Naruto Chapter 574 Spoilers Pics & Summaries

Here you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for Naruto chapter 574.

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Credits: 2ch
Source: ohana
Verification: confirmed

766 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2012/02/15(水) 17:41:50.99 ID:nu0m6aeYP

カリン尋問部屋から始まる サスケの写真見ながら萌え

水月 十五 おろち丸アジトへ

サスケ、スサノオ アマテラスコンボでばっかるこーん
白ゼツ「戦争だ 倒せ キラービーと うずまきなると なかまがどんどん減る」

サスケ 「オレもお前の所へ行くとしよう お前を切りに!」




Naruto is amusing.

Begins with Karin the interrogation room. She seems infatuated while looking at Sasuke’s photograph, but since she was almost killed, she tears it up.

Suigetsu and Juugo go to Orochimaru’s secret base.
Suigetsu finds Orochimaru’s secret chamber.
He finds a scroll and gets really excited.

A large group of white Zetsu appear before Sasuke.
Sasuke uses a combination of Susano’o and Amaterasu.
One Zetsu flies through magic? He looks fragmented (not sure about that one)
White Zetsu: “It’s war. Defeat Killer Bee and Uzumaki Naruto. Our forces are rapidly diminishing.
Sasuke is flooded with memories of Naruto.

Sasuke: “I’m going to your location to cut you down!”
Sasuke finishes all the white Zetsu off.

Sasuke and a poem to Itachi.

Itachi is on his way somewhere.

Sasuke returns his katana to its scabbard.
Next week.


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