Naruto Chapter 572 Breakdown: The nine bijuu become chibified! Oh, and they get names too. <_<

The Big Bang Theory: In the beginning, there was nothing... and then it exploded. @__@

Greetings one and all, it’s Tenrai here again with another breakdown.

This week though, it seems we’ve entered what could be called, the “Eye of the Storm” with regards to this latest battle between good and evil, in that there wasn’t any action in this chapter to speak of besides the brief clash of bijuu bombs near the start. Rather, it was focused more predominantly on the bijuu themselves and Naruto’s estranged connection to them.

To be honest, it was most certainly a welcomed change of pace from the frantic chaos that was the battle between the bijuu and their Jinchuuriki, and it’s great to see some more depth bringing balance to the mayhem. After, all, there is more than one way for a chapter to be epic, and this latest entry for Naruto gets it off with a bang.

Biiiig Bada Booom....

So we begin our chapter with a clash of both Naruto’s Bijuu Bomb and the combined bomb of his opponents. I think it was pretty smart of Naruto to hit the bottom of his opponents attack to send it into the air and have it detonate above the battlefield, and it may have also been a decision he made after considering that his Bijuu Bomb may not have been stron enough to overcome the combined efforts of his opponents head on.

Either way, after a brief skirmish, Naruto is finally able to get a hold of all the chakra rods that are binding the bijuu that Tobi controls to their respective dead Jinchuuriki. However, before he gets a chance to remove them, he take an unexpected trip into Wonderland, where he finds six of the other Bijuu and their Jinchuuriki gathered around himself and Kurama.

Now, I’m not sure if this was an encounter initiated by Kurama himself, or whether it was because of the connection Naruto had to each Bijuu as he was removing the chakra rods, but I have a feeling it may have even been Naruto’s strong will and his desire to save the bijuu that may have finally allowed him to connect with them at such depth.

Every man is responsible for the good he did not do. Having the desire to save others alone is not enough. One also needs to have the will and strength to enact that desire.

This is where the really interesting part started. First off, we were finally able to be introduced to the other six Jinchuuriki, which we were never able to get to know before throughout the manga up until this point. Other than Naruto, Bee and Gaara, the personalities of the other six Jinchuuriki remained largely a mystery, unless you watched the Utakata fillers in the anime.

The most interesting of the lot was probably the former Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, who not only seemed to have a gender identity crisis similar to the likes of Haku, but who also claimed to be the representative of the other Jinchuuriki and their tailed beasts.

Strange how the Mist produces the most gender-confused Shinboi.

Does this mean that Yagura was somehow more deeply connected with the Bijuu as a whole? There was a part during the Kage Summit where it was mentioned that he was one of the few known individuals who was capable of control their bijuu, so this may also imply he had a deeper connection to them or perhaps even to the Sage of the Six Paths himself.

What I would have been interested in learning though, is whether he remembered Tobi, who, for a long time, controlled him from behind the scenes and manipulated his role as Mizukage. When you think of how the creation of the Blood Mist was most likely Tobi’s doing (as well as the birth of characters like Zabuza and Kizame), it’s a history I would have loved to have learned more about. It’s a pity that Yagura has already disappeared with the other Junchuuriki, along with a lot of potentially interesting details.

Yagura’s age is also questionable – seeing as how he appears to be younger than Naruto, yet he also claims to be an adult – but, of course, that didn’t stop Naruto from behaving rather childishly himself.

Did anyone else notice how Naruto's nose started bleeding at the mention of his kiss with Sasuke? How mysterious....

From the screen above, another detail that has become quite apparent is how much more relaxed Naruto and Kurama seem to be talking to one another. It seems like they’re really starting to connect in a way Naruto and Sasuke did in part one (only, without the kissing).

It was an enjoyable scene as a whole that brought a bit more light-hearted humor to what was otherwise a serious matter, and it also helped break the heavy pace up a bit more. However, the most important part of this chapter, was that which involved the Sage of the Six Paths himself, and the naming of the nine bijuu.

Yes, it's in another language, but it was the most epic image I could find for this chapter.

The bijuu have officially been chibified…

I have to say, this was easily my favorite scene in this manga, for a few reasons. It had great values as far as flashbacks are concerned, because it shows us a bit of the Sage of the Six Path’s personality and, from what I can tell, he seems to be a character very much like Jiraiya in nature. He’s the elderly sage type, who has a warm personality and a smile that lights up any somber mood. He also seems to act in a fatherly role towards the nine bijuu he created and named, so much so that Kurama even starts crying when he mentions that he won’t be around for much longer.

Aesthetically, we also got to have a bit of a closer look at his visage, and there are a few features that seem to resemble Naruto in some ways that go beyond just the hair spikes and the tomoe around the neck area.

Besides the similarities I mentioned above, the Sage also seems to have l hair, like Naruto does, although despite the two similarly large spikes both have near their foreheads, the Sage’s hair actually seems to resemble Minato’s more. I am guessing his hair is ‘blond’ specifically because normally red hair is depicted as gray or black in a colorless manga panel, while the Sage’s appears much lighter than that. The ring like representations on his back could also be compared to some degree to the rings on Naruto’s stomach and shoulders, although, this is admittedly a bit of a stretch.

Another detail I found interesting, though, was the Sage’s words in the above Panel. He speaks about the bijuu becoming one again some day, only then, unlike how they were once one inside of him (The Sage himself), they would instead be lead down the “right path.”

Does this mean that the Sage believed he made a mistake with his choices? Does he regret his actions in life? Perhaps he regrets the flames of hatred he created between his eldest and youngest son, by choosing between the two of them. Either way, it seems the Sage foretold Naruto’s coming and expected that Naruto would correct his mistakes. Even the bijuu themselves seem to believe that Naruto was the one the Sage spoke of.

Kurama’s words above even suggest that Naruto may be a reincarnation of the Sage in some way, or perhaps their personalities are close enough that Kurama simply sees the same spirit in both of them. In either case, it is this new-found figure that the bijuu have placed their faith in, that entices them to entrust their fates to him and to “look after” him. Perhaps they imparted some of their chakra to him like Son Goku did, although I’m not sure what effect such an act would have.

These kinds of little details throughout this chapter bring about even more theories – in fact, far too many to mention – so I think we’re at a stage now where all we can do is wait and see what happens. Either way, that’s all from me for the time being. Here is last week’s Bubbliton contest winner.

Dmaxx3d: Coming up with pick up lines for after the war-check.

Well done to Dmaxx3d for his entry. There were a few others that were close, but this one just made it to the top.

Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you all in the comments section! ^ ^


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  2. Second!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Close!! hehe

  3. Kanton, do you always stay on watch to be first on the new breakdown, or what :))

  4. Yondaime! XD

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  6. Saiken, alright!

  7. The chapter’s end reminded me of Neil Gaiman’s “The Books of Magic” limited series… where one of the principal tenets was “Names have power.” Just by knowing the names of the Bijuu, Naruto most likely will have more power over Tobi and the Gedo Mazo.

  8. Hm, just noticed that the 7-tails, Choumei the insect, is still in larval form when it was a youngster. Kinda cool, very thoughtful…

  9. @Todd: you may know this, but the concept of “names have power” is very old, used before magic even had a name. For example, in the Goetia, or the written wisdom of Solomon (who supposedly used summoned demons to build his temple), it was the knowledge of the names (and sigils) which allowed Solomon to control and interact with the demons. Many folk think Solomon worked with angels, but for those who have done the research, the Goetia spells out a very different story. I’m sure Gaiman, Morrison, Lovecraft and the like all used that knowledge to write their tomes πŸ™‚

  10. @arpotu – I can’t argue with that statement at all. And it wouldn’t surprise me that Kishi is looking backwards to present his tale. He’s pulled everything from Western mythology to Eastern mythology to Spiritualism to good old-fashioned story telling in Naruto’s adventures. It’s cool to see.

  11. Yagura could be a representative due to the fact of being former kage.

  12. @arpotu, good catch on the larva thing i totally missed that, and its a nice touch when they stick little details in there for the reader

  13. Yeah, I also missed the fact that the Seven tails was depicted in his larvae form. It’s a good thing we have lots of readers, so one of them is bound to pick it up.

    So, can anyone guess what’s going to happen next seeing as how Naruto’s five minutes of Bijuu awesomeness are up now? Did the other Bijuu perhaps give him chakra, or will he have to try and defeat Tobi as he is now? If the latter is the case, this may not go well.

    It’s a good thing Kakashi, Gai and Bee are there right now to back him up…

  14. @ ten, im going with some kind of bijjuu power up from the last chapter that will just barely get him through the next one. this will of course leave a cliff hanger but the pace of the war so far suggests that they will switch back to the kage battle with madara soon, i predict no more than 2 more chapters with naruto. besides, the battle cant end without seeing the kage battle and it cant end on a non-naruto scene

  15. @WRA and whoever creates WRA threads: I propose we create a thread for the soul purpose of figuring out who “TOBI” is. We should compile a list of things we already know or things that can be directly inferred about tobi’s identity. We should come up with a list of volunteers, and i volunteer myself first, to reread a given set of chapters (not to many as people tend to become bored or can miss information) to each person, to extract any facts that we may have missed or hints that have been dropped by other characters/events throughout the story. For example if you look on the FIRST page of naruto, there is a frog and an eagle, this was a hint dropped for naruto and sasukes summons YEARS earlier, perhaps there is something we missed about tobi right from the start, after all kishi plans this kind of stuff out far in advance. We post what we find on the forum and if there is a general consensus that what is found has some merit, we post it on a master list, which can be used to figure out tobi.

    Ex. We know that from what Kabuto told madara, he didn’t know if the fake madara “tobi” would still go along with the plan. We can directly infer that tobi had contact with madara in creating the plan before madara died. So we can put tobi’s age at LEAST back to the valley of the end, if not older.

    I also think we should reread chapters we know have or do not have facts/references/inferences to tobi. Just because we think there is or isn’t something there doesn’t mean we saw and read all there is to see and read. We have the power of retrospect now and can see things we might have overlooked before. Plus we could pick up some other interesting bits of the story unrelated to tobi we missed.

    Each time we find information and post it on the thread, we should include the chapter and page number/s so that people can go themselves and confirm the information. I’m sure with all of us working at it we can come up with some better guesses as to who he is, after all kishi likes to hide surprises in plain sight, so i’m sure we’ve skipped over tobi along the way. What do we all think?

  16. First signs of spoiler came up,yet without translation:

  17. @Drice

    Super actually created a post along the lines of what you suggested a while back. If you go through the archives on the blog, you’ll probably find it and it hits on quite a few interesting points as well.

    The only thing is it may be a little outdated now, but everyone is welcome to share their own theories as well.

  18. Spoilers for Naruto are out.

    They aren’t confirmed yet though, so don’t get too excited just yet.

  19. Question: Could Naruto become more powerful without the rinnegan due to the fact that he creates a partnership with the bijuu(similar to the one he has with Kurama). The rinnegan uses shared vision to allow the castor to decide what to do, but instead Naruto will share his mind, his feelings, and power. This could mean that he has a team of bijuu that could split off with their own clone and be psychically connected to Naruto but ultimately make their own decisions as perhaps individual jinchuuriki. I don’t believe that Naruto has that power now as the the bijuu are still inside the gedo mazo(he probably just got a boat load of chakra, but you never know)

  20. Hey guys, check out this trailer for UNS Generations.

    I’m really interested that it has over 70 playable characters and over 65 minutes of additional anime content. It looks pretty epic. @__@

  21. hell yeah Ten i can’t wait to see section with Itachi’s story n fightin with kisame a little, not to mention more on kakashi’s background

  22. @dricedt i volunteer for chapter 573!!!!! πŸ˜‰ jk good idea since what tobi uses seems to be tsukiyomi (no idea on the spelling bc i didnt check but its the dreams become reality thing that danzo used) that would point to madaras briefly mentioned brother (if tobi did in fact know madara) . but as an end game theory based solely on the 573 spoiler (unreliable info) i dont think tobi is who he thinks he is. he was around before the kabumaru power up so i dont think hes kabutos toy, or at least didnt start out that way. but i do think that theres some kind of unrelieved info. a good place for you to start might be the meeting with him in the forest, where kakashi tries to figure out why hes dodging their attacks

  23. i think you mean “izanagi” coolbeans

  24. @dish, yes….yes i did, thanks. thats what i get for not fact checking

  25. to be honest i REALLY hope the spoiler was fake, it seems that way at least. The writing dosn’t see like kishi’s writing style, but i could be wrong. I just think it’s lame to have the rookie nine come together. Naruto is on a completly different level and he just got some sort of power-up from the biju, i dont want to see that overshadowed by the likes of tenten and choji. Then theres the dreaded fact of Sasuke coming back, just the thought puts a bad taste in my mouth :*(

  26. @Drice

    Let’s not forget that translations may be a bit off, so even if they spoilers are real, the chapter itself may not be depicted in the way it sounds right now. I, however, actually like the idea of the rookies all getting involved, however, I don’t think it will be a happy reunion to be honest.

    If Sasuke and the rookies all arrive at the same point, and if this ominous feeling about Sasuke is anything to go by, I sense there may be character deaths on the horizon…

    Imagine Sasuke kills Hinata? That would be like driving a dagger through Naruto’s heart. The impact of that kind of situation could be profound to say the least (not that I want Hinata to die, because I actually don’t.)

    Anyway, I do admit that the spoilers seem a bit offish, but once again, that may be odd translations that give it that vibe.

  27. I agree with getting the rookies involved, Tenrai. After all, Itachi’s advice to Naruto was that he couldn’t do it all on his own. I think Naruto will learn that lesson by relying on his teams.

    Ooh! And maybe Naruto’s life-giving energy will be used to resurrect one or more of his fallen comrades, making him the ultimate medical-nin! They might grow trees from their heads, however, soooo… maybe not the best healer nin at first πŸ˜‰

    I can just hear the cries from the battlefield now… “I’ve healed them, but now they’ve all got wood!”, followed by Kakashi busting out laughing…

  28. Why do I get the feeling that Gai will sacrifice himself to save Naruto? All this gradual revealing of his control over the 8 gates…surely he’s bound to open the final gate in the end and make a big difference.

  29. @kevi and ten, I’m still holding with my original theory surrounding death/major characters. Kishi hasn’t really killed anyone major (during the story line, ie. his parents) without first giving them a good couple of chapters of face time first (ie. J-man/Kikashi…sort of dead moment). He seems to like the build up to make the moment more dramatic. There won;t be any deaths until the action conspicuously shifts away from naruto.

  30. @ternari hmmm I think ur right that actually makes the spoiler more believeable and what hinata said in terms for setting up her death is kishis style. If the spoilers r true then I can also see gai sacrificing himself especially if he sees all the outhouse gathered infront of him. I see him easily laying down his life to protect it, plus its a death that would hit all of us hard but not be critical to the plot. Sorry if there r typos I’m in my phone and am too lazy to go back and check

  31. Spoilers are evil. -__-

  32. guess whats out

  33. and i didnt even read before posting… ya thats hipster level dedication πŸ˜‰ jkjk gona go read now

  34. @ wra and sweep to the battle field next chapter…. Sauske makes your death wishes come true….. please not hinata please not hinata she has such ample….. character development πŸ˜‰

  35. well looks like somebody gonna get a hurt REAL bad 😦 iono how naruto is gonna fight sasuke he looks exhausted. Maybe ppl will power him back up????

  36. Damn, Sasuke will fuck up a lot of people’s day. The way he looked, probably towards the army coming his way, was just the same feeling I got right before Vegeta turned Majin and blasted away half of a stadium full of people. Now that’s a look you know will make your dedication feel like crap.

    I know it’s only one man, but let’s face it, Sasuke was brought up till this point to be Sasuke’s ultimate challenge so he’ll probably be as powerful as Tobi or Madara is right now, maybe even more powerful then them seeing as the Naruto theme is the younger always surpass the older generations.

    BTW, what do you guys think of what Tobi saw when he looked at Naruto and saw the 9 tomoe, maybe using the rinnegan or the sharingan in order to see them. What do you guys suppose the tomoes really mean??

    I mean, there trademark Sharingan , they were a symbol for the SO6P being seeon on his clothing and him wearing a neck piece simmilar to that of Yahiko’s body Nagato used as the Deva path. And now finally Naruto’s new looks have them on his body depending if he’s in Chakra mode or Chakra Mode lvl 2.

    P.S. the tomoe are also a symbol depicted in Uchiha shrines, like the one Sasuke and Itachi brawled.

    Do you guys have any thoughts on that

  37. Sorry for the error there

    Sasuke was brought up till this point to be Naruto’s’s ultimate challenge

  38. calling it, sasuke will kill. he faced off against all 5 kages and killed one/lived and thats before his recent power up, this last chapter sets up for the death everyone is dreading but secretly kinda wants. i chose you shino-cho goooooo. but seriously hes taking a rookie down, VOTES ON WHO?

  39. side note i think this is the first time naruto stuck his tongue out at an enemy not in chibi form, hes got a secret o__@

  40. hahahahaha and maybe its not just ino and ten ten, ino’s father could only keep it up for 20 seconds too… ok that joke was stretching for it πŸ˜‰

  41. hmmm i have a feeling tenten is going to die, she dosnt really matter at all to naruto, she’s way under Sakura. Honestly what has she ever done? Besides, she is the only of the rookies to have not said anything supportive of naruto, all she said is she hopes guy is protecting him, the rest believe in naruto. I think that is enough to earn her a seat on death row. It will piss naruto off a bit but not enough to hit home. I think hinata is the other to die, her speech is right up kishi’s ally for a touching death that will hurt naruto and hurt the fans. Besides Sakura wants to be with naruto now, and that has always been his wish i see kishi doing that because thats something naruto has wanted from the get go, like he has wanted hokage.

    Lastly, i dont think sasuke is looking at anything we’d expect. I am betting itachi because he needs something to push him over the edge and I think itachi talking to him might do it. It has been awhile since we’ve seen itachi.

  42. I didn’t like this chapter. I’m getting a Spirit Bomb feeling…

    I don’t know why it’s necessary for all of them to join the fight. The sensors saw that Naruto got a huge power bust, and he didn’t look exhausted, but relaxed. I would have preffered that they switched to the Kage vs Madara fight. But alas Kishi was bound to lose a game after going on a huge rampage of awesomeness. I mean, they showed 2 (3 if you count the spread as 2) full pages of just steps in the mud! I know, I know, they are suppose to symbolize them coming together, but I didn’t think it needed 3 pages of just steps. Sauske plummeting from the sky deep into the middle of the force with a huge Thunderous spread would have been way better.

  43. @wiseman, the point of the chapter, was to bring all your main characters in one spot. Its hard to kill them all if sasuke has to constantly travel around, but it makes it convenient for key deaths to happen if they’re all right there. I really think thats all this chapter was about, a stepping stone to the real next arc. If you reread it you will see nothing else happened but setting up sasuke to kill.

  44. ummmmmmmmmmm……..

    Sasuke is walking in the opposite direction guys… lol!!!!!!

    He’s walking toward the dark rain while everyone is walking toward the cloudy sun. lol!!! The kages are in big trouble! So, maybe Sasuke is gonna join edo Madera and Kabuto! Ya heard it here first! Just keep reading over the last few panels until you hear a clicking sound… hahaha!

  45. Alright. Here’s the deal. Sasuke is going to run into Itachi in the next issue.

    There would be two steps in trying to revive Sasuke into the light. One would have to be a talk with Itachi. Paying a deaf ear to Itachi’s words would prove just how far into the dark Sasuke’s descended. I reckon that is necessary to the plot to show just how strong his darkness has become, and how much of a Mt. Everest it would be for Naruto to surmount.

    Secondly, as we all know, would have to be Naruto and Sasuke bumping fists together. Not the kind that comes with smiles, chuckles and soft taps/touches, but the kind that comes with frowns, deadly intent and ripple explosions that rob peace-ladden landscapes of a moments rest. Naruto would have to prove to Sasuke that his firepower is superior, in order to get Sasuke to listen to him.

    The issue of Sasuke killing off rookies is also important, since it would stimulate the direction the plot veers, but it is a secondary catalyst to the plot right now. Not to say it might not happen though. Sasuke will draw blood. Lots of it. That nit is for sure.

    I just don’t suppose that the rookies are running into Sasuke, because it would also imply Sasuke was heading the direction of Naruto and Tobi, which I highly doubt, since Naruto would’ve sensed him a mile away in Sage mode.

    One thing is certain though. Whatever was behind Sasuke was important enough to trouble him in his current state of power.

  46. *That bit is for sure*

  47. Oh, and perhaps it might just be me arving a gigantic stutter down ‘ere, but there is a high possibility Naruto and Sasuke would die during their clash. I reckon, though, that Naruto would drift into a deathlike unconsciousness where he would get to speak to the Rikudou Sennin, maybe the second son. There has to be some form of meeting between these set of people that officially endorses Naruto as their successor. And what better way to set up this meeting at some point in the battle between the first son(Sasuke) and the second son(Naruto)?

    Now, another issue that has been forcing my brows to remain furrowed is Sasuke’s possible control of Yin-Yang power – at least his new susano’o depicts so. It reminds me of the portion in the manga where Sasuke duelled Kakashi, at the point when he was about to lose his eyes. Kakashi asked him to look inward, that there was still some measure of good in him. In response, Sasuke’s present susano reared it’s head. If you notice, Itachi’s susano enshrouds Sasuke’s old susano, a depiction of the successful fusion of itachi’s eyes with Sasuke’s. I think Itachi’s susano is a representation of yang power, and sasuke’s susano is a representation of yin power. Makes me wonder if Sasuke is presently stronger than Naruto, since Naruto only weilds control of Kurama’s yang power.

    Unless someone’s trying to whisper softly into my ears that we’re still yet to see “that jutsu”.

  48. @ Total, I know where your coming from but also keep in mind one very important thing, Naruto has his own Yin/Yang chakra, Kushina’s special chakra might have been of Yin type and thus Minato chose to only seal the Yang Kyuubi chakra for that aspect and als Naruto now has Yin/Yang chakra from all tail beasts except the Shukaku and Hachibi.

    So in essence I think he should have more then enough Yin.Yang chakra to rival the SO6P by now, the only part missing is Kyuubi’s own Yin chakra witch might come from the Kin Jin Bros. like many of us speculated.

  49. i dont mean to beat a very old and dead horse but seriously, after all of this are they going to leave naruto a genin? its just one of those small details that makes me mad sometimes.

  50. Yeah, you and me both Cool, I mean he already had it tough after he came back with Jirayia because except moral values and a perfection of Kage bunshin he actually didn’t learn all that much ninjutsu enough so that he got his ass whooped by Sasuke and after all that finding out Konohamaru had a better shot at reaching Chunin then him. Now that’s really a slap on the face if you ask me, considering this kid Saved Konoha and now the world and also saved Sakura’s life, Gaara’s life, Kakashi’s, Ino’s, Chouji’s and Shikamaru’s lives from kakuzu and then he got nagato to resurrect all the fallen in the Shinra bomb attack

    Now I know there’s protocols to be followed but at this stage Naruto has no equal in the shinobi world yet his status under Tenten.
    I actually can’t believe I didn’t smash my laptop after writing that crap but that’s how serious this situation really is.

    That blasted no talent girl is of higher military rank then the world’s savior.

  51. ahhhhh noooooo i just relaized that eugen…… naruto is ranked under tenten and ino…… after defeating pain… the guy that killed like a quarter of the leaf shinobi. and that little thing about SAVING the war effort on like a dozen different battle fields/ occasions. this must not stand!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  52. I don’t mind Naruto being a Genin. I actually find it pretty funny, actually, because here’s this genin outmatching Kage level shinobi. There’s that and the notion that he’ll probably be the first ninja to be promoted straight from genin to Kage. Let’s also not forget that technically, Sasuke is also a genin, so it really isn’t a big deal.

    Besides, you also have to consider that Tsunade can’t just give Naruto a rank increase for good behavior. There’s a treaty of sorts in place regarding the promotion of shinobi to higher ranks, which is why the Chunin exams exist. There’s a reason all the great nations adhere to and attend only one, shared chunin exam between all of them, as opposed to each just having their own ranking system that they can use as they please, and that most likely has something to do with maintaining a balance of power.

    If one nation becomes too powerful, it throws the balance out and the threat of war becomes more severe, so if all the nations have a part in mainaining the growth of that power, it’s easier to preserve balance in a way that is fair.

    In this sense, Naruto cannot simply be promoted to Chunin on a whim, even if he deserves that much and more, because that would be going against regulations. He would have to take part in an official exam just like everyone else.

  53. fun fact, every single former hokage has been sealed away in the death god seal….. if naruto ever learns that one you should be very woried about the series future. πŸ˜‰ but there’s no way naruto would go down like that right? hmmm if him and sauske fight they both will die….. im sure its nothing but o__@ crazy eyes is starting to wounder.

  54. Why no one has addressed TobiΒ΄s words about Sasuke? For me, they mean that he beats Narutos power level by over 9000!
    I think the moon eye plan passes as much through Bee and Naruto acquisition as over Sasuke actually being the one “fulfilling” it. Thats why heΒ΄s so important to Tobi.
    And the fact that he “acknowledged” Naruto COULD make him sweat!
    That he KNOWS about his PEAK level and that it doesnt matter WHAT he really is (the second coming of the SAGE), is an important factor that determines that Tobi had to CHOOSE between Naruto and Sasuke, and that he have known about them (and maybe about his becomings) for a long long time. This chapter showed us how he , even for a little moment, was confused about his choosing when he learnt what Naruto really IS.
    Also in response to Viisionary , I think that Sasuke is walking towards the rain, as is everyone else in this chapter ( I think!)

  55. @Eugen. Yeah, but its factless that kushina’s chakra is yin. Besides, you’ll find that the chakra of the kin-jin brothers is sealed into the crimson gourd, and is to be used by Madara as a failsafe to activate the moon’s eye plan. I was only bringing up realistic possibilities with what I’d said though, but I guess we will find out.

  56. Oh, forgot to mention that BLeach seems to have entered its final arc, I hope Kubo makes it as short as this last “arc” (which was SHIT) and stops bleeding the franchise down. Anyone remember how AWESOME bleach was? lol

  57. @cool naruto can’t use that jutsu, minato said it in the flash back, only a non jin can use it

    @Tenari i say let naruto take the exam, we would see just how balanced that exam would be X(

  58. @genin discussion: If Naruto’s a genin, then the other nins need to kick it up a notch, cause he’s one helluva genin!!!

  59. @Drice

    You say that, yet it was also stated in the chunin exams that even those who win battles, may not necessarily be chosen as chunin in the end, while those who lose them may still be promoted regardless, after all a lot depends on not just the outcome of the battle, but rather, how it is fought.

    Remember, being a chunin isn’t just about being strong, it’s about having the ability to lead a team of ninja underneath you if necessary. Many chunin will lead groups of genin in battle, or on missions, so those judging the chunin exams usually look for signs of strategic intellectuals with leadership qualities. Now, you need to ask yourself, is Naruto at the place right now where he would be capable of leading a team himself?

    P.S. I’m not trying to put Naruto down, because he’s actually my favorite character. I just think he may not be ready to lead yet.

  60. The first I thought when you look terrible with your hair down.

  61. @tenrai, yes, in all ways yes hes ready. even if hes not a great leader no one on a normal mission would cross him or his team and if they did there is nothing they can do to prevent narutos subsequent pwning of everyone involved. for a normal mission naruto is all but god incarnate. he surpassed his father and it was stated that durring the war the enemy was ordered to under no circumstances engage the yellow flash for fear of utter pwnage

  62. on that note for the average nin naruto is a self replicating pwn fairy that deals demon assisted pwn balls (rasengan) from 1000 different directions at once. hes already taught an a-rank technique to a 9 year old (rasengan/kohnahamaru) and he has displayed excelent trap laying and forward thinking battle skills planning out moves well in advance of the result (pain like 8 times)

  63. Then again, now that I look back, Kiba’s also a chunin and he’s probably more dense than Naruto right now.

    I guess there’s no reason he wouldn’t ace a chunin exam then. Heaven know’s he’d literally blow away the competition.

  64. @tenrai has always been dumber than Naruto. He’s even more useless than Tenten.

  65. @kantonkage, is it possible to be more useless then tenten? πŸ˜‰

  66. page 15: Multiple sets of footsteps going towards DARK(side of) mountains and sun with a FEW dark clouds.

    page 16: ONE set of footprints WALKING AWAY from LIGHT(side of) mountains AND with Sasuke walking towards COMPLETE DARKNESS(no sun).


  67. has anyone noticed that kurama is already used as a minor clan name in the anime? the kurama clan were genjutsu specialist. i know purist say that the anime doesnt count but still the crazy theories column just added another theory in my book. any thoughts as to whether this will ever be brought up in the manga or was it just an overlooked double booking on the name by kishi?

  68. @coolbeans apparently yes for Kiba:
    Loses to a fart
    Almost gets his team killed by Gaara
    Thinking he could become Hokage
    Losing to a fart
    Tobi sidestepping him
    Failing to protect his pregnant sensei
    Losing to a fart
    Not realizing that Akamaru’s growth
    Failing to believe in Hinata in her match with Neji
    Did I say losing to a fart?

  69. @kantokage: counter argument
    Tenten’s entire life!
    She picked up a fan and fainted
    Tenten vs Temari, unable to land a blow, ass beat down
    Tenten vs Every other situation, never shown fighting again (in manga not anime) until 3 years later
    has only been involved in 3 manga based fights, loss, draw and undecided
    she picked up a fan…. and then fainted

    but you make a very strong case for kiba being weak, you may actually be right

  70. actually, no… come to think of it Tenten is so unimportant she has never actually been in onscreen manga battles. Every one of hers has been in the anime

  71. Good eye coolbeans! 0.o
    Maybe that clan was close to Kurama. It shows in the manga that he grew up like any other person or animal. So maybe he started out nice with them and then the Uchiha clan came along… or maybe somebody else…

  72. @visionary, he certainly didn’t seem to start out looking like the embodiment of hatred and rage that he later became. And its almost certainty Madaras fault. If the story somehow involves this small forgotten clan I’d be a bit surprised but its not like kishi hasn’t hidden easter eggs in other cases.

  73. Speaking of theories, we know how Naruto carries the will of the senju as the second son, and how Sasuke carries the will of the Uchiha as the first son. Sakura has actually got me thinking. I remember Kakashi remarking that Sakura’s potential in genjutsu was huge. The senju clan did actually have one woman – I’ve forgotten that fine name – who specialised in genjutsu. Perhaps Sakura inherits this woman’s will?

    In case anyone wishes to research this woman, google senju clan. You should see her next to the Niidaime, if I’m right. But she’s hard to miss.

  74. if you havent seen the latest shippuden episode, do so asap.
    Flying Thunder God FTEW.

  75. Without a doubt this was one of the very best Naruto manga had to offer. The episode was epic in every way possible, especially the classic japanese style chaos drawing used when Kyuubi unleashed itself on Konoha.

  76. episode 249 is also available!!! watch it and prepare to shed some tears :’)

  77. Hmmmm….How come Monkey Enma gets to wear a konoha headband but other summonings don’t?

  78. kakashi’s dog summons do

  79. You know guys, we have an anime breakdown section for a reason. Lol.

    Poor Mandi puts all that effort into her breakdowns, and then the anime discussions end up here instead of there where they should be. Shame on you all. <__<

  80. @ wra do you guys think that naruto will ever visit his parents graves? Do you think we’ll ever learn about minato’s history and his role in naruto’s futre/connection to the S06P, after all naruto inherited minato’s wind affinity for a reason. Do you think naruto will ever learn sealing techniques? After all he is an Uzumaki he should know their signature moves like EVERY other clan in Naruto does. Do you think he’ll visit whats left of the whirlpool nation? Just because it’s destroyed doesn’t mean there is nothing left to see or learn from it. Also will we meet another Uzumaki? Kushina did say that the other ones disbanded across the land, perhaps he’ll learn jutsu from them.

  81. I mean that every other person from a clan that has been in the manga so far knows and can use their clans abilities. I think it’s time for naruto to learn his and seal sasukes eyes/power. After all sealing jutsu would be the most powerful jutsu in the Naru universe

  82. @Drice

    Naruto did meet another Uzumaki. It was Nagato. He didn’t learn any techniques from him, but he did learn an important lesson. I don’t think he’ll meet any more though because I think that, like the Uchiha, the Uzumaki have probably all but died out by now over the years. Naruto may be the last one left for all we know.

    As for learning clan jutsu, Naruto has already demonstrated some aptitude for sealing in the way he controls his own seal over Kurama, however, I don’t think that he will go too far into delving into his clan techniques because he already has a lot as it is. Bloating him up too much might not be a good thing. I can, however, see him learning sealing techniques as far as he needs to, to perhaps develop the Hiraishin that his father once used. That’s one technique I’d love to see him learn, although whether he needs it is questionable with his speed as it is now.

    Visiting the former whirlpool country would also be interesting, but there would need to be some relevance to it if Kishi were to include it in the story. It would be cool to see what kind of place his clan lived in though, and who knows, maybe Naruto will revive it one day.

    And lastly, it does stand to reason that Kushina and Minato should have graves in Konoha somewhere, especially as the former Kage and his wife. So far as I know, there’s no reason Naruto shouldn’t be able to visit their graves. Perhaps after the war is done, he will. Their bodies weren’t destroyed, so far as we know, unless sealing some of their chakra inside Naruto somehow involved sealing their bodies in him as well.

    There, I think I covered everything. O_o

  83. @Tenari True but i ment an uzumaki that lived in the clan before it was destroyed and escaped. While nagato was, he was like naruto, he knew nothing or demonstrated no knowledge of his clan.

    I still could see naruto learning the FTG because though he is as fast i see that as over short distances, the FTG could travel over long distances where as naruto’s speed seems more instant in a battle which would be superior to ftg but he needs a way to get from one location to the next. I could see him learning sealing tech and sealing sasukes evil part or something like that. Or at least sealing his power so it’s not a threat and then sasuke could be forgiven and live with the group again.

  84. another thing i was just thinking… the start of this fight with Tobi, naruto said he was going to rip the mask off tobi’s face. We know that this HAS to happen at some point so i think that when naruto wins this fight, however he does it, he will take the mask off so we can see. The other thing is, Kishi specifically sent kakashi to naruto’s aid before anybody else. He could have sent someone ahead, after all kakashi was with Sai when fighting with the seven swordsmen, yet kishi choose him specifically….could this be because kishi wanted kakashi to confirm the identity of madara as obito? I know i know, i’m not in the obito camp as the identity of madara, but i’m just thinking, the only one who would recognize him for sure would be kakashi. On top of that, kakashi’s sharigon can warp space/time its unique from what i’ve seen so far in the manga and it does it…just…like Tobi’s sharigon…iono just a thought

  85. @Tenari OY i think i know the connection to Minato and the S06P. In the episodes released today, minato said he needed to have as much chakra as the ninetails to transport him, and after he does that he’s exhausted. Also, the three nin’s that minato taught the flying thunder god tech too, said that it takes all three of them to use it, and even then they are whiped out and exhausted afterwords. But Minato can spam FTG and never gets tired. This shows that he has INTENSE chakra reserves and explains where naruto gets his. Uzumakis had vitality but they are not said to have enormous chakra reserves. Minato was from the leaf, it would make sense if he had some Senju in him and that at the split between senju and eddy clans the traits of the younger son were split. Minato inherited half and kushina the other half. Then they have naruto, giving him vitality AND deep chakra pools. Your thoughts?

  86. @Drice

    Actually, chakra is made up of physical stamina and spiritual energy. So, it stands to reason that both the Uchiha and Uzumaki should be capable of having higher than normal chakra reserves, as one clan has incredible stamina and vitality, while the other has incredible spiritual energy. It also stands to reason that being born with Kurama sealed inside him and having Kurama’s chakra mix with his as he grew could have also helped Naruto’s own chakra reserves grow exponentially.

    Although I do agree that there’s a definite link between Naruto and the Sage of the Six paths, I can’t be sure if Minato is involved in that link, because their is no exceptional evidence pointing to it. One thing I can say, though, is that if the Sage of the Six paths does indeed have blond hair and resembles Minato in some way, that may push for a more definitive link between the two.

    As for the Tobi mystery, I also think that he may be Obito personally, and I have believed that for a while. The hair is the same, his Space Time jutsu is similar to Kakashi’s Kamui (only he knows how to use it on himself), and he probably has the most reason to want to end all wars (he went through a war and probably lost Rin, the person he loved, because of wars). There’s that and Kakashi’s sudden appearance in this battle against Tobi does seem a bit suspect, and may hint at an identity reveal in the near future where Kakashi would be the only one who would be able to identify Obito.

    Still, there are a few factors that do work against that theory somewhat, like the lines on Tobi’s face. It’s just, now that we know he isn’t Madara, who else comes closest other than Obito or Izuna Uchiha?

  87. lol @ anime section but you’re right of course. I’ll boot half of my chakra into that section now and seal the other half here.

    I don’t think Tobi is Obito (anagram of the name aside). The Madara fighting the Kages referred to him like someone he knew personally…I’d imagine Obito would have been too young to understand what the fight at the valley of the end was all about (if in fact he was alive – maybe he’s just one of those kids that never seem to grow up right e.g. Peter Pan). Also, Kushina met the “old wife” of the 1st Hokage as a kid (probably same time as Mr. Namikaze was a kid)…and said Mr. Namikaze was Obito’s sensei…

    That said,another twist – Tobi is Obito’s dad!!! Pissed of @ Konoha for killing his son by dragging him into their wars. Would also explain the similar eye techs (they are family afterall e.g. Sasuke and Itachi having the same type of sharingan) etc….ok don’t need to add much more, you guys could probably run with this a lot better than I can…or kill it more effectively.

  88. @darkgeenie I think he is some weird Zetsu thing.

  89. @darkgeenie

    Actually, Tobi being a relative of Obito’s is actually quite a good theory. It would explain the similar looks and techs, and would even account for things like age, etc.

    Still, I’d prefer it if Tobi was a character we’ve at least heard about before, rather than simply revealing himself to be someone we don’t know about, which would kinda lose the impact of the “shocking reveal”.

  90. Hey guys did you hear about Jump and Mangastream?
    Noooooooo!!!!!! *fires a minigun at random WRA members*

  91. uhhhh no kanton what???

  92. ohhh jk…..tight -_-


    Read it for yourselves

  95. Well, I think the appropiate response to that would be Fuck.

  96. What about the other sites? We still gonna be able to get our *scratches arms vigorously* fix somewhere else??

  97. Here I come again with the juubi theory… Tobi ask “Is that sweat?” When we all know if a raindrop falls on you you can FEEL it… that body isn’t real *We all know that*… Madara made a pact with Tobi to do the moon’s eye plan most likely because Tobi said Madara could be his jinchurriki. Madara acknowledge Tobi isn’t going to follow according to plan. and im too sick to finish typing for now…

  98. manga stream is going black? THIS IS THE MAYAN APOCALYPSE IN 2012!!!!

  99. I’ve always been pondering this….what does tobi mean when he refers to himself as second of the six paths and nagato as the third of the six paths????

  100. @Mordi

    I believe it means they were the second and third to acquire the Rinnegan respectively. Of course, Tobi was referring to himself as Madara, so I think we can now surmise that Madara would have probably been the real second of the six paths, even before Nagato and that would likely make Tobi the fourth in truth.

  101. Damn, this mangastream issue really is horrible news especially since mangareader has some really edgy translations. I actually hope we can keep depending on Mangareader to provide the mangas seeing as bleach is about to end the only real issue for me is Naruto seeing as I don’t follow one piece yet.

  102. @ Eugen – Thing is Bleach final Arc just started, may still be 4 years or so.

    Mangareader isn’t bad but it can be bothersome trying to read it lol

  103. I usually read stuff at other manga sites. Manga Reader, Manga Fox and the likes. I am not liking the crack down all the media industries are doing to make there stuff profitable again. I’m into the right for people to do whatever they want with whatever they bought. If it’s online file sharing, then I’m all for it. Manga Stream was just another form of file sharing. Who’s to say the people at manga stream can’t pick up and leave to another site that Viz media doesn’t know about? Viva La Freedom!

  104. edit transcript: Viva La Freedom of the Internet!

  105. I’m grateful for all the stuff that is readily available on this thing. I am not taking this thing for granted. I was able to make connections with people on the internet and get connected with information I would not have been able to get my hands on 10 years ago. It’s a shame mangastream isn’t going to be providing one piece and Naruto anymore, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other sites sprouting with their agenda being to provide translations for those manga. Just imagine, in a few years, maybe months we would be able to receive manga (or any comics from all over the world) a few minutes, even seconds, after they come out in their respected comic strips. And they would be in great quality and flawless translations. All we have to do is keep being the inquisitive fauna that we are and keep scouring this mysterious realm known as the internet and we might find something even better then manga stream.

    Oh, and @Eugen, I have been reading the whole series of One Piece until I caught up. It took a few weeks but I got through it. It is a really good manga. I like the story and the characters are likable in their own way.

  106. has the same translators from mangastream

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