Fairy Tail Recent Events Summary. I’m back from the dead!

I'm back! And my harem's here too.

Hey WRA! Happy New Year!

Fairy Tail breakdowns have been on hiatus for a lot, but I promise I’ll be doing breakdowns regularly from now on. Since a new arc is starting, I thought that it would be nice to highlight the best parts of this arc and then try predicting what’s going to happen in the next one.

Finally... a tournament arc! This will be awesome.

Fairy Tail has become the weakest Guild in Fiore after 7 years without their strongest members and now that they’re back, they can become #1 again, if they win the Grand Magic Games.

I love tournament arcs in shonen mangas and I don’t think Mashima will disappoint us. We’ve already had a glimpse of the new characters that will fight in the tournament and we will finally see why Sabertooth’s the #1 Guild in Fiore.

What I’m really looking forward to, though, is finding out what the evil magic force that appears every year during the Grand Magic Games is. I immediately thought of Zeref because he disappeared after Acnologia destroyed Tenrou Island and it would be the perfect moment to re-introduce him, but I found another interesting theory on a forum.

The evil magic is Lumen Etoile‘s dark counterpart. The reason why it only appears during the Grand Magic Games is because it absorbs negative feelings and magic. Zeref probably has something to do with it too and it might be the key to fully awakening him, plunging the world into chaos.

So, what do you think?

Anyway, another huge reason why I like tournament arcs is because the main characters have to train for them and they can show off their new techniques when they battle. Fairy Tail characters usually don’t train and they get stronger thanks to plotkai (I’m looking at you, Natsu), so I thought this would have been a great idea.

Unfortunately, Mashima decided otherwise…

Plot no jutsu is canon now.

First Mashima skips three months of training by making the main characters party with the Celestial Spirits and then he powers them up like this? It makes no sense. He could have let Natsu and the others train for three months off-screen and then make them meet with Crime Sorcière the last days of their training, but without Ultear’s power-up. I hope he has a good reason for doing this.

We still don’t know the magnitude of this power-up, though, so they shouldn’t need plotkai because Mashima can increase their power as much as he wants without making them overpowered, as long as he doesn’t make them stronger than S-Class Mages like Laxus, Mirajane and Erza.

Do you actually think you can beat these two devils? *explodes*

Well, that’s it for me. This breakdown was a bit different from usual and I hope you liked it. Regular breakdowns are resuming next week.

Here’s your demotivational poster!

You can’t imagine how hard it was to find a demotivational poster of this chapter on deviantart when there’s so much fanart of JellalxErza. X__X

See you in the comments!

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on January 7, 2012.

8 Responses to “Fairy Tail Recent Events Summary. I’m back from the dead!”

  1. It’s FINALLY out.

  2. The new chapter is out! @___@


    Sorry Dragon. It looks like time isn’t being very nice to you. Lol. But thanks for the recap, it was good. I agree with you on the whole three month timeskip after a timeskip and I don’t entirely agree with the cheap power up Ultear just waves in front of everyone when things seemed hopeless again. But, I have a feeling there might be more to this extra potential that the FT mages are unlocking. Perhaps it also awakens a different form of power in them as well, that they didn’t know they had before (for example, allowing Erza to use new types of armor, or Grey using something other than just Ice).

    Who knows?

    As for the whole evil magic presence in the magic tournament thingy, I think it may actually even have something to do with Master Ivan. I mean, it’s about time one of the hinted villains of the series made his debut, and what better time to do so than now? Of course, Zeref may be related as well, but I have a feeling it will be a more indirect relation as opposed to him direct interfering with the games. But that’s just my theories, they may be wrong.

    Thanks again! ^ ^

    Now to read the new chapter…

  3. Welcome back Dragon *Shoots Dragon for using the wrong terminology with a limited edition 2012 Firecracker*
    Hmm well at least it’s not like it was in the middle of a battle and it hurt like hell. So I ignored it besides a lot can happen in seven years.

  4. Let’s have a battle debate!!!!

    Erza vs Mirajane!!!! @___@

    I’ll join the debate as soon as I have had some sleep though. Right now I need to go to bed, but when I wake up, hopefully there will be a good debate going on. Lol.

  5. So much for that debate taking off. <_<

    Where are all you Fairy Tail readers?

  6. Erza takes this one due to her insane durability.

  7. @Kanton

    Are you saying that Mira doesn’t have insane durability? Lol.

    She took quite a few hits in her battle against Fried without so much as a scratch.

  8. Welcome Back Dragon! 😀

    I still find this arc so far boring but the latest chapter was pretty cool and funny but will discuss more on your next Breakdown 😀

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