Naruto Chapter 575 – 576 Double Breakdown: The Pride of the Uchiha.

Greetings one and all. I know it’s been two weeks since my last breakdown, but, things have just been really busy for me on my end of the spectrum here lately, so I’ve been somewhat lacking as far as energy and motivation is concerned. I am sorry about that.

In any case, this is my first double breakdown in quite some time, so I’m a bit rusty at them. Let’s hope I can get through this in less than two pieces.

Madara: fighting against global warming one tree at a time.

To start things off, things have taken quite a turn in the manga lately. Coming from the epic battle between the bijuu only a few chapters prior, Kishi has suddenly shifted the focus in a new direction, concentrating primarily on whatever else is happening in the Narutoverse at this moment in time. That focus has now fallen onto three Uchiha in particular, namely Itachi, Sasuke and Madara.

One thing I was pleased about, was the fact that Kishi decided to give us an update on the battle between Madara and the five Kage. For a moment, I was worried that we would have a repeat of the “Kakashi Rampage” on our hands here, where we’d basically only be shown the aftermath of the battle, and not what actually took place in it. Fortunately, it seems Kishi has deemed this battle to be worthy enough to focus more attention on it, however, even despite that, it still feels like it’s missing something important.

Sure, Madara’s jutsu are flashy and the Kage are holding their own, but compared to the battle between the bijuu, this one just seems far less epic. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason for that less than spectacular vibe, but the magic just isn’t there yet. Hopefully, the mood will pick up soon as it progresses though, because I expect a lot from this battle in particular.

Doctor: O___O

Another point that seems to have been reiterated a lot lately, is how strong Hashirama Senju apparently was. From simply being known as the first Hokage and a founder of Konoha, his status has suddenly – and rather abruptly – been elevated to mythical proportions.

It almost feels like an attempt by Kishi to balance out the Uchiha’s seemingly outrageous strengths, by making the strongest Senju seem that much more prominent. Admittedly, I can understand why he did it as well. I think we were all wondering how Hashirama ever beat Madara when the latter had weapons like Susanoo and the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan up his sleeves. Now the tables have been dramatically turned, and we’re now left with the impression that Hashirama was an immortal, unbeatable monster of a shinobi.

This dramatic change of lore ends up feeling a little forced and contrived, but I suppose that’s just how things roll sometimes in the world of manga. Characters get power-ups out of the blue, even if they’ve been dead for a few decades. But now the question remains, how does this affect the hierarchy of five Hokage?

Besides the battle between the five Kage and Madara, another point of interest in the latest chapter was the meeting between Sasuke and a now deceased Itachi.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... OMG Itachi!!!!

This was something many of us had been waiting for ever since we saw Itachi being resurrected by Edo Tensei – the reunion between the two brothers. It was also something we all suspected could have a drastic effect on the story in any number of ways, because of the endless possibilities such a meeting presented.

For one, Sasuke’s love for Itachi is the primary reason he is taking the path of revenge against Konoha, so that also means that Itachi is the one person who could potentially dissuade Sasuke from that course of action. We all wondered if such a thing would come to pass if the two ever met, but what happened in reality is quite different from how I imagined it in my mind.

Firstly, instead of greeting Sasuke openly, Itachi decides to instead ignore him, citing that he has “important” things to do. Conversely, Sasuke doesn’t seem too happy to see Itachi either, and talks to him with an almost frantic and strangely antagonistic demeanor.

The most surprising part about this meeting was how Sasuke openly declared that his goal was to destroy Konoha. It seems Sasuke has no sense of fear or shame when it comes to admitting that he was going against everything his brother fought and died for. In fact, it almost seemed as if he was trying to gain Itachi’s approval for those goals.

Actually, to be more accurate, one could say that it felt as if Sasuke wanted Itachi to tell him not to pursue that path – as if he knew that the only thing that could dissuade him from wreaking his vengeance was his brother’s own words and nothing else. It gives me the impression that Sasuke is still really just a child who is too dependent on the guidance of others and still unsure of his own decisions. It stands to reason when you consider that even now, his actions are influenced by the words of another (Aka, Tobi).

Itachi, however, simply tells Sasuke that he should choose his own path, no matter what it might be. It almost seemed as if Itachi no longer felt he had the right to influence his brothers decisions anymore. He was in a position where he could have potentially stopped his brother right there and then and prevented a lot of heart-ache, but it seems he has already chosen to place his faith in someone else to act in his stead in that regard.

Once again, Naruto is given another burden to carry. I think everyone relies on the poor guy too much. <_<

Either way, the meeting appears to have come to an end for the time being. Whether or not Sasuke will continue to follow Itachi is unknown and before we could discern what might happen going forward from here, the focus of the chapter shifted abruptly back to the battle with Edo Madara.

This was probably the most boring part of the chapter to be honest, mostly because it involved a typical villainous monologue on Madara’s part. Captain obvious decided to point out the fact that women aren’t portrayed as very strong characters in Naruto (what a shock), and that Tsunade, as the granddaughter of Hashirama’s, was “ugly” to behold, seeing as how in his eyes as a Senju, she did not live up to Hashirama’s  name.

Tsunade, however, retaliated with her own monologue about the will of fire and blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard it all before. All I can say is that I hope we finally get to see Tsunade strut her stuff. As one of the three sannin, she’s the only one we haven’t seen go “all out” yet and because of that, it gives us the impression that she isn’t all that strong compared to the likes of Orochimaru or Jiraiya. I hope she proves us wrong in the next chapter, for the sake of all the female characters in Naruto who remain sorely underdeveloped. I’m tired of seeing her standing back and healing others all the time.

Where there's a will.... there's a hundred relatives. <__<

That’s right Tsunade. We’re tired of seeing you standing in the background healing people all the time. It’s time for you to step up to the plate and show us what you’re made of.

In any case, that’s all from me this week. I’m sorry if the breakdown was a bit flat, because I feel a bit flat, but hopefully it is somewhat palatable.

See you all in the comments. ^ ^


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  1. Am I first?? Any way great breakdown tenrai

  2. 2nd

  3. Awesome breakdown Tenrai!

  4. Nice Breakdown Ten

    Never thought a double would be so short which is kinda perfect for this situation…

    Madara vs Kage Battle – The reason why its so boring, there never any excitement, its basically Madara beating the life out of the Kage’s just for them to come back with “Will of Stone this, will of Fire that, will of wind, will of water, will of clouds @___@ etc and so forth… If I had a nickle for the amount of times we heard that speech with slight different points I would have 100 nickles, or so 😛 and Oonik how is he seriously alive not to mention the rest.

    Hashirama’s been seriously too badly spammed… I mean Madara once one of the most powerful fighters now it seems like he “needs” Hashirama to be a true power! Sigh Kishi could of shown us in a flash back why Hashirama is powerful but instead he makes Madara seem weak for needing to rely on the 1st Hokage…

    I voted for the 3rd, say what you like he was in a battle royal 2 against 1 and still was able to stop the edo 1st and 2nd Hokage and no matter what people say from here on he did that at the age of almost 100 😛

    Tsunade needs to die, whats this will of fire crap seriously, if you gonna trash talk in a battle like that you should be a villain. She often says things like this to egg on her opponent pissing them off in the process, she can rather do a super punch to the face and saying “I have fire will” but NOOOO Tsunade stands there flexing saying she is now a fighter…

    If Tsunade does show she is epically strong it may become habit and Sakura would defeat Naruto and Ten Ten would beat Sasuke and the world would implode cause lets face it “THIS IS NARUUUUUTTOOOOOOOOOO” (think sparta voice)

  5. Four is death!!!

  6. Isn’t Oonoki supposed to be dead? He KEEPS knocking on deaths door… He had TWO flashbacks arleady… TWO! DIE ALREADY! Shonen jump rules “In order to kill off a character you must have a flashback” WELL! what happened here!? >:/ And yes, i’m hating this Madara fight at the moment, I want to see Tobi now. The reason why the fight isn’t interesting because there really isn’t anything to discover… In Tobi vs Naruto, you were on your toes because Naruto got control of Kurama, We’re epically waiting for Tobi to actually get serious and fight, waiting for naruto to bust that mask. I don’t see how madara being as strong as he is never managed to kill off one of the kage yet… Just stalling like hell. Can I SEE A CASUALTY? This is a war afterall, and I don’t mean the background casualties, I mean like a real “daaaammnnn (s)he died!?!?” Kill someone! For some reason, during the Aizen vs shinigami war, NO casualties… during this war, NO casualties… KILL SOMEONE. especially the top 3 espada… they should’ve definetely killed at least 1 person. Nagato killed hundreds of people with the rinnegan AND HE WAS CRIPPLED! wtf Madara, you bring out some godlike power bringing down a meteor but you can’t kill someone??? if a handicap person is better than you then its a damn shame -__-… I was hoping they would do the madara fight like the “kakashi rampage” and just show it in the anime, it would be a whole lot better than THIS! Manga is really only good on information while anime is good on action. I guess that is why the Tobi vs Naruto battle was more interesting, because there was a lot of questions we wanted answered. The mystery behind the battle made it more epic. OH nice breakdown :)))

  7. @Pein LMFAO I just read your comment after I posted mine. IKR! I remember the last time Tsunade said some crap about “will of fire” the whole village went up in flames… Oh yeah now its the will of fire… If she kept her mouth shut, Nagato wouldn’t of became angry and destroyed Konoha. Even after she acted all macho, she was about to QUICKLY die by that mechanic pein but Naruto saved her life. Sooo… where is that will of fire? She certainly doesn’t have it -__-, Naruto does though because he backs up what he says… said she inherited the will of fire… apparently that will isn’t so strong HUH TSUNADE!? >8E

    yeah Hiruzen Sarubtobi was known as the God of Shinobi. They said he was the second coming of the SO6P He knew every jutsu and took out the 1st hokage and the 2nd hokage WITHOUT the death god, but realized he had to seal the souls to stop the edo tensei bodies. And he was old as Pein0avenue stated! “Hiruzen was one of the most powerful shinobi in history” – “he was said to be the strongest Hokage that Konoha ever had” “Enma commented on his battle with Orochimaru, saying that it was “miserable” compared to his prime, even though he had clearly been able to hold his own against Orochimaru and two former Hokage without losing his composure. Even in his old age, his chakra was noted for being very strong, causing a dense effect on the atmosphere when released;” – Narutopedia
    I’m sure that is enough to prove how powerful the 3rd Hokage was..

  8. Am i Eight, XD. Great breakdown Tenrai! Many thx!
    Also, i voted for the fourth, If he hadnt had to “kill” himself, he would had surpassed the previous hokages FOR SURE!

  9. everyones using the orochimaru edo tensei’s as a basis for tobiramas and hashiramas strength when in reality you cant use that because they weren’t controlling their own bodies…orochimaru was. so it stands to reason that they are a lot more powerful than orochimaru allowed them to be just so he could control them. I think minato probably wasn’t as strong as hashirama was but if he was given more time he probably would’ve surpassed him that is the theme in naruto after all….

    also everyones saying how weak madara is and that he needs hashirama hello dioyou not see him kick everyones ass without the mokuton at first?? the meteor and his double-susanoo (idk wtf that is) are clearly powerful enough and add the kyubi into the equation and you have ssj 6 gogeta

    I do agree about the main character deaths tho its pretty much bs oonoki has to die already and tsunade probably will as well (look at the former kages not so lucky with wars huh)

    I think the itachi sasuke meeting is pointless. kishi can’t have sasuke turn good now that would kill the whole sub-plot of the manga …so whats the point of seeing itachi? also itachi has the genjutsu in his mind to protect konoha and he knows sasuke wants to destroy it. shouldn’t the genjutsu force him to stop sasuke whether its changing his mind or forcibly stopping him? itachi should be confronting him either way

    finally, i wonder what else kabuto has up his sleeve he said earlier that as long as he had edo tensei and another unnamed jutsu he should be fine…what is the that jutsu?.. maybe its just a typo and he means madaras body

    ps. btw tobi is izuna

  10. Orochimaru actually wasn’t controlling the two bodies like manually, more like automatic, forcing them to fight, but letting them fight. Get it? Just Like Kabuto is forcing Madara and the other ninja to fight but not actually manually controlling them to fight, so that was their strength. Tobirama created a lake fighting the 3rd and all those different jutsu.The first and second trained him as their star pupil, and the 3rd was old anyhow, so he was STILL able to fight against those two. Who has chakra that can dense the atmosphere besides Sarutobi? Well not counting jinchuuriki btw.

  11. well somethings up then because why didn’t tobirama use any space time ninjutsu and why didn’t hashirama use more advanced mokuton either they were holding back for some reason or kishi just decided to power em up now which isn’t cool…

  12. @Mordi

    It seems like the amount of control one can exert over their Edo Tensei summons is limited by the strength of their chakra. We need to remember that Kabuto specifically sought out the Cursed Mark Anko had so he could he could attain some of Orochimaru’s power to reinforce Edo Tensei.

    Going by this, it may simply be a case where Hashirama’s and Tobirama’s own power was limitted by the strength of Orochimaru’s chakra at the time he summoned them.

    From what Kabuto has said himself, he has apparently surpassed Orochimaru and perfected Edo Tensei beyonf what even Orochimaru was capable of. This in itself suggests that Orochimaru may have been using a flawed or incomplete version of Edo Tensei that may have been less efficient. We also know that Kabuto infused his own body with Orochimaru’s cells, plus the power of Anko’s cursed Mark, which means he has a combined power that makes his chakra stronger than Orochimaru’s was. All these factors may have contributed to a better version of Edo Tensei that allowed for his summons to be more complete or perfect replica’s of their former selves, as opposed to what may have been imperfect summons by Orochimaru.

  13. @Tenrai Senshi Actually Kabuto captured Anko for Orochimaru’s chakra to have “better control” not “stronger shinobi”… The cursed mark is powerful, so he could use the talismen better than Orochimaru could as to summoning an entire army. I think he meant perfected as found ways to modify Madara and such you know. He does seem to know how to use it better by summong an army and such. They used Yamato to create more zetsu for this purpose. It wasn’t the means of more perfect summons, just stronger binds. Like Mordi said, it could be the means of added power later in the manga, but the 3rd Hokage was hailed as the strongest hokage, and strongest Kage of his time. I’m sure that was during the 3rd raikage’s era, and imagine that monster 3rd raikage’s power.

  14. I found this one related to my theory that Hashirama is just around or he maybe be the man behind the mask:

    “The way they keep touting the 1st Hokage makes it seem like he should be the main villain. It’s like kishimoto was premature in bringing him back to fight the 3rd, and now he’s overpowering him so that a semi reasonable explanation will allow for his return, i.e. Orochimaru summoned only a clone’s dna, or 1st could split himself like 2nd Tsuchikage, or this was all the 1st’s plan to be revived. I hope I’m completely wrong, but why keep powering up a character we’ll never see again?”

    Does anyone think of what that “other jutsu” Kabuto saying is? I saw from someone’s post that that “other jutsu” maybe be the final form of taking over the body of someone else and apply it to himself by expirementing over senju and uchiha dna trying to achieve the body capable of Rikudou’s full range powers. I think it was stated somewhere in the manga that Kabuto is up to unlocking or getting the sage of the six paths power.

  15. Spoilers have been uploaded.

  16. @Tenrai Senshi so I actually don’t think this chapter gave him an upgrade in terms of power, i mean if he has Wood Style it implies he had some pretty fierce earth and water jutsu too which we’ve never seen. he might have one of Tobimara’s water jutsu… I think Kishi has been hiding most of Hashirama’s power because it has alot to do with the end of the manga… there is so much tied up in that battle and what went on there. I’m hoping that the fight with Tsunade and the Kages will get him to chat about the fight with Hashirama and give us hints to what’s going on…

  17. The chapter is out:


    The thing is, just because we haven’t seen a jutsu or power from a character, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So Kishi could reveal anything he wants about a character later in the story and make it plausible if he writes it well enough.

    It’s kinda like how Jiraiya only revealed his Sage mode transformation much later in the story, or how Itachi revealed Susanoo during the battle with Sasuke. It doesn’t mean they suddenly got power-ups, per say. It just means their true power was unknown to us until those moments revealed it.

    The only reason it feels a bit contrived in Hashirama’s case, is because although he has always been a revered character, he was never regarded as a ‘fairy tail’, or as the strongest shinobi to have ever lived before. Those points have only come up now and contrast somewhat with information provided in the manga before, up to this point. That’s the only reason I felt it seemed a bit out of place, hence why it seems like a “post-death power-up”.

  18. also the reason we have the back and forth between Madara vs Kages and Itachi and Sasuke is because, just before Madara is about to grind the Kages out of existence, Sasuke is going to use his Tsukuyomi to get Kabuto to stop the Edo Tensei. Of course Sasuke and Itachi will probably encounter resistance…. in the form of Jirayia and Konan? Kabuto always has a card up his sleeve and he has part of Orochimaru’s power too…

  19. @Ashes

    Actually, I have a feeling Sasuke might oppose Edo Tensei being undone. He’s now got his brother back and he wants some answers and releasing Edo Tensei means his brother disappears again. His obsession with Itachi may actually lead to a conflict between the two.

    Perhaps Kishi will pull off a three-way battle here. That would be interesting, to say the least.

    Of course, there is a chance Sasuke and Itachi might team up against Kabuto, if Itachi asks Sasuke for his help, but that might be a bit overkill. Lol.

  20. well somehow the Edo Tensei has to be undone or Madara is going to slaughter the Hokage’s……unless something spectacular happens in the next chapter. Which means another week…. sigh…

  21. Kages*

  22. @Tenrai Senshi You are right, the whole “after death power up” is really obvious to me now.

  23. well you guys got the death you wanted

  24. @ Dricedt – Your a fool if you think Tsunade is dead now…. HELLO no Flashback so she has to be alive 😛

  25. @Drice

    I agree with Pein here. Remember, Tsunade got turned into a pincushion by Orochimaru and she was still able to regenerate. When she’s using her forehead seal, she can replace entire organs or lost limbs, so I doubt one sword through the chest will finish her right away.

    Tsunade-kebab will make a comeback. <_<

  26. I don’t know about you guys but this chapter felt rushed to me. Maybe it’s just the fact they keep jumping from story to story, but you know what they say about chasing multiple rabbits….

    There’s a lot of talk about the 5 kages not standing a chance against Madara and how Hashirama is the only one that can fight him and the only way to beat him will be to end the Edo Tensei but i’m pretty sure that’s not the message Kishi is trying to tell us. In his most recent interview he talked about this being the climax of the series and that the message he is trying to tell the readers is that: no matter how hard things get , there is always a way to overcome it.

    So stopping the Edo Tensei isn’t closure for that part of the story, that just means there really wasn’t much progression in the ways of power over the last hundred years. Stopping Edo Tensei is only for the closure of Sasuke/Itachi matter now because the 5 kages have come to their seemingly impassible wall that through shear determination will overcome because that does show progression.

    That brings me back to the Sasuke/Itachi thing, Sasuke shouldn’t be getting another chance to talk to Itachi because that’s how things work. Somethings we don’t get second chances for, we just have to accept them and move on. It is true that at time when we do get second chances we should seize them but bringing the dead back is a sin against the circle of life and isn’t something we should try to do which is probably why Itachi wants to end the jutsu and not say too much to Sasuke.

    I believe what Tenrai is saying about Sasuke not wanting that to happen because he wants closure is a very real outcome but considering Itachi has no chakra limit anymore nor is he limited by being strained by his Sharingan he could easily Tsukiyomi the hell out of Kabuto into stopping the jutsu.

  27. Great chapter, and even cooler will be the “maybe” eventual release of Dan so I can finally see that Ghost technique I’ve been looking forward too since the early days of the war when Kakashi was on his RAMPAGE and the slaughter was so unreal that the producers banned kishis’s original version for fear that it will turn young children into the living dead.

    Anyhow, Tsunade’s gonna be fine, Sasuke, I think is gonna make good on his brother’s wishes and help the resistance out but only untill he gets to Naruto.You know a man’s word is sacred and if it was good enough for Naruto, kakashi, Jiraiya and Konohamaru, it should be a good enough point for Sasuke too.

    Also was the Mokuton kage bunshin the technique Zetsu used to move underground through the roots and ground and transport himself anywhere?

  28. @Tommy

    By now, Kabuto is more than aware of the dangers of the Sharingan. Considering his goal was Sasuke and the fact that he already knows how dangerous the Sharingan’s genjutsu is, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s genetically modified himself to be immune to genjutsu in some way or another, or at the very least, come up with a way to battle it effectively.

    I don’t think this will be a simple matter of “Use genjutsu and win”.

  29. I don’t know about you guys but I find Madara’s appearance rather bland. I’m going to be pissed off if he kill someone. Basically stating you’re worthless if you not Hashirama or an Uchiha who didn’t die in the massacre.

  30. I think Tsunade is going to get rid of Madara’s hatred… when Madara sees her struggling and still alive after that pierce through the chest he’ll see the will of fire, or if she revives herself he’ll acknowledge her.


    Does anyone think that it’s kind of a hint that Hashirama probably gonna appear again to battle Madara for the second time? Kabuto vs Itachi and who knows Sasuke might join as we can see his silhoutte behind Itachi

  32. @Tenrai

    Similar to what you have said:

    “The way they keep touting the 1st Hokage makes it seem like he should be the main villain. It’s like kishimoto was premature in bringing him back to fight the 3rd, and now he’s overpowering him so that a semi reasonable explanation will allow for his return, i.e. Orochimaru summoned only a clone’s dna, or 1st could split himself like 2nd Tsuchikage, or this was all the 1st’s plan to be revived. I hope I’m completely wrong, but why keep powering up a character we’ll never see again?”

    On the sidenote. Does anyone think of what that “other jutsu” Kabuto saying is? I saw from someone’s post that that “other jutsu” maybe be the final form of taking over the body of someone else and apply it to himself by expirementing over senju and uchiha dna trying to achieve the body capable of Rikudou’s full range powers. I think it was stated somewhere in the manga that Kabuto is up to unlocking or getting the sage of the six paths power.

  33. “Does anyone think that it’s kind of a hint that Hashirama probably gonna appear again to battle Madara for the second time?”

    No chance. Unless someone finds a way to bind the Death God and make it do their bidding.

    What I did find interesting though was Madara’s statement about Hashirama’s legacy.
    The part I’m referring to is “If I knew how weak they would turn out to be, I would’ve taught you how to rise from the dead.”
    This means Madara knows of a jutsu allowing someone to revive themselves! from the dead. Edo Tensei can’t do that. The Rinnegans outer path can’t do that either. So it looks to me like Madara did die at the valley of the end but then revived himself.
    The question now is, how do you revive yourself and why is Madara dead… Again.

    “I hope I’m completely wrong, but why keep powering up a character we’ll never see again?”

    To make Madara look like more of a threat. Because an immortal Rinnegan wielding, Susano’o hugging, Mokuton spamming Uchiha Legend just doesn’t say “Yeah, you’re screwed” loud enough.
    It was missing something. Now that we know Madara fought and ‘survived’ the most powerful and incredibly haxxed ninja since the Uber l33t Hax Master the Sage of the 6 paths himself, maybe we’ll begin to fear what Madara is capable of.

  34. “I don’t think this will be a simple matter of “Use genjutsu and win”.”

    Agreed, it will be a simple matter of Totsuka and win. 😉

    Just kidding.
    But you have to wonder. Orochimaru was completely oblivious to Itachi’s Totsuka sword so why would Kabuto know about it. Kabuto knows what Orochimaru knew. The cells Kabuto incorporated into his body are the cells of the white snake Sasuke left behind after Sasuke took over Orochimaru so Kabuto wouldn’t have gotten the memories from Orochimaru’s fight with Itachi even if the cells hold and transfer memories.

  35. @pistol

    I absolutely do think that he’s coming back in some way…it seems they were conenected a bit deeper than we may have ben let on.. Remember madara admired him and held him in higher regard than any other shinobi…maybe they were in on something together…? I’m sure if we read between the lines we can find some clues..

  36. And I don’t think the first would come back AGAINST madara…i mean why would madara want the only person capable of beating him single handed to also have the ability to come back from the dead if he is against madara? It seems maybe they were both working toward the same thing, just by different means or maybe our esteemed hokage wasn’t always the stellar moral character we know him as and instead had a change of heart? I dunno I’m just rambling…..but somethings up…

  37. @ Redbaron – Kabuto knows about the sword for the battle with Nagato but also Zetsu recorded most of the battle remember so he could of learnt these things from him also we don’t know maybe edo tensei allows the user to learn the thoughts and memories of the person they bring back?

  38. @Redbaron

    “But you have to wonder. Orochimaru was completely oblivious to Itachi’s Totsuka sword so why would Kabuto know about it.”

    Hahaha. I’m afraid you may have missed the point here. Remember, Itachi has to make Kabuto stop Edo Tensei. Sealing him away with the sword of Totsuka may win the battle quickly, but it will also ensure that Kabuto’s Edo Tensei summons will live for ever. Nothing can stop Edo Tensei, not even killing Kabuto, so the only way Itachi has any chance of ending the technique is by using Genjutsu on Kabuto and forcing him to use the appropriate hand seals to release the jutsu.

    This is why in my comment, I mentioned that Kabuto has probably already planned to fight off Sharingan induced Genjutsu. He may not know of the sword of Totsuka, but he most definitely knows about Itachi’s Tsukyomi by now, hence my comment.

    So no, there’s no quick sword of Totsuka win here either, I’m afraid. In fact, it isn’t even an option for Itachi if his goal is to stop Edo Tensei. He can’t use it even if he wanted to, because it would do more harm than good at this point.

  39. Tsunade is the love child of Wolverine and She-Hulk!

  40. Well I know “use genjutsu and win” doesn’t sound like a entertaining way for this fight to pan out but it’s happened several times already and so far no one has been able to break free from it. In a matter of 1 second Kakashi was tortured for 3 days and he even has a sharingan that should have allowed him to see through the genjutsu. so maybe it was just the fact that only a second went by in real time so once he was caught in it it was already over but even then. i’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that in a fight with a sharingan, don’t look them in the eyes.

    But the thing about Itachi’s is his crows, he seems to catch people off guard with them or extends his ability through their eyes as well so it’s not just his eyes that have to be worried about. One factor that Kabuto has going for him is that snake too. We can’t be sure if it’s a part of him or just wrapped around him but it is also known that one can be released from a genjutsu with the help of another. So this could be more of a battle of who has the more effective “familiar”(since summoning techniques aren’t used)

    The last option I’ve thought might happen is if Kabuto can cancel his summons without cancelling all of them, then Itachi has no chance at all and it’ll just be Kabuto vs Sasuke(but then again it that was possible then i’m sure he would have cancelled Itachi when he lost control of him) so there is plenty of options for the way this fight pans out, i was just pointing out that it may not be a fight of epic proportion.

    what does the WRA think the “X factor” in this fight will be?

  41. I hope Kabuto cancel his Edo Madara, and summon him do defend himself.
    So a nice fight between Sasuke+Iachi vs Madara with a bit more background story to the massacre would be fine.

  42. @Tommy

    Do you really think Kabuto wouldn’t be prepared for genjutsu? Especially after how quickly Orochimaru was defeated by Itachi’s genjutsu, a fact that Kabuto is well aware of?

    Yes, Itachi’s genjutsu is world renowned, and very powerful, but Kabuto isn’t some amateur here. He has apparently surpassed Orochimaru himself, so expect some surprises waiting up his sleeves. If he hasn’t considered a way to make himself immune to genjutsu, then at the very least, he should have planned a way to fight against it somewhat effectively. If he didn’t, then he’s stupid and he deserves to lose. <_<

    Still, that would be annoying and cheap, if you ask me. I want to see an epic battle, not another Uchiha genjutsu sob story like we had with Orochimaru.

    As for the "X-factor", I think Sasuke will complicate this battle, which may make it more epic. I'm not sure who's gonna end up fighting who, to be honest.

  43. being realistic what are naruto’s (in full bijuu form like last battle) chances againts this monster rinnegan mokuton etc… user that is madara

    and i read on an earlier post it might be wrong so i apologize in advance some said (sorry tried to look for who wroted but most post are huge so i got tired of re-reading) that when madara use the metor jutsu he wasn;t using any of hashiramas power but doesn’t that require the rinnegan which he aquired be cause of the first cells implanted on him

  44. @ Tenrai,

    Seriously, what part of just kidding didn’t you get. @__@

    And I’m well aware Itachi can’t just seal Kabuto. I’m not a moron although you seem to think so.

    “Kabuto knows about the sword for the battle with Nagato”

    Ah yes, I forgot about that fight. But still, Kabuto knowing about it and Kabuto being able to defend against it are too entirely different things. I know a nuclear bomb is bad for me but that doesn’t make me invulnerable against it if someone drops one on me.
    Plus, that fight showed Kabuto was completely oblivious about it as well and it’s not like Kabuto has had much time to come up with a technique to counter it after witnessing it. Unless he’s a master at multitasking off course.
    Kabuto obviously doesn’t have to fear being sealed as Itachi will first try to genjutsu him into releasing Edo Tensei but seeing as Itachi isn’t capable of manipulating people like Shisui and whichever Madara controlled the 4th Mizukage I think there will be a point where Itachi is left no other option than to kill/seal Kabuto. Itachi can’t just let Kabuto live because Itachi can’t seal him. Kabuto is too much of a threat.
    Plus, with Kabuto gone every Edo Tensei except Madara will be less influenced by Kabuto and more prone to talk-no-jutsu. With Kabuto out of the way the Edo Tensei threat will decrease.

    But I don’t think it will come that far as I believe Sasuke will seal Itachi before Itachi can do anything to Kabuto.

  45. @Baron

    Woah. Why are you getting so worked up? I know you were just kidding about the sword of Totsuka instant win, but you still went on to elaborate on your comment about how Kabuto might not know about it. My reply was merely a means to point out that it doesn’t matter if Kabuto knows about the sword of Totsuka or not because Itachi can’t use it to win anyway. That’s all.

    If that upsets you for some reason, well, I can’t help how you feel. I didn’t try to imply you were a moron though, so relax. <__<


    Naruto's chances against Madara in full Bijuu form are actually quite good, I reckon. I mean, we need to remember that Mokuton reacts to Naruto's aura of Vitality and starts to grow out of control. This may make Mokuton less effectivce against him (remember how Yamato's Mokuton was effected).

    Naruto also has incredible speed, power and a chakra cloak that behaves somewhat like Susanoo. He also has the Bijuu bomb now, and it's questionable if Madara's Susanoo can survive a direct hit from that. I also reckon Naruto's Bijuu bomb could probably destroy one of Madara's meteors. Lastly, Naruto has the ability to sense ill intentions, so even if Madara uses the Mokuton clone he fooled the five Kage with, chance are Naruto will detect the real Madara and know that there's a fake.

    It would be a tough battle, no doubt, but not an impossible one.

  46. i feel like i’m gonna have to read this chapter a few times to fully grasp everything that was covered haha..

  47. @Tenrai I definitely agree that Kabuto will have some sort of counter to genjutsu but I’m not sure if he can release himself from itachi unless that snake can use release or he has some sort of split personality where he can release himself. because we know he incorporated Orochimaru’s cells and the transformation is making him go crazier by the second. but then again, Kabuto was never renowned for his fighting capabilities since he’s a medical ninja first. also his stats in the databooks haven’t changed either from the 2nd and 3rd releases, so incorporating oro didn’t boost his stats although the stats it would have boosted were already maxed 😛

    But lets not look at stats because we’ve seen some heavy mismatches over the years where stats are useless so to put it bluntly , Itachi’s has the advantage at taijutsu since he’d just regenerate, Kabuto has the advantage at ninjutsu since we don’t know what new tricks he has up his sleeve but he knows Itachi’s and i’m pretty sure we don’t need to mention genjutsu. So Kabuto’s best bet is to seal Itachi himself…..

    Which bring me to the conclusion that the “X factor” will be Sasuke too. We know he won’t let Kabuto fully seal Itachi and his taijustu/ninjutsu compliment each other in a way that makes him too fast and strong to be caught or blocked. plus considering he has the EMS now he is by far the strongest out of the three of them. Lastly I’d just like to add that Amaterasu should be ineffective since Kabuto can do the body shedding technique but that’s just speculation whether that will negate it.

  48. @tommy3h
    i doubt that sasuke is the strongest of the three he might the EMS but now that itachi is in a undead body the side effects of only having anormal MS are none from what i have seen so far but i doubt that itachi would fight sasuke with intention of kilin him.

  49. @Tommy

    The problem is, at best you can only compare Itachi to Kabuto as he was before he became the second coming of Orochimaru. With his new body, there really is no telling what Kabuto is capable of now.

    We can’t tell what his Taijutsu or Ninjutsu levels will be like, or how he might have enhanced himself genetically, so for all we know, he could be superior to Itachi in some of those respects now even if he wasn’t before. In the same breath, Kabuto could also still be weaker than Itachi as well, and his enhancements may not be enough to give him an edge. There’s just no way to tell either way, because Kabuto is far too much of an unknown quantity at this point to really say accurately who will have the advantage in this upcoming battle.

    The same goes for Sasuke as well, really. Yes, he has the EMS, but the true extent of his power still has yet to be shown. He killed a few Zetsu’s, sure, but then, so did Tenten, which means that’s hardly a good measure of someone’s strength. However, I have a feeling by now he is stronger than Itachi. He has Itachi’s eyes, after all, and thus he has his power as well, to whatever extent that implies.

    Only time will really tell what might happen next at this point.

  50. @tenrai senshi “he killed a few Zetsus, but then, so did TenTen…” haha! so true!

  51. I don’t know about you guys but I believe the third Raikage/Second Mizukage should have at least killed or incapacitated someone even if it was Kiba. Before Madara and his Purotto no Jutsu genetics appeared.
    @Tenrai you forgot to add Kiba.

  52. You have to also take into consideration, that we have never seen Itachi at his full potential either. We don’t know how many Jutsu’s he may know.

    Notice that he said things were worse then he thought, not, “Well, there is nothing I can do here.” <__<

  53. @Marks

    Yes, it is quite possible Itachi still has a few tricks up his sleeve as well, which is why predicting what will happen in this upcoming battle will be difficult. No-one said it would be impossible for Itachi. Lol.

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