near as hax as Madara currently is. Nagato only had the Rinnegan, essentially. He didn’t have Mokuton, the EMS, Susanoo or the mobility that Madara currently has (Remember, Nagato’s legs were toast, so he was essentially a cripple).

    Itachi was only able to use the sword of Totsuka on Nagato so easily because of the latter’s inability to move out of the way. Even Kabuto mentioned the downside of his immobility once the battle was over, because of his damaged legs (the healing didn’t make him mobile, unfortunately). I doubt Madara would let Itachi hit him with it so easily as that. That’s if Itachi can even get close, through a forest of Mokuton, poisonous spores, a meteor falling from the sky or a nice small army of Madara Mokuton clones. O_o

    At the moment, I really just don’t see any one ninja taking on Madara as he is alone. I would say Naruto in full Kyuubi mode might have had a chance, but even that probably won’t work if you consider Madara’s ability to suppress or control Kurama’s chakra. Chances are, Naruto won’t even be able to make use of Kurama’s power in a battle against Madara, so even that option is questoinable at best. I’m not being biased against Itachi here, it’s just Madara really is that strong right now thanks to all the hax Kishi has given him.

    The only exception I can think of are the other two you mentioned. Kabuto (because we don’t know how strong he is, the possibility is there) and Tobi (who is also pretty hax himself right now).

  42. Truth is Madara is now on the same levels as the Sage himself. He has the rinnegan, he’s immortal via edo tensei, he has senjuu blood, he has the ems and powers and smarts no one can really come close to.

    He truly is a freak of Nature and I for one would have loved it even more if he was alive because the effect of this power would have been even greater. The only thing that puzzles me is his death. How could a man with the Rinnegan and Senjuu blood (considering this two factors were acquired before his death and not added by Kabuto) die. I mean the dude should have been able to prolong his life in at least 3 different ways that we’ve seen so far (Kakuzu’s tech, Orochimaru’s skill, and the rinnegan’s resurrection power Nagato used on Konoha). I know many are gonna argue that Kakuzu’s skill and Orochimaru’s were trademark jutsus, but for a guy like Madara learning this skills wouldn’t have been much of a challenge.

    Also regarding the Itachi fight, remember, Itachi’s immortal two, so unless Madara decides to seal him, any jutsu used on him would be hopeless. This is a fight of smarts and speed. The one who catches the other off guard wins. I’m not saying Itachi has more then 20% of winning but he dose stand a great chance because of his immortality.

    And as for Nagato, didn’t he heal himself when he took Bee’s chakra. The immobility might have been a problem of Nagato even before he got his legs burned (a guess). Nagato might not have been much of a speed fighter in his own because of the rinnegan, a bit like Gaara if you will, because he bases his skills on the sand mobility isn’t a must for this guys because they have skills to compensate this (Bansho Tenini & Shinra tensei, etc).

  43. @Eugen

    No. Even though Nagato healed himself, his legs still weren’t working properly, apparently. I’m not sure why, but Kabuto did mention it was his downfall after the battle.

    What would be something is if even if Itachi defeats Kabuto and gets him to end Edo Tensei, Madara used the Izanagi to prevent himself from dying/dissapearing. It’s possible that he could use it now that he has Senju and Uchiha powers. Lol.

  44. As of now I think Madara in capable of just about anything, I can’t even compare him to Naruto, who by now has chakra from at least 7-8 bijuu running through his body and who knows what hidden skills and blood line limits inherited from the beasts to aid him.

    Madara is giving the impression that he can’t be stopped right now and I for one would consider it a Godly Miracle if that fight will be settled by the 5 Kages, who I consider nowhere near Madara’s skill.

    If they were one person then they would have fallen in a class Tobi and Naruto are right now, but divided they stand no chance, especially now when there’s 5 bunshin vs one kage.

  45. lol mordi1104 , the uchiha bross XD! Also think that when edo tensei IS cancelled itachi will have “long disappearing time” to say farewell and explain everything, its manga hax!
    @wra: I have been thinking for a while that thing of the six comings of teh sage.
    First was the Sage, second was Tobi, third was Nagato, the fourth is Madara.
    So, when Tobi mentions, “Its not important what Naruto really is”
    Could that mean he is the 5th coming of the Sage? Is his goal to make Sasuke the 6th?

  46. just brainstorming on what Nikeairforce03 pointed about the comings of the sage instead of tobi i think kabuto ismore interested in experimenting with the first cells on sasuke to awaken the rinnegan just how he did with edo madara

    from san francisco california

  47. @pisbol i’m actually over in riverside which is about half hour away from l.a …on a VERy good day LOL

    @WRA i was thinking…i don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Uzumaki or the Eddy clan. My reason for this is because the SO6P key reason for being powerful was his sealing tech, after all that is what made people think he was a god for sealing the jubi into himself. His sealing tech were renowned and later picked up by the eddy clan. And as we know, they were feared as being too powerful. I think that if naruto is to truley emulate the SO6P then he will have to learn some sort of sealing tech. Furthermore, we dont really know ANYTHING about Naruto’s clan or home country and he’s the main character of the story. We know loads about the senju and uchiha but the story isnt about them, so i think that to make it well rounded kishi will have to bring in the Eddy clan. If not and the manga ends, it’s kind of a huge let down because we don’t really know anything about the main character of the story compared to the major/minor supporting characters.

    I also find it curious that Kishi made naruto an uzumaki and part of the eddy clan in the first place. If the Eddy clan is just fluf and a fun fact, why even bring them into the stoy, it just seems pointless. Kishi could easily just have said hey, naruto is related to the senju and is a distant relative of the first hokage and that is why he’s boss. Instead he gave the eddy clan seperate powers and their own identity. I think there is more to it than has been revealed at the moment.

  48. “Nagato wasn’t near as hax as Madara currently is.”

    Not saying Madara isn’t haxed (because he clearly is) but Nagato had more control over the Rinnegan than Madara. So far we’ve only seen Madara use two of the Rinnegan’s many powers (Preta Path’s power and Chibaku Tensei). I think that’s because Madara can only use a few of them. If you think about it, if he had the various powers Nagato possessed he would have used them already. The Shinra Tensei and Bansho Tenin for example are too useful to just not use.

    Or Madara is really just toying with the Kages and when he’s had enough he’ll just use bansho tenin and rip their souls out or turn them into Kage-kebabs.

    “Itachi was only able to use the sword of Totsuka on Nagato so easily because of the latter’s inability to move out of the way. Even Kabuto mentioned the downside of his immobility once the battle was over, because of his damaged legs (the healing didn’t make him mobile, unfortunately).”

    I always found that a very strange comment from Kabuto. I always felt it was more due to Kabuto not knowing about the Totsuka sword than it was due to Nagato’s immobility and therefor Kabuto refusing to take the blame for what was clearly his mistake (underestimating Itachi).
    Here Nagato did show considerable mobility. And that was before taking Bee’s chakra and ‘healing’ himself. I do agree Madara is a lot faster though.

    “but even that probably won’t work if you consider Madara’s ability to suppress or control Kurama’s chakra.”

    Can Madara do that? We haven’t seen him do so nor has it ever been stated that Madara can suppress the nine tails power. He’s been shown to control it, not suppress it. He didn’t suppress the nine tails when Naruto destroyed his forest.

    “Madara would be able to absorb or repel most of Itachi’s abilities and thanks to the EMS”

    I’m guessing you meant the Rinnegan here but If Madara could absorb Amaterasu or the Totsuka Sword Nagato would have done so as well. The Totsuka Sword is not a chakra sword so it can’t be absorb and Amaterasu ignites on target instead of going towards it. Both attacks struck Nagato.

    “he has no downsides to using jutsu like Susanoo, while Itachi does.”

    Well, Itachi is an Edo Tensei as well. I don’t think using the MS wears him out. He spammed Susano’o and Amaterasu when he fought Nagato and didn’t seem to slow down even a bit whereas during his lifetime using just one of the Mangekyo’s powers would affect him as well.

  49. @Baron

    “Can Madara do that? We haven’t seen him do so nor has it ever been stated that Madara can suppress the nine tails power.”

    I mentioned that because Sasuke was able to supress Kurama’s chakra at one point, and at that time, Kurama mentioned he had the same sinister chakra as Uchiha Madara’s. That added to the fact that Madara had a reputation for being able to control Kurama lead to the idea that it was likely he could supress his chakra just like Sasuke did. It may be different now that Naruto has full control though, but the possibility is still there.

    “I’m guessing you meant the Rinnegan here but If Madara could absorb Amaterasu or the Totsuka Sword Nagato would have done so as well.”

    I said most attacks, not all. I do know Itachi has some attacks Madara may not be able to simply stand in one place and absorb. But I also know Madara should be able to reckognize a potentially dangerous attack when he sees one. He wouldn’t be hailed as such a renowned shinobi, if he was dumb enough to let himself get defeated so easily. If he did, well then, he deserves to lose. Lol.

    “Well, Itachi is an Edo Tensei as well. I don’t think using the MS wears him out. He spammed Susano’o and Amaterasu when he fought Nagato…”

    I suppose Edo Tensei does likely give Itachi the advantage of not feeling the strain of using his MS techs anymore. Still, I don’t think Edo Tensei summons have unlimited chakra, because Muu couldn’t use Dust Element techniques after splitting himself due to a lack of chakra, or weakened chakra. It also took him longer to summon Madara because of it, so I am assuming Itachi can still grow “fatigued” from using too many MS techs.

    Of course, the same rules can be applied to Madara as well, but unfortunately, we don’t know how much chakra that monster has. Lol.


    As godly as Madara seems to be, don’t underestimate the five Kage. We’ve seen from battles past, that Kage always tend to have a trick up their sleeves when all else fails.
    They may not be as individually strong as Naruto or Tobi, but they are the Five Kage, the leaders of their respective villages chosen for being the strongest at the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they surprise us. (That’s a bit of a contradiction of terms. Lol). O__o

  50. “But I also know Madara should be able to reckognize a potentially dangerous attack when he sees one.”

    But he won’t see Amaterasu coming. The only way he can dodge that is if he knows Itachi can use it and anticipate the moment Itachi uses it.

    “He wouldn’t be hailed as such a renowned shinobi, if he was dumb enough to let himself get defeated so easily.”

    Kabuto is very intelligent too but he lost one of his most powerful pawns (Nagato) by being careless and over confident. Madara clearly suffers from an even greater superiority complex. That’s a major weakness, especially when facing someone like Itachi.
    Remember how Orochimaru lost? Another clear case of superiority complex. The same goes for Tobi, if Konan had just put a little more effort in it and created more than 1200 billion exploding tags Tobi would have died.

    “I don’t think Edo Tensei summons have unlimited chakra, because Muu couldn’t use Dust Element techniques after splitting himself due to a lack of chakra, or weakened chakra. It also took him longer to summon Madara because of it, so I am assuming Itachi can still grow “fatigued” from using too many MS techs.”

    Considering Kabuto explained that if he dies the Edo Tensei’s will not end ever I assume the Edo Tensei summons do have unlimited chakra. Not in terms of scale but in terms of supply. I think Muu not being able to use dust release after splitting has more to do with how dust release is used than his chakra reserve. Perhaps Muu divides himself in a yin and yang part but needs both parts to perform dust release.

  51. Why hasnt this been shown here? Enjoy!

  52. @Baron

    “But he won’t see Amaterasu coming. The only way he can dodge that is if he knows Itachi can use it and anticipate the moment Itachi uses it.”

    If ninja could only avoid attacks they knew about, a lot of high profile characters would have been dead a long time ago already. You can’t just say Madara won’t be able to avoid it simply because he doesn’t know Itachi can use it, because all you’re doing is underestimating a characters ability to adapt in a battle situation. It’s the same as me saying it would be impossible for Itachi to avoid Madara’s meteor, just because he doesn’t know Madara can use it.

    I think seeing Itachi’s eyes start bleeding and his intense focus would be a good enough sign for Madara that an attack was on its way. This is supposedly the only person to ever see through Hashirama’s Mokuton clone, so I don’t think he’d have a problem recognizing the signs of an attack from the Sharingan when he is already aware of the many capabilities it possesses. And let’s not forget that Madara can use Susanoo as well. Amatarasu is powerful and all, but it can still be blocked. If Gaara’s sand can block it, Susanoo can as well.

    And who’s to say Itachi won’t be using it on a Mokuton clone anyway? 😛

    “Kabuto is very intelligent too but he lost one of his most powerful pawns (Nagato) by being careless and over confident.”

    Kabuto is clever, yes, but he isn’t Madara, so comparing the two isn’t necessarily going to yeild accurate results. Besides, Kabuto was careless with Edo Tensei summons. Losing them isn’t the same as losing one’s own life. It’s just losing a puppet, really, so it stands to reason Kabuto might be more careless with his toys than he would be when his own life was on the line. The same would go for Madara.

    “Remember how Orochimaru lost?”

    I do, but again, Orochimaru is not Madara. If you’ve notice, Madara only let himself get hit by one attack, and that was only because he knew what effect it would have because he had seen it before. No other attack has succeeded in damaging him otherwise – if I recall – except for his own meteor which he knew he would recover from. Madara has been more calculated in this battle than you may think. He may be confident to the point of seeming arrogant, but in truth he isn’t taking any chances without calculating the outcome first. If Madara really felt he was invincible and lacked any sense of caution, then why did he use a Mokuton clone in the first place? In fact, for all we know, the five Kage may have been battling a Mokuton clone all along.

    “Considering Kabuto explained that if he dies the Edo Tensei’s will not end ever I assume the Edo Tensei summons do have unlimited chakra.”

    Just because they won’t disappear if Kabuto dies, it doesn’t mean they have unlimited chakra. It may just mean that their chakra depletes and then regenerates just like a living person’s chakra would. Remember, it also took Muu longer to summon Madara because of his weakened chakra. I’m not sure exactly how it works, or how Edo Tensei summons feel fatigue – if they even do – but we have seen evidence to suggest their chakra does have its limits either way.

  53. Bubblition:
    Tsunade: Madara! I know the true reason why you attacked Konoha. My grandfather turned down your confession didn’t he.
    Mei: What? That actually makes sense.
    Gaara: It’s become so clear with the Shodai Hokage’s face being tattoo on his chest.
    Onoki: Now that I think about it, he couldn’t stop talking about him.
    A: Why am I not surprised?
    Madara: Damn it, you found out my biggest secret. Damn that Mito for stealing what’s mine.
    Caption: Remember rival is almost always read as homo. Especially when you steal another man’s genes.

  54. @wra does anybody know where Jerimiah was from (the leader of IRA???)

  55. @ Dricedt, I know he was from the States, but Supertrek89 knew him best of all the current WRA members and besides him Tenrai.

    It’s sad that a lot of those guys don’t visit anymore and post on the blog.

  56. Ya i know right? I never really posted on IRA i was to shy :3

  57. @wra i’m studying for finals and i need to get distracted with some naruto jargan…so im going to say…the kage’s are going to loose the fight with madara and madara is going to meet up with tobi. Kishi does everything for a reason, so there was a reason he had madara make the connection between Mito and Naruto through being an uzumaki. I think Madara will give naruto some sort of info about being uzumaki and how he helped kill the uzumaki clan….shocking i know!!!

  58. yo everyone it’s out!

  59. i’m wondering …is sasuke not going to wonder now why naruto…who he knows is Uzumaki doesnt have red hair??

  60. o btw we can pretty much say now that naruto’s healing abilities come from being Uzumaki not from Kurama

  61. @Drice

    It seems that way, although I still think Kurama’s chakra does increase the speed at which Naruto heals, which stands to reason. By strengthening Naruto’s chakra, it should strengthen any inherent abilities he has as well.

    One thing I’m still curious about though is the fact that Naruto doesn’t have red hair. I suspected Karin might be an Uzumaki since Tobi mentioned Red hair being a sign of Uzumaki heritage. But Naruto is the only Uzumaki we know of so far who doesn’t have red hair. Is there a reason for that?

    I wonder….

  62. @Ten that’s what i was thinking, it is strange how naruto possesses all the traits of the uzumaki but not the dominant hair. We know he got the hair from the 4th so what is it that the 4th gave him that could supersede the uzumaki clan…

  63. is anybody still reading this blog??? or has a new one been created and i’m the only one that hasnt seen it >.>

  64. There’s a new one dricedt…lol

  65. @Drice

    If you’re looking for where all the discussions are, they’re on the latest breakdown for chapter 578.

    I’m surprised you didn’t notice the new one out. O__o

  66. i cant find it :*( i just come here, click the pic of naruto, click the pic of naruto on the second page for the manga breakdown and it takes me here waaa!!! i’ve had this problem for years then! i’ve thought it’s been just that people dont want to comment on particular chapters!!! WAAA my life has been rocked! how do i find the new one?

  67. Its in here brah!!!!!!!!!


  68. TROLOLOLOL at me XD but how come the hyper link for the pic takes you here and not the new one?

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