Fairy Tail 265 Breakdown. True Dragon Slayers.

So, this chapter was the first of a new arc. I thought it would have been a build-up chapter for the awesomeness in the next chapters, but Mashima really surprised me with the final twist. Who would have expected that?

This beautiful city, bursting with life... It's the perfect place for an evil force to awaken and destroy everything. X__X

Great chapter. It explained the rules of the Grand Magic Games and we also found out which Fairy Tail members are going to fight in the games.

Mashima probably didn’t want to troll us even more by letting Lucy and Wendy fight when monsters like Mirajane, Gajeel and Laxus were available, so for some reason they aren’t back yet. Did they forget about the Grand Magic Games or did something happen to them? I’m hoping for the second option. It would  give them a valid reason for not coming back and also because whatever managed to stop mages as strong as them must be a monster. Or maybe this is just a plot device and I’m overthinking things. >__>

An unstoppable team?

Anyway, these five characters are going to fight for Fairy Tail. They are all very powerful and they also have great teamwork, so I can see them winning this, especially because they now have a huge power boost from Ultear’s magic.

But power isn’t everything. The competition changes every year and it can be anything. This sounds very interesting.

There’s also a chance that Sabertooth has been cheating every year to win the Grand Magic Games and they are helped by the king of Fiore, Mercurius. The reason why I think this is because of this page…

WTF is that?!?

This weird, imp-like creature is spying on Wendy and Charle for some reason. I think he’s an agent of the king because he is right in front of the king’s castle and because I have a feeling that Mercurius is evil, just like Faust, the king of Edolas. Another reason why I think Sabertooth is winning the tournament thanks to the king is that they appeared out of nowhere a few years ago and they became the strongest guild in Fiore. They could be the king’s guild and he’s been using them for unknown reasons.

What do you think? What is that imp?

And so we make it to the final part of the chapter where we meet the badass Dragon Slayers Sting and Rogue who have completely pwned some fodder mages. Big deal, even Tenten can do that!

Then they prove me wrong. They reveal their true nature by berating Natsu for losing against Acnologia and they claim that they could defeat it because they are true dragon slayers, unlike him. Their creepy Exceeds start explaining that they are third generation Dragon Slayers: they have dragon Lachryma in their bodies (like Laxus), but they have also been trained by a dragon (like Natsu). That doesn’t prove that they are stronger than other Dragon Slayers (look at Laxus and Natsu, for example), but then they say that they became true dragon slayers by killing their dragon parent.

To become true dragon slayers... do you really have to kill your parent, the person you love the most?

This plot twist really surprised me. I thought that Sting and Rogue were good guys when they first appeared, but they finally revealed their true colors in this chapter. They killed their dragon parent, their only family. I hope Fairy Tail defeats them.

That’s it for me. Sorry for the late breakdown (still earlier than last week’s breakdown, fortunately) and I’ll try to be quicker next week.


See you in the comments!

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on January 13, 2012.

8 Responses to “Fairy Tail 265 Breakdown. True Dragon Slayers.”

  1. First

  2. Second!!!

    That Juvia picture looks creepy. O_O

    I also found it a bit weird that characters like Gajeel, Laxus and other more powerful hitters somehow miraculously didn’t make it to the games. I hope Hiro has a good explanation for that, otherwise it will feel very contrived (as it does right now).

    As for what that little gremlin thing is, it looks like a “Heartless” from Kingdom Hearts. Get ready guys, because it looks like we’re in for a crossover. @___@

    Sting and Rogue annoy me a bit, personally. They just sound like more villains with over-inflated egos – which makes them seem very stereotypical. I also find it VERY hard to believe that they had slain their own dragon parents. From what we’ve seen and heard with regards to Fairy Tail lore, dragons are incredibly powerful beings, at least, the real ones are anyway. So powerful they even make the strongest mages look like twigs caught in a hurricane. I have a feeling that the dragons that taught Sting and Rogue were either fake, or they just disappeared like the others and these guys just made a story up to become more renowned and feared.

    If Sting and Rogue were strong enough to slay a dragon, they would be far too OP. I doubt even Hades could even defeat a dragon in one-on-one combat, honestly.

    Besides that, it also concerns me that there are all these dragon slayers coming out of the wood works all the time. I mean, for something that should be an incredibly rare magic, there are currently more Dragon slayers in this manga than there are mages of any other kind of specific magic type. It makes them feel very generic and kinda makes them seem a lot less special or exclusive. Still, I have high hopes for this arc because it looks like it might be good. Let’s see where it goes.

    Anyway, good breakdown Dragon. And thanks for all the hard work! ^ ^

  3. Nice Breakdown Dragon 🙂

    I think that these imps actually follow the rivals seeing which weaknesses each mage/guild have, then they use it with the king or maybe underground betting to make money from the games and fix the events giving one guild a big advantage over another…

    The missing Luxus and other S Ranks are a bit annoying but these 5 are the main characters, I would like to see them arrive near the end full powered and ready to go, maybe having sensed the corruption of the games and waited/searched for the true source and the reason the others hadn’t joined this group was they where away for three months in other world, so that would make the earlier time skip seem more legit 😛

    I disagree with Tenrai though, there are in all 3 Real Dragon Slayers and now these two have arrived, I think they could of killed their own dragon, let me put it this way, if Natsu fight his dragon it will be Fire vs Fire, so they should in a sense be quite even but if Natsu or another mage fights another dragon it will be more difficult… plus I think looking at these people they would of maybe killed their parents in a sneaky way and we know from skyrim that is super effective 😛

  4. I’m very disappointed at the way they powered up, so generic of shounen manga.

  5. @Tenrai
    A Heartless?? But they can’t defeat it! There’s no Keyblade wielder there! X__X

    Anyway, I don’t think they actually killed their dragons either. They probably made it up to scare people or maybe they believe they killed their dragons (like Mirajane believed Lisanna died when she disappeared in a flash of light).


    I never thought of it that way. A dragon slayer can eat his dragon parent’s element and so can the dragon. They would be evenly matched, but I think the dragon would win this due to his superior strength.
    Also, it is implied when Natsu can’t eat Zancrow’s flames (at the beginning of the battle) that you can’t eat the element when it’s at a higher level than yours. A dragon’s element must be much more powerful than any magic using its element, including Dragon Slayers.


    I didn’t like the powerup either since Mashima could have just let the main characters train for three months as I said in the last breakdown, but since he had to make them lose time in the Celestial Spirit world for some reason, he had no other choice. I hope he had a reason for making Ultear unlock their second origin- Maybe it will be very important later on and we will all admit he’s a genius. 🙂

  6. Lol at the new chapter

  7. The new chapter was hilarious. It was completely epic, and a fun read as well.

    Now THAT is how Fairy Tail should be! This gives me a breath of new hope for this series. If it just follows that magic it showed us in this new chapter, it will all be good. ^ ^

    I also think that it seems suitable that Elfman took Wendy’s place in the games. He is definitely more of the battle type mage than Wendy is at this point. Still, I would like to see what that powerup would have done for Wendy’s magic, but we may still get a glimpse of it in this arc.

    Speaking of Elfman, he looks like a werewolf now. Lol.

  8. @Tenrai maybe Elfman gained said werewolf as a Take Over.

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