Naruto Chapter 571 Breakdown: It seems like Naruto is all the ‘Rage’ at the moment.

Hey awesome people. Yeah, that’s right, you’re all awesome. After all, you have to be if you’re on the site, otherwise our name would kinda be a bit pointless now, wouldn’t it?

But, we don’t just have awesome people here on WRA, we also have awesome manga and anime series, and this week, we had a particularly epic chapter of Naruto. It was a chapter that was most certainly deserving of the title of awesomeness.

Naruto’s new transformation with the merger of his and Kurama’s chakra was jaw-dropping to say the least, and the power-up that came with it was equally awe-inspiring, but when I took a closer look at the aesthetics of that transformation, I couldn’t help but think that there may have been some inspiration regarding his new chakra cloak.

Epic cloaks are epic...

Is this a case of Kishi-trolling, or is it simply a coincidence? In all honesty, the similarities between Naruto’s new transformation and Ichigo’s bankai aren’t all that stark, save for the cloak Naruto adorns which sports similar flame-like tears. I’m pretty sure that plenty of mangaka will often draw inspiration from other series when it comes to their own work and Kishi has been known to draw a lot of inspiration from the likes of DBZ and other series he enjoys. You could almost say that Naruto’s latest transformation is a mix between Goku’s Super Saiyan form and Ichigo’s Bankai form of there was any comparison.

All things said and done though, when it comes to Japanese anime or manga, the trend of transformations being used to attain a state of higher power, speed or just bad-ass looks, is something that is actually quite commonplace in a large number of different series, from Dragonball Z to Fairy Tail, so it isn’t really surprising to see Naruto take things to a whole new level itself. One thing many (but not all) of these series have in common is that these transformations usually have a set time-limit, a drawback that is either dependent on the users stamina or resilience, or one that is simply based on a predetermined set of laws regulating said transformations.

In Naruto’s case, there seems to be one common denominator regarding all his transformations…

There's something veeeeerrry sneaky happening here... <_<

Five minutes…

I mean, what’s up with the whole five-minute setback with all of Naruto’s epic transformations? First Naruto was told by Fukusaku that he would only be able to keep Sage Mode active for five minutes at the most and now he’s been given a near identical line by Kurama.

Having been faced by this unexplainable coincidence, I decided to sneak into the vault of endless Naruto knowledge to find an answer to this conundrum, and in doing so, I happened to stumble upon his secret transformation stopwatch. It was at that very moment, that the mystery behind Naruto’s five-minute transformation limit was finally revealed…

Luckily for us – and for Naruto – five minutes in a manga is actually a very long time. I mean, sometimes it can take up to twenty minutes just to get past five minutes in Naruto, so I think that gives him plenty of time to kick some serious butt. Actually, if we go by the theme of time-stretching, DBZ was a series that took that notion to a whole new extreme. I mean, five minutes could take hours to pass in that series. Hell, it could take days if there was a transformation was involved.

*Remembers when Frieza said that Namek had five minutes left to live after he pwned it.* Sheesh… <_<

But, despite these nuances, Naruto’s transformations all do one thing well. They always manage to look epic. The only question is, which one is your favorite so far?

All aesthetics and transformations aside, this chapter was also quite epic as far as the battle itself was concerned as well. Naruto showed that his new transformation has not only afforded him a few more fangirls, but it also enhanced his speed and power greatly as well.

In fact, Naruto’s speed was so greatly enhanced, that Kakashi even mistook him for his ‘sensei’ Minato, which means Naruto is taking the “Yellow Flash” moniker to a whole new level.

Kakashi... you've just been flashed. @__@

Besides that, Naruto’s bijuu transformation is also very unique compared to the likes of Bee or Yugito, in that rather than taking on a purely physical form of the Bijuu he hosts, Naruto instead becomes enveloped in a massive cloak of chakra that takes on Kurama’s likeness. If I was to compare it to something in particular, I would say that Naruto’s chakra cloak behaves pretty much the same way Susanoo does. It envelopes and surrounds him in a semi-transparent avatar form which behaves like chakra, but it also has a physical presence and is able to hold, move or affect other physical objects around it. It is also able to protect others and move them along with it as well, as shown in how Naruto has pretty much brought Gai and Kakashi along for the ride with him.

I think it also stands to reason that it may provide similar protective capabilities as Susanoo does as well, which means the only real difference between them is that it takes the form of a fox rather than a humanoid with six arm thingies.<_<

Awesomeness incarnate...

Lastly, but certainly not least,  decided to do some research on the possible reason as to why Naruto looks so much like the Sage of the Six Paths when he uses Kurama’s chakra.

Two breakdowns ago, I gave you guys a few theories regarding the possible links between Naruto, Kushina, the Uzumaki and the Sage of the Six Paths, using the Kin-Gin brothers and Tobi’s chakra chains as references, but there’s another factor that may be involved in Naruto’s sudden change of aesthetic features, a thought that was inspired by something Tobi said during his battle with Konan.

Yin and Yang. In everything good, there is a little bit of evil, and in everything evil there is a lot of fun. Kukuku... @__@

So, if you read through the page above, you’ll see that Yin forms the basis of the Sage’s spiritual energy, which was also the basis of the Uchiha’s power which he gave to his oldest son in the form of his eyes. Then we have vitality and physical energy of which forms the basis of “yang” chakra, which the sage’s youngest son inherited the form of his “body”.

So, if the youngest son’s power is essentially formed from the basis of yang power, then it’s easy to see how the Uzumaki, who are descendants of that youngest son in some way, would have inherited their long lives and incredible vitality. But, there’s another factor involved here and that is Kurama’s chakra.

You see, when Minato split Kurama’s chakra, he sealed the “Yang” half into Naruto, the same type of chakra Naruto should have already inherited as an Uzumaki. So, when Naruto merges his chakra with Kurama’s, he is essentially strengthening his own “Yang” chakra and raising it to even greater levels. With both of their Yang chakras combined, it might explain why Naruto takes an even closer likeness to the Sage of the Six Paths himself and why his life force is so great, that it is even able to make plants grow around him. In my opinion, it is the closest to the Sage’s youngest son you’re going to get, especially when you consider how the different bloodlines have essentially thinned down over the generations and become diluted.

The question is, what would have happened if Naruto inherited Kurama’s Yin chakra instead? Would we have seen the birth of another Sage of the Six Paths? Is that a possibility that we may still see occur some time in the future? Only time will tell, I guess.

Bijuu Dama? All I see is a super Haidoken...

So, the chapter ended with yet another climactic cliffhanger, something that has become commonplace with Naruto chapters nowadays. Let’s just hope the epicness keeps up as this arc continues towards a close.

In any case, that’s it from me. Sorry for the long breakdown, but I had a lot to say. Here is the winner of last week’s caption contest.

Dish11: Or can he…<_<

I swear, I am not just trying to choose entries about me eating stuff. It just so happens that this was the only entry I found kinda funny. It doesn’t help that there weren’t many entries to contend with.

It does make me concerned about my reputation though…

Anyway, here is this week’s bubbliton:

*Insert possible caption here.*

There actually weren’t a lot of suitable speech bubbles in this chapter, but I thought this panel was pretty awesome, so let’s see how it goes.

See you all in the comments. ^ ^

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  1. Okay, that breakdown was long…

    I need to think less. It’s unhealthy. T___T

  2. A good read though! Thanks Tenrai.

  3. 3rd

    Was an awesome Chapter and I really enjoy Naruto as he is but I just worry that things are going too high, if a manga allows all its characters to progress with the main (even though the main character is more powerful) it has a much longer vitality, in manga’s like One Piece this seems to be the case, but like Bleach which created a huge gap Naruto may find itself stuck too high and rely on other things to continue going @___@

  4. Bubble: When Awesomeness reaches this level it is hard to contain it in just one body.
    Caption Coming up with pick up lines for after the war-check.

  5. Bubbliton: Hey, clone, check if my collar has been popped properly.

    Caption: Collar-popping, the true form of power-ups in Naruto. Just ask Sasuke…

  6. I won?? O_O

    Sweeeeeeeet. I’d like to thank WRA for instilling me with a sense of humor literally the only people who’ve been on this blog could understand.

    Great breakdown Ten really enjoyed this chapter, can’t wait for this upcoming one.

  7. Hey guys! Great Breakdown Tenrai!

    (The more to read the better) 😉

    I just wanted to point out a few things:

    1) Size of Karuma: Orochimaru’s arms(yang) were choped off and grew back, so going by that logic, I’d say that Kurama fed off of Naruto’s chakra and grew back to full size over the years as well.

    2)Cloak Theory: There is greater potential for Naruto in comparison to Bee because of his heritage(Uzumaki clan’s chakra), the Quality of the Seal(4 elements- as you saw the seal first grew all over his body with the uzumaki swirls then, when he made real partnership with Kurama, it grew into the cloak), and the added steps the parents took to ensure proper control of the bijuu(love and intervention). Bee and the 8 tails have a more 50/50 share of physical attributes where for example bee has to shoot the bijuu dama from his mouth when naruto can use his hands. It all kind of relates to how Naruto had more trouble with his bijuu, but because he fought harder for control along with the added benefits mentioned above, it seems he has more transformational characteristics that are human-like than Bee does.

    3) Evil in Sasuke: Most likely the dark evil that Karin detected in Sasuke was Dark Zetsu. He will probably give Sasuke the power of a tailed beast by feeding on his hatred and converting it to chakra.

    4) The gold and silver brothers are probably going to be used when Naruto runs low on chakra. The raw kyuubi chakra might interfere with Naruto’s connection with Kurama. What do you guys think?

    5) And what is Tobi’s guitar for? My guess is its for genjutsu… It has that chain on it connected to Tobi so I guess so he can play it and not be hit. It’s kind of like one of those evil possessed jukeboxes that you cant turn off even when you pull the plug!

    6) Did anyone notice Tobi has never used Susanoo or Amaterasu? Is he a clone or the 1st hokage himself? If he was Madera’s brother wouldn’t he have used Susanoo or Amaterasu at some point in the storyline? The only person capable of handling the Sharingan like a real Uchiha is the 1st Hokage albeit not spam quality but maybe better than a non-ems user? hmm…

  8. @visionary he didn’t use any Mangekyo jutsu to my knowledge. So far his eye never changed into the MS either.

  9. @Visionary and Kanton

    This feels like deja vu…


    I don’t see why Kishi would specifically point out that only ther Yang chakra of Kurama was sealed into Naruto, only to make that point obsolete by then saying that Kurama has now fully recovered his missing Yin chakra, because if that was the case, then what was the point of mentioning it at all in the first place? Why not just leave it that Kurama was fully sealed into Naruto?

    It seems like there was a specific reason behind Minato only sealing the Yang chakra of Kurama into Naruto, that might be very relevant to the plot.

    Then there’s the point of how exactly Naruto’s yang-type chakra would replace Kurama’s missing yin-type chakra… When they are two different types of chakra. O___o

    Of course, I think their chakra merger does act as a substitute of sorts for Kurama’s full power (Naruto and Kurama’s chakra together is as good as Kurama having both halves of his own chakra), but I don’t see it as a permanent fix for Kurama alone. He may always be dependant on Naruto to reach that level of power now.

    As for Orochimaru, he was able to repair his arms by taking over a new body. There’s no suggestion that the part that was sealed away ever just came back naturally on its own.

  10. bubble: damn….my shadow clone just dumped on my fox cloak
    caption: War: no time for bathroom breaks

  11. I just realized with all that SO6P talk that the closest person to the sage of the six paths right now is definitely Madara…and with the EMS, Rinnegan, and 1st Hokage DNA (or whatever it is that allows him to use wood techniques) he should be able to use Izanagi the same way the sage of the six paths did.

    Actually, he could probably bring himself back to life if he wanted to :O

  12. @Metachi

    That’s actually a good point. Lol. Imagine if Madara brings himself back to life using the Izanagi. O___O

    Still, if his version isn’t perfect yet, it would mean sacrificing his eyes and I don’t know if Madara is willing to do that.

  13. Madera has a lot of trump cards it seems…

    @Tenrai: Minato chopped the ying chakra from the 9 tails so it would fit inside Naruto. The sealing technique the 4th used ONLY seals ying chakra(spiritual) for obvious reasons. Technically the fox should have been paralyzed but we won’t go there(stares at Kishi 0.0, Kishi responds *.*) Bottum line: It was the quickest way for him to make the demon fox a reasonable size to work with. Remember they were desperate…

  14. @Visionary

    Actually, I don’t think that it’s accurate to say that Reaper Death seal is used only specifically to seal Yin chakra. When Hiruzen used it in his battle against Orochimaru, he sealed both Hashirama and Tobirama Senju’s souls completely, not just their Yin chakra. Also, when he sealed Orochimaru’s arms, there was no mention of Yin chakra at all, so it would be prudent to assume Hiruzen was only sealing Orochimaru’s Yin chakra at the time.

    In saying that, I do believe that the user of the Reaper Death Seal can choose to split his victims chakra (as he did with Kurama) or cut off certain parts (as Hiruzen did with Orochimaru).

    I actually believe the main reason Minato used the reaper death seal was because it also allowed him to place some of his own and Kushina’s chakra into Naruto. I do agree that its ability to select how much of the opponent’s chakra it seals and it’s ability to split the chakra into different parts was useful for Minato’s purposes of sealing Kurama into Naruto, however, I don’t think that it is limited to only sealing Yin chakra, because that has never been stated or even suggested. One point that supports this is the fact that both Hashirama and Tobirama are Senju, which means they inherited the “Yang” power of the sage of the six paths. If the Reaper Death Seal was only meant to seal Yin chakra or powers, then how did Hiruzen seal the first and second Hokage? O_o

  15. What I’ve always wondered is why Minato wasn’t able to seal the whole Fox into Naruto.

    Mito and Kushina had the complete Kurama inside them and there weren’t any drawbacks that we know of, so why couldn’t Naruto have the Kyuubi’s Yin and Yang chakra?

    The fact that “It’s physically and conceptually impossible to completely seal it all” is BS and a glaring plothole. As I said before, Mito and Kushina had all of Kurama’s chakra, so it can’t be impossible to completely seal it away. Kishi better explain.

  16. You’ve just opened up a can of worms. 😦

    Technically when ALL of your yin chakra or spiritual chakra is taken then your ghost passes on. That’s the view on it, I think. There was a character of Pain who was able to take your ghost right from you remember? That kills you instantly. You see, it’s different thing when you compare your ghost from your spiritual chakra! If it weren’t for the fact that Kurama is a chakra monster, his spirit would have been disconnected from his body like Oroch, whose celestial body(ghost) lost its connection to his physical arms. Oroch’s “spiritual chakra arms” had been severed and sealed away by the third Hokage. This is why Oroch immediately lost connection to his arms. They say that Kurama, and the other Bijuu, are swirling masses of hatred or chakra. (I’m letting you read a little into it cause I know you’re gonna anyways) 😉

    If you look at the pane where the fox got sealed with the Reaper Death Seal you’ll see an electrified image of the fox. The image wasn’t perfect. This represents the chaotic and powerful chakra emanating from within the fox and also the imperfect capture of the spiritual essence of the fox. So maybe this is why the fox was able to move. Either that or Kishi f* up! Or maybe… Minato wanted an excuse to get behind Kushina one more time!
    So to sum up, the spirit chakra is ideally consumed and is locked in eternal battle within the Reaper Death Seal, but the ghost still goes to heaven, hell or whatever that person or thing deserves.

  17. Its never a long enough breakdown! Thanks!

  18. @visionary
    im pretty sure a lot u said is just complete speculation and has no basis on anything said in the manga or otherwise. How do you know thats true about losing all of your yin chakra? How do you know what pain pulls out wasn’t actually chakra and it just took that shape? not hard to believe considering that when naruto pulled the nine tails chakra it takes the foxs form and vice versa…and about bijuu it seems that they aren’t swirling masses of hatred and chakra but “will” and chakra or basically a conscious chakra… this idea of a ghost has no basis either..Also why wouldn’t the fox be able to move he could easily overpower kushina in the state shes in…Also the last thing you said is wrong to because the only way you are able to be brought back by edo tensei is if your reside in the pure world (heaven/hell) and if your are sealed by the reaper death seal you cannot be brought back by edo tensei… so if what you say is correct then shouldn’t someone who is sealed like that be able to be revived?

    yea thats a crazy point kishi messed up…maybe minato wasn’t adept enough at sealing techniques to seal the whole fox inside naruto…or maybe naruto was too young to store the fox within himself, his body being too small to store so much chakra and that’s what minato meant or it cud even be a combination of the two who knows..

  19. Awesome breakdown as always Tenrai!
    Now that your done doing that get over here and be my rug!!!

  20. I will go with mordi’s view on the matter of the kyuubi because it’s the right one. Yin and Yang In chakra do refer to phisical and spiritual energy but it is in it’s own a energy. What visionary said made me think the yang chakra was a person or beast’s body and had no relation to chakra at all.

    Just to get things str8
    Charka= phisical power + spiritual will
    Yin+Yang Chakra= Yin Yang Chakra (witch everyone has, because there would be no more balance in chakra it it wouldn’t be like that).

    As for Kyuubi, well it’s a beast made out of chakra so the chakra is in fact it’s own body so taking the Yin chakra resulted in it shrinking to half it’s size. That would have happened even if Minato sealed half of it chakra that contained both yin and yang.

    So the question is, as asked by mordi, why couldn’t the reaper death seal contain the whole kyuubi and seal into Naruto .

  21. @Eugen

    Minato stated that it was physically impossible to seal the entirety of the Kyuubi’s power into a single person, which is why he sealed half of its chakra into himself.

    I’m not sure if this was a limitation of Minato himself, or if it just meant that a normal human being couldn’t withstand having the whole of Kurama sealed into them, but that is what was stated at the end of the day.

    To be honest, it doesn’t exactly explain how Mito and Kushina were able to contain Kurama in his entirety, but I have a feeling their seals may have been different to the one Minato used on Naruto. Perhaps they didn’t allow Kurama’s chakra to leak out and mix with his host like Minato’s did, which may explain why the limitations were there when Minato sealed Kurama into Naruto.

    Either way, it is a mystery indeed, but I do hope it is explained at some point in the near future.


    I guess some things never change. 😛

  22. Good site and breakdowns.
    Speaking of sealed beasts.
    Way back when tobi told sasuke that he would give him one of the tailed beasts.
    I’m guessing that is where shakaku (one tails) is. Implanted in tobi or more than likely, implanted in sasuke. Which would give him high chakra reserves to make better use of the ems.

  23. Another excellent breakdown Tenrai. I must say, I have really enjoyed the latest Manga, And anime series of Naruto.

    @ Junrun678 – Welcome to the blog. 😉 Oh, and watch for Tenrai, he eats people. <__<

  24. @mordi: The Reaper Death Seal puts your spiritual chakra(yin) in a separate dimension. So There is no way to bind your spirit to a real physical body. You have 4 things: your ghost(spirit or celestial body), your spiritual(yin) chakra, your physical chakra(yang) and physical body. Every day you regenerate your physical chakra and heal/rest your body, but your spiritual(yin) chakra grows very slowly. That’s why Oroch went through a very painful recovery. Kabuto used tricks like potions and remedies which helped him reshape his yin chakra back in his arms faster. If your yin chakra is totally sealed(Reaper Death Seal), then there is no way to bind the soul to the physical body! It’s the glue that connects everything. So Edo Tensei won’t work!

    Edo Tensei is basically the hijacking of another person’s body. The physical chakra(yang) and body, yin and ghost are replaced by the caster. My pet theory is that Madera wants to come back to life. His plan was to have a hybrid clone use the power of the tailed beasts to bring him back to life so he can rule and revive the Uchiha clan himself. The clone, being emotionally torn from being part Senju and part Uchiha changed the plan and decided on the “Eye of the Moon plan.” This is why Edo Madera spoke so lowly of Edo Tensei because it’s a pale comparison.

    Edo Tensei is not a true revival which is something only the So6 can do, the ability to create something and then breathe life into it. And so to this Madera is like wtf…

    Kurama Shrinking: When Minato did the Reaper Death Seal on Kurama. If you remember, what got grabbed was a sloppy representation of the fox. Reasons for this may be: Kurama has no ghost or soul, his chakra is chaotic, and he is a chakra generator. So, if he is just pure chakra, it makes sense that he just shrunk. I don’t know how else Minato could have done it any different…

    btw: I never said Kurama had a ghost, but I will say that he has the ability to mix yin and yang chakra(makes purple). So when Kurama is making a bijuu bomb, he’s collecting bits of blue, red, and colliding them crudely making it look dark purple.

    @Tenrai: Did you refer to the seals that Minato and Kushina put up while they were fighting and sealing the fox into Naruto? What was so perfect about that?

  25. @Visionary

    Where did I say something about anything being perfect? X___x

  26. I meant sealing Kurama in his entirety. Did you mean sealed in Kushina perfectly?

  27. @visionary
    Show me where it says that reaper death seal puts your yin chakra alone in another dimension unless chosen by the caster. Also show me where in naruto (the manga) anybody ever says anything about a ghost as part of your body. How do you know that yin chakra grows slowly? Also your making up things about edo tensei the only knowledge we have on that is thru kabuto and he might not even be telling the whole truth.
    Also, madara said “mankind is better served sleeping under the infinite tsukuyomi” so he clearly knew about that plan and tobi didn’t just make it up…How do you know tobi is part senju…he might only have the firsts cells…
    The representation of the foxs chakra makes sense considering thats what we see in the anime right now during narutos battle with it…
    idk man most of your theories are either fan fiction or contradictory to what is actually true…

  28. Excellent breakdown, Tenrai!

    Bubblition: You find the ramen shop, I’ll take in the view of the Hills of Konoha (aka Hinata’s tits)

    Caption: Naruto new power – able to think with 2 organs at the same time!

  29. Just to clarify – Minato stated that it was physically impossible to use the Reaper Death Seal to seal away all of Kurama’s chakra, as well as it was not strategically wise to do so (as the balance of power when Kurama re-emerges without a Jinchuriki would be upset)…

    So, it appears that Minato did seal half of Kurama’s chakra away forever.

  30. Bubble: hey guess what im thinking about right now o_O
    caption: they say theres only two things you can do with your clone

  31. @ Todd Sturner and @ WRA then i think there’s more to the question. The question is WHY did Minato seal the other half of Kurama. If it wasn’t strategically wise to cause an unbalance in the tailed beasts, why seal half of it away, that is going to cause an unbalance because it’s missing a LARGE chunk of it’s power. So again, why? Was it because Minato knew about the Jubi and guessed that tobi was after the Kubi to resurrect it, thus sealing the troublesome half of chakra and thinking he had prevented its Resurrection? I don’t know but i do think that there is more to the story we haven’t seen, and that Minato knew more than we are lead on to believe. Remember that Jiayra said that the Fourth never did anything without purpose. The excuse that Minato gave KUshina seemed half assed and rushed, because he had the ability to seal Kurama in his entirety into naruto, thus saving himself, naruto and Kushina yet he chose to seal it away in the Death seal and the other half in naruto

  32. @Visionary

    I was questioning why Kushina and Mito were able to hold Kurama in his entirety, yet Minato said that it was physically impossible for anyone to contain him completely.

    I then went on to say that it might have been the nature of Minato’s seal (It was different to Kushina’s and Mito’s) that caused these limitations, perhaps because Minato’s seal allowed Kurama’s chakra to mix with Naruto’s. There may be other factors involved, of course, which is why I hope there is a more detailed explanation for Minato’s choices further down the line.

    I never said Mito’s or Kushina’s seals were perfect.



    Bubble: I bet Tenrai can’t eat what you’re dumping right there or can he?! O_O
    Caption: When Tenrai’s appetite goes wrong. 😀

  34. Naruto is out now…

    Time to read. @___@

  35. Okay, the translations were terrible, but man, what an interesting chapter. It’s gotten me really excited about Naruto’s link to the Rikudou Sennin. @__@


  36. hmmm i thought it was interesting that the So6P had the same lines on his face as itachi….i always did think itachi was the true genius and not sasuke. My theory, that every time itachi hit sasuke’s head and said maybe next time brother, he was transferring his skill into sasuke like he did at the end of his life. Thus teaching sasuke everything he never could physically teach him.

  37. Interesting theory dricedt, that just might end up to be true.

    As for the chapter, I think Gedo Mazo will have a really bad indigestion next week and Naruto might just call all of them out.
    I’m gonna wait for Mangastream to see the translation, bacuse reader made a strange one.

    P.S. Kurama as a chibi was sooooo CUTE :)), OMG he was such a little puppy, hachibi (Gyuuki) also.

  38. The mangastream version is out.

    It makes a lot more sense now. It seems like the Rikudou Sennin foresaw Naruto’s coming. There is a good chance Naruto may even be the Sage of the Six Paths reincarnated in some form.

    Well, now my brain is starting to implode with all these new theories, so, I think I’ll just stop thinking for now. X__X

  39. The funny thing is, Minato’s long sideburns resemble the Sage’s hair a lot.
    Maybe Naruto is now the closest ever one has ever come to the original blood line of the Sage.
    What will be most intriguing is the development of this situation and mainly if Hachibi will also fuse with Naruto. His farewell to Bee will most likely be heartbreaking for both of them.
    And after that there’s the situation of Shukaku and his location in all this chaos. Is he in Gedo Mazo, is he in Tobi or Sasuke, where the hell is he??

    Anyway, Naruto might as well posses the Rinnegan starting now because at the way things are going, that will be the case really soon.

  40. like a lot of us have been sayin for a while now…naruto’s about to become the jinchurriki for all the tailed beasts. and he’s about to open his seal on the last page so i cant wait to see what happens when he does 🙂


  41. @ Dish, considering the way he looked this last time @, I can’t imagine how Kishi will make him look any more badass. Maybe a sagemode+bijuumode+doujutsu look that will destroy all out Pc’s in the process.

  42. oh no this is going dbz in a hurry, kishi pull up pull up man!!!!

  43. this is to epic (i like it btw) but my fears about this war being an epic farm of epicness chapters is so true at this point no one can argue that this war is epic juice to feed the fans. i really want to see the next chapter but i really dont want kishi to overdue this and end up with a dragon ball gt as the only place he can go

  44. and i am outraged at this community!!!!! there was soooo many jokes to make about naru/sauske making out in this chapter and they were untouched! jkjk not outraged. but i promise tenrai senishi if there is not a joke about this in the next breakdown my research into one piece ends 😉 !!!! and um raar or something… scary face o__@

  45. @ Cool, can you imagine Kurama, Minato and Kushina’s reaction from inside Naruto’s mind when he kissed Sasuke. I bet they were on there asses laughing like mad men. that must have been really funcky for Naruto, to always have someone there to see his every move, even the ‘guilty’ ones, if you know what I mean. :)) I can’t imagine the shame he must feel if the Kyuubi would start telling on everything stupid he did in his life :)).

  46. BTW, eats Tenrai for not eating people anymore !!!! Bad Tenrai Senshi, go in your room until your ready to come out and eat people like a normal cannibal.

  47. @Eugen

    *Uses special eating-reversal technique to counter Eugen and eats him instead.* @__@


    I can’t force humor, I’m afraid. If something comes to me while I’m writing the breakdown, then so be it. Lol. There is one thing that comes to mind, but we’ll see how it goes.

    As for power levels and all, remember, it has to go to DBZ before it goes to GT. 😛

  48. @tenrai, your writing leaves nothing to be desired and the dedication speaks for itself in the long-lived fans of the site and i would never tell you to force a joke. that said im forcing this joke o__@ or more specifically im not working today so im the resident troll till tomorrow and dont you forget that theres beans all over your senshi…. wait is that a thing? ummm quick o__@

  49. @eugen and bubblation
    bubble: hey soooo do you know about….
    caption: yes, yes your clone knows what happened at marti gras

  50. @WRA I now sit in my apartment after spending the last half hour in a pizza parlor trying to type this on my phone, watching the sun set over the “beloved” city of riverside…lolz….and as i drink my coke a question burns, could sasuke even attempt to beat naruto’s biju bomb. Look at the level of attack we saw today from naruto. Sasukes strongest defense would be sasuno. We saw Madara’s susuno which is comparable if not better than sasukes and his was easily bested by the Raikage. The Raikage’s level of attack pails in comparison to narutos biju bomb and honestly i cant see sasuke dodging something with that kinda of AOE let alone being able to block it; he along with sasuno would be vaporized. To top it off, if naruto gets the other tailed beasts, his attack power will be unheard of, even the SO6P said today that when they are united under the person that will lead them towards the right path (Naruto) they will then know TRUE power. Now i know some people are annoyed with naruto’s power ups, especially now that all the other biju, save Shikaku, have given naruto some kind of knowledge/techniques. But to be honest, i’m not mad at all because ever since the valley of the end i have been wanting naruto to rip a hole in sasuke bigger than the hole in stephen hawkings black hole theory was.

  51. @dricedt
    dont forget naruto has a time limit. i say A biju bomb yes. sasuno is better than the orochimaru defense and ill give you 3 didnt defend him but we are moving up to the chakra cloak level and it seams like the higher the chakra level the more effective the protection. and edo revivals have some things (will/chakra/drive) that limit their ability that came up more than once, except the chakra that more a guess. but in any case the edo revivals are not as strong as the original for any one of a hundred manga reasons and any one of dozens of naruto reasons

  52. @dricedt
    also nice epic rap battle reference 😉

  53. i think overall the war has turned out pretty nice. better than a lot of us thought it would, especially at the beginnig. there’s still quite a bit to cover too..itachi/kabuto, madara/kages, sasuke’s entrance into the battlefield etc…so i really hope kishi takes his time covering them all.

    but i do think to make this a well rounded arc there’s gonna have to be some key charachter deaths at some point, for the shinobi alliance i mean. just don’t want it to be too bleachesque where the good guys always survive all happy-go-lucky

  54. @Dish

    I’ve always believed that if a main or prominent character dies in a story, there should be a good reason for it. It’s pointless for Kishi to kill off a character purely for the sake of it, and as much as a death in a story can add depth to make it better, killing off interesting characters, without substantially good reasons for doing so, can also bring a series down as a whole.

    Jiraiya’s and Asuma’s deaths both had a purpose in building up Naruto and Shikamaru respectively. They weren’t just random, they had reason behind them. That is what I consider a “story uplifting” death scene. The same goes for Itachi’s death, which was planned a long time in advanced and also had a greater impact on Sasuke’s character as a whole. But right now, I just don’t see many characters you could kill off in this war whose deaths would have the same kind of impact as those I mentioned above.

    So, the question is, who’s death would have the most profound impact right now? Who’s death could be a motivational factor to push Naruto’s drive and emotional intensity that much farther? As far as I am concerned, the one death that would have the most impact at this very point in the story right now, would be Bee’s. Why? Because we’ve spent a lot of time with him lately – in this arc especially – and he’s had the opportunity to grow on us. He’s also become a good friend and teacher of Naruto’s and as a fellow Jinchuuriki, he shares Naruto’s plight as well. His death would both put the Hachibi at risk – perhaps even in Tobi’s hands – and it would also simultaneously deliver a huge emotioal blow to Naruto and, as far as I am concerned, to the readers as well. It would also leave Naruto as the last surviving Jinchuuriki, which in itself carries a sense of emotional isolation and desperation.

    I also think Bee has the greatest chance of dying at this point, especially if Naruto will somehow eventually unite all the Jinchuuriki again, the Hachibi included.

  55. i agree with tenrai about bee dying; it’ll help put the war into that state of peril that we all want because with the 8 tails in tobi’s possession he could possibly revive the juubi. It’s pretty convenient that tobi already has some nine tails- chakra. Im sure that’s the only reason the kin,gin brothers were put into the story anyways, since naruto probably won’t lose kurama at this point.

  56. @ten
    true enough, and the manga math adds up on the theory. i dont see how the emotional impact of war would really hit home otherwise. the only exceptions being kakashi or guy, and those would be cop out deaths because we havnt spent time as readers with them in quite a while. the same goes for pretty much any of his freinds, so as of this chapter if anyone dies other than bee, they better get some face time

  57. I for one am not that sure if Bee’s gonna die or just give Hachibi to Naruto somehow, the people who I think will pass are Tsunade (for being the last Sannin left and thus passing the title of kage to Naruto), Bee has it coming but for now I think Naruto can watch over him without fail, maybe Sasuke will kill Bee and thus the test for Naruto will start:
    Either kill Sasuke to get revenge on Bee and make things right by all the nations
    Or suppress that anger and become a true sage of unity and peace, but Sasuke’s fate will still be left into balance: Will Naruto turn him to the right path without both being killed, and if so what will the consequences be for Sasuke after that, or will Sasuke be killed and leave Naruto in a giant hole of despair and hurt for failing to save his oldest friend.

  58. Hi all, It’s been a very very long time since I posted anything…but I couldn’t resist on this topic.

    Yamato also has a very good chance at being killed off. He is not needed in the story anymore. He was there to control Naruto if the Kyuubi were to break loose, and now that Naruto and Kurama are all buddy buddy…there is no need for him.
    I don’t think Kishi will kill Bee off just yet, the last person to die was a mentor figure to Naruto so to kill off another one would be over kill.
    I vote he kills off Sakura.

  59. @ xorsaw, welcome back! Did you notice no one in Narutoverse even know Yamato’s been captured except the ones that were on the scene and the mizukage and Choujiro. I don’t even know if Tsunade has any knowledge of this.
    But I think Yamato wil be saved eventually.

  60. @coolbeans thats true, but lets say as soon as he meets sasuke he goes full biju then full power bomb and nukes a 10 mile radius with it, no way sasuke can escape, i dont care how powerful susono is, he’d be vaporized. The power all all the beasts combined would be enough to wipe him out

  61. Bubble: Hey! Get me different lubricant-creams for each of them. I’ll handle the rest!

  62. It’s actually funny that Yamato essentially missed out on the whole war. Lol. I can imagine what it would be like when he wakes up.

    Yamato: So, what did I miss?

    Kakashi: <__<

    Yamato: O_o

  63. Bubble:
    Ok, use sage mode and take a crap as fast as you can while I keep them occupied.
    Caption: It’s always great to have a friend on the lookout in need.

  64. How about a Aizen vs Naruto debate :))

  65. well i think naruto could take ichigo so….

  66. Ten- yeah i fully agree with what you said, and like you said, i think bee could be that option. i also think oonoki could fill that role..he’s kind of made a turn around recently and he’s really old haha. i can just see him maybe sacrificing himself to seal/defeat madara or something similar

  67. @Tenrai: Isn’t story depth also determined by how believable certain events seem? And a war where out of let’s say forty more or less relevant characters noone dies, doesn’t seem very threatening to me. A war arc should keep you on your toes, constantly in fear for your favorite characters, and this war just does not give me that sense of dread I had in the Marineford Arc for example. War is also not supposed to go as planned, there will always be unnecessary and unxpected deaths.
    I don’t know about you, but at least Oonoki should have already died a “long” time ago.

  68. @dmaxx

    A lot of people have died in the war though, so it’s not like you can’t see that there are deaths.

    Also, if you just kill some of the characters, like say Neji, Kiba and Shino, then what? Was there a need for those deaths? Will it really move us at all or have any profound effect? My guess is that at this point, it won’t really. All it would really do is cut away at some of Naruto’s cast, characters that, instead of dying meaningless deaths, could instead be kept around and developed in more interesting ways.

    As I said before, death can add to a story, but only if it is done well. Kishi just randomly killing off characters with no real reason or motive, simply for the sake of a war, will only be robbing the series of some of its interesting cast and nothing beyond that. I do agree that random and unexpected deaths can also have a great shock impact, Like Shizune’s and Kakashi’s temporary deaths at the hands of Pein, but even then, timing is key. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be deaths or that there won’t be any. I’m just saying that if there is, they have to be used for maximum impact.

    As for Oonoki, I have a feeling he might give his life to defeat Madara. We’ll see though.

  69. @dricet: Keep in mind that Sasuke has escaped a big bomb before, when Deidera blew up at him. Sasuke summoned his Manda snake, and hid from the blast (killing it). Maybe Sasuke will pull another hawk out of his butt and fly away “just in time”, or trick Kabuto into summoning his new SSJ Manda to protect him (I still think Kabuto wants to transfer Oro’s leftovers into Sasuke).

  70. @dmaxx: perhaps Tobi started this “war” without taking into consideration Naruto’s Level 85 pwnage toon… so he says it’s a war, but it just doesn’t work out that way.

    Or maybe it can be considered to be a “War for the Bijuu” (why do i suddenly hear Creedence Clearwater Revival playing in my head)…?

  71. @arpotu sounds like born on the bayou

  72. Is it just me, or Naruto’s whiskers might connect left to right and go all the way into his eyes and form the rinnegan?? I know it’s a little out there, especially coming from a non fictional person like myself but Naruto’s seal design just keeps forming into the Sage’s own likeness and the whiskers have to common ground to what little we know about the sage’s face but the might become the rinnegan seeing as the rineggan had besides it’s iris and pupil 3 concentric circles going outwards, the same number of whiskers Naruto has on his face.

    Maybe I’m reading into this a little much and just for a fact, I’m not part of the “Naruto pro Rinnegan” fan club but we might see that coming weather we like it or not.

  73. @ Tenrai: Yeah, it would be a real shame if we couldn’t see Tenten in action anymore.
    Too low? Lol
    Now, I’m sure the death would not be pointless. It would just serve to “wake naruto up”, sort of like in the Pain arc. Life is not all peachy and a future Hokage should know what war can do.
    Kishi could easily transform a death into a lesson.
    But i don’t even want one of the Rookie 9 to die, kishi can pull off the “older generation dies with their mistakes” thing and everyone is satisfied.
    See, that’s tge choice you gotta make, eitger you let people die and risk losing some “fans”, or you make it so the war cannot be taken seriously

    @arpotu: heh, you know somerimes I like to think that when tobi takes off his mask we will just see a kishi mask and under that a trollface lol

  74. @wra, so are the gates now open for a sag-ubbi mode similar to the pain chapter? clearly he can do both separately so is that the next power up that at this point i see as an inevitable set of power up moves from the new kyubbi mode.

  75. @ Cool, I for one was actually looking forward this fusion of great powers the most but seeing how far Naruto has come in the last chapters makes me think if it’s really something he needs.

    He now has Kurama by his side and from what we know the 5 min interval was something just temporary until he and Kurama solidify there bond and reach the same bond as Bee and Chiumey .

    This is just the first step in Naruto’s ascension, now he also has the extra power of 6 maybe 7 bijuu ( counting Bee) and that power is soon to be revealed in the next chapter. a power I’m sure will leave us brain dead and praising Kishi as a God Mangaka.

    The only thing I’m looking forward to, is Sasuke’s ability to suppress the power of the Bijuu, we know that Sasuke already tamed the kyuubi’s power when he and Naruto met after the 3 year training they had with Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

    Now maybe I’m giving Sasuke a little too much credit but without a doubt he is now far from being on par with Naruto, even with his new EMS, so the only chance he has will be to limit Naruto’s power by taking partial control of the Bijuu’s minds.

    So the evolution of this great destined fight between the two should be a big surprise weather it’s as I said, and Sasuke manages to power down Naruto or Sasuke might develop some awesome new powers that will bring Tobi, Madara and even Itachi to shame.

  76. Amazing chapter…

    @coolbeans: it will be epic! i wonder if he can join with ma and pa frog?

    @wra: what do you guys think will happen if sasuke meets itachi? Do you think sasuke will be able to undo the edo tensei or should i say find its weak point?

    @eugen: yeah good point! his key or seal just keeps augmenting!

    @dmaax: i agree with you that the war has been a little too easy on the main characters, but, in the end, this is family based and japan just dealt with a tsunami. i think kish is going easy on the killing for now but if there was a sacrificial lamb i would guess that it would be one of the kages like the raikage or tsuchikage somehow… i think that everybody is sensing that the bad guys are gonna return fire very soon. the question is how?

  77. @visionary if the raikage dies and bee is made kage, then naruto would be set up for future kage brining together-ness. he’ll have be and gara as kages in his corner not to mention future relationship building with the other 2 kages.

  78. ok .. hold up.. waaitt a minute.. was i the only one that was disappointed that utakata wasn’t surprised upon meeting naruto?! i was waiting for something like ”OMG OMG you be a jinchuriki too?! Oh HELL NAW!” but he acted like he didn’t even know the damn fellow?!

  79. @cannonfg: That’s because he doesn’t know him

  80. well .. assuming that the filler episodes tie in with the main episodes he should’ve known em.. unless u didn’t watch the fillers :/ .. hehe otherwise i wouldn’t have made such a blind statement 😛

  81. bubbliton:
    Merge with the Kyuubi? That was so 2 chapters ago!

    caption: Next chapter Naruto goes SS8!!!

    @cannon: Kish doesn’t do fillers very well. That’s kubo’s thing. In fact i found that many bleach filler episodes were better than the non-filler eps. what do you think?

  82. Am I really going to be the first to comment here on Kurama’s younger form? Honestly never thought I would see the Kyuubi in a form that could be described as cute… Well at least not in the manga itself…

    Also I never would have guessed that the Biju would consider the sage of the six paths in a fatherly manner at all. That’s Kishi for ya though, always with the surprises that one.

    Also what happened to Mangastream’s forums truly sucks…

    Am making a prediction now that Naruto will somehow resurrect the other Jinchuriki, and that this isn’t the last arc as the last arc and main villains will likely be the Edo Tensei’d Madara and Sasuke.

  83. @Michael: psh, please with that nonsensical babal your spewing about Madara and Sasuke being the main villains. 😛 It’s going to be Kabuto! As of this moment, he holds all the cards. He deducted the Moons-Eye plan without any help. He knew about Madaras prime. He has vast amount of knowledge about the human body, what it does, what it’s capable of and the impure world resurrection to summon tons of bodies. We might not even be seeing all of his summons. His ultimate goal is to find out the true meaning of ninjutsu. That is a huge goal! He’s a distorted image of Naruto. To me, he is more of Naruto’s opposite then sauske is. He is the one that can truly achieve the goal of bringing the Naruto world to its knees. He doesn’t need a big war. He doesn’t need to show his intentions because that is what makes him dangerous. For all we know, this war is all going according to his plan. Remember, the jinchuruki Tobi was using were created by Kabuto. He is seeing the battle and how it’s panning out. Kabuto is just getting started, I think!

  84. @thelaughingwiseman I couldnt agree with you more. I think Kabuto has been under played until this war and kishi is beginning to show us his true potential. To be honest, Kabuto could have summoned all of the ido’s and killed sasuke, madara and wiped out all the villages with just pain itachi and some other few but i dont think he wants to. If you think about it, his goal is to learn the true purpose of ninjutsu and what better way to learn it than from the person who created it…S06P, i think kabuto is trying to push people like naruto etc in the direction of bring the S06P out, however that will happen. I think he is only using both madara’s

  85. Maybe the threat of Kabuto will be the thing that drives Sasuke to work with Naruto / Kohona (after he and Itachi have a sit-down, of course). The current arc could be the “End of Madara(s)”, and the rebirth of Kabuto as the main villain.

    I would still like to know more about Kabuto’s history and lineage. So far he’s an uber-powerful blank slate.

  86. I also predict the inclusion of Konohamaru in a new series, or the next major arc. After all, the 2nd issue of Naruto was named “I am Konohamaru!”, and Sauke wasn’t introduced until later…

    Konohamaru is a great shinobi in his own right – remember, he took out 1 pein by himself, at the ripe old age of what – 9 years?

  87. @wiseman + Dricedt + Arpotu
    Not saying Kabuto won’t play a major role, but he’s more the kind of shinobi that does things from behind the front lines. He’s not the kind of person to fight his own battles unless absolutely required. The major up front threats will be Sasuke and Madara with Kabuto no doubt scheming in the background, as he’s probably ten times as dangerous in that capacity as he is in any other.

    As for Madara being an Edo Summon, I can see Sasuke using his new Ubber Hax eyes to somehow unbind Madara from Kabuto, thus allowing them to work together without outside interference.

    As for Konohomaru, this story is being told by him about 40 years in the future, Him being the eighth or ninth Hokage or something like that. I don’t see him having too much a role in the battles currently as he’s way underpowered at this stage of events.

  88. @michael .. wait.. can you explain to me about that? Konohomaru telling the story 40 yrs into the future?

  89. @ Dmaxx3d – You say, and i quote, “Now, I’m sure the death would not be pointless. It would just serve to “wake naruto up”, sort of like in the Pain arc. Life is not all peachy and a future Hokage should know what war can do.
    Kishi could easily transform a death into a lesson.
    But i don’t even want one of the Rookie 9 to die, kishi can pull off the “older generation dies with their mistakes” thing and everyone is satisfied.
    See, that’s tge choice you gotta make, eitger you let people die and risk losing some “fans”, or you make it so the war cannot be taken seriously.”

    I am sorry, but I am failing to see the logic here. How would a death “Wake up” an already Woken and battle pwning Naruto? If anything, Naruto is as serious as he can get, seeing as how he has Already lost Jman, and Kakashi once. And how cant this war be taken seriously? I think you are making too much of your own opinion into a well known standard that all manga’s that just so happen to feature war, have to abide by.

    Irregardless of who dies an who doesn’t, the war will still be interesting.

    “Also, if you just kill some of the characters, like say Neji, Kiba and Shino, then what? Was there a need for those deaths? Will it really move us at all or have any profound effect? My guess is that at this point, it won’t really. All it would really do is cut away at some of Naruto’s cast, characters that, instead of dying meaningless deaths, could instead be kept around and developed in more interesting ways.”

    Besides Tenten, wouldn’t you like to see some much needed character development for the other main stream characters as well?

  90. @tim,
    i disagree, war is death and lessons dont mean waking up. and to that point the jman death was dramatic but could have been made a better plot point. i will back down on the argument that exploiting a death for plot development is bad for the story

  91. @ tim
    i think i read read your post wrong whoopsie 😉

  92. @cannonfg
    One of the last chapters will probably cut away to Konohomaru as the Hokage telling the story of “NARUTO and the NINE TAILS” to the youngsters of the village.

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