Naruto Chapter 568 Breakdown: Happy New Year!!!

So yeah, I was trying to find a cool Naruto New Years picture for this breakdown, but a surprisingly large number of them contained a scene with Sasuke and Naruto kissing under a fireworks display…

*Has a complete mental breakdown.*

After attending a few therapy sessions, I finally recovered, and managed to land with this one. It seems quite suitable. ^ ^

Happy New Year!!!!

Ah yes, the start of a new year…

It reminds me of last year, when my family and I, along with some friends, went to Mozambique over the Christmas Holidays. Now, you must remember that over here, south of the equator, we have summer at this time of the year, so Christmas time is spent at the beach in the sun, swimming and doing all that kind of hot stuff, as opposed to having snow and all that other subzero stuff many of you in the north do.

When it came to new years eve, everyone was gathered on the beach under the night sky, listing to the waves breaking against the shore, with music booming frantically in the distance as everyone partied. Of course, there were enough fireworks going around among the holiday makers to start a small civil war, and therein lay my greatest concern for that evening.

Yes indeed, mixing excessive alcohol consumption with fireworks would probably be considered very unwise in most parts of the world, but that was our reality that night. Fireworks were exploding on the beach, flying horizontally across the landscape as opposed to vertically up into the sky as they should have and – all the while – I was entrenching myself ever deeper into the sand with my toes, as if I were some poor World War 2 soldier fighting on the front lines, trying ever so vainly to avoid being scorched alive. Deidara would have had a blast if he were there that night, heaven forbid should he have gotten his hands on any alcohol…

But even despite such mayhem, for many of us manga fans, the end of the year is just another week where we’re waiting for a new manga release, and so life goes on once more, into another year of manga yet again.

For Kurama, the new year is just a new time to plan new evil things that are evil... and new. @__@

So, in our last breakdown we were discussing the relationship between Naruto and the Kyuubi, and this latest chapter seems to take the whole theme one step further, only this time it elaborates even more on the Bijuu as a whole.

One major point in the chapter, was the revelation that each Bijuu has its own name and identity, given to them by the sage of the six paths himself. It’s quite an important point, because a name holds so much meaning for any individual entity. When we see an animal, we call it by a generic term that fits its entire species, like a zebra or a lion. It means we don’t distinguish between one animal or the next of the same species, because we don’t see them as anything more than just a number, or simple as a part of a larger whole. But when we give something a name, it means we recognize its individuality. When we give it an identity, it means we are recognizing it as something almost sentient and unique.

In the case of the Bijuu, it is revealed to us through Naruto’s meeting with Son Goku, the Sage lord of monkeys (the four-tails), that humans have never even once bothered to try and learn the names of Bijuu and, as such, have never bothered to see them as anything more than simple beasts. It’s a revelation that even the Kyuubi himself shares with his kin… or rather, I should call him, Kurama from now onwards.

If you read a bit of Shakespear, you may have heard the line "What is in a name? For a rose called by any other name would still smell just as sweet." But, we're not roses, are we? And we're not all the same either. Without a name, how will you identify one rose from the next if they are all simply regarded the same way?

I very much like the fact that we know Kurama’s real name now. I was actually getting tired of calling him “the Kyuubi” or “the Nine-tails” all the time.

Of course, in the last breakdown, I also discussed the fact that Jinchuuriki were also often treated the same way as the Bijuu they hosted, as is evident in the way many still referred to them by the number of tails their Bijuu had, rather than their real names. During the Pein invasion arc, Pein constantly referred to Naruto as the Nine-tails, instead of his real name, because at the time he was also only seen as the creature he contained and not for who he was as a person. It was only after Nagato began to see eye-to-eye with Naruto, that he used his real name to address him instead.

Much like the Jinchuuriki, even the Kyuubi was seen as nothing more than beast to be controlled in the eyes of Madara.

Even to this day, Tobi still often refers to both the Jinchuuriki he controls, Naruto, Bee and even their Bijuu by the same titles based on their tails. I mentioned that this similar treatment and discrimination towards the Bijuu and their Jinchuuriki meant that both of both sides should be able to understand one another, and yet this latest chapter proves that this wasn’t the case and that there was still a strong wall dividing even these two sides of the same coin despite their similar fates, with the only notable exception so far being Bee and the yet-to-be-named Hachibi.

I felt that the flashback that showed Naruto’s rebellion against the world around him, and his words of understanding with regards to the plight of the Bijuu were both very important, because they seemed like the first bricks being laid down to build the bridge between him and Kurama. Not only that, it felt like he was building a bridge to all the Bijuu, Son included.

Building bridges one cup of ramen at a time... @__@

Of course, Kurama – that stubborn old fox – doesn’t seem to want to take notice of Naruto’s words, even though he can’t hide the fact that he has clearly been shaken by them.

One thing I have to mention though, is how much emotion you could see in Kurama’s expression. I think it’s the most emotion that doesn’t involve anger that we’ve seen in him up to this point in the story, and it strongly portrays how conflicted he is right now.

But, moving back to the discussion between Naruto and Son, the giant monkey already seems to be taking a liking to our ever-friendly hero. It seems that once again, Naruto’s infectious personality is taking a hold of its latest victim, but it’s easy to understand why when you consider Naruto’s words.

What I found most surprising in this latest chapter was the revelation that none of the other Jinchuuriki have ever seemed to have the kind of relationship with their Bijuu like the one Bee has with the Hachibi. Not even Son, if his bewildered reaction to Naruto’s statement is anything to go by. It makes me wonder if Bee was truly the first Jinchuuriki to ever make such an effort.

Despite that, Naruto’s conviction seems to be enough to spur Son Goku into taking a gamble with his new unlikely ally. Whether his intentions of helping Naruto are pure, or whether he has a more sinister scheme up his sleeve is another story altogether, but I have a feeling that Son may simply be testing Naruto’s words by seeing how much faith the kid will put in him by setting him free and potentially putting himself in harms way in the process. If Naruto can show trust towards a bijuu, then it will go a long way in proving that he isn’t just all talk and that his intentions are pure. I also think that with Kurama watching, the test may have results beyond their intended meaning.

In either case, I think we may have a very interesting few chapters coming up in the future and I can’t wait to see what transpires next. For all we know, Naruto may even end up as a new Jinchuuriki for all the Bijuu he frees. Heaven knows he’s had enough people living in him already as it is. What more harm could a few extra’s possibly do?

For now, though, here’s last week’s caption context winner.

Well done to dmaxx3d. It was a good post. ^ ^

And now I am sure you all want another caption contest, greedy buggers. <_<

BUT! There will be no caption contest this week, because I couldn’t find one good enough. So, I guess I’ll just have to leave it for now. I was also thinking of maybe doing a battle debate, but I can’t think of a good one of those either, so, I’ll let you all come up with one yourselves.

But what I really thought would be fun, is if everyone gave a few of their own funny new years stories and what they were doing on the big night that saw the end of 2011, or any year for that matter. I’m sure a few of you have some crazy memories that we’d love to hear of.

I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown! See you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 4, 2012.

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  2. Second!

  3. Ahy wasnt the third hokages summoning animal a monkey? So does that meen that son goku is his king?

  4. Yondaime! I hope… 🙂

  5. I was just thinking…

    Naruto will have to become a new Jinchuriki – with (almost) all the tailed beasts… as I would not be surprised if Sasuke developed the Rinnegan after using his EMS…

    I mean, if Madara can do it, Sasuke certainly can…

    So, having a Naruto cram-filled with Bijuu would be an appropriate answer to Sasuke with a Rinnegan…

    Crazy – but just might happen…

  6. Quattro!

  7. Interesting, ant… what if Naruto could sign multiple summoning contracts?

  8. @ant By proxy that wouldn’t that make Tsunade and Gai capable of summoning the Rokubi and Sanbi respectively.

  9. Sorry your comments took a while to show up Todd.

    Apparently I had to approve them before they appeared. It seems whenever someone comments on the blog for the first time, their first comment is always held for moderation.

    To reply to your comment though, about Sasuke obtaining the EMS, first he would need either the cells of a senju, or an Uzumaki, seeing as how Madara only acquired the Rinnegan after taking some of Hashirama’s cells, which also explains why he can use Mokuton now as well. I don’t doubt Sasuke could awaken the Rinnegan, but only if he has all that is essential for it. He’s only half way there at the moment…

    As for Naruto becoming a Jinchuuriki for all the tailed beasts, while it is possible, it is also still unlikely, unfortunately. I think it would make him a bit too overpowered right now. I have a feeling it is more likely he’ll let the Bijuu go free to live their own lives according to what they want. The other possibility is that the Juubi is reformed and Naruto becomes its new host in the end, but I guess only time will tell what would really happen. First things first, he has to sort things out with the Kyuubi.

    Anyway, welcome to WRA. @___@

  10. @Arpotu, Ant & Kanton

    Well, we’ve already seen that it is possible to summon a Bijuu, as shown when Tobi summoned Kurama into Konoha. Madara also tried to summon him when he attacked the Shinobi alliance, which is what caused Naruto to double over in pain.

    So, I assume they have a contract of sorts with Kurama. Well, Tobi’s contract was sealed by Minato, of course, but it does show that the tailed beasts are capable of being summoned under the right conditions.

  11. Mwahahaha! Bow before my might, puny humans! Winning this contest is the first of many steps to world domination! Now I just need to find a clown and a plastic sword and the next step is complete! Once more! Mwahahahaha!
    *Ahem* Ignore that. It’s better for your health.

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking. The Eye of the moon plan is powerful, but isn’t it stil a visual genjutsu and therefore wouldn’t affect certain people like blind ninja or others?
    And the whole name thing, I guess that tgat would be something Kishi recently came up with, because Bee only called Hachibi Hachibi.

  12. @Dmaxx3d

    Actually, if you think about it, when has Bee ever actually refereed to the Hachibi as “Hachibi”?

    So far as I can recall, he’s only ever called him “fool” or “mother swearword” or some other slang terms like that. He’s never actually referred to him as the 8-tails. This means Bee probably knows his real name, but simply prefers to use his own nicknames for him.

  13. Tenrai, I’m pretty sure he called him that during the fights with Sasuke and Kisame. I just can’t remember whether that was because of his transformaton or not. As soon as i can I’ll look it up

  14. @tenrai and Todd
    Well tobi/madara’s side did quite recently abduct Yamato who is ofcourse a mokuton user…

    But i agree with Tenrai that if Naruto had all the tailed beast sealed inside him and could actually control them it would be crazy.
    I really can’t see him lose to anyone if that happends.

    About the name thing i guess kishi just wants every tailed beast to have its own personality, naming them helps with that i guess.
    just my two cents

  15. Nagato(In his youth) vs Madara anyone?

  16. @marksman Madara with or without the RinneganT

  17. @Kan, The most updated Madara we have seen against the most updated Nagato we have seen.

    In any case, I would just like to say another breakdown well done Tenria. And the blog makeover looks awesome!

  18. @Tenrai Thanks for the response and no problems for the comment moderation. I’ve posted on WRA before – but under a different account. I’m using the FaceBook interface to post, so it makes it easier for me to log in and post.

    I figured my guesses would be over-the-top anyway. However, ever since Kishi pulled the “Madara has the Rinnegan” card, it wouldn’t surprise me if, somehow, Naruto became a multi-Bijuu Jinchuriki and Sasuke ends up with a Rinnegan himself.

    If anything, I think the result from this recent story arc (Naruto and Bee vs the Edo-Jinchurikis) will ultimately be the cooperation and acceptance with Naruto and Kurama. I think that is what we’re all waiting for and the payoff should be huge – at least, in preparation for the Naruto vs Sasuke showdown.

    Thanks for the welcome!

  19. hey sup guys its been a while since i posted. I’m ready to get back in the dissucions and sharing in theories wit ya’ll. And can ne1 tell me why tha new chap. isnt out yet????

  20. @Evan jump won’t be back until the 11th I think. So we’re all stuck waiting! Grrr

  21. I always feel like somebody’s watchin meee..n I have no privacy..ohohoooooo

  22. @Evan

    Welcome back. Apparently, the next release of Jump only comes out on the 11th of January. So that means no Naruto, Bleach or One Piece until then.

    Fairy Tail should be out this week though as per usual.


    Oh wait, Mandi replied already. I am too late. Lol. X____x

  23. This does indeed, suck. T____T

  24. Tenria, Mandi ty for the data now i gotta read tha breakdown. I’m such a baka, baka

  25. More new people commenting on the blog. This is good. @__@

  26. Yes great break down. Things are really heating up and all o kno is that Kurama seems to have a soft spot for our noisy shinobi. And soon enough Naruto will sit on Kurama’s head just as yondame stood on Gammabunta’s

  27. @Evsama

    Thank you. It would be quite a sight to see Naruto fighting side by side with Kurama as opposed to just transforming into him like Bee does with Hachibi. It would kinda be like using a summoning then.

    I wonder if it is possible to do that though without freeing a Bijuu from its seal.

  28. Hmm… I think I just found a new blog to follow. 🙂

  29. @Meinos

    Good to have you on board. Welcome to WRA. ^ ^

  30. Holy cow! Where did you all come from?

  31. “If you build it, they will come”

  32. Indeed.

  33. I guess the updates we’ve been making lately have helped. Now if only some new manga would come out so we all had more to discuss. Lol.

    Fairy Tail is the only one that was released this week. X__X

  34. is it weird that i just went into the WRA archives to see some breakdowns from a few years ago just to see the kind of stuff i said and also the different people who used to comment on here haha?

  35. @dish We’re all weird I doubt anything you say or do could make you weird by our standards.

  36. @dish – Nostalgia kicking in? Anything to do with entering the New Year? I’m a bit nostalgic, re-reading the first part. Really good! I just think we’ve missed something, something very important that was in the 1st part that is going to be vital in these upcoming chapters. That and the fact that I still have a few weeks to classes pick up again, so I have some spare time… lol

  37. I have a question. How far do you guys think the secondary characters have progressed compared to Naruto and Sauske?

  38. @Wiseman

    I think the answer is obvious. Strength and character wise, Naruto and Sasuke have seen far more development than most of the secondary characters. But that is a given because Naruto is the main protagonist of the series and Sasuke is probably the most significant antagonist of the series.

    I would say some of the other characters have been focussed on quite well since part 2, like Bee, Sai, Kabuto, Tobi, Itachi Kakashi, Shikamaru and even Gai to a degree. But a lot of the other teams’ members haven’t been focussed on near as much, like Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Lee, Ino and, of course, Shino (the poor bugger gets left out of everything and no, that wasn’t meant to be a pun. <___<).

    I would like to see a bit more development for some of those characters I mentioned. But first, and more importantly, let's see what progress the Kyuubi makes in these next few upcoming chapters.

  39. @Tenrai

    Do you really think Kishi will develop those characters you mentioned?

    The manga is in its final stages and I think developing those characters would be random and it would hurt this war’s pacing. Kishi should have developed them when he had the chance.

  40. @Dragon

    Actually, we don’t know for certain that Naruto is in its final stages. I mean, we all thought that for Bleach during its last arc before he “fought” Aizen, but then we find out that Kubo still has 10 years worth of writing to do for Bleach and that it will continue for a loooong time still. <_<

    Remember, an author can easily pull anything out of the hat. As far as I am concerned, Kishi still has a lot to work with if he wants to keep things going. If he doesn't, well then, that's the end. X__X

  41. It’s a shame, I was really wanting to see what the Byukugan was able to do in a fight against the sharingan. I never got to see Neji vs. Sauske. I really don’t like how powerful Kishi maid the sharingan (to the point where it can become a rinnegan?!) While the byukugan hasn’t really shown anything special other then allowing the user to use the gentle fist and you can see further then other people (at nearly 360 degrees). Not that special compared to all the amenities you get with a sharingan, sadly.

  42. Yeah! Why can’t there be a second form of the byakugan or something?

  43. @Wiseman & Dmaxx3d

    I don’t think Kishi has portrayed the Byuakugan to be weak. I mean, in some was, it surpasses the Sharingan as a visual genjutsu with regards to the sight and perception it grants its user. It has a far greater range (seemingly kilometers in part 2), 360 degree vision and it can see chakra just like the Sharingan can. It’s near impossible to catch a Hyuuga off guard because of their near perfect all round perception.

    The only part where the Byakugan falls short of the Sharingan is in that it doesn’t grant its user any jutsu, strictly speaking. It does, however, enhance their style of taijutsu and there are some taijutsu that only the Hyuuga can perform thanks to it.

    If that isn’t enough, then let’s put it this way. Kumo tried desperately to capture Hinata in part one to acquire the secrets of the Byuakugan. They didn’t try to capture Sasuke or any other Uchiha, they specifically went for a Hyuuga. In part two, after finding out that Ao had the Byuakugan, Danzou went through a great deal of effort to try and destroy it. Also, Ao felt it was such an important asset, that he even placed seals over it to protect it. I think this proves just how much of an asset it is, and just how dangerous it can be if it falls into the wrong hands.

    The real problem here is that the Hyuuga clan is not a major focus of this series. The Uchiha, the Senju and the Uzumaki seem to be the primary focus areas as far as clans go, so even if their are other clans that rival them, it doesn’t matter, because they aren’t as relevant to the story. Besides, does it really matter? A ninja’s strength isn’t only determined by a doujutsu. Look at Minato, Raikage (A), Jiraiya, Hanzou, Gai, etc. There are plenty of shinobi who became legends without needing doujutsu, or other blood limits to help them along.

    In saying that, though, it would have been cool to see a match between Neji and Sasuke in part one to see how they would have compared at the time.

  44. @ Tenrai: We don’t know the whole past, we only know the stories that were significant during that particular time. It was the story of how Neji’s dad sacrificed himself to go against his destiny (damn you Kishi!!) Sauske was the only other Uchiha left when Hinata was getting captured and I’m sure the 3rd Hokage was paying way more attention to one of the last of the Uchiha, then to a child of the Main Branch of Hyuga who have a lot of secondary branchers protecting them. Don’t forget about Itachi, I don’t think he would have been a cake walk to capture either. I bet they didn’t even attempt to take Itachi after they heard what he did to his own clan.

    About the best techniques both eye techniques bring:
    What good is taijutsu if your under a powerful genjutsu? There is also still a weak point in the Hyuga field of vision that anyone can exploit. How will a Hyuga stack up against Amerterasu? Seeing it coming wont be enough to physically stop it. Taijutsu goes to the Hyuga but the rest is Uchiha. I don’t think the Hyuga can use Inzangi.

    I’m just wondering what more can a Byakugan do? I know it works really well with telling what the opponents are doing at a distance. Near 360 ability. And see who’s under a genjutsu based on the chakra color. They can create a shield similar to sage cloak (block or defend). But It seems that Kishi just got lost in the main story that he didn’t even spend time on the secondary details that would have maid the story as a whole way better.

  45. im even sure that the sharingan can copy gentle fist style techniques by replicating the exact point of impact of the hit. its definitly possible that that sharingan can pinpoint that exact area just by seeing a hyuga do it first

  46. @mord: They might, but they are also going to need the same type of chakra control to release the exact amount, at the right time. It’s easy to copy moves, but not the chakra control the Hyuga use in gentle fist. I thought the same thing you did until I did more research own the sharingan and the Byakugan (read chapters O.O) lol. I was looking for ways the sharingan was better but I was hit in the face by facts lol.

  47. @Wiseman

    Actually, Hinata was very young in the story at the time of her kidnapping, so it seems like it took place before the Uchiha massacre.


    I doubt the Uchiha can copy the Hyuuga’s gentle fist. Remember, although they can see chakra and the colour of chakra, they haven’t been shown to see all the chakra points in a human body, which is essential for the gentle fist. Unlike the Uchiha’s Sharingan, the Byuakugan can actually see through solid objects. Their vision doesn’t only have long range and 360 degree vision, it is also absolute in that it can see through any obstacle in its path as well.

    Let’s also remember what was said during the chunin exam arc when Sasuke was using Lee’s taijutsu techniques. Although he was able to copy them with the Sharingan, he wasn’t physically able to perform them because his body was not conditioned to do so. So even though he knew exactly how they worked, he still had to train with Kakashi for a month in order to condition his body to be able to handle the strain, otherwise he would have only done more harm to himself than good. Even after a month, Sasuke still wasn’t able to use it properly, because Lee had been conditioning his body for years and a month’s worth of training could never make up for that amount of dedication.

    The same goes for the Hyuuga. They are taught to use the gentle fist from a young age and it is an integral part of their clan’s heritage. The years they’ve spent conditioning their bodies to use the precision, grace and speed of that technique cannot simply be copied and used properly in a moment’s notice, even by an Uchiha. If it could, don’t you think all Uchiha would be using it? O_o

    Even the Uchiha have to play to their strengths. It’s pointless copying techs if they will only even be second best to what they are capable of themselves.

  48. Yeah, if you list the Byakugan’s abilities like that it sounds pretty impressive, but I’m sorry, these doujutsu are not even in the same category. It was fairly equal when he had no idea about the existance of the mangekyou, in fact in part 1 the byakugan might have even been the “better” doujutsu, but in part two it just got ridiculolus. What use is long range vision, a taijutsu style and chakra sight if your opponent can burn everything he looks at, trap you in illusions the average ninja can’t escape, has an absolute defense that only kage level shinobi can outwit, can copy all of your techniques, in sasuke’s case there isn’t even any form of backlash, and evolve his eyes into the Rinnegan, plus, should things still go downhill, the Uchiha can just sacrifice one of his eyes and play god for a minute, and yes, Izanagi is probably one of the most powerful techniques in existence, if you use it right. (IMO Danzo should have castrated Sasuke with that technique, but he got killed off for plot advancement)

  49. @Dmaxx3d

    You are putting far too much emphasis on the sharingan. You forget that like any jutsu or tech or even bloodline, it is up to the individual as to how strong it is, not the other way around. Sure, you’ve mentioned the EMS and all of that, but how many Uchiha have actually ever awakened the MS?

    Out of all those who were part of the Uchiha, we only know five who awakened the MS. Itachi, Sasuke, Madara, Izuna and Shizui. That’s five out of an entire clan. You see, it isn’t the Sharingan that necessarily makes an Uchiha strong, it is the Uchiha that makes the Sharingan strong. Those five were able to surpass the rest of their clan because of who they were as individuals.

    As for the Rinnegan, that isn’t a valid argument at all, because it isn’t a natural ability of the Uchiha’s. It can only be acquired by an Uchiha who has firstly stolen his brother’s eyes to acquire the EMS, and then stolen the power of a Senju or Uzumaki in order to evolve their EMS to the Rinnegan. In other words, it’s like combining three individual’s powers into one. That isn’t natural and it is pretty cheap actually, when you think about it. It’s like saying Neji stole the power of two other bloodlines to make himself stronger and then saying it’s only thanks to the Byuakugan that he is strong. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.

    At the end of the day, a Hyuuga can become just as strong as an Uchiha. And just like we have seen examples of weak Uchiha, there are examples of weak Hyuuga as well. It’s all up to the individual and what they do with the power they have. The reason you see the Uchiha as so godly, is because you are using examples of individual Uchiha who have taken the power of others to supliment their own power (Madara took his brother Izuna’s and Hashirama’s power, Sasuke took Itachi’s, etc), but if they didn’t steal the power of others, what would they really be left with? Sure, they could probably unlock the MS without stealing power from someone, but using that causes them to go blind after a few uses. If you ask me, that doesn’t sound much better than the Byuakugan, which has no downsides for using whatsoever.

  50. @Tenrai Senshi: You have very valid points and I have to agree with you that I focussed on individual Uchihas, because, quite frankly, there aren’t that many of them. You’re right, being an Uchiha doesn’t automatically make you strong, the Uchiha clan had also civilian members and people like Itachi were hailed as prodigies you see once every generation.
    The same goes for the Hyuuga. Neji is a genius the clan has not seen in ages, still there is a huge power gap. An average Hyuuga, I don’t want to get into the main and branch family thing has already the tools to at least become chunin through the Byakugan’s abilities and the taijutsu trainig. Still, the individual effort and talent also play into this. You are also right that there were strong hyuuga and weaker uchiha.
    But, I can’t agree with the statement that a hyuuga can become just as strong as an Uchiha. If you look at the clan techniques, then individual abilities don’t always count. Fact is, a hyuuga can grow stronger and stronger with his bloodline through training, but he will eventually hit a glass ceiling because his doujutsu doesn’t have that many facettes. An Uchiha, however, is gonna hit that glass ceiling long after a Hyuuga because his eyes simply have more potential. An Uchiha and Hyuuga who put the same effort into training will result in the hyuuga eventually threading on the spot and the Uchiha surpassing him; even if his methods of obtaining power are not acceptable, killing your best friend barely recquires physical effort.

  51. @Dmaxx3d

    “But, I can’t agree with the statement that a hyuuga can become just as strong as an Uchiha. ”

    Why not? I don’t agree with your statement that the Hyuuga hit a glass ceiling at all actually. Look at Minato. He isn’t even part of a famous clan and he is stronger than most Uchiha. He doesn’t have a doujutsu, or a blood limit, or anything special like that. Did he hit a glass ceiling? No, he just kept on going up. Why do you see the sharingan as the only means a ninja can surpass the norm of power when we have so many examples that prove otherwise?

    To me, the pinnacle of an Uchiha, when we take away stealing the powers of others to grow stronger, is Itachi. Sasuke, Madara and even Tobi have all stolen power from another source in one way or another, so those are individuals who, I would say, have surpassed their own natural limitations only by using powers that don’t inherently belong to them. That means their power isn’t natural, nor is it completely theirs either.

    So, if Itachi is the pinnacle of an Uchiha, why can’t a Hyuuga grow just as strong? Sure, Itachi has epic MS techs, but they have grave disadvantages. He would become blind after only a few uses, so that awesome power you speak of is severely limited in terms of uses. A Hyuuga has no such limitations with regards to the use of their eyes. If they pushed themselves as far, I would say they could easily become as strong as the best of the Uchiha.

  52. Alright, first of all, we were comparing the two doujutsu clans, so I don’t see why you brought Minato in this debate. My argument was that hyuugas and uchihas, both trained mainly in their respective clan techniques were unequally powerful. Therefore I don’t see the sharingan as the only means to gain power, as you put it, but as a bloodline with more potential than the byakugan.
    Secondly, it doesn’t matter, whether you steal powers or not (as despicable as that is), if you have that power then it’s yours. The fact that byakugan doesn’t have the ability to steal other powers just shows once again how much more potential sharingan users have.
    And thirdly: Why does Itachi going blind matter at all? One, he went blind after years of being an active shinobi, so a fight against one hyuuga will not blind him. If you say that Itachi would lose to the three-thousandst hyuuga who fights him because his eyesight deteriorated throughout the years, then you’re basically saying that a hyuuuga cannot beat Itachi in his prime. Even if he goes blind, the pinnacle of Itachi’s power will always be above the pinnacle of one hyuuga.

    Lol, this debate is heating up. It seems we can’t touch common ground

  53. “To me, the pinnacle of an Uchiha, when we take away stealing the powers of others to grow stronger, is Itachi”

    I agree Ten i’ve been sayin that for years. my point has always been the fact that he Didnt have EMS. if he had really wanted sasuke’s eyes he coulda taken em n just think how strong he’d be now. Like you said Minato was that once in a generation prodigy and honestly, i really think itachi was the next one. simply because of the combination of all his talents plus intelligence.

  54. @Dmaxx3d

    Sasuke and Madara didn’t steal powers using the sharingan. Madara took Hashirama’s cells and his brother’s eyes and Sasuke took Itachi’s eyes. That has nothing to do with the limitations of theid doujutsu, it has to do with physically taking someone else’s powers, period.

    Neji has just as much ability to just take someone else’s eyes, cells, or other stuff as anyone else does. That isn’t something limited to the Uchiha. That’s why I say, the natural limit of the Uchiha’s abilities go as far as just the MS. Anything beyond that has to be acquired through unnatural means, which is something anyone can do as proven by Danzou and Orochimaru.

    And I brought Minato into it to prove my point that power is based on the individual, not on one’s clan or blood limits.

  55. I really don’t want to be stubborn but no, only the sharingan can become an EMS or a Rinnegan and I just don’t understand why you bring Danzo and Oro into this. I get your point but Neji cannot transplant a sharingan or something and hope to match an Uchiha.
    Again: My point is that, if you strictly look at the bloodlines, then sharingan has more potential. All this “strenghth through unnatural means” like EMS and Hashirama’s cells have a certain effect only on sharingans, only an Uchiha can get the rinnegan by acquiring muokuton cells. This means that the powers out of the fusion of sharingan and other things actually belong to the uchiha’s bloodline because a non-Uchiha like a hyuuga or danzo can become powerful with lets say hashiramas cells but that won’t be his bloodline.
    That does still make sense?
    Ah, hell, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Still, I enjoy debating with someone as stubborn as me.

  56. @Dmaxx3d

    If we’re debating whether the Uchiha are good at stealing powers from people, then yes, I would agree. But that was never the focus of our debate.

    The debate was about comparing the Byuakugan to the Sharingan. It was NOT about comparing the Byuakugan to a genetically modified Uchiha who has the cells of a senju, and the eyes of his brother who killed his best friend to awaken the MS. As far as I am concerned, in its natural state, the highest form of the Sharingan is the MS at best, and no further than that. Anything beyond that requires either genetic modification or organ transplants.

    I’m sure if Orochimaru got his hands on a Hyuuga, he could genetically modify him until the cows come home and create a super Hyuuga who has 3600 degree vision with no blind spots, and with eyesight so perfect, he would be able to see up Sasuke’s ass to see what’s stuck there that’s making him so cranky. But, as I said, we shouldn’t be comparing genetically modified individuals to normal ones. That makes for an unfair debate.

    Of course the sharingan will be epically over haxed if someone has been loaded with so much power that doesn’t even belong to them that it’s scary. But then, if we’re comparing an Uchiha who doesn’t even fall under the norms of their clan and who is using the power of others to boost his own abilities, then that kinda defeats the point of this fair comparison, doesn’t it? it’s kinda like comparing an Uchiha with a Bijuu stuffed inside them to a Hyuuga without one, rather than just comparing them on equal terms.

    P.S. I am also enjoying this debate. It helps pass the time until the next chapter comes out. <_<

  57. eh?

  58. Perhaps you guys should make a chart of stats for each dojutsu. Then will will see which eyes can be better eyes at seeing through eyes. O_o

  59. Spoilers seem to be out for Naruto.

    I am not sure if they are real because they haven’t been confirmed properly yet, but if it is real, it’s gonna be very interesting. @__@

  60. Sup every1. Now i have a little question, and excuse me because i havent read the most recent posts so i apologize and i will read when i finish here, but does ne1 remember what the Uchiha’s were doin the night of the Kurama attack. Cause if i recall correctly Itachi was holding baby Sasuke and i believe he was confused on where everybody was. I really honestly think somethin huge will be reveled. Tenrai what’s on ur mind when it comes to this…. And of cource any1 can chime in with what they believe

  61. Sorry guys I had ta use fb to post cause these cambridge computers werent lettin me post w/ word press and I love my Haruko gravatar so I just wanted ta explain what was goin on

  62. Evan- hmmmmmm that is interesting, havent thought about that yet. i dont believe the manga states what the uchiha were doin specifically, but yes itachi does mention that his mother n father were away

  63. I know, so there should be many intresting events to unfold in the upcoming chapters. And I think our sneaky little friend Tobi will shed some light on this exact situation when he starts monologing in this battle with Naruto!!!!

  64. @ Evan – Well we know that the Uchiha often had there meetings, and we know they didn’t help with the Kyuubi, I believe one of two things happened….

    1. and most likely the Uchiha where in on the attack but this would be foolish since it was the same attack that caused their destruction, and Tobi said only Itachi was able to find him, maybe this is because Itachi was there and could somehow see Tobi with his own eyes

    2. The Uchiha went to their hidden meeting area and when hearing of the attack like Danzou did with root decided to do nothing and allow the leaf to be destroyed or weakened but this also doesn’t fit cause why after this wait to attack and not just attack quickly with the 4th hokage dead etc…

  65. @Evsama, Pein & Dish

    Actually, if you go back and read through the flashback regarding the Kyuubi’s attack, you will notice there are actually a few clans you don’t see in any of the panels shown, like the Hyuuga, the Inuzuka and the Aburame.

    So, must we now assume that those three clans were also plotting to overthrow Konoha?

    I think this is probably just a case where the focus of those chapters was on the Uzumaki family and on the Kyuubi, not on the Uchiha, or any other specific clans like that. If you didn’t see them, it probably just means Kishi didn’t bother to draw them all in, and not necessarily because the Uchiha were plotting some evil scheme. Let’s remember that Tobi also apparently assisted Itachi in wiping out the Uchiha, so I don’t see why he would plot with them, only to destroy them later.

    In saying that, of course there is always the possibility that the Uchiha were, in fact, in on the whole attack. But I somehow feel it is unlikely.

  66. @ Tenrai – however, Itachi confirmed that there was something strange plus I believe it was somewhere else the reason the Uchiha where suspected was because none of them helped with the Kyuubi attacked, yes those clans weren’t shown but the fact that there was no suspicion on them would mean they probably just weren’t drawn in by Kishi but still there in the fodder @___@

  67. @Pein

    The Uchiha were suspected for the attack because of two primary reasons.

    1: Madara was known for his ability to control and summon the Kyuubi, and he is an Uchiha. There was already a history of Uchiha being able to control the fox, so naturally, they would be the first to fall under suspicion.

    2: There was already a history of unrest with the Uchiha in Konoha, something that was not present with the other clans, which thus made them even better candidates as suspects for the attack, regardless of whether they were truthfully innocent or not.

    In the end, there is no reason to believe that suspicion was thrown on the Uchiha purely because they “weren’t present in the battle” against the Kyuubi, especially considering that there are a few clans that weren’t present and there was already turmoil around the Uchiha beforehand, as seen through the history of the clan and the fact that they were already segregated form the rest of the village.

    Also, Itachi wasn’t the only one who felt something was strange that night. Kakashi and even the third were also aware of an ominous feeling just before the Kyuubi attacked. That is more likely associated with the Kyuubi’s sinister aura, as opposed to some secret plot by the Uchiha.

  68. it’s not the fact that the other clans weren’t shown to be there either. it’s the fact that kishi made it a point to show that itachi’s parents were not around at the time of the attack that gives it possibility, even if only a little.
    so no obviously we shouldn’t simply accuse them JUST because they weren’t shown, but i mean i feel like it was made apparent for a reason.

  69. As always, I agree with what Dish just pointed out. Kishi specifically made it so we would notice the Uchiha’s not being there at the time of Konoha’s Attack. Maybe Tobi relight the flames Madara left in shame with the Uchiha, I mean what better way for the Uchiha to claim Konoha if not for Tobi to “kill” the hokage, Minato, and leave the rest to the kyuubi, who would have fuc*ed shit up if not for Minato.

    We all know Tobi’s plan wasn’t related to konoha so the village would have been left in the care of the Uchihas until tobi could proceed with the Moon Tsukuyome.

    easy peasy lemon squeezy ;

  70. I guess no Naruto this week. I don’t know if this is legit or not:

  71. @Wiseman

    I’ve posted the confirmed spoilers, so there will be releases this week.

  72. It’s friggin out!

  73. I actually enjoyed that chapter. It could have probably gone without all the flashbacks, but I do understand their relevance despite that.

    It was clever of Naruto to leave one of himself inside of Son to accumulate natural energy to go into Sage Mode. It also fooled Tobi pretty well, and I didn’t even expect it myself, even though I read the spoilers. Lol.

    Although, admittedly, they were pretty vague. X___x

    It should be better next week though, once things really pick up for the new year.

  74. I am never a fan of flashbacks that are shown of Naruto, in almost every fight Naruto has been in (especially when they’ve shown that flashback every time before.) It’s not heart warming anymore. I’ve seen those flashbacks sooo many times. At least they could have shown the flashbacks + Kuramas opinion in them and how they’ve changed over time.

    Anyways, What’s going to happen to Goku? He disappears? So he is going into the void portion of the rebirth cycle?

  75. So this makes me think….that naruto is somehow going to get the rinengan. Or some kinda power from it. If the chains are from the outer path of the rinengan, and naruto’s mom had them because her chakra is “special” this suggests that naruto’s chakra could also be “special” . Iono, i just think that the connection isn’t a coincidence

  76. @dricedt i see were your coming from but i dont think naruto would get the rinnegan if he does tht would be kinda lame since mandara naguto and toby all ready have iy it would just become repetative….this was a good chapter that naruto vz neji fight was in my opinion one of the best fights yet i still watc the anime version to this day

  77. @antnasty true, but then look at the sharigon and the renengan already, two rare eye types that everybody seems to have. It just wouldnt suprise me if kishi gave naruto that. He needs something to counter sasukes genjutsu. If he dosnt, despite all power naruto has the fight could be over in less than a blink if sasuke puts him under a genjutsu and expands his chidori through narutos heart. All of which would be done faster than the kubi could interupt naruto’s chakra. Iono i think he needs something because all he really has is shadow clone and rasengan

  78. @dricedt

    Karuma would be quite sufficient in countering genjutsu. If you recall, Bee was able to break Sasukes genjutsu because of the eight tails. If you have a tailed beast inside of you, its the ultimate counter cause it can always shake u out of it. And seeing Karuma starting to come around, it seems that’s gonna be what happens.

  79. @Direct

    All he really has is the Shadow clone and Rasengan? O__o

    Let’s not forget Sage Mode, frog fu, all the many different types of Rasengans (Planet rasengan, Vacuum Rasengan, Rasengan riot, etc), the Rasenshuriken (a good ranged attack), the mini Rasenshuriken (which are even better than chidori needles imo), extendable chakra arms, a toad summoning contract and an ultimate sensory ability that surpasses most sensor type ninja.

    That’s in addition to super speed on a level of Minato’s, super strength on a level of Tsunade’s and massive chakra reserves. Then there’s still the prospect of him creating a Rasengan/Bijuu bomb hyprid technique.

    I think that’s quite the arsenal, if you ask me. Give him much more than that and some people may complain that he has too much up his sleeves. Some people already think he does. Lol.

    I think that when the time comes for Naruto and Sasuke’s battle, they’ll be quite evenly matched. Naruto will have a decent counter to Genjutsu (Kurama) both will have epic Jutsu (Amatarasu, Rasenshuriken, Bijuu bomb, Susanoo, etc) and both will have summoning contracts (Hawk vs Toad). It should be quite something. @___@

  80. I don’t know why everyone complains about the flashbacks. I can’t understand you. I loved them in this chapter. They are sometimes just necessary to remind us of how far the series has progressed and this time they took me on a journey through Naruto’s life told by kurama. There was a little bit of nostalgia involved. The panel with the fights against neji and kabuto and mizuki were awesome. God, the nostalgia returns. I get the feeling that kurama is deep down proud about what naruto has accomplished, and seeing those panels made me feel proud too even if he is fictional. Seeing how far he has come kind of satisfied me.
    The only flashbacks I can’t stand anymore strangely always involve sasuke. I swear if I see anymore sakura-sasuke or itachi-chibisasuke flashbacks i’m gonna kill something.

  81. @Dmaxx3d

    I don’t mind the flashbacks and as I said, I do understand their purpose and the nostalgia that comes with them. In the context of this chapter, they were relevant and, in a way, necessary. I just believe that perhaps they could have been all shown in less pages.

    Flashbacks do tend to make a chapter feel shorter overall, which is why some people don’t like them. Still, I am not sure where else Kishi could have cut the chapter off to end it, so maybe he purposely made more flashbacks just so he could control the pace to his liking and to set the cliffhanger exactly where he wanted it.

  82. Tenrai: Partially correct. My dislike for the flashback was that it was too long and I was impatient for the chapter to come out. I was expecting the controlled Son to be fighting Naruto in those 2-3 pages of flashbacks while Kurama was thinking about those instances in Naruto’s life. Not showing the panels but just his input as Naruto was going toe to toe trying to find the rod. Yup flashbacks are necessary, but there is a time when they are. Like last chapter, when Son was explaining that the people of all the villages didn’t even care about the Bijuu, not even their names and Naruto understood; those were instances of flashbacks that were humbling. Now, those flashbacks were relevant. Not a flashback of how far Naruto has come. There has been many of those already. Again, if it would have had Kurama talking about those instances, from how he hated having to be in the little babies stomach to how he’s starting to believe in him, then I would have been fine. We would have been seeing Kuramas thought process as it changed, not just dialogue we’ve heard over and over every 50 chapters or so. All Kurama said was, paraphrasing, “After all these years… Show them you still haven’t changed!”

  83. Wiseman, actually shared my feelings exactly, the only relevance in flashbacks are when there of stuff in the past we don’t know about, like Kurama’s past, Itachi’s starting days in Akatsuki and actually and akatsuki members flashbacks are 100% welcome in my book, flashbacks on former kages and Madara and especially the one Danzou had, now that was a fucking awesome flashback.

    But to show the same images over and over and over again, like the never old Sasuke and Itachi flashback, Naruto and kabuto/ Neji/ Kabuto. Those are like a hit with your foot on the corner of the bed.

    Over all the 12 page chapter was good, if you pas right through the filler pages, but again, seeing as we already were waiting for two weeks for this chapter made it annoying to see all that extra filler and I guess that’s what bugged out most of us or at least me.

  84. @Eugen & Wiseman

    In the end, this is manga. Flashbacks are inevitable, even ones that show things we’ve already seen.

    It’s even worse in anime, but we won’t even go down that road. Lol.

    But in the end, I understand your feelings though, considering the break as well, but what is done is done, and all we can do now is wait for next week’s release. @__@

  85. @ Filler Flashbacks – Least Naruto didn’t follow up a 2 week break with a 3 week break like another Manga I know <___<

    I think we worry too much over spilt milk, it sucks cause we feel we waited so long for this but hopefully next week is better… maybe this will be a wake up to kishi (fan reactions to the chapter) that we actually don't want all this flashbacks shoved down our throat…

    To be honest I am getting tired of this whole semi arc within the "War Arc"… Its like every week now we have Kyuubi Naruto love hate fest, it was cool a few chapters ago but now I am bored. If Kishi doesn't switch or at least bring to an end this whole love hate kyuubi thing in the next chapter it would feel like I am reading Bleach <__< drawn out plot FTW?


  86. I for one don’t read or watch One piece but from what I’ve heard Oda never makes a flashback the same way it was originally drawn specifically for the reason of not boring the readers. Kishi is more of a copy/paste dude and I think that’s his only “weakness” as a mangka, whether it’s intentional or not the effect these repetitive flashbacks is without a doubt a negative one and he should realize this.

    Anyway a manga you love is like crack and no one will give up on it even after it’s done, just like DBZ. So in the end it’s true we do complain over nothing, unless Kishi reads WRA comments.

  87. @Eugen

    “So in the end it’s true we do complain over nothing, unless Kishi reads WRA comments.”

    Lol. That would be creepy…

    Anyway, I tend to try avoid “ranting” about a problem, because I believe that it just makes one more depressed about something because of all the negative feelings they’re being caught up in. As far as I am concerned, it’s better to just let go of the bad and move on, otherwise it sticks with you and pulls you down. Lol. You can ask Pein, we have conversations all the time along these lines where he’s flaming a chapter or a manga and I’m trying to throw water on the flames by being “diplomatic”. It’s quite funny now that I look back at it. I guess when you said I am a “pacifist”, it rings true a bit, doesn’t it? Maybe I get carried away sometimes… X__x

    But I am just weird that way, and many people handle things in their own way that suits them.I guess that’s why Kisu always used to call me a tree hugger. Lol. <_<


    *Throws water on Pein.*

    Now, now, it isn't so bad. @___@

  88. Well guys, its not so bad. Imagine if we had to actually pay for the free manga we read. <_<

    Maybe filler pages are just Kishi's way of screwing over some fans he dislikes. Meh…

  89. About that Tenrai, don’t you think it’s about time you spat Kisu out. I think he learned his lesson by now. The dude is MIA for while now.

    I’m sad that a lot of old friends from back at IRA aren’t posting on the blog anymore, I am grateful we have so many new members to chat with but the nostalgia is making it’s presence felt seeing as most of us knew each others little ticks and we had our inside jokes and whatnot.

    @ Marks, dudeeeeee don’t even joke about something like that. Paying for Naruto would be a must every week. I drink Pepsi on a very regular basis and eat a lot of Oreos, to add Naruto to that budget will mean less Pepsi and Oreos and that could bring the 2012 prophecy that much closer for me.

  90. I bet Kishi has a french accent *sorry french people/people with french accents* and says “Those damn eng-a-lash speak-ars! Deesh will teach them naught to screwl around with us! Japanese people with our outrageous au-ccent!”

    Sorry, I just saw Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

  91. well wiseman then that makes your comments completely reasonable haha

  92. The breakdown will be out on Monday guys, as per usual. Sorry if it is a bit of a wait, but that always seems to be the best time for me to do them.


  93. sup WRA fanatics. need ta kno if there is an android app so i can read the manga and one that’ll let me watch the anime as well??? i kno they have crunchyroll but i’d like to stay away from them, and they want me to give dem munny so skrew dem. hope sum1 can help ty yall, and dont forget to read ur manga!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. @Evan

    Sorry, I am not sure about anything like that. I can’t speak for anyone else and I am sure you asked Google already. X___x

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