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Source: 2ch
Verification: confirmed

106 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2012/01/11(水) 17:58:51.93 ID:N89q1gMEP

ツンデレ 九ちゃん


九ちゃん ナルトとの思いで思い出す


九ちゃん 行動で証明しろ!それがお前だろ!

There’s barely any talking.

Son says that the beasts can lend people their chakra, but that humans don’t get along with them.

That’s all right! says Naruto.

Kyuubi is tsundere.

Naruto comes out of Son’s mouth.
He pulls the stake out of Son.
Marada stops him(?).

Naruto and Kyuubi share memories.
Heroes always are overdue, for example.
Naruto and Neji’s battle at the Chuunin exams.

Naruto entering sage mode.

Kyuubi: prove yourself through your conduct! That’s shows who you really are!
He watches Naruto’s conduct attentively.

~ by Tenrai Senshi on December 29, 2011.

21 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 569 Spoiler Pics & Summaries”

  1. <____<

    Seems a bit of a stretch @____@

  2. The spoiler is still a bit vague, so it’s hard to really tell what exactly is going on. We need more details.

    There is also a chance the spoiler may be fake, because it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I think if it is true, it would most certainly be interesting. I can see a possible connection between Sasuke and Itachi having a brother, and Tobi (who may be that brother).

    Only time will tell…

  3. Still pending though @____@ and with Jump only releasing on Wednesday its difficult to tell if true or whole lie…

    If it is true then @____@ WTF! It would be one of the biggest @$$pulls of the year 😛 this random information just appearing Itachi having a lover and Sasuke having a Sibling… Is there gonna be “I am your father/brother/sister/uncle etc in Naruto too cause Dexter and Star Wars did it and thats already too many 😛

  4. Now that was fast, lol . >_>

    However this most likely is a fake …

  5. Hm, I am at two minds about this as well. If this is real, then it is pretty hectic to take in all at once. It’s like a complete mind wipe. Lol.

  6. Even if it were true their is no way anyone can stuff so much into 1 chapter :S

  7. Actually Itachi did have a lover, witch fits into the story. Naruto is most likely gonna be the next Juubi Jinchuriki, so no surprise here either. The only unknown variable is this log lost uchiha sibling of Itachi and Sasuke, witch I doubt the most.
    The Naruto upgrade, I’m most looking ffw to because Sasuke pulled to much power out of his ass in this manga and it’s about time Naruto made over 9000 leap of power that will leave us jaw dropped.

  8. It was quite creative for a fake spoiler, but still just a bit too extreme to be likely. Lol.

    I am actually kinda relieved now. XD

  9. I think that what’s going to happend is that Naruto will use Sage Mode to Break Goku’s chains, then Tobi will loose the Four tails control, much like what happenned with the Five tails who tried to attack him, but this time he wont turn back, and will help defeat the other biju along with Hachibi and Kurama.

    As for Tobi, he might bring out Ginkaku, although I think Kishi will want to make them appear after the war along with MUU as he stated in his last interview.

    The rest of the alliance shinobi should come, probably in the next two chapters, Kitsuchi will be shocked to see Goku helping them and will congratulate Naruto.

    I think that we may see a bit of stoytelling about the other Jinchuriki, specially Yagura, Fuu and Han who we know nothing about.

    Maybe there will be a few pannels of the Kages and Madara’s Battle

    Nothing about Sasuke yet,

    I would like to see a glimpse of Itachi’s Lover, although I dont think she will be added to the storyline. (Although it could have a change of events)

    (I bet she is a medic nin)

  10. @George

    I actually forgot about Tobi having the Gin-Kin brothers. It would be interesting to see them come out and battle against Naruto, just to see the power difference between two pseudo Jinchuuriki and the real one.

    In addition to that, Naruto could possibly absorb their power and return it back to Kurama, where it belongs. Who knows, maybe it will make a good substitute for the other half of Kurama’s chakra that Minato sealed into himself, thus returning him to his true former strength (and size), as he was before he was sealed in Naruto.

    That would be pretty epic. @__@

  11. MangaStream says “JUMP (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, HxH, Reborn) will return around January 11th”

    But it’s Wednesday now and still not even a spoiler …

  12. Spoilers only usually come out Wednesday morning to midday. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

    So, it isn’t unnatural for the spoilers not to be out at this time yet. It’s happened plenty of times before. Let’s just wait a bit and see.


    And with the spoilers the Chapter is out as well …

  14. this chapter was very disappointing, I mean wtf Kishi, he had all that vacation time and he shoots us with 5 pages of shitty flashbacks. WTF is wrong with him, now we’ve got wait a whole week just to see something beyond awesome he could have just done today.

  15. @Eugen

    The whole point of five weeks of vacation, is to have a vacation. Not to sit there during his break time drawing manga for all his ungrateful fans. Lol.

    Just relax. Even Kishi needs to have a real break from time to time. The holiday wasn’t there to give him more time to draw a more epic manga just for you. It was there for him to do the opposite, in fact. 😛

    Shame, I feel sorry for these authors. I’ve worked in publishing and many people don’t understand just how hellish their deadlines are and how much they often have to grind and sometimes work through the night just to get their work out on time. Let them have their rest. They deserve it.

  16. Tenrai, really, c’mon dude I know your a pacifist and all but waiting all this time to get 5 pages of flashback I can’t believe you aprove of that.

    Kishi knows what to draw 1 month before that chapter comes out so this chapter was made like this just to stretch the manga and just like a friend of mine from manga helpers said, kishi could have made a page with the kyuubi in the middle and all the flashback pannels around him and that would be the most he could have done with that.

    Don’t worry tenrai, kishi has it really easy, he isn’t a robot like you think and plus he has a lot of help writing the manga and publication is always on time because of all that help.

  17. @Eugen

    Taking time off does not mean doing more work. It means doing less work, or no work at all. Probably the biggest reason as to why you are disappointed, is because you expected so much more because of the break between chapters, when really, you should have just expected the norm. If you over hype yourself for a manga release, then it’s easy to be disappointed, now isn’t it?

    And, if I were you, I wouldn’t assume that life is so easy for a mangaka just because they have popular series under their belts. Even with assistance, deadlines are tough work to meet. Unless you have definitive evidence to prove otherwise, that is.

    Also, I never said anything about not minding all the flashbacks. Even though I mostly enjoyed the chapter, I actually think Kishi could have cut down on the flashbacks a bit. I understand why they were there, but there didn’t necessarily have to be so many of them. The solution you pointed out is also a good alternative as well and I agree with that, however, that wasn’t the point I was addressing in the first place.

    The point I was addressing was this: “I mean wtf Kishi, he had all that vacation time…”

    Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if you hate the chapter. That’s your opinion and nothing can change that. I was just addressing the notion that people often think that a break must somehow = a better manga chapter release.

  18. I think you misunderstood me Tenrai, I never said kishi should have worked twice as hard ore even at all for this week’s chapter, only that he should have made a great new year manga and cut down on the filler pages. From my point of view this las chapter was done in normal rutine and with no extra stress, but he chose to make it very cliffhanging for us.

    I respect Kishi more then any of you know because when he makes a great chapter it really makes your brain explode and he never fails to impress us all. That’s why he always knows what draw at the right time. But today was the wrong day for that flashback, I understand he tried to relate to us Kurama’s emotions and feelings towards Naruto from day one with all that excess filler, but for God’s sake, make a 20+ page chapter if your gonna ruin a quarter of the chapter like that.

  19. @Eugen

    I understand what you’re getting at. No worries. It’s just that’s what it sounded like to me at first (the whole point about breaks and whatnot).

    But, I am sure things will pick up once he gets back into the swing of things. I do like that the Kyuubi isn’t just changing his tune right away though. He’s playing hard to get, unlike some people who are far more easily persuaded by Naruto’s charm. (Nagato and the Raikage, anyone?)

    You can see the change, but at least it seems more natural now, and less sudden.

  20. @Tenrai he’s been controlled twice by the Emogan remember.

  21. I, for one, welcome our vacationing overlords.

    So, if Naruto were to free the bijuu, one at a time, on the battlefield, with no alliance – are we now looking at a whole new “deux ex machina” faction in the skirmish?

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