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Source: 2ch
Credits: ohana
Verification: Confirmed
Naruto transforms into the Bijuu

The Chakra Cloak increases **
The 3 whiskers turn dark
and the seal from the stomach opens up. (ohana uses an onomatopoeia here: dooon)

**(so, I dunno about this line, because ohana uses a specific word/jargon “chiri chiri” and I have no idea what that is…if I remember correctly that’s the name for the Chakra Cloak…I’m not sure…but if I’m right then it’s like that)

Madara transforms as well
His whiskers also turn darker and the same with his seal, while he screams

Naruto vs remaining tailed beasts.
Chapter ends with Naruto doing a Tailed Beast Bomb.
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435 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2012/01/25(水) 18:40:35.89 ID:Gap/Qjg1O
They transform separately
The transformation works as it does with Killer Bee and Hachibi
Naruto sits on Kyuubi giving indications and such.

The chapter is now out:


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