Fairy Tail 266. The labyrinth of awesomeness and unoriginal titles.

You know you're a monster when you can intimidate people with your PJs on.

Ah, the start of the Grand Magic Games. We were all wondering what Mashima would have done and he surprised us all.

This chapter was fast-paced, hilarious and action-packed. I also really liked the mysterious and slightly creepy atmosphere. If the whole arc is going to be as epic as this chapter, we’re in for one hell of a ride.

Mr. Pumpkin is creepy.

As soon as I saw the host of the tournament, I knew something was up.  He wants to reduce the number of participating guilds from 113 to 8 and he doesn’t care if anyone dies in the labyrinth. Erza was right when she thought that  the event organizers were responsible for the mysterious magical presence.

Another mystery is Wendy’s disappearance. The last time we saw her, that imp was spying on her, so it probably attacked her for some reason. I think it was trying to sabotage Fairy Tail because if they don’t have 5 team members, they automatically lose. Or maybe something bigger and darker is behind her kidnapping…

Regardless of who or what kidnapped her, Fairy Tail needs a wizard, so Elfman joins the team.

Steroid-wolverine joins the team!

I’m not so happy about Elfman taking Wendy’s place. He’s awesome, but I like Wendy more. She’s a Dragon Slayer and also has those two ultimate spells that Grandine gave her. Well, as long as she uses them against her kidnapper, I’ll be happy.

Speaking about Happy (get the pun? X__X), he and Lisanna went looking for Wendy. I think this is Mashima’s chance to give him a new ability unlocked by Ultear’s magic. Charle has precognition and Lily has his Full Power Mode, so he really needs a unique power to catch up to his fellow Exceed.

Or else he’ll get pwned like these guys.

Who hasn't dreamed of getting dominated by Erza in a sexy outfit?

Seeing Fairy Tail curbstomp everyone that got in their way was so funny. They may have trouble with S-Class Mages, but fodder is always fodder. It isn’t as funny, though, to see that they really aren’t the most powerful guild anymore. Of the eight teams to make it to the end of the maze, they were last.

If Fairy Tail barely made it past the preliminaries, how can they possibly win the tournament?

Fairy Tail will really have to work hard if they want to be #1 again. There are 7 guilds that they have to fight. I’m guessing that they are Blue Pegasus, Raven Tail, Lamia Scale, Sabertooth, Quatro Cerberus and two new guilds. I really wonder how Fairy Tail is going to win the tournament. This arc is going to be very interesting!

That’s all for this week. Let’s hope next chapter is going to be even better than this one!

This demotivational poster is saying exactly what Tenrai wrote in a comment on last week’s breakdown. That’s uncanny. O__O

Well, I hope you enjoyed the breakdown! See you in the comments!

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on January 16, 2012.

11 Responses to “Fairy Tail 266. The labyrinth of awesomeness and unoriginal titles.”

  1. Hey Dragon, you forgot the group raepfaces.

  2. This chapter was epic.

    At the end, it would have been suitable if the pumpkin face was replaced with a troll face. Lol. XD

    Anyway, thanks for another great breakdown Dragon. ^ ^

  3. Actually, I have something to add to my previous comment.

    Although Fairy Tail comning 8th out of a possible 8 positions sounds really bad and all, it’s actually quite an achievement.

    I mean, for the past few years sice this tournament started, Fairy Tail has consequently been the bottom guild in Foire every time. At least now we can at least say that they are not last anymore, but rather, they are up their in the top 8 strongest guilds, in a manner of speaking. So from last place to 8th place is quite a big jump actually.

    Still, we haven’t seen what this magic power up that is meant to surpass all forms of training has really done yet. I think that will only really come out in a high level battle.

  4. That was a good chapter and a good read but I just wonder if Fairy Tail ended 8th imagine if the team was made up of Gildartz, Luxus, Mira, Erza and either Natsu or Gajeel…

    So them finishing 8th I think is fair in this instant would be pretty unbelievable that the weaker members of Fairy Tail finished 4th or higher, and remember Hiro wants to bring Fairy Tail back as the under dogs first…


  5. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/23344827/1 new chapter’s out and Quatre Cerebus has their own Wolverine.

  6. No wait Quatro Cerebus has Sabertooth.

  7. Hello everyone! I’ve missed you all! Been roughly a year now. Hopefully, I’m the Gildarts of Weareawesomeness right now, and hopefully I can stay a lot longer this time.

    Read the latest FT manga, along with previous others, haven found a fissure-break from tight demands. I have to say, Mashima-san has won my high regard. His character-development and plot-building show the mark of a hard-working genuis.

    More specifically, the idea of fairy sphere to protect the guild from acknowlogia was masterpiece. The idea to keep the strongest bunch of Fairy Tail trapped for seven years, thus developing other guilds and ramming a Mt. Everest at Fairy Tail was also mind-spinning, as Fairy Tail was starting to have an ugly monopoly at the expense of magical guilds. By making Fairy Tail the least guild right now, and by introduction of some mind-blowing characters already strenghthened during the 7-year ‘recess’ for Fairy Tail, anticipation and expectation touch the sky.

    Natsu’s use of fire and lightning looks exciting, as well as Lucy’s acquisition of Capricorn; also prospective is Elfman’s new look – which possibly/hopefully means a more than proportionate boost in strength – and Wendy’s gift from Grandine. I also expect that the ‘awakening’ of their dormant magical vessels and the boost in Magical powers of Natsu, Gray, Erza and Lucy would count for something significant/spectacular in this magical contest.

    Speaking of ‘awakening’ of dormant magical vessels, I get the feeling that in addition to Natsu’s ability with fire and lightning, he can use Zancrow’s(of Grimore Heart) godslaying fire magic, since he finally consumed the fire which a dragon slayer was supposed to be unable to consume. I feel this because he consumed that fire by quenching his magical power, and thus that godslaying-fire ability rests in his dormant magical vessel. I expect that he would be able to awaken that ability also during battle, perhaps against one of his most lethal opponents.

    Thats all … for now. I look to be discussing with you guys soon on manga, and on general matters. Matane!

  8. @Total

    Wow. Long time no see. Welcome back. I see your comments are as long as always. Lol. XD

    Not that I can talk… O_O

  9. http://www.mangastream.com/mobile/read/default/23728433/1 Mystogan’s back

  10. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/92055242/1 it’s out

  11. Fairy Tail is just getting better and better in my opinion.

    As of now it’s story is currently more interesting to me than One Piece, and even rates up there with Bleach and Naruto. Though how long this lasts is any one’s guess.

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