Naruto Episode 250 – Unleash the Beast

Ahoy, Wra-star’s, Pein here to fill in the Naruto Anime slot, usually I do Bleach but so little has happened thought I would diversify a little. Broaden my outlook 😛

The past few episodes have been amazingly, awesomely epic (even enough to turn me into a Minato Fanboy)

We see an end to the Yellow Flash(backs) of Naruto’s mom and return to current events, issues of the war and frankly plot points I forgot where there @___@.

I am often very harsh on animation crews, far more than the manga itself. I see manga as a canvas with only one or two things needed to be portray a message while anime uses many more, colour, tone, music, pacing etc. These are what makes a good anime for me. Naruto, because of its fast paced action and adrenaline pumping action, we often miss those moments as we continue through an episode. In the previous two there have been 2 moments that stuck out. Moments that made the manga seem flat in comparison, the first was when Minato saved Naruto moving to the house and placing his new-born son on the bed. There is a brief second where Minato looks down at his son. That pause in the manga seem to be quick while in the anime I believe they extended it slightly just to give us that moment of a father holding his new-born child for the first time. Of course after that hell broke loose and it was an “Epic” battle but that moment to me defines the difference between Manga and Animation.

The other moment was the opening of this episode, Naruto speaking to his mother in a sense by letting her know that he will become the man that she wanted him to be. The music was simple but perfect for the emotions they tried to portray even the mothers good-bye fading as Naruto’s voice comes through. Tone changing as he speaks of moments of “pride” and “regret”

After this point the episode became more “Flash” then substance, the quality was high.

As many have been looking forward to seeing Naruto in his “Kyuubi Mode” although I am happy that it’s not a carbon copy of SSJ Mode, I still feel they may have done more. I can’t put my finger on it but the animation seems incomplete and “fleshing” out of the first attack actually made it seem slower… In the manga, Naruto was standing at one place next minute Kisame was flattened against the wall, here they tried to show the actions making it seem slower. Well that is how it felt to me. @___@

Also Bee saying “A teleportation Jutsu, Just like the Yellow Flash” kinda annoyed me. In the manga reading that in my mind it was in reverence while in the anime it just sounds like a joke, though everything Bee says sounds like a joke. I actually thought it was Yamato that said it the first time… <__<

Its kind of troll moment here, Naruto the power to move quickly/super strength… Cannot pull leg out of cement @___@, I just found it ironic to be honest but I guess without a handle on his new ability it would be difficult to truly judge him so early.

Plus who didn’t want to see a Gai vs Kisame final battle… I mean it’s not like they battled 2 times prior @__@


Though again I cannot fault anime team too badly on this part, although some elements seemed sloppily drawn or just odd most part one could look over the imperfections and enjoy the episode completely. It actually reminded me of Bleach a little @___@ Didn’t have to think to enjoy it… actually more like, don’t think and you will enjoy it @___@

I am looking forward to next weeks episode with Kisame’s Flashback already having my mouth water. Although there is a moment I truly hope the anime team will give justice to… for those who don’t know its a moment of sacrifice…

Well that is all from me folks, hope you enjoyed the Breakdown.

Have a good weekend and as an added bonus here is an AMV for you to enjoy ^__^

I would like to have a contest, since one of my favorite thing about anime is the creation of AMV’s from them. I proposed a contest. If you are bored please post a link to a AMV you believe is the greatest at the end of the week or the following episode I will post it with a small review as to why I believe it is the best of the week etc. Bonus points if you can find an AMV of that week’s episode and since we haven’t really covered last weeks episode I thought the one above was perfect to show the best moments of that episode.

Peace out

Pein ^:_:^

~ by pein0avenue on February 17, 2012.

10 Responses to “Naruto Episode 250 – Unleash the Beast”

  1. It is out @__@

  2. Nice breakdown Pein!
    I haven’t watched the anime in a while, so I was really surprised by the quality of this episode. I still think Minato’s decision was stupid, though. 😀

  3. im glad im not the only one that felt the kyuubi mode seemed just a bit off somehow. It’s not bad and it doesn’t break from the manga but its just… it’s not quite right. I was hoping for the epic “finally dude” moment of this mode since the manga began but it look more like a naruto night light instead.

  4. @ Dragon – Don’t get me wrong I still find it hard to understand but the episode makes you feel the emotions he felt more, and feel his point of view more it was a tough choice one I would of probably done different but as they say the ends justify the means lol

    @ Coolbeans – Yeah but maybe the next upgrade will truly show the strength… <__<

    I really hope people post amv's I am amped to watch some good ones ^__^

  5. ok its not about epic but it is about entertainment soooooo,

  6. I haven’t been able to watch these episodes lately, because I’ve been busy, but I appreciate your efforts on the breakdown Pein. I’ll comment as soon as I am able to contribute meaningfully to the discussions.

    Thanks again though.

  7. <__<

    Holydemonandy… Are you entering the same video I used as an example @___@ <_<

  8. umm sooo wheres the anime breakdown? I kind of miss this :/

  9. @ grey – unfortunately the anime been taking a back burner lately… We currently only have 3 dedicated authors on WRA, Tenrai, Dragon and me. We would like to get more but at the moment the three of us cover Naruto Manga, Bleach Manga and Fairy Tail Manga… Lol if you would ever want to volunteer your services to the position of anime writer for Naruto just give a shout 😉

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