Fairy Tail 272 Breakdown.The Noble Loser.

You can’t win every battle; that’s how life goes. Sometimes, even if you’ve strived to become powerful for your friends and you deserve to win, you’ll lose. It’s unfair, but you have to accept it. That’s the great lesson Fairy Tail learned in this week’s chapter.

Flare is a coward. She boasts about her strength, but she can't win without using dirty tricks.

Fairy Tail 252 was an amazing chapter. Mashima surprised us by ending this battle in an unexpected way.
Lucy lost, but she deserved to win. I really liked this battle even though I wanted her to defeat Flare. It was very sad when she lost because Raven Tail cheated, but we got to see Lucy’s true power and it was epic. In my opinion, she’s S-Class now and she can probably hold her own against monsters like Natsu and Gray. If it hadn’t been for Flare’s cowardice, she would have easily won this battle.

Flare's a psycho. I hope Lucy eventually will make her pay for everything she did to her.

This chapter also established Raven Tail as the worst guild ever.
We knew they were villains, but they’re unlike any we’ve seen before. They are cruel and cowardly. They gloat when they’re winning, but they start whimpering when they’re losing. They don’t even have a sense of honor. They only want to win, no matter what.
The funny thing is that Flare is probably the nicest in the guild. The other Raven Tail members are going to be even more sadistic and they will try to crush Fairy Tail in any way possible. Mashima really succeeded in making me hate them.

Fortunately, we got to see Flare suffer a bit this chapter, thanks to Natsu.

Flare is going to get it now! 😈

I’m happy Natsu saved Asuka, even though it was ridiculous that Mavis and Makarov didn’t notice Flare’s hair right next to them. You’re pretty much God-tier and you can’t sense her magic? I guess it’s because Flare’s hair had plot armor. -__-

Anyway, Lucy can finally make Flare pay.
She immediately summons Gemini and makes them turn into her. She then starts casting Urano Metria, the Ultimate Magic of the Stars, that had previously defeated Angel of Oraciòn Seis. Even with Lucy’s magic power doubled, it’s weaker than that time, but she’s sure it will defeat Flare. Finishing the incantation, Lucy opens her eyes and summons the power of the stars to crush her opponent.

Flare's face is priceless. I burst out laughing when I saw that panel.

Unfortunately, despite that epic chant, Lucy’s magic is cancelled, but it still leaves a huge crater in the ground. Flare stops whimpering and realizes that her guild mate Obra (whose familiar is the imp that incapacitated Wendy) saved her. The crowd starts ridiculing Lucy and Fairy Tail while Ivan’s trollface makes Makarov rage.
It looks like Yajima noticed Raven Tail cheating, though. Hopefully he’ll do something next chapter.

The chapter ends on a sad note. Natsu (who I’m actually starting to like) tries to cheer Lucy up telling her that they are going to win this, but she can’t stop crying.

Raven Tail will pay for this...

Fairy Tail has a lot to do if they want to win. They can’t end up last in any competition. They also have to defeat Raven Tail and especially Sabertooth. I can’t wait to see that happen.

Fairy Tail A won’t be the star of next chapter, though. Since they’ve already fought, I think next chapter will focus on the other teams and it will be a nice change of pace.
I really want to see what the other mages are capable of. I’m looking forward to seeing the leader of Mermaid Heel fight and, obviously, Sabertooth. I also want to see Shellia‘s power. She’s a young girl like Wendy and she probably is way stronger than she looks.

Which team do you want to see fight?

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown!

See you in the comments! ^^

~ by 最強 Dragon on February 27, 2012.

6 Responses to “Fairy Tail 272 Breakdown.The Noble Loser.”

  1. It’s out ahead of schedule!

  2. First.

  3. 2nd that Kanton!!! *now to read the breakdown!*

  4. I must admit, when I read the title of the previous chapter, I thought this chapter would involve a cheap loss for Lucy in the form of blackmail.

    Well, it was a cheap loss, but not for the reason I originally suspected and I actually ended up enjoying this chapter more than I thought I would. It’s good to see that Lucy has now learned to perform Urano Metria by herself, so to speak, and it just goes to show that the “training” the Fairy Tail members received did, in fact, pay off.

    Natsu put it best at the end of the chapter. Lucy gave the rest of Fairy Tail hope, and showed them that they could compete in this new world they found themselves in after all. I can’t wait for them to turn things around and prove everyone wrong.

    As for Raven Tail, they are true scumbags as far as villains go. I must admit, unlike the other villains introduced in this series so far, Raven Tail isn’t simply overpowering Fairy Tail like the others did. Rather, they are resorting to cheap tricks and foul play to come out on top, which is quite a new angle in this manga. It gives me the impression that the Raven Tail mages aren’t actually that strong relative to other mages. Rather, they use sinister tactics to achieve their goals, and it’s showing quite plainly.

    I reflect your sentiments Dragon, about Raven Tail being the worst guild ever, and I also second your comment Kanton. “Death to Raven Tail!” They need to go down, and they need to go down hard.

    Thanks for another great breakdown Dragon.

  5. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/fairy_tail/v26/c273/2.html

  6. I mean, I’d guessed Raven Tail would be shite. I just didn’t realise they’d be lower than the level of shite.

    It pains me to see Fairy Tail struggle, and also pains me to see Sabertooth gloat about. They need to be forced down their flying horses, and I’m beginning to wonder who’d do that, seeing how Fairy Tail are getting their behinds handed to them.

    Good. Today’s issue was good. Olga is pretty strong; however, his quick counter-attack makes me feel he was troubled of War Cry’s tear magic, especially if it, perhaps, has to do with sound. However, what actually had me going bonkers was the fixture between Mystogan/Jellal and Jura. I especially love how the stupid crowd look down on Jellal, and assume Jura has won. I even especially love how Laxus and Mirajane assume he’s done for, but, above all, I love his response: leave it to me.

    That was a simple, cool and confident response from a man who knows the extent of his magical power, a man who retains the power of one who masters a guild of three, with power to take down any dark guilds that come their way. Seeing him walk up to Jura reminded me of the anxiety I felt when Gildarts Clive was about to battle Bluenote Stinger.

    Next week will, perhaps, pruduce a gigantic stunner for Sabertooth, Raven Tail, Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, and even those of us who, for one second, underestimate Jellal, master of Crime Sorcerie.

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