Naruto Shippuuden 246- Naruto Meets His Maker (Literally)

Hey everyone, sorry I missed a couple episodes. College can make ones life hectic. But I’m back with this weeks breakdown, and boy is it a doozy!


We left off last week with Naruto about to hit the nine-tails with his super rasengan. Unfortunately the nine-tails is able to dodge it and knocks Naruto across the room.

He gets caught, but luckily it was just a shadow clone. The real Naruto grabs the nine-tails by one of his tails and throws him. (I didn’t realize Naruto was THAT strong…) Then he throws a wind shuriken at him and connects, latches onto the nine-tails chakra and begins the tug-of-war battle of his life!

The nine-tails sends out his pure hatred and it starts to take over Naruto, then he starts pulling out Narutos’ chakra. Naruto starts feeling anger and hatred about his past and he begins to lose control, beginning his transformation into the nine-tails.

And then, all of the sudden……



Naruto, not knowing who this random person is accuses her of being the nine-tails real form. He gets whacked for being dumb, and after some explanation….

Awwww. How sweet *sniffle* Meeting his mom for the first time….As someone who didn’t grow up with both parents, I can tell you: meeting a parent later in life is an indescribable feeling. And I know just what Naruto is going through, having gone through the same thing myself. Anyways, enough of the touchy feelie crap….

This meeting stops the full transformation in it’s tracks.

We learn that when Minato sealed the nine-tails into Naruto he also sealed some of Kushinas chakra to help Naruto beat the nine-tails when the time came. With Kushinas help, Naruto holds the nine-tail at bay, and they do alot of talking about parent/kid type things and then we find out how Minato and Kushina fell in love, which I won’t bother going into, but it’s really cute. Kushina was pretty badass IMO. And that ends the episode….

Tune in next week to find out if Naruto beats the nine-tails!


~ by Miranda on January 29, 2012.

7 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 246- Naruto Meets His Maker (Literally)”

  1. First

  2. Kushina’s hair is longer in the manga…..

  3. The art was beautiful. :3
    This episode made me tear up.

  4. Awesome Breakdown Mandi. 🙂 Thank you for keeping the anine posts alive.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the emotion behind this chapter. The scene where Naruto start crying and embraces his mother for the first time really got to me. I started tearing up. The music fit in quite well to, and made the experience of watching this episode that much more satisfying.

  5. 4th – This was an awesome episode, I even felt a lump in my throat during the part where naruto hugs her, in the preview we saw that we getting to the history of the nine tails attack @___@ LEGENDARY

  6. That was a great episode. Loved the emotion and like previous posts was choked up by the meeting with his mum. I was really happy seeing Naruto so happy! Seriously AWESOME parents though! did anyone else hear the different noise for when Minato was moving! EPIC!

  7. The anime ep 248 where someone saves someone so reminds me of ep 215 where someone else saves someone else….even the look in their eyes is identical. The Yoruba say ‘omo o le jo baba ka ma binu omo’ meaning ‘A child can’t turn out like its father and we blame the child’. Awesomeness is awesomeness.

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