ONE PIECE IS BACK: Resurrection of the Section

Hello all, this is Coolbeans and I’m excited to announce the reopening of the One Piece section of WRA *looks around for supetrecks imminent stabbing*. I know that there are a lot of One Piece fans already here but there are even more who have mentioned wanting to pick it up. I understand fully how daunting it is to get into such a long, hard (snicker snicker) manga with an already mature story line. So to start things off I’ll be giving you a quick summery broken down into a few arcs at a time, since the series is so long (by cannon each arc is only a few, to a dozen or so chapters). I hope it will encourage more One Piece readership in the community and be a fun look back for those already initiated (don’t worry you will have your weekly breakdown soon as well) . This is all recap so feel free to have fun in the comment section, but, do just keep in mind that this will be some readers first look into the actual content of the manga. Now hold on to your seats kids this ride is going to go pretty fast.

I promise this is a pirate and NOT a farmer putting in his chaw

Without further a due lets get started. Every self respecting pirate knows you have to have a crew, so that’s the logical place for Luffy D. Monkey (I’m above making fun of that name its too easy), our main character, to start. Psych, every self respecting manga writer knows you need an emotional backdrop so the readers can have context and feeling for the characters.

The gingers... they will steal your s***... because they're pirates!

Enter Shanks, the older pirate that our hero looks up to. He is not related to Luffy but instead serves as the archetypal manga father figure/goal. He carries two immediate plot points other than his figure head status. First is the Gomu Gomu or Devil Fruit, and the second is a plain looking straw hat. The Gomu Gomu gives Luffy his “rubber man” powers as well as an inability to swim (bad for a sea faring pirate) and the hat Shanks gives him serves as the “precious keepsake” seen throughout the manga world. As a “rubber man” Luffy is able to stretch his body to incredible lengths as well as deliver heavy handed long rang punches and kicks. Long story short, Shanks gets his arm ripped off saving Luffy from a giant crocodile-like monster and then departs from the port never to be seen again… EVER! o__@

Fast forward to ten years later and our lovable and simple minded Luffy is ready to set sail on the ricketiest boat possible so that he can sail the high seas because, come on… what could go wrong. He meets a young boy named Coby who he saves from Albida the owner of the coveted ugliest sea wench to captain a ship award. He defeats the delusional sea wench (she thinks shes super hot) and sets off with Coby as his navigator.

Pictured: What could go wrong

They land at a port that contains a Marine base so that Coby can follow his dream of becoming a Marine (enemy of the pirates) and Luffy can spring a pirate hunter named Roronoa Zoro from Marine prison. Again Luffy shows good judgment because what could go awry in that last statement. Our hero proceeds to insult the Commander’s son and then destroy said Commander’s statue which of course means a show down with the tyrannical Commander. Luffy wins with a pistol punch to his big face and Zoro (a sword specialist surprise surprise) joins him while Coby stays to join the Marines.

They set sail aimlessly to another port where they find the town empty and under siege by a crazy clown pirate named Buggy. Battles in sue and we get our first look at another Devil fruit user. He can split himself apart and fling his body around at will but its to no avail.

And yes, this is what my nightmares look like. o.O

After ripping Luffy’s hat Buggy finds himself on the wrong end of a rubber shot to the… lets say coolbeans. The battle ends shortly after and the thief Nami joins them on their journey. To recap the crew, Zoro is the strong silent type who’s desire is to become the greatest swordsman in the world (new to the manga world I know) and Nami the treasure obsessed thief who is “only tagging along while it benefits her” (and I’m sure that wont eventually change).

Oh ya that's totally pirate baby!

Well this part has run on well longer than I intended so we’ll cut short of where I hoped to get to. It turns out the first couple of arcs in a manga have a lot of info packed in all at once. Let me know what you thought of this and I will try my best to tailor future posts to the communities tastes so head on down to the comments and let me have it good. Any good writer knows you only go as fast or slow as your fans want it (snicker’s again). So let me know how you like the content and if you want it to move faster through the story, or whatever you think you’d like to see in the future.

~ by coolbeans on February 25, 2012.

70 Responses to “ONE PIECE IS BACK: Resurrection of the Section”

  1. Maybe I’ll end up getting into One Piece more now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. @holydemonandy well thats my hope. I’ve heard a good number of people say they’d like to get into it but its hard to pick up something so long. so ill try to catch anyone interested up.

  3. Thanks for the post Coolbeans. I hope things pick up for OP now that you’re covering it. Speaking of which, I still need to catch up myself. I’ve only read a few hundred chapters so far, and I still have a few hundred to go. <_<

    I'll be following these catch-up posts myself because I also need to refresh my memory. Lol. Thanks again!

  4. I have started OP but not gotten very far, thanks for all the hard work Coolbeans, couldn’t of been easy catching up all those chapters @___@ its a daunting task to say the least!! Glad to have you on board as a Breakdown writter, there one less and probably the most important job filled ๐Ÿ˜€

    I will read more on the breakdown soon and comment better then.

    Love Peace and Chicken Grease ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. This amv made me want to follow One Peice lol

  6. @pein well I’ve poured a lot of work into this going back and reading the old stuff i hope that vets of the series get a fun look back, the people who need to catch up get that and the newbs have a platform to get into a fun series that has a huge community. Weekly breakdowns will come soon but for the moment there is a TON of rehashing and i hope the readership will increase as I mature the section based on user input. I love you all and i hope you’ll all stop by the page so I can provide entertainment. Stick with me and before long you’ll have the weekly stop off I know a lot of readers were waiting for!

  7. Side note, a plea to any readers, I will do my best to satisfy my customers. if you have an opinion or suggestions let it fly folks. I can only be a better writer with feedback, and as a new writer I’m looking for all I can get.

  8. Great Job on the breakdown Coolbeans. The blog is becoming more and more alive everyday.

  9. @beans First of all great break down, thanks for bringing the One Piece section up I just have one little tiny bitsy question will there be a breakdown for the next chapter?? or will it come later on when we catch up whit the present time line of the story… T_T

  10. Thanks Pein for the video. ๐Ÿ™‚ Really cool.

    Thanks to you as well Coolbeans. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Spoilers are Out !

  12. chapter is pretty kool, awesome that their on the island where kiji and akainu fought. although i think its a little over the top to say their fight actually changed the weather conditions of that island.
    I also wonder when we will get some more info on Vegapunk. Hes really one of the most important characters in the OP world, yet we know almost nothing about him.

  13. Hey Coolbeans, man really, thanks. Reading One Piece as a whole is… weel, there are easier things in this world, you have my respect.
    Now, did you read to where the breakdown ends, or have you caught up?
    If you’re still at the beginning, then I think we would all like to just be a part of your one piece experience, you know, you could start an arc, make predictions, tell us your favorite parts, characters. You’d need to avoid the spoilers though.
    Well, anyway, thanks again.

  14. Sweet baby Jesus!!!! I honestly didnยดt expect the ending, when I saw Trafalgar Law with the text saying Rayal Shichibukai, i was speechless and had to read it like 5 time in a row!!, so far i think i havenยดt processed it. An is still pounding my head…

    Looking back I think seeing the way the samurai is presented to us, cut into pieces but still alive, we could have guessed who would appear to bestow hell in front of us. Oda you are a genius.

    So now we have Luffy in the brink of bumping into Law. Dunno how both of them will respond to each other, as Luffy being saved by Law should be somehow indebted to him, Law probably wil want to fight (not sure), will Luffy fight back??

  15. Sorry for the double post… Just a quick thought, If the Island where Aokiji and Akainu fought ended up light this half ice / half hot, then can we assume the island where Ace and Teach fought had the same ending, half fire / half darkness?? That would be pretty awesome!!

  16. Great chapter. I loved the big reveal at the end- but so many questions now lol. It’s obvious Law is up to something, but what? Why is he keeping those kids prisoner? And what happened to his old crew (you know, the polar bear dude and the big giant guy)? Were they part of the pirates he offered to the WG (not likely but you never know)? And finally, why the shichibukai? What does he hope to gain by aligning himself with them (aside from the obvious protection by WG, access to more resources, etc.)?

    Looking forward to the next chapter- maybe get Zoro a fight going or something!

  17. @dmaxx3d, sorry for the late reply, I will take your comment and say… ill do that and you can all have fun guessing how far ahead I am. I will say I read well past where i write because i have that option but. i think there’s something I can do to acknowledge the person who got closest. There will be a bit of a delay on my post as i work out the kinks and whatnot.

  18. yeah this was a quite astonishing chapter, it was so easy to guess it was Law’s work but i doubt many guessed it right. Atleast i didnt read it on any forums or so.
    I doubt Luffy will fight Law tho, it wouldnt make any sence. I do think there will be some tension between those two, since luffy will obviously not agree with him.
    There also is the possibility that luffy will never get to meet Law and the other members of the SH crew meet him and he decides to head out or something.
    I think his crew is still the same, i can’t, the character build on Bepo and the others had been too big to just dump them like this.
    Just my two cents.

    Btw I think it’s great that the OP section is gonna be ressurected!

  19. awesome chapter if you ask me.
    What interested me was this part:

    So if luffy’s haki is strong enough he will be able to not get “cut” by Trafalgar Law?

    Furthermore it’s awesome that brooke saved the day, he really proves his value.

  20. Oh boy. If Zoro sees Tashigi dressed up like she was in this chapter….. instant K.O.

  21. This chapter was ok im hoopin the next one has more action but at least we know what really happen but CC doesnt look like he will cause luffy any problems hopefully the fight in this arc would consist of luffy vs cc and zoro vs law eventhought i dont think zoro vs law will happen mamaybe smoker vs law rematch lol by the way great breakdown @cool beans i just posted the url to this website to a couple of other websites hopefully people become really involve like in the naruto one keep up the good work

  22. @fearvano he wont get cut in have but i think he can still probably get hurt i been think about that 4 a while now

  23. One Piece is getting more interesting as things go along =]
    Oda seems to be taking his time to get things in place for this story arc unlike the last one where everything was way to predictable =]

    Also I would love to see a new One Piece breakdown as the latest chapters deserve the attention.

  24. It is i agree i havent been this excited since the ennies lobby arc this arc could be really good and i cant wait until breakdown

  25. Bon-Chan is alive!
    ok now to reading the rest of the chapter

  26. Men this was a great chapter i cant wait until the next one sadly i dont think luffy will accept laws offer but maybe he will expect the on expected 0.o another possiblity is that he actually does and the ends up taking down C.C and fight against big mom or kaido however if the yonkou law is refering to turns out to be shanks then their is noway luffy will accept

  27. I can see then forming and alliance since luffy owes law his life basicly so he will feel indeted to law

  28. I can to but only if law wants to take out big mom or even blackbeard since those the only two yonkou luffy has problem with and he does not have any problems that we know of with kaido and shanks is his friend/idol so their is no need to fight him and luffy said it himself if law goes after one piece then they will be enemys

  29. But luffy had a legitimant chance of joining law since law basivly switch his crews body and again eventhought luffy said that he still considers law his friend so if law has a grudge like lets say that his crew got taking by that yonkou then luffy will help him out

  30. @antnasty i understand that if laws crew got taking by a yonkou then luffy will join him but thats a big IF and i think oda would have said it ealier but then again when i think i have one piece all figuered out Oda mind rapes me again i was not expecting law to ask luffy to become his ally and as for law switching his crew if law trys to blackmail luffy with that luffy will not have it and attack him besides now you can tell the whole reason law switch the crews body was so that they will search for him and he can talk to luffy. My guess is Luffy will probably say no But nami will try to convince him to accept the offer

  31. I just had a a thought about zoro sanji and brooksmaybe law saved them already since it looked like they were poisen by the yeti brother since law basicly followed their foot prints its nice 2 have someone 2 Discuss OP instead of talking 2 myself lol

  32. yeah OP is my favorite manga with naruto being second i hope more people come and discuss things like the naruto one. But thats not a bad theory. My theory was that the samurai was the samurai made copys of them and had the yeti attacked them so that they will not draw any attention but what your saying makes alot of sence since the yeti brother said they had and invisible poisenous gas i believe and if it was with that i can kinda see then get beat but if that happen then the two years training was a waste i expected them to be a real monster trio -__- and since mihawk train zoro then it would be dissapointing if he lost

  33. seriously guys im into one piece but starting from the beginning and catching up is taking friggin FOREVER!!!! time well spent i must say though

  34. just reading the manga would be faster but im taking the anime route too because it develops more of an emotional attachment to the characters. and let me tell you watching 580 or so episodes of a show even if its only 22 minutes is painstakingly slow. especially knowing the epicness that comes later! i cant wait to catch up!

  35. @coolbeans its ok take your time it was a great idea to start from the beggining to show people the greatness of OP if it was me i would have started from the latest chapter cause 667 is a lot but it will be good i need a refresher i was thinking of rereading it again but instead i will wait for your breakdown i know it can’t be easy.

  36. @coolbeans yeah i been following both the anime episodes should get a lot more interesting in 2 or 3 episodes when the actual fight begins

  37. @simplyantony i agree zoro getting beat like that after training with mihawk would be a dissapointment but if he got hit by the gas then it would make sence but i think zoro has armageden haki and observation haki and i think sanji has haki also

    @coolbeans its all good man dont even trip

  38. @ simply
    lol, on the hulu feed im still at like page 30 (episode 380 something). if enough people ask for the refresher course ill think about restarting the recaps but i was honestly trying to power my way through the old content as fast as possible after i realized just how long this was gona take. but i love one piece and i love this community so if there are enough votes to recap old stuff im down to please.

  39. @antnasty i agree with you im waiting 4 the anime because it will be more clear but in the manga during the fishman island arc i think zoro showed armament haki but it would make alot of sence if luffy is about 2 b pk for zoro and sanji to have

    @coolbeans alright cool hopefully this section gets atleast half thr people naruto does lol

  40. @Simplyantony well their u have it they said it zoro and sanji have haki

  41. Yeah i hope the yonkou they plan to take down is kaidou since we havent seen him yet. Maybe C.C is a part of his crew.

  42. @antnasty Zoro and Sanji have haki!!!! (sadly i think i squealed like a 13 year old girl at a bieber concert when i saw my suspicions confirmed)

  43. @simply antony yeah i hope i wish they would have said who ut was

    @ashesreignited u and me both in fishman island it kinda hitted to it now its obvious they have armament and i think they have the observation since they sence that guy i forgot his name attacking the mermaid princess

  44. @antnasty yeah it looks like luffyand nami know who but Oda just whats us to die of antisipation

    I with you guys but i wonder how luffy new thought?

  45. That makes to of us men one piece getting real intresting

  46. @Antnasty you were correct when you said they probably got hit with some sort of gas… Hmmm law just said he can’t attack C.C himself maybe C.C does have his crew or is blackmailing law with something

    Luffy is one funny guy he just went and challenge the whole fleat lol i feel sorry for that slime Zoro and sanji are the ones that are about to face it

  47. Yeah since we havent seen his at all their is that chance plus law is not the type to take orders from anyone


  49. I’m liking this latest arc. I was psyched when Luffy caught that mad scientist by surprise. I’m a big fan of how big and up pace this whole series is. Really likeable characters. Its great that Sanji and Zorro can use haki. Impressive Series all around

  50. @antnasty well is not like law is like luffy were he just will not take orders from anyone like they said last chapter luffy is the one leading the attack on the younkou

    C.C’s face when luffy grabbed him at the end is priceless. I really don’t want to c then fighting the slime i rather see luffy vs CC

  51. If Luffy is now immune to poison and all that jazz, did CC just use knock out gas instead? Would work too I suppose!
    Would laugh so hard if it was someone like Kidd who beat up Law up that badly! ๐Ÿ˜›

  52. Haha i dont think it was kid that knocked out law since kid has that magnent DF

  53. meh it’s obviously gonna be someone from his past, maybe the person who taught him medicine, but i still find the thought of Kidd turning up to be funny.. would be look a big not so friendly reunion :’)

  54. It probably is somebody law met before but i think its somebody completely new to us thought like maybe joker

  55. Long time no see Cookie.

  56. But wouldn’t Law have known who all was on the island? He seemed shocked to see Mr Mystery!
    @Mark heeeeeeya ๐Ÿ˜€ it has been a super long time indeed! I feel so behind on all these changes on the blog !

  57. Well it never said law new everybody in PH for all we know the whole time he was on PH he could have been in the lab with CC what im wondering is what CC did to luffy since luffy is not effected by poison. I dont think CC is a strong fighter but i think he is clever though.

  58. Finaly one piece is getting back on track I cant wait until next chapter!!!!!

  59. One piece was interesting this week =P
    which is good because it’s taken Oda a while to ramp back up from the fishman Isle arc.

    Sad to see no new One Piece breakdowns since this one though.

  60. I was wondering about this.

    In the bottom right corner of the latest chapter it seems like it’s that pekoms guy. I dont see how he is related to Ceasar.
    If he knew Ceasar had Luffy captured wouldnt he report that to big mom?
    It might just be something small, but i just thought I could point it out.

    Furthermore kool chapter finally the counterattack is starting, I just really hope that this arc will bring something more then just the defeat of Ceasar in the end.

  61. @ fearvano it is him but he is not interested in luffy since he did not know luffy was their he is interested in the weapon of mass destroction….however I do believe that when he sees luffy take down caesar he will communicated to big mom….i agree this last chapter was great

  62. I just have to say, after reading this chapter – more specifically the last 2 pages – HOLY CRAP!! As much aversion as I have for fan favorites, Law was beyond words in this chapter! I mean, an entire mountain forgodsakes! Now I wish he and Zorro woud have a duel or something just to see who the better swordsman is.

    I really hope this section gets updated soon.

  63. WOW, One Piece is finally getting EPIC again. Law knows damn well how to play his trumpcards!
    I always thought Kaidou was kind of weak for a Yonko but now im pretty interested in him. Were finally parting with the annoying kiddo’s and starting the epicness!

  64. Thank god this arc is finally over! At some point, yes, the kids’ angle in the arc grated on my nerves. But wait, I hope they still get to meet that shady figure who’s on the way to Punk Hazard. It’s Aokiji (I’m hoping) right ? I can’t think of anyone else who’d be sleeping right in the middle of the ocean.

  65. Again awesome chapter,
    Seems like you were spot on with Aokiji, I’m happy he comes to save the day.
    But to think Doflamingo has conquerors haki, that was unexpected.
    I doubt he will die now tho. Although Law seems to think they won’t meet again.

  66. Great chapter, Can’t seem to get why I stopped reading OP! All caught up now though! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now only if the Straw Hats could get proper battles, so we can see how much powers they have gained.

  67. AWESOME chapter! So much happened
    buggy officially a Shichibukai
    Bonney is alive (atleast looked like her)
    new admiral?
    one unknown shichibukai

    I doubt luffy will go for the mera mera fruit tho, he isn’t the kind of person who is to interested in that kind of stuff.
    Time will tell i suppose

  68. This chapter was great and I’m not sure if that was bonnie also the new admiral is heading to dressrosa? And who is that writer that new about the alliances and how does he know? I have so many question can not wait until next week as for ace devil fruit I don’t even know what to say …hopefully luffy eats it lol

  69. @simply I doubt Luffy will end up eating the mera mera fruit, its not really Oda’s style to give that kind of cheap power ups, also dont forget that sofar BB is the only one whos capable of handling more then 1 DF.

    As for the wrighter, absalom maybe? In japanese you spell his name as “Abusaromu” , doubt there’s much coincedence in that.
    I just hope bonney is alive!

  70. @live aid yeah I don’t expect luffy to eat it unless its and accident I don’t even expect him to care much about it unless joker makes him think he can get to blackbeard
    Oh yeah I forgot about him…and she better join the sh if she is

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