Naruto Chapter 577 Spoilers Pics & Summaries

Here you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for Naruto chapter 577.

This post will be updated with spoiler pics and text as soon as they become available, so if they aren’t up yet, keep checking back often! If you happen to find spoilers before we’ve managed to upload them, feel free to email them to along with a link to the source. You are also free to comment at any time, even if the spoilers have not been uploaded yet, and predictions, theories – or even just general discussions – are welcomed and even encouraged in the comments section.

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~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 577 Spoilers Pics & Summaries”

  1. Finally, Tsunade’s living up to her title as Hokage and, more importantly, to her title as one of the three legendary sannin. I always felt like Kishi misrepresented her strength before, but now it looks like he’s finally giving her the attention she needed.

  2. Especially when compared to Oro and Ero-Sennin she’s not all that strong. However she’s not supposed to be. Her strength is in supporting. She single-handled kept most the village alive during Pein’s invasion. In all honestly, amongst notable ninja, she ranks near the bottom in battle prowess. This chapter didn’t showcase her at all; it was just a bunch of Will of Fire psychobabble. We already knew she was stronger than the Raikage, its been said before that physical ability alone cannot match her chakra controlled strength.

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