Fairy Tail 273 Breakdown. Black Lightning Pwnage.

She can make wood? Well, it works on me! (know what I'm saying?) *gets devoured by Tenrai for lame joke*

After last week’s awesome fight, this week’s chapter was bound to be calm. There were two fights, but they weren’t that special.
The final part of the chapter, though, was epic. This is the fight we’ve all been waiting for: Jellal vs Jura. Two Wizard Saints in an epic battle.

But, before that, we have to let the minor characters shine.

This fight is going to be even better than Lucy vs Flare!! *sarcastic*

We get to know the web girl from Mermaid Heel’s name and also what magic she uses. Her name is Arania (does it remind you of something?) and she uses Web Magic. As if we hadn’t already figured that out.
Anyway, we don’t get to see her magic’s true power, because she’s immediately defeated by Ren who doesn’t want to look bad in front of Sherry, his fiancée. It looks like their flirt at the end of the Oraciòn Seis arc was the start of their relationship! Well, at least the love pandemonium in Juvia’s mind is less confusing now. (Not really.) O_o

After that short fight, we get to see War Cry from Quatro Cerberus vs Orga Nanagear from Sabertooth. I was excited, but I knew right away that Orga would have won. I just didn’t expect him to win so easily.
Rufus and Sting talk about War Cry’s Tear Magic (get the pun?) and how awesome it is. They even wonder if Orga will be able to win.

Unfortunately, the fight ends before we get to see his great magic (Mashima trolled us all). Orga defeats War in a single hit.


Orga utterly annihilates War Cry with his black lightning. I wonder who taught him that magic… maybe Darui? xD
Anyway, the crowd goes wild for Sabertooth’s power and Orga breaks his strong and silent demeanor to sing a song, just like Gajeel usually does. It’s terribly off-pitch, but the crowd loves it anyway, proving that Sabertooth really is the #1 Guild, in strength and in popularity.

There’s another mage that could threaten their position, though, and that’s Jura of Lamia Scale. He was a Wizard Saint seven years ago and who knows how strong he is right now. He could probably beat Sting and Rogue if he fought them. Fortunately for Sabertooth, he can’t teach them a lesson because he’s matched up against Jellal.

The battle that will shake the earth and show everyone how strong Fairy Tail can be... is about to begin.

Some people predicted this battle and others didn’t.
I wanted Jura to fight Jellal, but I didn’t expect them to fight on the first day of the Grand Magic Games. Looks like Mashima wants to show us lots of epic battles during this arc!

As we know, Jellal is on a quest for atonement. But this time, he feels that he’s not fighting only for that objective. He’s fighting for Wendy, Gray, Juvia and Lucy; he’s fighting for his friends in Fairy Tail.

Jellal's fangirls (and fanboys) all over the world are squealing in excitement right now.

Awesome final page. This battle is going to be incredible.

The only thing that I’m worried about is that Jellal might not use his Heavenly Body magic because it could give away the fact that he’s not Mystogan. Even if he won’t use it, he could use every element and was extremely powerful seven years ago, so I’m sure that he won’t have any trouble after his training during all these years.

This epic battle is making Fairy Tail fans strongly debate about who’s going to win.
What do you think?

I think Jellal’s going to defeat Jura. Fairy Tail has to win and it would be awesome if Jellal started getting points for them. It would also be plausible because he used to be a Wizard Saint and he wasn’t frozen in time for seven years like the other FT mages.
If you have any theories, tell me in the comments! ^^

Well, that’s it for this week’s breakdown. Here’s your demotivational poster!

I thought the same thing. xD See ya next week!

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on March 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “Fairy Tail 273 Breakdown. Black Lightning Pwnage.”

  1. It’s out!

  2. Awesome breakdown!! Best Demotivational poster ever.

  3. Nice Breakdown Dragon! I think Luxus vs Orga could be on the cards think that would be awesome too, but knowing that “War Cry” is actually a powerful force is also good for the tournement we knew sabertooth couldn’t loose but by Mashi giving us the guilds perspective and knowing this guy is strong keeps the compitition as a whole better…

    but one things for sure this battle coming is gonna be legendary, problem is “mist gun” cannot use his full strength I think this will even out the match between the two. Who is Liama Scales Guild Master?

  4. First we had black fire, now it’s Black lightning.

    Let me guess, Laxus is gonna end up fighting him, and realize that the black lightning cannot sustain him like normal lightning can, then he will nullify his own magic so he can absorb the black lightning and use a Lightning Dragon God roar to pwn Orga.

    Does this scenario sound familiar? <_<

    Thanks for the breakdown Dragon. I am actually looking forward to the battle between Gerard/Jellal (They always change his name) and Jura. It should be epic, considering it involves two of the Ten Holy Mage saints.

  5. @peIn: The crabby old lady is the guild’s master.

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