Bleach Chapter 480 – Final Arc -The Thousand Year Blood War!

So it has begun, Kubo’s Bleach will now be entering its Final Arc bringing to an end One of the “Big 3” manga’s of the last decade, running since 2001. It is kinda sad to see it disappear but I believe that it won’t go without a fight 😉

So far the “Fullbring Arc” besides the return of Ichigo’s powers was nothing more then a Filler Arc with slight plot points but really nothing that one couldn’t miss (but being so early in the final arc maybe the Fullbring will return).

I was glad to see Kubo not waste the beginning of the arc with a lot of boring information, we started of in a panic tention begining from page one.

Starting at the Division 12 center, the panic of Hollows being eliminated creates quite a stir… Now the Captain makes it quite clear that only one type of person can “kill” a hollow and that is a “Quincy.”

Though this would make little sense, and probably not my first choice but then I remembered earlier in the story it was mentioned the main reason for the Quincy Genocide was that while a Shinigami purifies a soul and send it to the SS, a Quincy kills this soul creating an imbalance that could destroy the fabric of the Bleach Universe.

Also the double spread, the men behind Ichigo seem to be wearing a Quincy Uniform. So as many of us have hoped to see maybe an Uryu vs Ichigo is still on the cards.

I enjoyed the introduction of the new Shinigami even if it was mostly filler, I have felt Bleach lost a lot of its “funny” factor with Ichigo’s brow now almost constantly serious and stressed. The new kids on the block also gave us a “tragic” sort of feel to the chapter, Shino seems to be a high strong female while Yuki an unsure child lacking faith in himself.

In the earlier chapters this was the norm the Captains where in such high estem that many of them wouldn’t need to enter the battle field and the duties of purifying hollows fell to people like them.

This was another “clue” that we will be dealing with Quincy in this final Arc, when Ichigo first battled Uryu, he used bait to drag out the Hollows at this point we can see the shadow breaking something which is then quickly followed by the appearance of many highly powered Hollows to the area, though it is unclear whether this shadowy figure attracted the Hollows to ambush the new shinigami or to lure out Ichigo, maybe both.

The new kids though don’t stand a chance and luckily Ichigo is there to intervene before things got worse. Kubo wanted us to get somewhat emotionally attached to the new Shinigami and then kill them with the Hollow’s (or maybe just brutally attack them either way 😛 ) I believe he wants to show us how the Quincy would feel, and bring back the savagry of the Hollow’s with characters like Starkk, Cifer etc we became used to them being somewhat good and grew attached to them. This is now showing that the base instincts of the Hollow haven’t changed and the anger and hatred the Quincy feel towards them may be justified…

Debate winner….

Captain Commander Yamamoto.

Though many “Voted” for Kisuke, not many went out and gave reasons why he would win. So in the end the Debate goes to Yamamoto…

I wonder how this finaly arc will go, will it answer all the questions. “who is the Soul King and what is Squad 0 etc.”

Guess we will have to see but I think its quite exciting 🙂

Pein out ^_^


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3 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 480 – Final Arc -The Thousand Year Blood War!”

  1. First! AND now to read!

  2. Probably the most disappointing Bleach chapter I have read in a while.

    After three weeks of waiting I was hoping that he could come up with more than just what will likely be made into roughly 3 minutes in the anime for the first chapter of the last arc of bleach.

    I would call this chapter all flash and no substance, except there isn’t much flash to it at that…

    The next chapter has to be better cause there’s damn little he could do to bottom out any further.

  3. @ micheal – I actually enjoyed the chapter as a whole, in the end Kubo couldn’t begin the final arc with flare, he needs to introduce characters and plot points, revealing the Death of Hollows to give us a clue to who is gonna be the new threat… but I don’t think the “quincy” will be the final villain of this manga…

    What I would like to see in the Final Arc:
    Squad 0 and the Soul King
    Captain’s Bankai’s all the ones we haven’t seen.
    Vasto Lords,
    Isshins Past What the hell is he @___@

    but one thing I was not thinking of was the return of the Quincy, which now has got me thinking, What happened… and how powerful could they be etc…

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