Naruto Chapter 570 Breakdown: Gotta catch ’em all! Bijuumon!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you saw something you really wanted to eat so badly that you couldn’t help but feel excited? But then you forced yourself out of it through sheer willpower alone?

No… neither have I.

I mean, eating stuff is something all of us should do, right? It’s a natural part of being alive, therefor, I see no harm in doing what is only natural by following my gut instincts. (Get it? Gut instincts! Trolololol!!!).

But, some people would have me believe that eating other people is bad. Well, I say allowing the world to get too overpopulated is bad as well, so it was simply a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. And so, I perform my duty with both diligence, and eagerness.

It's been a long time since I've had meat balls. @___@

But, in all seriousness, this latest Naruto chapter isn’t about food. It’s about epicness! (although there isn’t much difference). And “epic” was a state of existence that this chapter managed to achieve with flying colours.

It blew us away with a single moment we’ve all been waiting to see pretty much since we first found out that the Kurama was an intelligent, sentient being. For the first time ever, Naruto and Kurama have finally begun to see eye-to-eye. It took the big, hate-filled fuzz-ball a while to come around, but then, I guess his trepidations came with good reason.

But before we jump the gun and get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at those moments leading up to the big event.

I'll teach you how to use one of the most incredible skills of all time! It's right up there with Chuck Norris' Roundhouse Kick! It's the one, the only, FALCON...... tap?

Before Son Goku was tragically eaten by an individual who will remain unnamed for investigative purposes, there was a moment he and Naruto both shared together. After realizing that Naruto was more than just talk and that he genuinely wanted to save all the Bijuu, Son Goku decides to impart him with a “gift” of some sort.

What that gift actually is, is still a mystery to us, but considering its form of delivery – through a Falcon Pun… I mean, fist bump – I think it is safe to surmise that it may be something in the form of thoughts or memories. Perhaps Son Goku was implanting the information needed to defeat the other Bijuu or Tobi into Naruto’s mind, or perhaps he was showing him memories of the past. Of course, there is a chance that the first bump was simply a gesture of friendship and good will as well, which in itself is quite a gift already, especially when one considers how difficult it is for a Bijuu to trust a human.

There is also a chance that Son Goku was transferring his chakra into Naruto, seeing as how it has already been hinted that fist bumping may be a way to transfer or merge one’s chakra with someone else, as demonstrated by Naruto’s new pact with Kurama.

It's time for another round of Rock, Paper, Mountain! .... Mountain beats rock, I'm afraid. <_<

With all these possibilities, what are all of your thoughts on the matter?

Unfortunately, Naruto doesn’t have much time to reflect on the situation in either case, as Son Goku is rather inhumanely absorbed by Tobi’s Gedo Mazo. Realizing that he is now being driven somewhat into a corner, Tobi decides to unleash the beasts within the few remaining Jinchuuriki he still controls.

The result? An awesome double pages spread for us to google at, of course. @__@

Pokedex entry: "Large power source detected! IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!"

I have to say, seeing most of the Bijuu gathered together – in all their glory – was definitely a treat. The only part that left me feeling somewhat somber through it all, was the fact that the Ichibi (Gaara’s former Bijuu) wasn’t included in the fray as well. I understand that he doesn’t have a host to contain or “control” him, but it still would have been awesome to see him in this battle as well, for old time’s sake. It just feels wrong that he’s the only Bijuu who isn’t allowed to come out and play.

But, I suppose that’s a moot point when you consider who DOES get to come out and play…

Ash Ketchum just didn't know what he was getting himself into when he decided to go for the Konoha Gym badge...

Would that make Kurama the final evolution of Vulpix? I guess we’ll never truly know…

In the meantime, however, let’s take this opportunity to vote on which Bijuu we think looks the most epic!

Despite all the flash and all the drama, to me, the most important part of this chapter was at the heart of the theme of acknowledgment, a theme that has been long-running throughout this manga and one that hits a high note here once again.

Naruto – who understands how much even a few words of appreciation and acknowledgement can mean to someone, having first-hand experience himself when he was uplifted by Iruka’s kind words in the past – says the few words that mean the most to someone else in the same position he was once in. He acknowledges Kurama, and sees him as more than just a monster fox. He sees him as a teammate and as a friend.

To understand others, we first need to understand ourselves. When we feel and know what pain is, we learn how to see the pain of others. When we feel and know what love is, we learn how to love those around us...

It’s a moment that carries a great deal of impact, and I have to say that the few flashbacks that were shown in this chapter were fully welcome and perfectly placed this time around – more so than they were in the previous chapter.

All I can really say is that with all that’s been happening, the next chapter should truly be epic. In fact, it should be more than epic. It should be…. wait, I don’t know what comes after epic, so we’ll just leave it at that.

In any case, here is last week’s bubbliton contest winner.

Marksman: Welcome To Tenrai’s stomach. Unfortunately, once this tour has started, there is no turning back, and there is only one way out. <__<

I think this was the obvious winner. It was clever and very insightful.Well done Namskram.

*Eats Marks*

Now, here is this week’s screen.

*Insert possible caption here.*

This seems like a hard one, even I must admit that much. But hopefully you guys will be creative and come up with something epic.

That’s all from me. See you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 23, 2012.

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  4. 3rd! Kiong Hee Huat Chai everyone,,

  5. Bubble: FIST BUMP, YO!!
    Caption: Bee and Hachibi would be so proud.

  6. Hello new person whose name I do not reckognize and welcome to WRA. @___@

    Bubbliton contest entry that cannot win:

    Bubble: Naruto, pull my finger. I dare you…
    Caption: Reversed Bijuu bomb. Silent, but deadly.

  7. Great breakdown tenrai! Next chapter’s gonna be EPIC

  8. Nice breakdown.. It’s a rare thing i came close to being first to comment. 7th! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Anyway.. I hope Kurama’s not just playing nice to Naruto and go on a rampage of his own without cooperating to Naruto. We know that Kurama said something about he won’t forget something:

  9. KURAMA!!!

    What a beautiful name! And with a beautiful name comes a new, beautiful approach. A knuckle with Naruto? Kyuubi? Didn’t see that one coming.

    Naruto-manga is starting to pick up the pace, and Naruto’s personal character development can only be summarised in one term: optimus-maximus. With control/corperation of the nine tails, rasen-tailed-beast-bomb is gonna go … KATSU! Naruto will become the baddest Deidara in town. Also possible is Naruto’s sage fusion with Kurama. Explains why Fukusaku was almost raped by Kurama when he sat on Naruto’s shoulders. “I’m ‘ere, sidding all idle … and dhad liddle dwid, dhad diny old fwog warra claim my wighd do work widh Nawudo? She-eeeeed!” said Kurama. Well Kurama now has an opportunity to exceed boundaries with Naruto, and I’m absolutely thrilled to see how he goes about it.

    I’m also eager to see how Naruto/Kurama, Bee, Kakashi and Gai fare against masked Madara and the tailed beasts – though something tells me Kakashi, with all due respect, and Gai might just be in the way. Also, Itachi’s confrontation with Kabuto should be orgasm-stimulating. There’s also the five kage vs Madara-Muu, and a straying Sasuke flashing his emo eyes about. I also wonder how Naruto will go into the battle against Sasuke, battle-spent from current fighting or reinvigorated somehow by some kishi-bomb.

    One thing’s for sure though: the war’s still far from over. There are several avenues for plot-changing twists to be explored by Kishi.

  10. bubble: form of a huge A$$ mothaf*ckin demon fox!
    caption: Japanese wonder twins f*ck sh*t up

  11. bubble: hahaha i didnt wash that paw
    Caption: naughty karuma

  12. whats the possability of a itachi sasuke fight right now

  13. @Madararrancar

    Actually, there is a possibility that Sasuke and Itachi might meet. Whether they will fight or not is another story altogether though. I doubt Sasuke will want to fight his brother again and I am sure the same goes for Itachi.

    The only way I see a battle happening between the two is if Sasuke goes into denial and shock after seeing his brother and he refuses to believe it is really Itachi.

  14. bubble: Ok ill go, as long as there isn’t water involved.
    caption: Kurama does NOT get wet fur bitch!

  15. Bubble:
    Kurama: There! Fur! Perfectly normal for foxes! Can we please go back to the war now? And I swear to god, one more fluffy comment from you and hell will be unleashed! Are we clear?

    On a side note, I think it is so strange how we called him kyuubi for what now? Ten years? And with one chapter we suddenly all went to calling him Kurama.

    Oh and someone has GOT to make a caption where kyuubi uses tailed beast bomb and underneath write FUS RO DAH!! (Works with pretty much everything actually)

  16. bubble:
    come on naruturd, one more, make one more nyan cat crack about my tales!

    and see what i do to you o_O

  17. bubble:
    naruto: im glad i can finally let you out
    im soooooo gona win the long cat contest this year

  18. Coolbeans!!!

    Wow! The nostalgia. There’s veterans coming out of the woodworks tonight! O___O

  19. An awesome breakdown Tenrai, one among many of course. ^^

    And at the expense of being eaten yet again, I won the bubble contest. Awesome!

    Inasmuch, I am curious to see what happens now that Naruto has let the cat out of the box, so to speak. Hopefully, Kurama is genuine and wont turn on Naruto.

  20. its kishi here, kyubi will flex his tits in the battle and help naruto either win or fight to a temporary draw. there will be a later ark in the future that will have a heavy focus on them fighting probably one or 2 arks before the final sauske showdown. also i have no idea when they are going to bring the other half of the kyubi chakra into the story again (unless that happened with the kid from the temple i dont really remember). and yes i am back, back again, coolbeans back tell ten-rai!

  21. bubble:

    Kurama: Trust me Naruto, bitches LOVE fist pounds

    Caption: Bitches do love fist pounds

  22. @coolbeans. the other half of the chakra has already been brought into play. Theres no way to get it from the death god seal, so that’s out but that’s why the silver and gold brothers were brought into the story. Tobi captured them because he needs them to create the jubi. I’ve always thought of it as if the kubi is reunited with his other half, even if it’s a sliver, it will regrow back enough to balance the chakra the kubi currently has.

  23. @dricedt
    thanks, i knew something happened but i was brain farting all over what it was. and i have always thought the idea of regrowing chakra thing was pretty central to several of the plot point in the naruverse, so i agree completely but as the series gets longer i stopped going back and rechecking things.

  24. Is it monday already? LOL, I dont know which day i live in…

  25. Bubble:

    Kurama: Bet Tenrai can’t swallow this…

    Caption: Or can he…<_<

  26. Bubble:

    Kurama: Go ahead, kid. Guess what’s in my hand.

    Caption: Just because the giant monkey was taken out of the picture, doesn’t mean there won’t be any poo flinging.

  27. @Drice & Coolbeans

    It’s also possible that Kurama will recover the other half of his chakra through his partnership with Naruto. Or rather, you could say that Naruto is a substitute for the other half of Kurama’s chakra.

    I think we may sometimes underestimate just how strong Naruto’s chakra is by itself. I mean, in the time Naruto has been using Kurama’s chakra, he had set aside his own for Kurama to absorb. In such a short space of time, Kurama was able to fully recover his form by absorbing Naruto’s chakra alone, and he didn’t even absorb all of it. He stopped after a while so Naruto wouldn’t die, essentially speaking. Even Yamato commented on the fact that the only reason Naruto could withstand using Kurama’s chakra, was because of the strength of his own chakra.

    So, if Naruto’s chakra was enough for Kurama to recover like that, and if they merge their chakra together, I reckon we’ll see something that’s pretty much equatable to Kurama’s full power. It may even exceed that, especially if we throw Sage Mode into the mix…

  28. *thinks of sage-kyubbi mode possibilities*

    *…splodes* @_@

  29. Nice to see so many familure faces back on wra @___@ coolbeans, total, darks, etc @___@ plus the others who been commenting continuosly…

    Nice Breakdown Tenrai…

    Where to begin… I hope Goku didn’t give Naruto a “real” power and this was more an understanding/friendship thing… Although we all know its probably gonna be some odd ability, like Itachi’s crow etc. It is kinda annoying that Naruto gets all these power ups one after the other, I used to like Naruto in battle cause he was like the ninja with the stone (zetsu comment during Itachi vs Sasuke) he didn’t have many tricks or forms or whatever, during the Chunin exams up to about when he fought Sasuke he only used Shadow Clone and Rasengan, but he used them effectively enough and used his skills to win over “flashy” jutsu…

    Kyuubi being Naruto’s friend… So I guess Naruto and Bee are the first “nice” people to become hosts, I don’t know Kyuubi used to be like the ultimate villain that Naruto could never kill but learn to control now it seems all Naruto’s darkness is gone “poof” like that, his rounded character is gone (im sure tenrai will contest this point) but his struggle of being unloved, gone now he knows he was actually always loved, his struggle of having an evil monster in him, gone now he has a little fuzzy pet @___@, Fighting against his destiny of being a no one etc, is now embrassing the destiny to be the saviour… I just feel bugged about all this just being gone now.

    I enjoyed the spread of the Tailed Beasts but I think I said this before, Kishi has taken Naruto on too much of a high and it seems after this arc what would be next, its like in Bleach once Ichigo defeated Aizen there was nothing more to do, Kabuto has brought back all the major players in this manga and Tobi / the brought back Madara seem to be the main antagonists… Remember Madara @__@ I do it was epic now as Naruto’s clone disappears we see nothing of him vs the 5 kages (very little). There is no higher up Naruto can go…

  30. @Pein

    We don’t even know whether Naruto’s got a power-up from Son or not, so it’s probably best to wait and see what’s happening before we jump the gun too much. X____x

    He’s only gotten two really big power-ups in the whole of the series. Sage Mode and Kyuubi chakra mode. I don’t count Rasenshuriken because learning a new jutsu is not a power-up. It’s just a new jutsu. The crow also doesn’t count because it was pretty much made obsolete in the window of about three chapters and it didn’t even fulfil its intended purpose in the first place.

    In any case, the thing about power is that it is all relative in the end. After all, it doesn’t matter how strong you are if the person you are battling against is stronger, as proven by DBZ. πŸ˜›

    Right now, Naruto is battling against a foe who is haxed beyond the point of no return. Even with Bee, Kakashi and Gai helping him, this battle has still pretty much been one-sided in Tobi’s favor this entire battle until now. I would say that Naruto’s strength is at an appropriate relative to the strength of the opponents he now has to face (Tobi, Sasuke, possibly Kabuto), so I wouldn’t go as far as saying he is “too” strong. Rather, I would say it would just be better if his peers (Sakura, Neji, etc) caught up a bit more so there are at least a few more high level players.

    And speaking of the Kage battle, I do hope they show some of that…

  31. @tenrai i cant see how the rest can catch up to naruto, madara(s), sasuke etc…
    not at this point unless they find some kind of secret weapon that gives them monstruos strenght that are on part with tail beast which is highly unlikely.

  32. well i dont think Ten meant literally for them to “catch up” to naruto. just kinda narrow the enormous gap there is at the moment. i mean these kids are, in my mind, the ones who have to take the place of the elite jounin down the road like kakashi, guy, yamato etc…

    as for the kage battle, i really think kishi is just focusing on this bijuu battle right now but the kages will get their time to shine against madara..might even get a character death or 2 out of it. i just dont see him skippin it like kakashi’s rampage

  33. @ Tenrai, dont worry, Kakashi is there. He will just sharingan and win. <__<

    I wonder how far the connection goes between Madara and Tobi.

  34. @ Tenrai – as I said, it was just my hope that there is no power up from Goku but I doubt it… not jumping guns just what I would like to not happen πŸ˜›

    Naruto part one: Shadow Clone, Summoning Jutsu Toads and Rasengan (basically it)

    Naruto Part 2: Millions of Rasengans (same way Sasuke has the different Chidori forms), Sage Mode which makes him the best sensor able to dodge the 3rd Raikage with it, plus super power, speed, now maybe an unlimited supply of chakra, SSJ Kyuubi mode faster then the Raikage, arms, as we seen ALOT of chakra etc, plus the wood release and the sense of evil, included he can now create shadow clones while in this form without worrying about the kyuubi killing him, and he can enter sage mode even in individual clones making him a one man army able to absorb infinite chakra from the sage clones once dispersed or use them in battle and the high amount he was born with + the kyuubi @___@ <__<

    I mean that at the moment Naruto, Sasuke them are like the Saiyans Vegeta, Trunks, Goku etc but everyone else turned into Krillin and Tein… Good but really they play second fiddle to everyone else… πŸ˜› this was an annoying point for me in DBZ but it was just a fact now its useless to even think of Neji, Lee, even Gaara to a degree as threats to Naruto + the Kyuubi… <__<

  35. @ Marks – I believe that Tobi and Madara arent related… πŸ˜› nah Kakashi will almost win then get tired and faint…. That his special power no? πŸ˜›

  36. i dont think its as completely one sided as it seems. the others dont have monstrous chakra like naruto but they are not supposed to. the closest battle strength would be shika’ supposing hes in charge of a 4 man cell and to a lesser extent even if hes on his own. neji doesnt have the overwhelming power of a naruto but as a skill set player (gental fist and all the skills that go with it, he still remains a power player. the point being that naruto can beat any 4 of his peers at the same battle but i think its a much closer fight if he were to square off with all 4 of them. ie he has more power than all 4 but the sum of a skill set can level the playing feild quite a bit.

  37. @ Pein – lol. Why does everyone always over exaggerate Kakashi’s low chakra pools? Inst he still fighting in the war. He has not fainted yet. πŸ˜›

  38. @T.I.M.
    subject every kakashi battle where the plot isnt him saving naruto
    (enter kakashi stage left)
    *close up on mongekio sharingan*
    *kakashi faints*

  39. T______T

  40. @Coolbeans

    Well, as shown in the battle with the gold and silver brothers (The Kin-Gin brothers), a few copper coins put together have more value than a gold coin. Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino (yes, Ino of all people) have already shown that with the right team cooperating with each other, even the strongest opponent can be brought down rather effectively, even if there is a massive difference in power.

    Even Naruto would have a very difficult time beating his peers if four of them teamed up against him (provided it is the right team). If Shikamaru is in that group with his smarts, and skilled Jounin-level shinobi like Sai and Neji, it would be that much more effective.

    Still, one vs one, Naruto is stronger than the rest of his peers save for Sasuke, who I would imagine is on part with him. The second closest after that would be between Sai, Neji or Shikamaru.

    Now that I’ve mentioned that, hows this for an interesting debate? A three way battle between Sai, Neji and Shikamaru, the three I consider strongest behind Naruto and Sasuke (from the original rookie teams). Who would win between these three? O_o

  41. Actually, to ammend my last comment, I forgot about Shino and Chouji as well, who are both also strong as well.

    I think Chouji’s butterfree transformation is still an unknown factor though, so I don’t know if it is fair to include him in a debate, so, a four way battle between Shino, Shikamnaru, Neji and Sai seems most reasonable to me.

    Our of those four, who do you guys think would be the best?

  42. sai is considered the strongest member of root which is the elite part of anbu black ops, which in turn is considered the elite part of the ninja army. thats some pretty high praise. we saw some pretty flashy move from the anbu core in the pain assault on kohna. shino is the strongest on his team they established that in the filler season and all in all i think hes able to take down a gentle fist user (so neji is out). id take sai over shino because there was a breif fight between him and naruto in one of the other fillers that leads me to believe that he is way stronger than the fights have so far shown.

    that leaves shika’ and sai and i just dont see shika’, who defeated an immortal member of akatski losing in a one on one battle. that goes for all three of his opponents in this fake fight. shika’ is straight mental giant with intimate knowledge of his foes going into the fight, a point that has been actively identified as a ridiculous plus in his corner.

    shika’ takes down anyone in the original group bar none (naruto/sauske excluded) no argument can be made about that. if he has in-tell on his opponent shika’ is damn near unbeatable. hes not particularly strong but is the exact opposite of naruto in sooooo many ways (this is a hassle vs. im going to never stop training; genius vs. idiot; power vs intelect ext ext ad-nasium) that its arguable he is specifically made the most powerful (again excluding naru/sasu) as a plot device or at least accidentally became set up for that role so he could be played off of in driving the story forward. plus hes the boning ambassador to the sand laying it down on tenmari, no one else gets to hook up yet.

  43. have yall seen the trailers for the new Naruto game? 65 minutes of original anime content including itachi’s story where he n kisame fight, kakashi’s story with him sparring against the yondaime, and zabuza n haku’s story.

    i’m might buy this game just for this haha

  44. @ Coolbeans – So you are picking Shika to win this fight?

  45. Contest: “Wow, I’m trying to grab you but I can’t! It’s like you’re there but your not! How am I stuck behind a cage? Why do I have fur?”

    caption: Kurama is trippin’ balls.

    I give this chapter a B+ If Kurama Falcon Punched the gates open and then fist bump Naruto, I would have gave it an A+++Jizz… But I did not see it. I’m really waiting to see what’s gonna happen on the Next chapter. I hope to allah that Kishi doesn’t switch to another scene. He needs to stay on this. I want to see the Nine-Tails run wild on these hoes. How is Naruto+Kurama going to take out the stakes from the other tailed beast?

  46. the 4 way battle: I think it’s obvious, they are all gonna’ go after Skika first then attack each other. They’ve all deduced the Shika is the smartest. Neji and Sai have the first hand experience with working with shika in missions (sasuke retrieval arc and hidan kakuzu arc respectfully). Shino seems to be pretty powerful too. I don’t know if Shika would be able to see any of the bugs that fly near him. Remember, Shino can create bugs that eat up chakra. I’m going for Shino in this fight. I he can create fly clones and when someone attacks, the bugs attach to the person. I think Shino can deduce the Byakugans blind spot. I mean he is partners with Hinata after all. Shino has long, short and medium range attacks with his bugs. He can exhaust Shikamarus shadow catcher technique but having shikamaru expand his energy trying to catch all the bugs from reaching him. Sai? He has great taijutsu, but other then his painting technique, I don’t see him coming out on top against shino. He has the element of surprise, none of them have really been on missions with him (flillers don’t count, and neither the sasuke retrieval arc, because “come on” they didn’t really fight anyone; tobi just toyed with them.) Shino wins by a land slide!!!

  47. I didn’t mean the sauske retrieval arc, I meant the hunt for Itachi

  48. @ Wiseman- I doubt Shino would win this fight. After all, you have to take into account the Byakugans field of vision. I am sure Negi will see the bugs coming and easily dispose of them like he did fighting against the Curseal spider dude from the sound five.

  49. how is this even a debate that shika doesn’t pull a win out of his ass (point conceded that it will be some kind of tricky shenanigans) and that includes being smart enough to get one or more of the others to fight on his side. thats the basis of his appeal and battle strength. i will admit that sai’s ability is unknown and i based my prediction of him doing well purely on how he is described by the older nin in the series. neji is a side character in the fight, i think that he has the most “combative” power but that basically everyone already knows ways to get around it. shino works constantly with hinata and can kick her and kibas ass at the same time (filler does count πŸ˜‰ ) shika’ knows way to much about him to not have a plan, and sai stood toe to toe with naruto post time skip and post sennin training. plus shika’ was shown smoking briefly which in anime/manga gives you plus 10 badassitude also known as the swayze para-dime

  50. This is two hard. lol. I am more of a one on one as in character vs chracter debate person.

    Its hard to say who will do what.

  51. @tim
    i can agree with that, i think i was playing out the fight in my head as a one on one anyways

  52. @Coolbeans

    You say that the win is obviously Shikamaru’s, but I don’t actually agree with that.

    Let’s take Neji into consideration here. He’s a jounin aready, which means he was obviously deemed worthy enough for that position. Note, Shikamaru is NOT a jounin yet. Why is that, if he is so much superior as you make him out to be?

    There’s something else to consider as well. Shikamaru vs Hidan was basically a battle that pitted a cool headed genius vs an egocentric madman. Hidan was far too confident in his own immortality, so he didn’t try hard to avoid attacks that others would have been far more keenly aware of. Using him as a definitive example of Shikamaru’s strength is not going to get you very far.

    But tell me, how would Shikamaru lay a trap for a level headed Neji, for example? Especially when we know that Neji has 360 degree vision and can see through any obstacle on the battlefield. I doubt any trap would be able to catch Neji off guard like it did Hidan and Neji is also fast, which means that he could take Shikamaru out before he is even able to set up any traps in the first place.

    Remember, one other factor that determined Shikamaru’s win against Hidan, was preparation. He had a few days to devise a strategy and set up a trap, and he also had teammates to help him innitiate his plan. In a spontaneous battle out of the blue, that wouldn’t be the case, so his advantages would be far less pronounced.

    I, However, personally feel Sai might take this one. He’s smart, he’s strong and he has a good, long range capabilities with his techniques. If he’s up in the sky on a painted bird, using ranged explosives and staying out of range, how will Shikamaru beat him?

    P.S. When I said a four way battle, I didn’t mean it litterally. I just meant choosing who would be the best out of the four.

  53. shika is a jounin, he leads a significant force in the joint army and you cant use what he used against an opponent as a defense. if it worked then that’s a justified plan of attack. that’s like saying i wasn’t superior to the 20 babies i was kicking because i knew in advance i was bigger. (and that did happen o__@) as for the trap, we have already seen shika use holes for his shadow bind, and a hole is how naruto defeated him. hes used all sorts of shadow extending distractions so that argument in and of itself is not very strong, but ill admit it is a real one. as far as battle tactics. yes i did use hiden where he had time to prepare, but he was also used by the joint army to come up with tactics in a dynamic battle as well. and they say in the hiden battle that he calculated for kikashi apearing super duper pedo bear fast, (supertrek isnt going to come from behind a curtain because i said that right?)

    i am a fan of sai as the outside chance though. he hasnt had to many pronounced roles in battle but there have been small glimpses and off hand comments to say he is a sleeping giant when it comes to this level of combat….. The Incredible Marksman has a sleeping giant but thats only because his gf is out of town.

  54. @ Coolbeans – I am sure Neji will inadvertently fall for the same whole in the ground technique Naruto used against him all over again. He most certainly wont use any of his previous experience or prior knowledge when it comes to Shika planning or using that attack. <__<

    An btw, wth is a sleeping Giant? lol

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  56. @Coolbeans

    Actually, Shika isn’t technically leading that division of the Shinobi alliance, Gaara is. Temari only mentioined the fact that because Gaara will also be preocupied leading the other devisions as well, as general of the SA, that Shikamaru would have to take responsibility for their division.

    Even still, that doesn’t automatically mean he is a jounin. It just means the alliance recognizes his capabilities as a leader and strategist, which is justified, of course.

    I still don’t see how this means that my argument is weak, but if you want a more definitive example, then let’s consider Shikamaru’s first encounter with Hidan. It pretty much went as abysmally as a battle can possibly go. Even though Shikamaru had Asuma assisting him and his advanced intellectial skills, the battle was still a complete loss. Why? Because Shikamaru wasn’t prepared.

    So, if we compare the first encounter with the second, the biggest major difference is the fact that Shikamaru had time to prepare for the second encounter. He also had a more specialised team assisting him as well, which helped the situation immensely and gave Shikamaru the opportunity he needed to take Hidan to the location he already set up beforehand to set his plans in motion.

    Do you think Shikamaru could lay such an advanced trap like that in the middle of a battle, digging a deep and large whole while laying an entire area with hundreds of explosive tags and ninja wires? I don’t think he’d be given the time to do something like that against an opponent like Neji, Sai or even Shino, all three of whom have also been shown to be very intellectual themselves and all three of whom are aware of Shikamaru’s shadow mimic jutsu. We also can’t account for things like random holes appearing in the battlefield, because that is a factor based more on luck than anything else.

    In the end, if we were to give Shikanmaru advanced time to prepare for this battle, I have no doubt he would win. Hell, there’s even a chance he could beat Naruto given the right amount of time to prepare for such an encounter. However, in a spontaneous battle, where he hasn’t been given the time to prepare or where he doesn’t have a team backing him up, I would say his chances drop quite a bit. I still think he would give his opponents a run for their money though, but I question whether he would be able to win.

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    you make very good points and i will have a rebuttal when my drunk ass can reread your statements once or twice because they hold pretty good water so naturally fuck you!!! πŸ˜‰
    @ tim
    i didnt specifically say it was to you but ill clarify it was a big dick joke in your favor aaaand now to my rebuttal stand by

    so do you think whoever garas gf is complains about as sandy v….oh crap super is coming for me

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    That’s grosss man!! >___<

    *silly slaps coolbeans*

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  62. -____________________________________________-

    * throws a bag full of swagy long things at Tenrai*

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    Also It was a great treat to see that NAruto didn’t actually enter Bijuu mode aka Full Bijuu Form, but his chakra shroud was in the form of the Kyuubi when he spawned the 9 tails. So basically he’s now in Chakra mode level 2, only it has a more badass look then it did before when his skin was burning due to Kyuubi’s dark willpower.

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    What do you guys think of naruto and what he’ll do next week, the thing is, the sage mode should be much more evolved seeing as the Natural energy now fuses witha a combination of Naruto and Kurama chakra instead of the normal 3 part fusion ( spiritual and physical + natural energy), the siritual is now more potent and with a lot more power then it had before.

  89. I actually had a itch on my brain concerning the Edo Tensei and a particular part. Fuu was used to resurrect Torune, but Fuu was still alive while Torune was resurrected into his body. Now if Kabuto were to cancel the jutsu on Torune would Fuu also die or will he be left alive????

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  94. @eke2k6 – good eye there! I wonder if he’s gonna “yellow flash” out of the path of the bijuu bomb – or if he’s gonna teleport his bijuu bomb directly to Tobi. Now wouldn’t THAT be a surprise?!

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  95. @Drice

    I actually mentioned something like that in my previous breakdown about how Naruto’s whisker marks may actually be a sign of heritage linking him to the Rikudou Sennin as opposed to simply being a sign of Kurama’s chakra. Only, I made the link through the Kin-Gin brothers, who also had the same marks on their face, and they were also said to be related to the Rikudou sennin in some way, which is why they were able to wield his weapons so effectively.

    Of course, it may even be a combination of different factors, including Kurama’s chakra, seeing as how the marks got darker only after Naruto merged his chakra with Kurama’s.

    I actually have another theory on the matter that I discussed in detail with Dragon, but it’s quite in depth, so I think I’ll leave it for later and let people discuss the epic chapter for now. Lol. @__@

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    i really hope that after this war they reign in what they have unleashed. as it stands someone above already mentioned. no other nin in any village is even sort of a match for him at this point. the only ones that can be considered his equal are sauske and various legend-esqu nin like madara who are supposed to be dead and the only reason they are around is because kishi had to bring the dead back to life for there to be enough foes because naruto is smashing ass on everything else including going toe to toe with 5 biiju aan act that before this arc was not only suicide but the dummest suicide ever. biiju have been the most powerful force in the nin world up to this point. after battling 5 at once where do you go?

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    Muahahahaha…. no wait, those wouldn’t be good at all… O__o

    But, in all seriousness, there is also a possibility that Naruto may end up being captured at some point and he may lose Kurama for some reason. If that happens, that Five Bijuu fighting power he has now would drop quite drastically. It would also open up more story paths Kishi could theoretically take.

    The other possibility is that Naruto will follow the likes of DBZ, and will become interplanetary. Naruto’s older brother will arrive from another planet where Head & Shoulders shampoo has helped his blond hair grow to unnaturally long, glistening locks, and tell Naruto that his real name is, in fact, Celerium, and that he’s from an ancient race of space-faring warriors who visit other planets and pwn them. He, of course, was sent to earth to pwn it, but he instead hit his head in a rock and lost his memories. Those on earth then proceeded to shove other creatures, people, crows and family members into his head, thereby causing irreparable damage.

    Naruto will then give birth to a child prodigy who will attain inexplicable power-ups when pushed to an emotional brink, and said child will pwn Naruto’s older brother with the help of a slowly rehabilitating Sasuke, who will impale both Naruto and his brother at the same time with a Chidori…

    I think you know where I’m going with this. <_<

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    The DBZ is imposible too, unfortunately we knew nothing of Goku’s birth but we know everything about Naruto’s, the universe Kishi has created ultimate being is the Sage of 6 Paths and the only thing that could be on an equal level to Naruto now is a 10 Tails Bijuu Jinchuriki but all the other people in the world, every other character is now way to weak to ever oppose Naruto, which puts Kishi in a spot, take away naruto’s power (which I think he might, to a degree) why learn so much about the Kyuubi maybe he wants us to feel sympathetic and sad when he is finally absorbed away but then by removing that power from Naruto it make the Villains too powerful @___@

    But in all seriousness where do we go from here, it feels like eventually we gonna hit the ceiling kinda like DBZ did (that is why it ended) and when they tried to bring GT well we all know that was basically a disaster @___@

  102. @ Pein & Ten, I actually think that Naruto will free all the bijuu including Kurama after some time, and seeing as how Naruto’s a Uzumaki and he can use sage mode the extraction might not kill him. this only after he manages to unify the shinobi villages and convincing all the bijuus humains will treat them with respect from there on.

    So naruto will gain a major power through experience and still have sage mode but he will release the Kyuubi and all the other beasts in order to bring stability to all.

  103. @ Eugen- Actually, I think Naruto will offer Kurama freedom and Kurama will decline it, wanting to stay with Naruto inside of him.

  104. @tim and eugen
    i see an outside shot of the kyuubi being relased or taken. but since sauske has already expressed interest in controlling a tailed beast (that was part of the deal for joining akatski) that he will end up with the kyuubi and there will be some kind of weird power play and melding of emotions that will have an effect of sausgay. this was never really an option for kishi to bring sauske to the good side until this new pet kurama situation popped up. IMPORTANT: i am not claiming that this will be the ultimatle awesome heart changer that naruto wants for sauske and that all of the sudden theyll be chilling at ichraku eating ramen. but i do see that being an underlying theme that could even stretch over the course of several arcs. a good kyuubi inside sauske slowly mixing up his emotions of why he hates naruto and kohnoa

  105. @ Tenrai Senshi “Only, I made the link through the Kin-Gin brothers, who also had the same marks on their face, and they were also said to be related to the Rikudou sennin in some way, which is why they were able to wield his weapons so effectively.”

    The Kin-Gin Brothers also ate some of Kurama’s flesh, so it might be from that. If they never dined on the nine tails, the Rikudou sennin argument would have more weight. Still a possibility for sure.

  106. ok one dialog piece has been bugging me, tobi “at this rate… if i was trying to kill them this would be the perfect opportunity”

    let me translate that into whats actually happening. “he just found the konami code, at this rate of power ups clearly all things are looking up for me and i let them power up so its somehow easier to kill the giant glowing monster than a 16 year old boy! MUAHAHAHA”

  107. @ Marks, that would be even cooler πŸ˜‰

  108. @ Coolbeans, seeing as we’ve heard a lot of wired predictions here that actually saw the light of day, a Sasuke who steals the Kyuubi and then the fox turning him to the light side of the force would be a lot more interesting.

    But I think Kurama will most likely speak to Sasuke from inside Naruto’s mind like it did when team 7 got back together after Naruto’s training with Jiraiya and Sasuke with orochimaru. And Kurama will reveal a lot of history to Sasuke seeing as it’s been roaming the earth for hundreds of years. Perhaps it can offer Sasuke the knowledge he needs to see things clearly again, plus who knows more about pain and darkness and suffering then a Huge Fox that’s made of peoples evil intentions.

  109. @eugen
    interesting refinement of my knee jerk theory (i more burped it onto the site rather than putting multilevel thinking). i still like my spin better but i think yours is quite a significant upgrade in the plausibility factor for actually being used by kishi. i see your interaction as more of something that they would put in a movie or side story though. important to add depth of story but not specifically essential to the cannon of the series.

  110. @ Eugen- “plus who knows more about pain and darkness and suffering then a Huge Fox that’s made of peoples evil intentions.”

    Um, that would be Pein. <__<

  111. @coolbeans
    your comments are a bit snarky when you sober up. i prescribe a case of beer stat!!!

  112. ok interesting debate mark 2, same class, naruto, kiba ext. but outside the village ie gara, the mizukages guard from the seven swords group. basically everyone under kikashi/guy level jonin, open field who takes the cake, and for that matter who is even in the running? kiba/shika’/tenmari-esqu level of competition?

  113. The hilarious/awesome moment in the chapter has nothing to do w/ Naruto. It’s on pg.4 where it shows Kakashi was prepared to deal with 5 beast bombs with his two kunai…like a real G

  114. @ Kahmix – That’s why he is my favorite Character. @____@

  115. @coolbeans that theory is awesome! I liek it…
    And the chapter is epic! I cant wait for the breakdown and your “theory” tenrai! Isnt it monday already? XD

    Bubble: Ok, so you open this cage for me and Ill give you my Game Boy Color and 5 games…
    Caption: When you live in a hidden village some things sound better than they really are!

  116. @tenria
    im bored if i sent you a completely poach-able breakdown would you use or steal as necessary? dont care which i just wana make a few jokes and maybe contribute a bit of content. i wrote a few break downs in the olden days, the way back when. i figure a vet with a chime in for breakdowns at the very least cant hurt to peruse through.

  117. mostly im bored and have too much time writing secondhand content will reduce my troll time via research

  118. @Coolbeans

    Actually, we’re looking for a One Piece breakdown writer as well, so if you happen to read that series and you’re eager to be an author again, I’d gladly let you have a go at it and you can cover that section if you like. In the meantime, you are welcome to send your ideas through to me to and if I use any, I’ll give you full credit for them.


    In the subject of breakdown writers, we also need an OP anime breakdown writer, and a Fairy Tail anime breakdown writer as well. If anyone is interested, just let me know and send me an email of a mock “breakdown” so I can get an idea of your writing style.

  119. <__< Tenrai – I know Bleach is the red headed step child but @___@ Bleach needs an anime writer too πŸ˜›

  120. @Pein

    Lol. Yes, thank you for reminding me. I guess when it comes to Bleach, my mind tends to go “blank”. πŸ˜›

  121. *watches the tumble weed pass*

  122. @Pein

    You’ve just Bleached the comments section. What did you expect? <_<

  123. can i ask a random question that i should probably already know the answer to?

    Where the heck has bleach been lately?

  124. Bleach is on a 3 week break starting 2 weeks ago so either it will come back next week or the week after <__<

  125. whats a one piece?

  126. @coolbeans

    There are many ways to answer that question. Let’s hope none of those answers come close to your description of a sleeping giant…

  127. @ Coolbeans – “a one peice” is like a treasure @___@ its one of the “big 3” manga’s in circulation and I stand to be corrected but has over 650 chapters @___@, there is a large fan base but at the moment we have no one able to cover the series and with its fan base it would be like a gold mine πŸ˜›

  128. Supertrek89 would be sooooooooooooo disappointed. <__<

  129. @pein/tenrai very well, but it may take me an hour or 2 to read 650 chapters.

  130. @ marks – I think super may have facepalmed randomly and is now wondering why… ;P

    @ Coolbeans – I tried once, got quite far, then forgot where I was and that was the end of it @___@ there is still post available at Bleach Anime… <__< its pretty good better then the manga sometimes and then Fairy Tail anime, I never watched that though @__@

  131. @pein i got through 4 damn pages before my eyes began to bleed and visions of “sleeping giants” ran across the screen

    it may take longer than an hour before i finish these.

  132. Good luck with that coolbeans. <_<

  133. ok new plan. a break down by ark over the next month or so to catch up the uninitiated. it is a daunting ass task to jump into the 650 chapter pool. if you can get a cheat guide maybe more of this community would pick up the series.

  134. and yes it will be half fart jokes and genital euphemisms. because that how the beans gets held….. que bad joke drum noise.

  135. Howdy!

    Excellent breakdown once again, Tenrai. Looking forward to next week’s breakdown to see how you handled the epic that was this latest chapter.

    So, after re-reading Chap 571 at least 20 times (over different mediums like browser and phone browser), here’s a question that maybe the group here can discuss:

    Now that Naruto and Kurama have “merged” and are working together, how powerful is Naruto now?

    Here’s what we know:

    1) The Uzumaki clan is long lived and have huge chakra stores.
    2) His mom (and Mito Uzumaki) could hold the fully-charged (chakra-ed?) Kurama under control (if you count the chakra chains being under control).
    3) His dad sealed approximately 50% (I’m guessing here – but various sources say the Yang chakra, and I assume Yin and Yang to be 50% each) of Kurama’s chakra before sealing Kurama inside Naruto.
    4) A tailed-beast’s chakra is exponentially larger (how much larger is unknown; we can say that it is much larger, but how much may depend on the number of tails or what Kishi considers as larger) than the jinchuuriki’s own chakra stores.
    5) Prior to the merge, Naruto was on the verge of collapse – even with the fist-bump of Son Goku – after using a large amount of Kurama’s chakra, Sage chakra, shadow clones, battling edo-Itachi and edo-Nagato, facing down Ay (Raikage), and tailed-beast ball training with Bee.

    So, how powerful is he now?

    And, bonus question – by “merging” with Kurama, how would the two different chakra’s be handled? Like trading between the two or one using the other?

    For example, we know how Bee and the Haichibi work together, but we don’t know how the Haichibi replenishes Bee’s chakra (or does he?) when Bee’s chakra is dangerously low (if it ever becomes dangerously low to begin with).

    Just something that’s been crossing my mind and I’m interested in everyone’s theories.


  136. @todd
    so your saying 1) the uzumakis are long and huge, 2) his mom can hold onto a full kurama, 3)his dad put things in him, 4) more tails help you measure up better, and 5) naruto took on to many men and had to get a fist bump from a monkey???
    jkjk just joshin’

  137. What more can I say beside these last few chapters have been pretty boss!

    P.S How we doing peeps? I’v been away awhile.

  138. @Coolbeans

    Actually – #5 might be: Naruto took on too many men and got fisted by a monkey.

    But, yeah, I think that’s what I meant… lol

    Theories are welcome – preferably along the line of the seriousness of the question and not the sexual nature of the inferences πŸ˜‰ …

  139. @todd
    minito said that his seal was designed to leak chakra and that leaked chakra mixes together. i dont see why it would be much different now that the gate is wide open. im sure its not 100% mixed but i dont see the chakura pool acting like oil and water either.

  140. @ Wra – Also if you guys remember, one of the tailed beast told Kurama in one of the recent chapters that just because you have more tails doesn’t mean you are stronger. So it seems Kishi has yet to make up his mind.

    *eats Deathcon for finally returning to the blog*

  141. @ Mark – Well hi there!
    *is eaten*

  142. honestly i think the number of tails does make a difference in overall power. the hachibi was just sayin that it’s more than raw power that makes somebody strong. in my opinion of course. the simple fact that kurama mentioned the hachibi should be the second strongest is evidence of this. not to mention the fact that narama just sent a bijuu bomb against 5 other bijuus that is supposed to have enough power to cancel the attack out.

  143. @WRA

    I’m also beginning to think that the number of tails does make a difference in power – at least from a chakra standpoint. Certainly, Kurama is living up to his reputation in power and speed, at least from Chap. 571 (and maybe Chap. 572).

    However, I think control over/cooperation with the beast is just as important as raw power. I think the battle with Gaara/Shukaku versus Naruto/Gamabunta is evidence of this – we know that Gaara is a powerhouse on his own; however, can you imagine the possibilities if Gaara and Shukaku had a similar relationship as Bee/Haichibi or Naruto/Kurama? I think that battle would be more one-sided in Gaara’s favor.

    But does this also mean that working with their Bijuu would have kept the other jinchuriki alive and out of Akatsuki’s hands? I’m not entirely sure on that one…

  144. @ wra writing staff. the one piece stuff is long and kinda stiff

  145. @Deathcon

    DEATH!!!!! Where have you been!?!?!?!? (This makes me sound suicidal).

    *Eats Marks in order to eat Death for finally returning to WRA*


    You can email me anytime if you want to discuss anything regarding how you want to go about things. We can always make plans.

    Also, I don’t want you to do something if you won’t enjoy it. Let’s see if One Piece is your thing before we jump too far ahead of ourselves. Lol.

  146. @ Todd.

    You can be sure Naruto’s now No 1 in the polls and he probably has a really good lead to second place. Being in complete sync with your Bijuu, especially the strongest one in the manga, makes Naruto the ultimate player on the board.

    The 5 Bijuu he’s fighting now are really strong and have all the power they need plus some extra, but the lack of individual control, even that of Tobi’s, is not enough to counter someone like Bee and Naruto who have the support of there bijuu to the fullest.

    The only thing I’m afraid of is the drawback Naruto always seems to get.

    At first he wasn’t able to control his chakra well so he used to much stamin in order to produce chakra, after that he couldn’t use the chakra shroud with more then 3 talis because of the lack of control he had on Kurama.

    After this one he couldn’t use the FRS at point black because of the damage he would also sustain in his hand. Finally after this he achieved Sage Mode, the greatest thing since Chuck Norris, the power that helped him defeat the 6 paths of Pain.

    But yet again the drawback came into play and Naruto wasn’t able to sustain the power for more then 5-6 minutes at most and compensated with clones in order to gain more natural energy without having to sit still on the battlefield.

    He later developed experience and could gather the precious energy at a really fast pace, making the Sage transformation really useful in tight situations.
    And then there was Light, Naruto gained control of Kyuubi’s chakra and all of us were in Awe thinking this SSJ look will have no more lack’s, no more excuses, and no more conditions. It seems Kishi practices the concept of insanity on us, a crazy person will do the same thing over and over again hoping they will reach a different result in the end.

    Well the chakra mode was the best definition of Chakra control we’ve ever seen, a control even greater then the Uber Emo King Sasuke, who was able to crap out at any lethal moment.
    But this awesome power had a Major flaw, there was a fluffy little kitty in a cage pulling Naruto’s own chakra away from him while he was using the Fox’s own.
    Pro: Light Speed, Chakra Control and Chakra Arms that could make almost any new Rassengan jutsu at a drop of a hat, evil intentions sensing and great power.
    Cons: Fluffy

    And now the Bijuu Mode, a chakra shroud that takes the form of the Fox witch seems to be a Susano’o for Jinchuriki.
    All powers exceed expectations and all seem to be going perfectly for our young Blond genin but is this still not enough. Kurama pointed out Naruto has only 5 min at his disposal but this was only because the link between the two is not yet perfect.

    Seeing as Bee and Hatchi can stay in the bijuu mode for a really long time I doubt this will be a issue.

    So to answer the question: How strong is Naruto?
    Well he’s the strongest until we find out the flaws of this new power.

  147. As for the difference in power from Bijuu to Bijuu, I don’t think there’s any doubt that the tails play the biggest role in the matter. And Dish once again described it perfectly.

    Hachi meant the power doesn’t just come from brute strenght but inner peace and stability of mind play a big role, and this was a direct reference to his relationship with Bee and how much stronger both of them are together.

    But let’s Face It, Naruto in full 9 taill Bijuu mode managed to blow away 5 charging Bijuu with a Roar and will most likely blow away a 5x Bijuudama with just his own 1st One EVer Bomb.

    There’s no contest here, and it’s clear 9 tails is stronger then the 8 as it’ stronger then the 7 and so on.

    One factor I actually realized was that the Bijuu’s a almost the same size overall.
    Kyuubi in the good old Days was huge untill Minato stripped half of his chakra but did that chakra regenerate over time or didn’t it, because now all the bijuu that were brought back besides Shukaku were similar in mass.

  148. @Eugen

    Actually, as you mentioned, it’s hard to measure Naruto’s true strength based on this battle alone. Tobi is trying to control multiple beasts at once, so despite their power, they are still limited in the fact that Tobi would not be as adept at controlling them together as a Jinchuuriki would be controlling the power of his beast alone.

    A good example to support this is the battle against Sasori early on after the time skip. When Sasori used his secret red technique and brought 100 puppets out into the playing field, at first Sakura and Chiyo were able to battle them quite competently, even though they were severely outnumbered. This is because Sasori’s concentration was split between controlling so many individual puppets at the same time. However, as more puppets were destroyed, the battle became harder, because Sasori was able to better focus on the fewer puppets remaining. Even Chiyo mentioned that Sasori’s puppets became stronger as they destroyed more.

    I think we also need to remember that this isn’t a five-on-one battle. It’s a five on two battle and Bee is playing just as much of a role in it as Naruto. If you really read the previous chapter carefully, Naruto was only actually fighting three of the Bijuu at once. Bee basically did most of the damage against the three and five tails and he even stopped the Sanbi from landing an attack on Naruto. This is quite the team effort and Naruto and Bee have an advantage in that their Bijuu are cooperating willingly with them, while Tobi is forcing his Bijuu to fight against their will, which also plays a factor in their performance. We’ve also seen Tobi’s control slip a bit when the 5-tails attacked him, so I assume he is actually having quite a bit of difficulty keeping things level.

    If you take all these factors into account, things aren’t as overly one-sided as they seem to be. Yes, Naruto did a good job of looking ridiculously epic in the previous chapter, but we can’t let all that “flash” blind us to what’s really happening.

    P.S. all power needs to be balanced with a weakness. I don’t mind the five minute limit for the Bijuu transformation because it balances the power enhancement Naruto received. Besides, we know that with more transformations, that time will be extended as Naruto and Kurama grow more accustomed to their transformation. In saying that, the risk of the technique is what makes the battle exciting. Give a character too much without any drawbacks and the reader will lose that feeling of suspense…

  149. Yeah Ten, but look at this from Sasuke’s stand point, the dude’s only real weakness was the MS’s blindness witch he now overcame with the Ems. Other then that he was a machine, without flaws. He had speed, power, and great jutsus and as much as I hate to admit it, Sasuke’s really smart for a dumb guy.
    He always made the right moves in a fight and always came out on top.

    So Naruto finally getting a power up without a drawback isn’t such a bad thing and to me will be a welcome change, even if he’s so strong right now.
    At the end of the day he’s been chosen by fate to be the one that brings balance to the force, so the So6P look isn’t just for kicks, Naruto’s gonna grow into something of great power and wisdom but I think he’ll probably die by the end of this manga in order to save the ones he loves and bring stability to the people.

  150. @Eugen

    But Sasuke is also a “villain”. When Naruto and Sasuke battle, it isn’t Sasuke we’re meant to be worried about. It’s Naruto, because he is the “hero”.

    The hero will almost always be the underdog. It’s that feeling of hopelessness in a battle against the villain that creates suspense, and it is also that feeling that makes the hero’s victory that much more satisfying.

    In any case, Naruto’s drawback is only temporary anyway. This is his first time transforming, so it stands to reason it won’t be perfect. The more he transforms though, the less prominent the flaw will seem. I mean, ask yourself, since Naruto’s battle with Pein, when has the five minute limit of Sage Mode ever seemed like much of an issue? I’m sure you’ve noticed how much more efficient Naruto has become at using Sage Mode. He transforms faster and he is more clever about when he chooses to transform and he’s worked around those weaknesses. The original risks to the technique seem far less prominent now, so I expect the same will occur with the Kurama transformation.

  151. @-Tenrai I’v been busy lol. Getting my life in order etc. I am keeping up with the manga tho. ^___^
    I love these last few chapters.

  152. The only thing is Ten, both Sasuke and Naruto are the same age and both come from strong linage so the gap in power should be a very slim one.

    As for everything else I agree with you especially about Sage mode, witch I and I guess a lot of people love to death. Those eyes and the powers they grant are Awesome.

  153. @Death

    Well, it’s awesome to have you back. I hope you stick around for a while, along with the other old familiar faces. πŸ˜›


    When they do battle, I reckon it will be much like The Valley of The End where they were pretty even. The battle will be quite epic, I am sure and if there is a difference in their power, it won’t be a big one. I still think Sasuke might have a bit of an edge for suspense purposes, we’ll see.

  154. @ Deathcon – Hope things got sorted πŸ˜‰ Welcome Back πŸ˜€

    @ Naruto/Eugen – Seriously if Naruto doesn’t loose some of his powers then Sasuke has no Chance, Sasuke is strong but not even Madara (besides his meteor no jutsu) could stand up to 5 Tailed Beast but not only that but 5 that have proper sense and a single mind… I dont think they have shared vision anymore though… Naruto’s Faster and Stronger then Sasuke at the moment… @___@

  155. @Pein Until Kishi gives him some random power-up such as the Rinnegan or something.

  156. @ Kanton – I doubt even the Rinnegan can stand to Naruto, only thing I can think of is, in the beginning of Shippuden Sasuke could easily supress the Kyuubi Chakra that may be his great advantage @___@

  157. @Pein

    As I said a few comments up, you can’t accurately gauge Naruto’s power based solely on this battle. Remember that the Bijuu Naruto and Bee are fighting, are being controlled by one person (Tobi) and therefor his concentration is split between all five of them rather than being focused in a single point.

    It’s like how Sasori’s concentration was split between his puppets when he was controlling 100 of them. The more that were destroyed, the more Sasori was focusing on the individual ones remaining and the stronger they became. By that reasoning, I think it’s safe to say that the five Bijuu Naruto and Bee are fighting, are not performing as optimally as they could be because Tobi’s focus and attention is split between them.

    Also remember that Naruto is working and cooperating with Kurama while Bee is working and cooperating with the Hachibi. On the flip-side, the other Bijuu are NOT cooperating with Tobi and he is instead using force to drive their movements and actions. Even still they are doing their best to resist his commands, as was shown by the fact that the Gobi even tried to attack Tobi, which shows just how difficult it must be for him to control them.

    Also, you make the situation with Naruto fighting the Bijuu a bit more extreme than it actually is. Naruto isn’t facing five Bijuu alone, Bee is doing it with him, so, as I said above, it is actually a 2 vs 5 battle. You said even Madara couldn’t take on five Bijuu at once, but what about two Madara’s taking on five Bijuu who aren’t at their prime power with a Jinchuuriki cooperating with them?

    Lastly, we don’t know the extent of the power of Sasuke’s EMS. You’re assuming you know how strong he is based on what you’ve seen in other characters before, but each character is different and for all we know, Sasuke’s EMS could be far more powerful than we’ve imagined. Remember, this is Sasuke’s and Itachi’s power put together. We saw how strong Itachi was on his own. Now double, or maybe even triple that…

  158. i just wanna see the look on sasuke’s face when naruto comes at him so fast that sasuke can see him comin, but cant react quick enough to do anything about it.

    pre-chuunin exam lee fight all over again haha

  159. @Dish – You have to remember that Sasuke is pretty fast two. He was able to keep up and go toe to toe with the Raikage, who mind you, is the second fastest person in Naruto. He Probably would be the third fastest if The fourth was still around.

  160. KURAMA: You’re my bitch now.

  161. i’m just confused as to why naruto doesn’t use is speed in all his battles.. only in tight situations does he actually use it, and if someone says he does, then it’s not too often.

    i’m also wondering if he will be able to go into sage mode and kyuubi mode at once without a clone rather than what he did this episode.

  162. @cannonfg

    Naruto’s speed has always been shown as being enhanced – either by Sage Jutsu or Kurama power. While his normal speed is above average than most Konoha ninja, it is nowhere near the levels of others (e.g. Ay or Minato) without using his Sage Techniques or Fox Power.

    And, while Naruto could use speed in his battles, he’s more adept towards cunning and strategy (just like a Fox, hmmm) , especially after his training with Jiraiya and Kakashi. He’s mastered the Multi-Shadow Clone above and beyond those who came before him and he’s developing multi-level strategies in order to defeat opponents or provide openings in battle to yield a positive outcome in his favor.

    Just like in the comics, The Flash doesn’t just run over his opponents (especially his Rogues), he usually has to think things out many steps beforehand in order to win a battle.

    Although, I think in this latest chapter, it was definitely epic when he uses the new Kurama-powered speed to rescue Guy and Kakashi – to the point that Kakashi almost mistook Naruto (thanks to his new chakra cloak) for Minato. So you can pretty well guess that Naruto can achieve the speed his Dad was famous for.

    IMHO, answering my question above, I think Naruto is well on par with EMS Sasuke now in terms of power and strategy.

    What will be interesting is to see what happens after this battle with Tobi and the other Beasts and how the battle with Sasuke will come to play. I think Sasuke’s main flaw is that he feels he is superior to any opponent due to his heritage and dojutsu.

  163. well yeah marks i know what you’re sayin. but obviously we’ve seen naruto is faster than the raikage to the point where he could wait til that punch was inches from his face before he moved. i’m just sayin..fanboyism haha

  164. @ Dish11 – My Argument was never about who’s faster out of the Raikage and Naruto. I was simply stating in other words, that its going to take a lot more then just sheer speed from Naruto to defeat Sasuke, who by the way, has shown he can hold his own against an opponent who is muster faster then he is.

  165. Speed wise, I definitely think Naruto is considerably faster than Sasuke. However, Sasuke does have the Sharingan to help him track Naruto’s movements, and it’s the EMS, no less, so I am sure its powers of insight are even greater now.

    It may not be enough to help Sasuke completely counter Naruto’s moves, but as we saw in their battle at the Valley of the End, Sasuke was able to counter Naruto even when Naruto was much, much faster than him, purely because he could see what Naruto was going to do a moment before he could do it.

    If you ask me, what will give Sasuke the most trouble is that Naruto’s chakra can act independently from his body’s movements (as shown in the same battle I mentioned above). Then there’s also the fact that both have extremely powerful jutsu and “ultimate defenses”. I think it will be epic. @__@

  166. @everyone: i’m just going to throw this out there, but i think what we’ll see from sasuke when the story focus’s on him again, is some connection to the SO6P other son. If we think about it, naruto AND sasuke are supposed to represent one half of SO6P but we’ve seen no connection or resemblance to him through sasuke. I am in the Naruto fan boy club and HATE sasuke but i need to be realistic here, I mean we havnt even seen/heard anything about the older brother (the one sasuke is supposed to be) so were in for alot of new information once sasuke joins the story again :*(

  167. Marks- yes for sure it will definitely take more than shear speed for naruto to win. i was just had a lil moment of vizualization where i could imagine seein sasuke’s face if the fight ever hit on that specific point πŸ™‚

  168. just had*

  169. @wra
    not so out there theory, its already stated that rinnagin comes after MS, so how long till sauske gets it and how does it affect the naru/sasgay battle? also is it like the rinnagin we see so far where he loses sussano and all that suff?

  170. @above
    oh man sad thought, i hope they dont give sauske rinnagin and change the naruto battle from what we all want to see, into naru/pain mark 2

  171. @ Cool, as we saw in Madara’s case one can switch back and forth between the rinnegan and Ems jutsus. Madara using Susano’o while being able to use Rinnegan abilities like the Meteor Shower.

  172. @coolbeans: Seriously, I don’t care anymore. It would be different were the only people with the rinnegan nagato and So6P.
    But now… one cheap upgrade to already cheap eyes just doesn’t make that much of a difference for me.

    Also, I’m sorry, but Sasuke shouldn’t technically be able to touch naruto. Raikage was fast, yeah, but yondaime owned him through instantaneous teleportation. I don’t entirely get Naruto’s speed but apparently he’s gotten so fast that it might as well be instantaneous.

    See, that’s why Minato seems so invincible. What can you do against someone who could be everywhere and nowhere at the same time?

    The only thing I can think of is sasuke shielding himself with susanoo and waiting til naruto gets tired but Naruto is also a stamina monster…
    I’m sure kishi sees too that right now Sasuke and naruto seem on different levels, so sasuke will get some new techniques, but I won’t be satisfied if sasuke can simply track naruto with his eyes, that’s bullshit, he’s just too fast!

    Also, am I wrong or should Naruto be immune to genjutsu now?

  173. @eugen, very good point. ive been laxed on my naruto rereads. lol that kinda swats that down pretty quick. so how does possible rinnagin action effect the battle then. no one so far has mentioned that aspect

  174. @dmaxx3d
    i can agree with the sentiment, ive already said im disillusioned with the crazy powers popping up. but there were some theory’s up above as to how that can be rectified.

  175. @ Cool, well for me personally the Rinnegan is is more then the EMS, sure there’s little we know about the EMS but from what we know through the Rinnegan you get:
    1. Summoning freaky animals with shared vision that replicate until you kill the caster of the jutsu.
    2. Absorbing any jutsu ( My favorite, since it is a really useful trick against any opponent).
    3. Being able to rip the soul out of ones head and read it’s memories.
    4. Attract, repeal and create huge celestial objects, and if really pissed off, the dude ca actually smash them to the ground.
    5. The mechanical stuff witch is a little strange for the narutoverse and IMHO a real waste of a body.
    6. The freaky heretical monster that comes out of the ground and sucks your soul with it’s tongue, witch can also give back life.
    7. Shared field of vision
    8. Can perform any jutsu

    1. Probably GREAT GENJUTSU
    2. Enhanced use of Amaterasu, Tsukuyome and Susano’o
    3. No side effects in overusing the powers
    4. Real great powers of perception, witch can lead to the learning of almos any jutsu besides Kekegenkai (maybe possible with EMS, thx to Madara’s use of Hashiramas, mokuton)
    5. Everything is in slow motion and the user can see he’s attacker’s intentions and doesn’t need to make any wasted moves in order to turn the tide of a fight and over use his own skills, ergo economy on chakra.

    All in all, i guess if we don’t see more from Madara, Sasuke will give us the crash course on the EMS soon enough.

  176. @eugen
    thats a pretty good breakdown, but to be honest i dont think they will fight during this war. im hopping to see sauske fight before passing judgement. ems vs rinn is a close debate, but i could also see a continued power up of naruto and sauske getting both ems and rinn which i would prefer doesnt happen. im in the sharingan vs kyubbi camp

  177. @drice: I see naruto and sasuke being like yin and yang of So6P, so I expect that they’ll be evenly matched by the time it’s all over. I also think Naruto’s “both will die” prediction is based on that yin/yang; perhaps a new, fully-functional So6P will be born from the ashes of their next clash!

  178. @arpotu
    good observation and it fits perfectly with the seldom mentioned naruto being the host of only the yin half of the kyubbi chakra and that sauske has expressed want of a tailed beast. i made the argument before but didnt include the point you just pointed out

  179. I honestly don’t think Naruto will die. I believe he ill become The Most powerfull hokage the Naruto world has ever seen once he has either turned, beated, or defeated Sasuke.

  180. Let’s just hope this time Naruto doesn’t try to scratch Sasuke’s forehead this time

  181. I wonder why it wouldn’t be surprising if Sasuke had the yin half of Kurama’s chakra.

  182. I for one would like to see if Karin will provide the intel corp any useful info on Sasuke and if so, I ‘ll be even more curious in naruto will listen to the info on his former team mate or he’ll just do noble thing and fight Sasuke str8 on. All out raw power vs raw power.

    Me personally, I would enjoy a head on bloody massacre between the two. a fight worthy of legend and a variety of jutsu used that we’ll never get to see in a single fight ever.

    As for Sasuke, I hope the dude is epic Strong and will prove to be a great match for Naruto as he always was. The only let down is this two are so far in front of the others that it’s a little one sided now, as many said, it’s already starting to look like DBZ when only Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks made the cut, maybe Picollo at some point too.

    Kakashi isn’t even in the right place right now but I have to give it to him and Gai, killing all the swordsman, the 2 kekegenkai users from the stone and sand and still capable to save naruto from Tobi and take on lvl 2 Jinchuriki. That to me proves that this 2 guys are already kage level and can take on 99% of any shinobi out there except Edo Madara, Tobi (?), Edo Nagato; other then this guys Kakashi could be a match for almost everyone and Gai also. This only if both Kakashi and Gai go all out.

  183. @eugen
    kikashi was almost voted hokage once and served as teemporary kage when danzo died so i think that debate is pretty much settled.

  184. @Kantonkage: Oh god no, now that you mention it, the clues are there. Karin seeing similarities between naruto’s and sasuke’s “evil” chakra, the strange shape holding sasuke as he is “engulfed in darkness” during the kage summit…
    Oh pllease kishi, don’t do it.
    I swear, if Sasuke has even so much as a pinky finger full of tge kyuubi’s chakra I’m going to drop this manga. I’m not one of those guys that tvreaten to stop reading naruto at every decision kishi makes, but I can’t explain it… Kurama is just… Something that bings to naruto and naruto only, he always has. Sasuke can have thousands of tricks shoved up his ass, but half of Kyuubi’s chakra is just…. No. NO damnit!

  185. Hey guys!

    I just wanted to point out a few things:

    1) Orochimaru’s arms were choped off and grew back, so going by that logic, I’d say that Kurama fed off of Naruto’s chakra and grew back to full size over the years.

    2) Most likely the dark evil that Karin detected in Sasuke was dark zetsu. He will probably give sasuke the power of a tailed beast by feeding on his hatred and converting it to chakra.

    3) The gold and silver brothers are probably going to be used when naruto runs through a lot of chakra. Their chakra might interfere with Naruto’s connection with Kurama. What do you guys think?

    4) And what is that guitar for? My guess is its for genjutsu…

    5) Did anyone notice Tobi has never used Susano?

  186. @visionary he didn’t use any Mangekyo jutsu to my knowledge. There’s no actual proof or any point for Tobi use Amaterasu during the “Itachi staging his death convincing Sasuke that he killed him,” sequence.

  187. @visionary he didn’t use any Mangekyo jutsu to my knowledge. There’s no actual proof or any point for Tobi to use Amaterasu during the “Itachi staging his death, while convincing Sasuke that he killed him,” sequence.

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