Bleach Chapter 479 – Goodbye to Our Xcution!

Every beginning needs and end. We now see the end of the “Substitute Shinigami Arc.”

There are few that realize the true importance of letting go, being able to forgive and move past pain and suffering to find that all people are in a sense human and had been loved ones who cared for them, that breathed like you and me. I know Bleach isn’t a manga that is supposed to be deep and we often read it with that in mind but if you look for it you will often see it…

This page genuinly made me feel sad, its funny how Kubo almost forces us to hate a villain then to turn them around after their death and suprisingly even to me I will miss Xcution, they still feel sort of Filler but they had good character and in Ginjou and Tsukishima really good villains that helped the over all feel of Bleach as a manga change.

For so long the enemies where Hollows or Rouge Shinigami where now it was normal people given power by tragic events.

After the realization of the end of Fullbring Arc we put back into Soul Society but in a very post Decide feel. I remember when the Soul Society was this feared and strick place with rule upon rule enforcing other rules <__<

Now the atmospher seems lighter, like a great calm has begun. With the threat of Aizen gone I guess the Soul Society can afford to be more peaceful.

Kensei, Rose and Shinji all being reappointed as Captains. (a point many had predicted before) I had a suspecion that some of the Visords would return to the SS but I thought they would work seperate to the Gotei 13 as a seperate force though it seem they have returned to the fold replacing, Gin, Aizen and Tosen. Though their squad numbers till now haven’t been revealed…

Ichigo’s request for Ginjou’s body was quite touching in a sense, in this arc we have seen him mature. He is able to now forgive those that hurt him and he understands their pain too. He also realizes what Ginjou thought during their battle that they could easily have become each other it was their choices and things that happened in their lives that seperated them. The part about “just a substitute shinigami” was well said too reminding the Soul Society that they too had a hand in creating Ginjou and the anger he held inside of him.

We end where we began, Riruka a character I believed would stay on and remain as a part of Bleach but we see that this is also the end for her. We regain a final moment to remember the bond they shared as a group before she finally jumps away into the sunset T___T the end of the arc I wanted to end a while ago and yet I am sad that its over… Funny how things work out that way… Though we have seen growth in both Ichigo and the SS. Hopefully the next arc will be even better and bring back those chills of the old…

That is all Hope you enjoyed… Debates below for those wanting to test their skillz (with z yo 😉 )



This debate will pit the two people Aizen even would fear…

So which wins, over whelming Brains or Overwhelming Strength?

In the green corner…

Kisuke Urahara, the smartest man in Soul Society able to defeat or calculate a way to defeat Aizen himself, but also at his death Aizen states that Kisuke would be able to bring Soul Society down if you actually tried…

.In the Red

Captain Comander Yamamoto!!! Aizen was forced to create Wonderweiss just to stop the Comanders Blade @__@

Your Ryūjin Jakka is indeed the most powerful Zanpakutō in existence. There is no doubt about that. Were I to fight against it directly, it would likely overpower even me.” Aizen

~ by pein0avenue on January 12, 2012.

17 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 479 – Goodbye to Our Xcution!”

  1. First!!

    Nice breakdown.

    Not enough known about Urahara to really say if he could hold his own against the captain commander.

    Will post again later with more detailed debate details.

  2. Good read, nice to get my manga fix in again. Urahara’s bankai “doesn’t play nice” and if it’s as versatile in bankai while being more powerful it would be tough to deal with, but yamamoto’s already insane shikai x10 in power is truly something not to mess with. I’m going to go with Yamamoto on this, he’s incredibly durable, has more battle experience than anyone, fairly intelligent (figured out aizens shikais’ weakness), and his offensive ceiling is overall on level with ichigo’s final release if i would have to venture a guess. It would be really close though, but unlike aizen Yamamoto isn’t going to let urahara pull off as many combos as aizen did either, and urahara won’t have the handy distraction every trap layer needs without ichi sr. and yoruichi helping him like he did against aizen.

  3. I just realized that in the last panel where Rirukia vanishes the sky is kinda shaped like Ichigo’s first shikai form with the hollow mask and the bandaids swaying. Am I the only one who sees it?
    About the debate, I’m actually going with Urahara on this one. Sorry, but power is not everything. If Aizen found a way to counter Yamamoto, then Urahara can do it as well. He had years for devising strategies. I’m pretty sure he has informed himself about every high ranking SS shinigami just in case.

  4. dmaxx – I don’t really see it… maybe if I squint my eyes and turn my head 32 degrees clockwise… Nope still not O___O

  5. Wow…
    Three weeks till the next bleach chapter…(two really counting that there isn’t any bleach this week)
    The end of this latest arc makes me wonder what Kubo has in store for the future of bleach.


    Kisuke Urahara vs Yamamoto Genryusei

    I think I have to go with Yamamoto on this one as Aizen is on par with Urahara on the intelligence as well as knowing Yamamoto for a long time and in the end he had to create Wonderweiss Margela to counter his zanpakto.

    While Urahara would probably be able to stand his ground, I can’t really see him being able to defeat Yamamoto.

  6. Only one more non bleach week till we see how Kubo Trolls us all again =P

  7. @ Michael – Yeah only a week but to be honest I really miss Bleach, though Naruto has a lot more fans and I do enjoy it there just something about Bleach that makes me enjoy it the little more. I think Kubo has worked hard to bring back the story from the cancer that was Aizen and with a lot of “missing” characters, Bleach could well have a few epic arcs up ahead if Kubo decides to write it well like he used to 🙂

    — Question – Who will be kidnapped at the beginning of the next arc @___@… 😛

  8. @Pein
    Maybe Ichigo will be kidnaped and Orihime will have to rescue him for a change. I can just see it now…
    Orehime: was it this annoying every time I got kidnapped?
    Everyone else: YES!!

    Or perhaps there won’t be a kidnapping and Kubo will come up with another reason for Ichigo and crew to go be the big heroes. One can only hope.

  9. Sad that so few bother to comment in any section other than Naruto these days. It almost feels like this blog has abandoned Bleach and One Piece… Almost…

    In any case I feel the need to try and start a debate in here =P

    Jackie Triston vs Yasutora Sado

    Will dirty boots win the day or will Sado be polishing them with her face by the end of this battle, it’s any ones fight in my opinion.

  10. @ Micheal – lol Bleach lost a lot of followers during decide arc, and One Peice unfortunately we haven’t had a dedicated breakdown writer…

    but yeah only takes a few people to start an epic debate, and that always helps, I thought the Captain vs Urahara would of gotten a bit more heated but seems not…

    I think Jackie may be better in battle, while Sado has the strength Jackie has the over whelming speed and only “Aizen” level Renji made her look weak in her new and improved outfit…

    OH MY GOD!!!

  12. Bad news bleach fans, it seems that series will actually be ending after this arc. Kubo made a real crap out of this manga and I bet 99% of the unresolved things he draw in this manga will forever remain unknown.

    also it’s out

  14. lame sauce, I didn’t like the intro to the new arc either.

  15. This was a good read. Guys, this was easily my favorite Bleach arc and Ginjou’s probably my second favorite character. I just felt the Arc took an arrow to the knee when the Shinigami showed up in the end. Yes, this is a necro.

    “Kubo made a real crap out of this manga and I bet 99% of the unresolved things he draw in this manga will forever remain unknown.”

    Nope, everything he drew will be resolved. During the 3-week break between the end of Xcution Arc and the beginning of the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc he revealed details. You can find them translated here:

    Then there’s also the Bleach Novel being written by the author of Durarara and Baccano, Ryohgo Narita. It’s called Spirits Are Forever With You. There are excerpts online, but this comment is already too link-heavy. The anime will be returning once the final Arc is near it’s conclusion. Since the start of the new Arc Bleach’s sales have started rising back up and it even beat out One Piece one of the weeks, so no, Kubo did not make “a real crap” out of this manga. Just saiyan 😉

  16. Lol thanks Kisu <__< How did you get to such an old post, thanks for the Links they cool, makes you think that Locke from Lost is right… "I believe all of this is happening for a reason.."

  17. I was just browsing and stumbled upon it. ’twas a good read @pein

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