Naruto Chapter 569 Breakdown: Mysterious mysteries are mysterious….

Hey guys. I’m sorry my breakdown is a bit late, but the time I had originally assigned myself to write this in was gobbled up like a cheesecake when my internet connection decided to go “bye-bye” on me.

So, here I am, late Tuesday afternoon, writing this on my computer while a mob bearing torches and pitchforks gathers outside my window – and they aren’t just the people I still owe money. So, I suppose I’d best get moving before I am burnt at the steak.

And so we start the new year with a bang! *Reads chapter* wait....

Ah yes… the holiday season. It’s a time that brings both many joys and just as many woes.

The joy for most of us, is that it is a time for us to take a break and relax at the end of the year – at least, for those of us who had already finished our Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, it also happens to be a time in which many manga publications often go on a break as well, which means we’re left without our favorite manga to read over the turn of the year.

It’s no wonder that by the time the first release of the new year comes out, we’re all just about quivering with anticipation. We rush to our most visited manga streaming site, click on the link to the newly released chapter, stare at the screen enthusiastically as the page loads up and then gorge ourselves in a blissful delight.

But, as expectations run high, disappointments come easily. It doesn’t help when the newly released chapter we’ve all been waiting for arrives hand in hand with a tsunami of flashbacks.

Troll no jutsu... it is powerful indeed...

And so, an uproar ensues. People complain, mass riots are launched, Eugen turns emo, and I start hugging trees instinctively. It was like an episode of the Jerry Springer show. It’s a wonder Kisu didn’t show up to have his say about this. Heaven know’s he’s been hiding long enough and this would have been the perfect time for our resident troll to shine. <_<

However, even despite the mortal, gut wrenching blow delivered by Kishi’s flashback no jutsu, all-in-all, the new chapter wasn’t so bad. Despite the numerous pages wasted with said flashbacks, they weren’t completely out of place and they fulfilled their role solidly, even if a bit excessively. Other than that, the chapter had plenty of actions in the few pages that did feature original content. Naruto once again proved his wit in the heat of battle by hiding himself inside Son and as always, his sage mode transformation just looks awesome, no matter when he’s using it.

This chapter also threw some interesting ideas our way as well. One in particular, which caught my interest.

Now this is, indeed, an interesting chain of events... <__<

After reading these pages and the words contained therein, it got me thinking a for a bit, and after a long moment of thinking, I finally realized something…

… thinking makes my head hurt. T__T

I also realized that there seems to be a connection between the chains that Tobi is using and the “Outer Path” of the Rinnegan, in that control of the chains that bind the tailed beasts is only possible if one controls the power of the Outer Path of the Rinnegan. However, if that truly is truly the case, then what about Kushina’s chains? If we take a look back, we see her using chains to bind Kurama that look similar, if not identical, to the ones Tobi was using.

I'm starting to sense there may be a link here... >_> *Gets blown away for lame jokes.... again.*

As you can see in the screen above, at the top, we have Kushina’s chains coming out of Naruto, and at the bottom, we have Tobi’s chains ensnaring Naruto. This can mean only one thing…

Naruto has a fetish for chain bondage. @___@

*Pein0Avenue runs over and whispers in Tenrai’s ear.* Oh what? It wasn’t about the bondage? <_<

I see… *Cough*

Of course, what I meant to say is that there are a few stark similarities between Kushina’s chains and Tobi’s. They have near identical aesthetic features and they both behave in a similar manner to one another (I.e. being used to subdue or control a tailed beast). However, if that kind of power, and those chakra chains are only meant to be used by someone who has control of the “Outer Path” of the Rinnegan, then what does that mean for Kushina? So, I thought about the matter even more – much to my detriment – and a new question popped up into my mind.

Is Kushina really just a normal Uzumaki? I mean, there was mentioned of her having a special kind of chakra and perhaps that power is somehow directly related to The Sage of the Six Paths. It would explain two things; the first being why she could use the same chakra chains Tobi was seen using, and the second being this…

When Naruto transforms into his Kyuubi chakra form, he acquires a visual likeness not too dissimilar from the silhouettes we’ve seen of the Rikudo Sennin himself. He has the same two strands of pointy hair and the same tomoe-like markings around his neck.

Even Kurama seemed to recognize the similarities. More than that, he verbally mentioned the Rikudo Sennin when Naruto sealed him away again.

This manga is headed down a dark and disturbing path indeed...

When the Kyuubi says “this is the Rikudo Sennin’s…” I believe he is referring to the sealing technique Naruto just used on him. There’s also a good chance that this technique may be directly related to the same chakra chains Kushina and Tobi used, in that it was also able to instantly subdue the Kyuubi with little effort.

The other point that makes this so interesting is how effortlessly Naruto uses the technique, even though he has shown no real aptitude for sealing techniques at all in the manga up until this point, which is another factor that leads to the possibility that it may be an inherent ability. This would stand to reason, as Naruto would have probably inherited his mother’s chakra, as I assume it would only be natural that a child would inherit the power and abilities of his parents through some genetic means. This coupled with his visual likeness to the Rikudo Sennin goes a long way in suggesting that there may, in fact, be a very pertinent and direct link between the two.

There was also another link that caught my attention, and that was the whiskers on Naruto’s cheeks. Although they are assumed to be related to Kurama being sealed in him, we also saw the same whisker marks on the Kin-Gin brothers.

Now, of course, most might argue that it was because all three inherited Kurama’s chakra that they all shared the aesthetic feature of having whiskers, but there is another factor we may not have taken into account. It was also mentioned that The gin-Kin brothers were directly related to the Rikudo Sennin in some way and may have even been descendants of his, which is why they were able to use his weapons without severe chakra exhaustion. Could their whisker marks be a sign of this heritage, as opposed to being a sign of the Kyuubi’s chakra influence? If so, could this also be further evidence to support these connections I am making between Naruto, Kushina and the Sage of the Six Paths himself?

Of course, there is another possibility that might fit snugly into this equation…

I hope we're not just going in circles here....

The other possibility, as suggested in the image above, is that the Uzumaki as a whole might be the answer to this equation. But before we can find the answer, we need to ask the right questions.

So the question is, are the Uzumaki only distant relatives to the Senju, or is there a chance they are somehow related to the Uchiha as well? If they do have a genetic link to both clans somehow, that might explain this mysterious mystery we are faced with right now. As to how this might be the case, there is a possibility that the Rikudo Sennin had a third son we didn’t know about who inherited both parts of his power. I mean, the similarities between the spiral design of the Uzumaki clan symbol and the Rinnegan may not simply be a coincidence and when Naruto is in Kyuubi Sennin mode, the same spiral pattern can be seen appearing on his hands, stomach and shoulders as well, indicating that they may be closely tied to the power of the Sage as a whole and not just as a symbol of the Uzumaki.

Or perhaps some daring Senju got frisky with an Uchiha and, well you get the point… <_<

In any case, the possibilities are limitless, and I am sure theories like my own will soon be coming out of the wood works. So, instead of blabbering on like a school lecturer, I’ll simply leave it there and post a nice poll for all of you to take part in.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. I am sorry about the breakdown being late again, and about it being so long, but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway.

This week, we’ll have another bubbliton contest – the first one for the new year – so here it is. ^ ^

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you all in the comments. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 18, 2012.

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  2. Great breakdown. Your theory seems plausible to me, but I’m gonna have to think a bit more about it before I fully agree


    Bubble 2: *Huff* *Huff*

    Bubble 3: Okay, so farting inside his mouth didn’t work after all…

    Caption: Flatulence no jutsu… it only works best on Inuzuka…

  4. Bubble:

    “She has a penis!!”
    “Whew. I barely made it out of there with my anus intact.”
    Caption: Check her before you get wrecked

  5. Well done. A very interesting read Tenrai, I must say. Your theory is very thought provoking. And it points to many possibilities in the near future, one of them being Naruto ending up with the rinnegan.

    In any case, a very well written and fruitful breakdown.

    @wra, I want to debate about something. @____@


    Bubble 1: GAH!!!! NOEEEEES!!!!

    Bubble: I hate it when he does that. Now I know how Marksman, Kisu, and half the wra blog feels.

    Caption: Welcome To Tenrai’s stomach. Unfortunately, once this tour has started, there is no turning back, and there is only one way out. <__<

  7. winner ^^^ hahaha well done marks my man

    Great breakdown tenten, I really like these kinds of deep theory oriented breakdowns. many times I’ve thought there has to be a way the uzumaki are more closely related to rikudo than we’ve been shown so far. like many, I thought this the first time naruto went into 9-tails mode, after “taking control” of kurama’s chakra

  8. 6th ? lol

    Great Breakdown ten , as for the theory I think it is very plausible and might actually be true , though I’m not sure about the uzumaki symbol not being a coincidence because I believe Kishi told us in an interview that it did not mean anything … O.o

  9. AHSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *eats Ahsan*

    He could easily change his mind. lol Either way, he drew it for a reason. The thing is finding out if that reason is significant or not.

  10. Great job Tenrai, FYI it’s called being “Sasuke”, “emo” is so last year :)).

    Damn that sounded a little fruity. Anyway great theory, one I’me sure most of us embrace and there’s one more link to the chain you forgot to add. Nagato was a Uzumaki also and he had a perfect rinnegan. You can’t get any closer then that.

  11. @Ahsan

    Yes, Kishi also apparently said that the Hachibi would attack Konoha, and we know that will never happen now. Sometimes I wonder if all those interviews are actually real and, if they are, it’s likely even Kishi will change his mind along the way, like how he decided now to give each Bijuu a proper name.

    Still, there’s a good chance my theory may be completely innacurate, even taking those factors into consideration. It all depends on what path Kishi himself wants to take this story down.

  12. Awesome Breakdown Ten, lots of thought has been thought to think up these thoughts @___@ but who is avenue0pein <___<

    T___T don't even know how to spell my name 😦

    @ Uzumaki theory – If Kishi goes that route will be a little of a pull for me, I think the Uzumaki are a more direct line then the senju are now… and what if @___@ the Uzumaki are actually made up of 1 Uchiha and 1 Senju getting it on and making the new clan 😛 Would be interesting… Though I am still annoyed with Kishi's use of destiny and cheaper power ups where in the first part of naruto it was all hard work and sacrifice that made the fighters…

    @ Tenrai – What if Konoha is responisble for Bee death and the Hachibi still attacks Konoha ?

  13. hey is there any spoilers coming out soon?

  14. trolololololol *is there, i mean are there*

  15. @Drice

    The first spoiler is out, but it is very vague. I posted it in the spoiler section.

  16. @Pein

    Just because a ninja is born into a strong clan, that doesn’t automatically make them strong nor does it mean they are destined to be strong. If you look at examples like Kiba, Hinata or even Obito, you’ll see what I mean. All three were born into powerful and renowned clans, yet they are what I would consider weaker examples of their members.

    Hinata, compared to her peers like Lee, Neji or Shikamaru, is comparatively weak, despite being born as the heiress to one of the strongest clans in Konoha. (Actually, after the death of the Uchiha, the Hyuuga may very well be the strongest clan in Konoha now). Lee, in comparison, is far stronger than her even though he wasn’t born into any unique clan at all.

    Obito, although a decent gennin, was still far behind Kakashi as far as skill goes – even though he is an Uchiha – while comparatively, the latter had already made jounin by the age of twelve.

    Kiba… well, we won’t go there. I think you get the point already. <_<

    Anyway, even those born into strong clans need to work hard and make sacrifices to become strong themselves. The same can be said for anyone, including Jinchuuriki, who also have to work hard to control their bijuu, lest their minds be destroyed by them and they eventually lose control (as most Jinchuuriki eventually did). Even Nagato only became strong after he trained with Jiraiya for three years, so it's not like he just floated to the top. I would say the reason the likes of Nagato and Madara became so strong was also because they thrived on the battlefield and grew up in war environments. Still, we have those like Gaara, Oonoki, Minato, Konan, Kizame and Kabuto who also became just as strong as the best of them, even though they aren't related to the Uchiha, Senju, or Uzumaki. I wouldn't say it's all just about cheap power-ups or destiny. It's all up to the individual as well, in the end. @__@

  17. The chapter is out.

  18. omg, i’ve been a naruto/kurama fanboy for a while now, and i just fucking exploded

  19. Fuck the Cliffhanger, now that was a piece of art we just read. That’s exactly what I thought Kishi will surprise us with.

    I’m gonna go lay my head in some ice to counter the sever brain usage generated by this last chapter.

  20. @dricedt: I know how you feel. I’ve been arguing with people since IRA that Naruto would befriend the nine-tails fox. I feel very validated right now.

  21. Ok, brainstorming time:
    What do you guys think Son gave Naruto ??? and how much stronger will Naruto be next chapter with kurama giving him all the power he needs.

  22. Epic chapter was epic, there’s simply no denying it.

    And you know a chapter is epic when it lures old familiar names back to the blog. Speaking of which, hello Gavin. 😛


    Well, we’ve seen that fist bumping can serve two purposes. The first is a transfer of power (as suggested by this chapter) and the second, as shown by Bee on many occasions, is that it allows for a transfer of thoughts and memories. Maybe Son was showing Naruto his thoughts or memories, to show him a way of defeating the other Bijuu or even Tobi himself. Or maybe he was simply fist bumping him as a way to show his friendship – I.E. a sign to show Naruto that he has won his “allegiance” or “approval” which, although it isn’t a physical gift, can go a long way as far as inspiration or motivation is concerned. It just gives Naruto more of a reason to fight.

    That’s how I see it anyway.

  23. To add a little to what you said Tenrai, besides who knows what ninjutsu it might actually be, I was thinking it could also be a transfer of thoughts from Son to the other Beasts to trust in Naruto thus shortening Naruto’s time in witch he needs to win over the other bijuus.

    Eventually he’ll have to smash Gedo Mazo and I Wonder if he’ll have at least one more bijuu on his side that will not be resealed by the Heretical Demon Statue. Also another question is if Tobi really did seal the 1 tail Shukaku inside him, because Tobi seems to have a lot of power and the only way you can get all that power is by implanting Hashirama’s cells, witch i bet he already has and a Bijuu inside your belly for extra juice.

  24. As always Tenrai, and u have givin me alot to think about, I love how deep this universe can go. I will add to ur theories as soon as I read the next chapter.

  25. Who thinks Kishi is going to torture us with a plot shift next week? Kabuto vs Itachi, anyone?

  26. There’s not much to say about the chapter that has not already been said, but I’m curious as to how Naruto will fight now. His seal was destroyed when he learned the kyuubi mode. the new seal is his own and he just opened it. If the opening of the old seal would have set kyuubi free, what will the opening of this one do? I would guess the same, since there’s nothing holding kurama back now. So technically Kurama should not be able to remain inside Naruto.
    We know that now kyuubi and naruto basically are a duo. With and the hachibi it works kinda like this: correct me if I’m wrong. Both of them have free access to their own, as well as their partner’s chakra. Also, they can choose to transform into the hachibi’s body with either one of them in control.
    But Bee still has a seal. He just has befriended the 8 tails.
    Naruto on the other hand set kyuubi free. So now I guess kyuubi could technically escape from Naruto’s body but wouldn’t that kill naruto? So he won’t do that.
    The more likely option is Naruto transforming into kurama, so basically the same fusion bee and hachibi have. But how’s that possible if naruto opened the seal?
    AAHHHHHHHHHH! I’m confused, help me out.

  27. @Dmaxx3d

    Actually, opening the seal does not automatically mean Kurama is free to leave. Naruto opened the seal once before, remember? And yet, Kurama did not simply just walk out as he pleased. After all, he is still inside Naruto and thus, to truly be “free” he has to take over Naruto’s body to assume his own true form again. I.E. He has to exert his own will in order to supress Naruto’s will.

    What opening the seal does do, however, is give Kurama the opportunity to take over Naruto’s body. If he fully takes over Naruto’s body, then he can transform back into his original form and he will essentially be free again. We see an example of this when Naruto almost fully transformed into the Kyuubi during his battle with Pein. It isn’t a seperation of the two entities, but rather a transformation between the two.

    So, the bottom line is, Naruto and Kurama still share one body, seal or no seal. The partnership simply means that Kurama has essentially verbally agreed not to try and take over Naruto’s body when lending him his power. So that means if Naruto does transform (like he almost did against Pein) he will still retain his free will despite taking Kurama’s form.

    This idea is similar to the partnership between Bee and the Hachibi. Bee is able to fully transform without losing his will and he can even let the Hachibi take over whenever he wants without having to worry. It actually signifies a symbiotic relationship more than just a partnership.

    On a last note, Bee seems to have already “released” the Hachibi from his seal as well. I mean, have you seen the Hachibi inside a cage, or chained up? It hasn’t once been shown that this is the case, so, chances are, Bee unlocked his seal quite a while ago. It also seems to be necessary, as Kurama suggested that the seal actually limited how much power he could share with Naruto.

  28. i like how kishi is actually sticking with this battle for once n not switching back n forth between the different fronts. it gives us a lot more detail without breaking it apart so much..kinda bleachesque.

    also very much in favor of the fist bump being more than just a “fist bump”..makes bee a lil more understandable even

  29. @Tenrai Senshi: Oh, I get it. Kyuubi does not have a body per se as he is just a mass of chakra, so he is not something that can break free, but only take control of who he is sealed in and transform that body through his chakra.
    Now I’m not sure if I read this in fanfiction or in canon, but it was said that as soon as naruto dies, kyuubi dies. I think that if the bijuu is in a state like the Hachibi or the kyuubi right now, basically freed of the seal, he does not have to die, so that may be a good thing for kurama.
    @dish11: Actually I too want the fist bump to be just that.

  30. @Dmaxx3d

    Actually, it may be more of a case that they are bound together in a more permanent way. Remember, Kurama has been sealed within Naruto since the day of his birth. Since then, his chakra was allowed to seep through the seal and mix with Naruto’s own. So, you could say that they share one another’s chakra to a degree.

    Now, we know that when a Bijuu is pulled out of a Jinchuuriki, that Jinchuuriki dies. Why is that? I mean, if it was a simple case of just undoing the seal and letting the tailed beast out, I am sure Akatsuki could have removed all the Bijuu without any casualties, and yet, death seemed to be unnavoidable for a host who has lost their Bijuu. It’s probably because of that link between the two that they’ve shared for so long. The relationship seems to go both ways as well.

    So basically, if a Jinchuuriki loses their Bijuu, they die. In the same breath, if the Jinchuuriki dies, so does their Bijuu as well. It seems their fates are deeply tied to one another either way, almost as if they were one and the same being.

    I doubt even the release of a seal will change the fact that if a Jinchuuriki dies, so will his Bijuu. It also stands to reason that if a Bijuu is extracted from the body of a Jinchuuriki, even after he has “released his seal”, the Jinchuuriki would still die from severe chakra loss.

    Lol. Maybe I am thinking these things through too deeply though. I feel like a college professor now for some reason. Here’s a question though, on the subject of Bijuu. Does anyone think that Gaara might ever get the Ichibi back again for some reason?

  31. I believe it’s stated that the bijuus are implanted into their jinchuuriki as children because their chakra coils have not yet developed, and so they become physically intertwined

  32. Lol, if you feel like a professor after that, what should I say? Try explaining someone the finer points of competitive pokemon battling. I even totally suck at math 😦 I’m pretty sure that guy still has no clue.

    Gaara…I couldn’t see why that should happen. Gaara still can use his sand powers and he didn’t have that great of a relationship with his “mother”.
    The only way I can see this happening is that when the war is over the biju inside gedo mazo can only survive ibside of a host body and through Naruto so many people have changed that he is able to convince people to give them a chance at life by being their partners. But that would soon drift into the cheesy zone…

  33. Hey, as i remember it, if the host dies, the biju does not die. This is said with kushina that she would kill her self and that would delay the revival of the kubi. Also, the Kubi tells sasuke that he better not kill naruto for his on sake. This implies that if naruto would have been killed the kubi would be revived. I dont remember evidence saying that if the host died so did the biju, only that it took a while for it to come back.

  34. Does anybody know how naruto got out of Son??? in one panel he’s bumping fists inside son, then he’s landing by the four tails Jin???

  35. @dricedt
    The sage mode Naruto was a clone, it disappeared in the next panel. The nine tails mode was flung off sons body with the chakra rod, destroying it with rasengans in mid-air. He was then caught with sons hairy gorilla hand.

    Karuma could only take over Narutos body with another chakra tug o war, and we all know how well that worked out for him last time lol. And Naruto only gets stronger chapter by chapter.

  36. @ drecedt, to add to what Mantis said, Naruto was bumping fists with Goku inside Goku’s mind just like Naruto dose with kyuubi. So technically he was in Chakra mode outside Son, he was inside Son’s throat in Sage mode and he was in Son Goku’s subconscious in normal mode where Son was tied down with the steak going through his chest.

  37. @Drice

    It is specifically stated in part one by Kurama himself, that if Naruto dies, so will he. This happened while Naruto was falling off a cliff, and Kurama lent him chakra so he could summon Gamabunta. Even during Kushina’s flashback regarding the attack on Konoha, she stated that she would drag Kurama back into herself so that they could both “die” together.

    Now, whether that death would be permanent or not is another story, because it is suggested that Kurama would eventually reincarnate, as hinted at by Minato. I’m not sure how many years reincarnating would take, but it seems you can’t really kill a Bijuu permanently. Still, it is technically dying regardless. It’s just not staying dead forever.


    I think I remember you also asking how much stronger Naruto would be now that Kurama’s giving him power directly. I forgot to answer that earlier…

    Anyway, this is how I see it. Before, after Naruto won his chakra tug-o-war with Kurama, he was now able to make use of that chakra. However, while using Kurama’s chakra, his own chakra was “set asside” for Kurama to slowly absorb. Essentially, Naruto was “swapping” out his own chakra for Kurama’s, rather than using them both together. That was the risk of using that technique.

    Now, however, Kurama said “let’s merge our chakra together.” So, instead of just using one or the other – swapping between them – Naruto will now be using his chakra combined with Kurama’s at the same time. Considering how powerful Naruto’s chakra is on its own, I think mixing it with Kurama’s will have much more potent effects than simply using Kurama’s chakra on its own as well.

    Then, there’s also that possibility of Sage mode + Kyuubi chakra mode now….

  38. @ Tenrai, yeah dude that was exactly what I was thinking too, Naruto had to go back and forth and swiping between his own chakra+natural energy and the separate Kyuubi chakra. Now he should have all that into one package.

    But one thing I’m looking forward to see is the stability Naruto will try to find in order to merge his chakra the sage chakra and Kurama’s massive mass of chakra too.

    The balance should be just right in order for the merge to work perfect but I think Kurama will help Naruto out there. Because let’s face it, Naruto’s chakra control in Chakra mode is awesome. He needed 2 clones before in order to make a FRS but in chakra mode he can make a FRS with his index finger and can make really great and powerful versions of the Rassengan in split second.

    And plus if he should combine the pros’ from both chakra mode and sage mode he should literally be invincible:
    Sage Mode:
    – Great Sensing Ability
    – Great Speed
    – Awesome Power
    – Body enhancing
    – Unlimited Chakra if he learns to absorb while in motion

    Chakra Mode:
    – Sensing evil intentions
    – Light Speed
    – Great Power
    – Awesome chakra control
    – Great range via the chakra arms.
    – Also the full of life chakra that who knows what great thing is capable of.

    That with the added bonus of Kurama’s knowledge and own skills will probably make Naruto the mos versatile shinobi out there.

    The only thing left that I’m looking forward to is Naruto getting a hold of the Banana Fan so he would gain access to all the elements.
    Technically he should be the only one to inherit the tool because Bee already has Kisame’s sword and besides the Raikage and probably Tsunade there’s no other shinobi on the good side to have enough chakra in order to survive using that tool for long periods of time.

  39. *Reads Chapter*

    Okay good chapter… but I still feel its missing something, its missing that angst and dread, I am excited for the next chapter cause i wanna see how this is gonna affect Naruto’s ability but its been a long time since I actually worried about Naruto or Bee being captured, I just think it will all work out/plot won’t allow it. Which has been the general feel of the war if you a good “main” character you are fine… Where are the day that the good actually can be beaten and their is that feeling in a chapter and not all good feelings… Like the sadness felt when Jiraiya died with a smile on his face, the sad moments when Kakashi and the rest of Konoha suffered from the Invasion of Pain arc… Asuma etc… Where is that now, all we have is AWESOME power up after power up, its becoming like DBZ its more about big flashy attacks then meaning, and the meaning we have is all the light fluffy stuff @___@

    That is my perception <_<

  40. @Pein

    I think once Kishi gets past this Naruto/Kurama relationship issue, and once we get a demonstration of their combined power, the battle will likely become more perilous. After all, it’s only once you push a tiger into a corner that it is truly at its most ferocious. Only once Tobi feels like he has no way out do I think we’ll really see him pull out the most severe measures for victory.

    It’s kinda like Naruto vs Pein. The first half was basically like a demonstration of Naruto’s new power and, for the most part, he was kicking butt and looking epic. Once that was out of the way, things got really serious and that’s when Pein – now in the edge of the ropes – really turned the tables to the point where victory for Naruto almost seemed completely hopeless. (I assume it’s that kind of feeling you want as well).

    This current battle may not end without tragedy and seeing as how we have four good guys on the field (Not including Bijuu), there is a chance that at least one of them may end up having their last moments. But, I still think this battle has a long way to go before it finishes up, so it’s really hard to tell what will happen this early.

  41. Gosh, these anime episodes and manga chapters have been so great lately.

  42. I really hope there is some kinda of special element that kurama has been holding back from Naruto somehow. I don’t like the fact that almost every other bijuu has a special ability except Naruto’s. Now I know it will go along with Naruto basically being the no good shinobi kinda like no good tsuna from hitman, but please give him a wind nature boost or something kishi. If kurama has no extra ability I don’t see why the fourth hokage and third hokage could not defeat him. Or maybe I am way off?

  43. @Raiden

    I don’t agree that the Kyuubi doesn’t seem to grant Naruto any unique abilities. The ability to sense emotions – which even the most advanced sensor type ninja’s can’t use – seems to be a unique ability only Kurama grants to its host, as both Naruto and Mito were able to use it (both were hosts to Kurama). No other Jinchuuriki has been shown to be able to use any ability even remotely similar to that.

    Another unique ability that Kurama seems to grant Naruto is extreme speed. Again, no other Jinchuuriki seems to have had their speed significantly enhanced when using their Bijuu chakra, yet Naruto’s speed goes from relatively normal levels, to a level equal to or even greater than the Raikage’s, even though Naruto isn’t normally adept at using techs like the shunshin no jutsu (body flicker).

    Finally – and this one has been around for a while now – Naruto’s advanced healing factor, which, again, is an inherent ability we have not seen in any other Jinchuuriki so far besides Naruto himself, and seems to be an ability granted solely by Kurama. Being able to recover from even the most grevious wounds is quite a handy perk, if you ask me.

    Considering all those unique skills, I’m not sure if it is necessary to add anything else really. Besides, just using Kurama’s chakra alone already enhances the strength of Naruto’s jutsu as it is, even his fuuton jutsu.

  44. @ raiden – I think the Kyuubi’s “special” ability is just the vastness of his chakra supply, he has almost infinite chakra, his body will almost be hotter the lava due to the chakra cloak he creates

  45. @ Tenrai – the level may not be the same but KB also has his speed increase by the chakra cloak, thing is Naruto focused on speed instead of strength like bee does by transforming…

    Also the sensing ability could either be a Kyuubi ability or a Uzumaki ability which was passed down by the transfer of the Kyuubi Chakra?

    Healing is different… kind 😛

  46. @Pein

    It could be an ability granted by Kurama, or it could be an Uzumaki ability. It may even be a combination of both (an Uzumaki ability that is only awakened by the Kurama’s chakra). Either way, it’s an ability that only seems possible with Kurama’s chakra added to the equation, so I assume it is related to him directly in some way. Therefor, I would still count it as a unique Jinchuuriki skill that the other Jinchuuriki don’t have.

    The healing factor is still unique as well, regardless, and even if we discount Naruto’s speed, there’s still the life force attribute that causes mokuton to go crazy. We can’t tell where Kishi will take that particular ability either and it may be developed even more with this new partnership.

    To me though, I don’t see a real need for Naruto to gain too many new abilities. There’s still the Bijuu bomb Rasengan hybrid on the way and then there’s still the question of “that jutsu” that Jiraiya mentioned. We still don’t know what it is, but I hope we find out soon.

  47. @Tenrai, Great breakdown of what seemed to be an uneventful chapter, it gives some food for thought and opens the door for conspiracy, Tobi is actually an Uzumaki *Trollface*

    There is the possibility that the Uzumaki sealing jutsu’s are originally the sages techniques, just like the jutsu that Naruto performed to gain control of Kurama’s chakra. Which is probably why Naruto is the only person to use such a powerful cloak. Although my only real evidence to say this is the fact that his family crest is on the seal at 8 spots in his nine-tails chakra mode but then again, Kishi might just like spirals.

    I am definitely curious to see where he takes this next week, whether it be a more powerful nine-tails mode or a full transformation, although the full transformation seems unlikely since he’s standing across from someone who can control kurama so spamming shadow clones that have no fear of of going out of control or being controlled seems like a more likely scenario.

  48. You know guys, I just had a really disturbing thought. If this whole SOPA bill that everyone’s going crazy about gets passed, there’s a chance even WRA will be affected by it…

    Can you imagine it? X____x

    Suddenly, I feel really depressed…

  49. SOPA Will be a problem, but lets hope Obama stops it for us, or that the people that host websites do it in another country 😛


  50. on the topic of sopa/pipa, is it really a problem if we talk about and post some pics of manga here? If the sopa/pipa bill does go through then it might block the site from American viewers, but not completely because if you just search the IP of the site then you will still gain access to it regardless of it being blocked.

    In no way am I supporting the bill because it does go towards enforcing a worldwide police state if other countries follow suit. I know Canada has tried to pass similar laws and china already has but i’m just trying to find out how it affects the WRA audience.

    Another problem that i’m not sure if it affects the WRA audience is the fact that WSJ is going strictly digital as of April. So that means there would be no printed issues until volumes come out. Whether that would make it easier or harder for scantalator’s is beyond me as well but as far as problems that affect naruto or manga fans in general, the WSJ issue might be more a problem unless this is an American website,then viz media can shutdown,sue and send whoever is liable to jail for 5 years. but not for giving your opinion on what happens in each chapter, just for posting pics without adding something original to them for a profit. I don’t see ads on this site so I think it’s safe.

  51. @Tommy

    Well, if Weekly Shonen Jump starts releasing digital issues, then people won’t have to technically “scanslate” them anymore. It will simply be a matter translating them, but cleaning and scanning them will no longer be necessary (because they are already digital copies). It will likely mean that – circumstances forbidding – it would be easier to get the manga out sooner.

    As for the bill situation, the real nitty gritty comes down to how the bill is structured. So far as I know, you don’t need to be making profit for the bill to affect you. All it takes is for you to mention a copyrighted name/slogan, post a copyrighted image, use information from a copyrighted source or, generally, just posting or talking about something that doesn’t technically belong to you.

    So, if you write an article on how KFC is bad for your health and you show a picture, or mention the name of the brand in your article, they can take it down or even blacklist your site. That’s as far as I know anyway. I may be misreading things but from the fuss people are making and the amount of sites protesting against the bill, somehow I think it’s just as bad as I am saying.

  52. @Tenrai So what your saying is that SOPA is trying to block our reality. It’s trying to block things it deems as unlawful and that we shouldn’t see. It’s trying to keep us in a blissful state of control. One might even say that SOPA….is our Moon’s EYE PLAN!! YES I DARE SAY IT!

  53. You mean…. SOPA is really MEPA????? It all makes sense now!

  54. How do we know that no other bijuu gives a healing ability. We have never seen another one get injured without being captured immediately after by akatsuki. Also didn’t bee get so fast that sasuke couldn’t keep up with him when he went into the second stage. I also wouldn’t say that Naruto literally has been given an ability to sense anyone’s emotion more than the next shinobi, but he just doesn’t fight for the sake of fighting and actually tries to understand his opponent and achieve peace without killing.

  55. *sigh*

    Lets vote against it.

  56. @Raiden

    We saw Gaara get injured during the Chuunin exam arc and he didn’t heal. He just covered the wound with sand to protect himself. Bee was also heavily injured right now… and he is still injured. He hasn’t shown any signs of healing yet at all, even in his full Bijuu form, while Naruto could heal severe wounds in moments even when he was only in his 1-tailed chakra cloak mode. Also, in part one, Kakashi suggests that Naruto’s healing is an ability of the Kyuubi’s.

    As for the sensing ability, Naruto is the only person alive right now who has been shown to be able to use that ability. The only person who could use it in the past was Mito Uzumaki. Both were Jinchuuriki for Kurama and Naruto’s evil sensing ability only surfaced after he took control of Kurama’s chakra, so I am assuming that it is an ability granted only while using Kurama’s chakra, if we take all that evidence into account.

    If anyone else had a skill like that, then why was Naruto the last hope to save the SA from all the white Zetsu’s? We could say that Bee is also just as much the kind of person that tries to understand others as Naruto is. He reads minds through fist-bumping, after all, and he was the first Jinchuuriki to make good with his Bijuu, which says a lot in itself. And yet, he has not been shown to be able to sense evil intentions like Naruto can. When Naruto pointed out Kizame’s presence, both Bee and Yamato were completely unaware of any intrusion and only Naruto was able to sense him at all.

    Lastly, your argument about Bee’s speed is a good one, but when you think about it, Sasuke was never really able to keep up with Bee that entire battle, even before Bee activated his chakra cloak. Bee landed a few attacks on him with his swords beforehand, so I think it’s safe to assume Bee was already fast as it is. Still, compared to Naruto, who moves so fast all you see is a “yellow flash” when in his Kyuubi chakra mode, I still don’t think Bee’s speed comes close to that.

  57. @tenrai
    Good points all around. I definitely forgot about the white zetsu part.

  58. I guess you guys already know that SOPA is dead 🙂

  59. Nice theory Tenrai. I think you have something going there.

  60. Don’t forget Mito the first jinchuuriki could sense evil intent as well.

    Bubblition: HAAAAAAAAA BANKAI!!!!
    Man I ate too many burritos. Oh well number 2 escape strategy is a go. 😈
    Caption: According to Marksman there is only one way out. I found it.

  61. Has anyone seen the new opening for Naruto Shippuuden?

    Omgoodness… There just aren’t any words…

  62. @ Tenrai, yeah dude, the balet moves just ruined my day :)). Anyway, I’me glad the anime resumed the main story, so far this last filler was the only one I haven’t watched in naruto anime and I don’t think there was anything worth seeing anyway, but damn, it was long as the 7 levels of hell.

    The thing is the anime is moving a bit fast if you ask, not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s actually a great pace, but I’m afraid the anime will catch up to the manga faster this time @ and a filler will be up and running faster then this last one.

  63. Apparently, someone was smoking something they shouldn’t.

  64. Hopefully next Thursay they’ll change it

  65. Can someone post a link so that I can watch it?

  66. @Tenrai
    Great breakdown


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