Fairy Tail 271 Breakdown. Lucy VS Flare.

So, WRA, it’s time… to die. for this week’s Fairy Tail Breakdown.

Lucy's determination was the best part of this chapter.

Fairy Tail 271 was a great chapter. It was action-packed and even threw us a plot-twist at the end.

The star of the chapter was Lucy. We got to see her new power and her unbreakable resolve to win. Her determination really surprised me. This is the first time we’ve seen her fight seriously and dominate her opponent. Unlike her battle against Kain Hikaru during the Tenrou Island Arc, there was no time to laugh. Raven Tail attacked Wendy and left her unable to fight. They aren’t just an opponent in the tournament, they are the enemy. Lucy knows she has to win and she has to use all her power and creativity to do it.

A giant bull with an axe creating sand whirlwinds? Epic.

Lucy has really become powerful. Seven years ago, she could only summon one spirit at a time and her magic would drain quickly if she tried more, but now she can summon three spirits in quick succession without showing any signs of fatigue.She also showed us that she can think quickly during a fight and create new strategies to overwhelm her opponents. Combining Taurus’s brute strength and Scorpio’s sand whirlwinds was genius.

On the other hand, Flare’s magic was kind of disappointing. I expected her to have a terrifying magic to match her appearance, but she just has Hair Magic, like Vidaldus Taka. The difference is that she’s stronger and she uses it more effectively. It appears that she can stretch it as much as she wants to grab her opponent and it can even create a wolf with claws and teeth.
It still wasn’t enough to damage Lucy, though, who masterfully counterattacked with her magic whip, Fleuve D’Etoiles. So much for Celestial Spirit Mages being physically weak, huh?

Lucy's actually scarier than Flare here. O__O

Right after this page, Mashima showed us Lucy taking off her boots because they broke. A minor detail that has no importance, right? I don’t think so. Why would Hiro draw those panels if they were useless?
Here’s my theory. Flare has some tricks up her sleeve. Those boots weren’t broken; they were melted. I think Flare’s hair can secrete acid to burn through her opponents’ skin and kill them slowly and painfully. Now that would be fitting for a creepy dark mage like her.

What do you think? Am I onto something or am I crazy?

After being pwned, Flare realizes that she’s losing (O RLY?), so she goes berserk and makes her hair go underground. Lucy braces for an attack, but then Flare points toward the stands and what she sees terrifies her: Flare has taken a hostage.

*gasp* Asuka-chan!!!

This development was unexpected. I thought the fight between Lucy and Flare would have continued into next week’s chapter with Flare revealing her true power and almost defeating Lucy. Instead we get to see just how evil Raven Tail is: they are willing to take an innocent child as a hostage for the sake of defeating and humiliating Fairy Tail. What will Lucy do now?

The chapter ends with a shocking plot twist. A new villain is introduced… and he’s waiting for Zeref’s resurrection.

Arcadias... you may be evil, but your nose makes you look ridiculous.

It looks like the mysterious magical force is Zeref and the Grand Magic Games are helping him awaken.
I really hope the tournament won’t be interrupted. I want to see some epic fights with the awesome new characters, so Zeref better sleep for five more days so this great tournament can end in the best way possible.

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week we will see who will win the fight between Lucy and Flare (hint: The Noble Loser) and we might find out what that Arcadias guy’s goal really is.

See you in the comments!

~ by 最強 Dragon on February 21, 2012.

7 Responses to “Fairy Tail 271 Breakdown. Lucy VS Flare.”

  1. It’s out and it ooks like I’ve got a sixth sense for posting on the same day as other authors.

  2. Lucy kill that bitch dead.

  3. Thanks for the Breakdown Dragon.

    I must say, the latest chapter was pretty good and I’m glad to see Lucy is now strong enough to actually win a battle without simply resorting to luck or a fluke accident. She clearly had the upper hand in this battle pretty much from start to finish, so I guess that power-up worked after all.

    What annoys me though is the apparent title for the next chapter “a noble loss” or whatever it was. It implies that Lucy is going to forfeit the battle, probably because of Miss Hair’s cheap tricks and threats. She’s endangering guild members so obviously Lucy will resign to make sure no-one is hurt. It just sucks to see her lose for something that cheap and underhanded.

    But, I guess that’s how villains are, and master Ivan probably promotes scoundril-type behavior in his guild. I’ll eat him. -___-

  4. Nice Breakdown Dragon… I am sure you watch the other writers and plan these releases 😛

    I still find Fairy Tail lack of “thinking” rediculas… As bad as the “threat” on wendy seems Lucy could still counter attack by cutting off the hair at the roots thus removing control, plus with the rest of the Fairy Tail fighters near Wendy they could also quickly remove the hair…

    Even with the acid hair that you theorized the damage could be minimal if Fairy Tail thought out the strategy or at least seen the weakness…

  5. @pein: You’re completely right about that. If I was Lucy, I would summon my most powerful spirits and completely annihilate Flare before she has time to react. Even if she managed to grab hold of Asuka’s neck, a powerful wizard like Makarov would easily be able to free her. Also, she would immediately be disqualified because she attacked an innocent child.

    But Mashima can’t make Fairy Tail win right now. He has to make them lose some more first to make their victories even greater.

  6. @Pein & Tenrai
    While I agree with most of your above posts I am pretty certain that Flare could probably kill Asuka before anyone could stop her (A hair spike through the chest would do it rather quickly without being much else on top of it). While Lucy would win at that point, that’s a victory no one in Fairy Tail would want to have.

    This kind of trick won’t work twice though as once they learn of such dirty tricks Fairy Tail will be on alert for other such dirty tricks.

  7. Wow…
    Fairy Tail this week has to be right up there with Naruto quality wise. Didn’t see that coming but with the way things have been progressing I really shouldn’t be surprised.

    So far the Grand Magic Games have yet to disappoint.

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