Bleach Chapter 481-483 – The War Begins @__@

Awe all, Long time no see! Pein here for my final Breakdown till April, as I am traveling far and wide over the next month. Sigh I may not even be able to read the chapters till I return T__T

Anyways, got 3 chapters to cover so guess gotta get started to fit it all in…. *reads chapters*

or maybe not πŸ˜›

– Chapter 481 – The Tearing

We begin the trilogy with Vizords, after seeing Shinji and co returned to the Soul Society, I believed that all Visords where re inducted into the SS Captain and Shinigami Ranks, however it would appear that some prefered to live as outcasts. It would be interesting to see exactly how this division occurred and why many felt they wouldn’t return to the soul society…

One thing that frustrated me about these chapters, is Kubo’s continues shifting. We getting 2 pages of nothing Ichigo then 2 pages of nothing Soul Society, every part just building and immediately vanishing again. In this chapter called “THE TEARING!!” when the actual “Tear” appears the focus is shifted and 2 chapters on and we still scratching our heads even disregarding the scene all together. Now I know in the anime this will be given a good reception as probably by the end of the episode we will gain some resolve but in the manga we are asked to wait 2 to 3 weeks. Kubo seems to want to give us suspense without giving anything at all. If for example Gin or Aizen or someone we knew walked out, I would be chomping at the bit to find out what happens next but as it stand I feel nothing for this scene even knowing its probable importance there was nothing to grip me to it…

I could probably write off most of this chapter as filler, Kubo’s way of getting the new characters into the plot and giving us some sort of emotional background towards them…Wasting space Genious I think they call it πŸ˜›

Till the final page, and the page that made me feel like such a fool… Seeing Ivan for the first time I nearly facepalmed, really an arrancar after all that time I believed it was Quincy (luckily the following chapter brought the universe back into balance and reminded me that I am in fact never wrong ^_^ )

– Chapter 482 – Bad Recognition

If anything all this chapter to begin with made me do was laugh, Ichigo kicking Ivan wasn’t funny but Orohime opening the window in time so nothing broke made me chuckle a little.

Ivan is in fact a Quincy that seems to have a Hollow mask torn off, this made me think of the interlinking of all creatures in this manga… Let me explain..

At first we had 3 main species in the Bleach universe.

Humans – Hollows – Quincy (plus Chad etc but they were considered regular freaks @__@)

Then we saw Ichigo was a Hybrid, Arrancar are sort of Hybrids and even Orohime are Hybrids in a sense to, this would mean the world of Bleach is not as cut and dry as it originally seemed.

What I believe Ivan is:

Either a Quincy that was pushed to becoming a Hollow to gain power or a Quincy that could not accept death and thus became a Hollow…I personally would like the second, it would explain how he seemed angry by being called “arrancar”

KUBO does it again… Gives us some plot and then switches, it feels like I got whiplash trying to keep all these scene’s in order @___@

Ikkaku and co arrive inside the outer village finding nothing but foot prints throughout the area and the people vanished, this is compounded by the fact that it seems “things with feet” took the people and not your average hollow… Kubo could use this to his advantage later as a massive plot point. It could be the generating of a new “Aizens Heart” or it could be the Quincy moving innocent by standers away so the war could be easier to fight… Also the Quincy absorb spiritual energy USUALLY from object but what if they learnt to absorb it from spirits too, becoming what they hated most “hollow” but powerful enough to take revenge on the Shinigami that was responsible for their genocide…. Again its difficult to feel good or bad about this chapter since so much is just all over the place. The pacing is fast but its all plot and no substance, it’s just moving ahead with no regard for delivery…

The chapter ends with men in mask declaring WAR !!!

– Chapter 483 – KriegsErklarang

Researching the name I found it mean “Declaration of War” in German, with Ivan already a heavy German/European name it seems Kubo is using Germany as an inspiration point in this arc.

Will return to this point soon, First thing I noticed in this chapter was the differences between this group and Ivan, firstly Uniform are different. Their attitudes too, Ivan seems to have more angst, he wanted to fight Ichigo at full power enjoying the thrill while the masked men seem to feel nothing for killed the Captains right hand man.(Also this is Bleach he is a good guy he is probably alive) @___@

Thing is we see Ivan has some awesome Ability but again Ichigo has more so the battle ends with Ivan is shock… what a shocker (please note sarcastic tone). The “death” of Captain Commanders Right hand man seems almost comical… The Massive Arrow almost over kill for the page but guess they wanna prove theirs are bigger… Cough cough

The Vandenreich (Reich again pointing to Germany) then declares that the Soul Society will be destroyed in 5 days (oddly specific number too)

the don't call me Captain Mother F%*king Commander for nothing...

What I think:

This new breed are a mix between Arrancar and Quincy giving them near limiteless power, they could draw strength from around them and within (hollow) also from what they consume, i.e other spirits. Linking this all would be an unstoppable Ichigo Stoppable force <__<

Captains will fall to this new threat, Captain Commander will have to die, and this will force the Soul King to act.

Ivan is either a Shinji or a Ginjou character, this will be revealed later.


Well that is all for me, for now!

Enjoy March and all see you in April ^___^

Pein out

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9 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 481-483 – The War Begins @__@”

  1. First I think.

  2. @ Kanton and maybe last πŸ˜›

  3. Great job Pein, that was a great breakdown, but to tell you the truth I for one don’t like where Bleach is heading with this plot and it’s really starting to feel like Bleach again…. If you know what I’m saying.

  4. @ Eugen – “Starting to feel like Bleach again”

    I am confused is this Bleach shinigami arc or Bleach Decide? They contrasting… but I guess i also have a hatred for Naruto’s character in Naruto but its also is what it is, he has always been like that and now he annoys me for some reason @__@ something like that?

  5. Thanks for amazing breakdown, now I understand a bit moar about this [s]complete piece of shit[/s] what Bleach has become…

  6. Wait its different… none of them attempted to STAND ON HIS BED!!

  7. @ Kanton – Yeah usually they just kidnap a loved one, but messing up his bed is much worse…

    @ Nike – Glad to help πŸ˜›

  8. @ Pein, I still hold a glimmer of hope for this arc and I pray Kubo will wrap things up as neatly as possible and fill in all the massive craters he left behind since the start of this manga.

  9. it’s out is it just me or that once impervious Soul Society has become a tourist resort. I thought it was a filler thing but now with the Quinazis break through I’m sure it’s no longer a concidence.

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