Bleach Chapter 478 and Bleach 2011 Review

Happy New Years WRA!!!! *Looks at date* well not too late @____@

I hope you all had a awesome festive season with family, friends, presents etc. Though this chapter came out weeks ago, I had summer to deal with @___@ it was an awesome time but all things must come to an end and like the End of 2011. We must also begin the ending of 2012…

As we entered a new year Bleach too seems to be entering a new saga, with Ginjou defeated and presumably dead we are left wondering at the end of the chapter… “What is next?”

Fullbring has been used as a crutch by Kubo over the past year with 2011 beginning almost exactly as this band of misfits where introduced now we see them beginning to take their seperat steps.

Being one of the biggest villains of 2011, some would even say the “main villain” its hard to truly feel sympathy for Tsukishima his ability tormenting so many and his trolololol Attitude makes even a scene as pathetic as this feel pointless. I believe Kubo has done this too often, he makes his villains seem pathetic and desperate near the end “Aizen” making them seem almost good in that moment.

I must say Moe’s reaction was not what I expected. I was sure he would finish off Tsukishima truly ending the fullbringer “threat.”

The rest of the chapter just felt like the end of a filler we have this awkward feel good moments for everyone advancing the plot to a new beginning. Though we know that this was not in regards a filler but more a vessel for the plot to continue a threat to allow Ichigo to regain his powers and to bring about a new arc from there and the only Character that might continue in the story will be Riruka.

Side note being that it seems once Tsukishima’s ability is taken away the effect causes people to forget about him completely, or that would be the effect of Urahara’s removing the effects. I am not really sure and I don’t believe it will be important plot device either.

The final page of 2011

The year was good and I believe Bleach began a revival from the horrors of Decide and is beginning to rebuild itself from that, there are still many opportunities to come… but Here I believe Kubo has given enough time away from super Hax Aizen for Bleach fans to begin moving on and seeing that other villains and threats can be just as entertaining etc…

As a final thought, What was your favorite moment of 2011? See you in the comments section @___@



~ by pein0avenue on January 9, 2012.

6 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 478 and Bleach 2011 Review”

  1. First!

    I actually thought the latest chapter was pretty decent compared to some of the others we’ve had lately. I still think these Bleach chapters are a bit empty, and they could always fit more content in, but I guess it’s just Kubo’s style and I doubt it will ever change.

    My favorite moment of 2011… I wouldn’t know really. I’m not a strict follower of Bleach like some of you so I just kinda go with the flow. X__x

    Thanks for the breakdown/review Pein.

  2. i’m still confused at how Aizen was defeated. What maid Ichigo more powerful then Aizen in the end? Was it because he finally came together with the soul of his sword+his hollow and his reaper soul?

  3. Third Ikorosu Shinsou

  4. @ Wiseman – Well its hard to explain but Aizen was not technically defeated by just Ichigo, all Ichigo did was weaken him enough for Urahara’s trap to actually work… As we saw with Gin defeating Aizen was pointless as long as the ball in his chest remained loyal to him but when Aizen was no longer the “strongest” it began to reject him leading to his capture….

    Also there is Ichigo’s theory that Aizen in fact wanted to be defeated at that point, he had finally found himself an equal since he was always lonely at the top of a mountain and all he wanted was to fight someone on equal footing that is why he wanted to go after the soul king, @___@

  5. ah man, this was an amazing chapter you sooo underrated it.

  6. Wow.
    During the X-cution arc i pretty much lost all interest in Bleach and only read it out of habit. I swear I was on the verge of giving up altogether. So I decided that I would stop reading Bleach if the next chapter didn’t stun me.
    And now, I loved the chapter. It’s strange because it didn’t really contain any action, any relevant twists or other things that keep you hooked to a series. But I guess just the nostalgia of being in Soul Society again made me like the chapter. It felt like old school bleach again, I can’t explain it. Also, I kinda liked the Naruto-like Ichigo in this chapter.
    And then Hirako and other vizards are captains once more, that’s awesome.
    Now , please Kubo, I’ll trust you to come up with a good storyline this time and I’ll not quit so soon, just please bring back old school soul society shinigami battles and character interaction between vizards and the other captains and I’ll be happy.
    Plus, where the hell is the shinigami’s actual nemesis? I want a new full out shinigami versus hollow war, hollows, not arrancars.

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