Fairy Tail 270 Breakdown! Memories of a Night of Falling Stars.

Hey WRA! I’m sorry I haven’t done a Fairy Tail breakdown in a while, but I was sick and I didn’t want to write a breakdown full of mindless ramblings.

… Wait. Aren’t my breakdowns always like that? X__X

Tons of powerful new characters? Awesome fights? This arc is going to be epic.

The latest chapters were awesome.
Mashima started the Grand Magic Games wonderfully. He surprised us all by making the strongest Fairy Tail mages join the Grand Magic Games as Fairy Tail Team B when we were expecting them to watch the tournament from the sidelines. It’s great that Juvia, Gajeel, Mirajane, Laxus and Jellal will fight too. They could be the ones to defeat the Sabertooth mages if Fairy Tail A isn’t strong enough.

Also, the new characters look great (especially Sabertooth and Raven Tail) and I really liked the first trial, Hidden. It was a very interesting and original (well, it kinda reminds me of Assassin’s Creed) concept. It also gave me a sense of dread when Raven Tail’s Narupuding (A.K.A. Pig Pudding) kept on attacking Gray, probably due to his Guild’s grudge towards Fairy Tail. Thanks to him, Fairy Tail is in last place.


You can't let Leon win, Gray! FOR JUVIA!!!

After being attacked by Narupuding, Gray starts looking for the other contestants and he narrowly dodges Beth’s Carrot Missile (I thought the rabbit from Blue Pegasus was going to have magic like that!) who gets hit by Yeager’s Plant Magic. Then Gray’s love rival arrives just in time to be crushed by Juvia’s ninja attack. She then declares that she’s going to defeat him because she promised Makarov. Actually, he promised Fairy Tail B that they could make Fairy Tail A do anything they wanted if they won…
And Juvia obviously can only think about Gray.

Juvia's crazy fangirl dreams... *shudders*

After this funny flashback, Gray and Juvia start getting ready to fight, but they are attacked by Raven Tail’s pufferfish, Narupig (how many nicknames does this guy have?). Right after that, Eve makes the temperature drop and snow starts falling, letting him see the difference between real mages and clones and thus attacking his opponents with snow.

The fight continues until Rufus, who still hasn’t done anything, appears on the top of the tallest building in the town. He uses his Creation Magic, Memory Make and hits his opponents with shooting stars. Narupuding’s counterattack is useless against his overwhelming power.

Sabertooth is insanely powerful.

Rufus’s magic really surprised me. It looks like he can create memories and then materialize them. The power to manipulate memories is deadly and versatile, as we saw this chapter. He may look all-powerful now, but every technique has a weakness, so Fairy Tail just has to figure it out.

Hidden ends with Sabertooth in the lead, Raven Tail in second place and Fairy Tail dead last. The crowd starts to ridicule Gray and he angrily vows to make Rufus and Narupuding pay, which obviously means he’ll fight them and win later on.

The chapter ends on an epic note: Lucy is chosen to fight Raven Tail’s psycho witch, Flare Corona.

The fight to determine who's got bigger... assets. I'm talking about magic power, obviously. 😉

This is an extremely interesting matchup. I really like Flare because she’s different from the other female villains. She looks like a psychopath, so she’ll probably have a ruthless fighting style. Also, Lucy’s fights are always the best in the arc.
I’m surprised that Mashima made her fight so soon, though. I don’t want Lucy to lose, but I think she will because if she wins, Raven Tail will seem less dangerous. If this fight had happened later on, Lucy could have won it without making Raven Tail look weak.
Anyway, I’m sure Mashima knows what he’s doing, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Well, that brings us to the end of this breakdown. Sorry for getting it out so late!

See you in the comments!

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on February 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “Fairy Tail 270 Breakdown! Memories of a Night of Falling Stars.”

  1. It’s out! Almost in sync with the Naruto Anime Breakdown!

  2. First

  3. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/fairy_tail/v26/c271/

    Its out new chapter

    Awesome Breakdown Dragon Glad you back…

    I think Juvia was a let down in the previous challenge she should of flooded the “world” and anyone who needed to breath attack, plus Gray could of put an ice shield around him and attack from a position of strength, if someone hit his magic would not count as a hit against him…

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