Naruto Shippuuden 241- The Bromance Between Gai and Kakashi

Ohio! Miranda here with this weeks anime breakdown. Only one more week of fillers! *dances around* I can’t wait to be done with these.

This weeks episode is all about the relationship between Gai and Kakashi; or as I like to call it, their “bromance.” I say this because you can’t look at the relationship between Gai and Kakashi and not wonder if there might just be something more than just a friendship and a friendly rivalry.

Exhibit A-

Glomping - not something normal friends do


I know glomping is a prominent thing in anime, but mostly by female characters. So Gai to giving Kakashi a flying tackle hug makes me think there is more than the standard friendship.

So Gai begins telling Naruto stories of their younger years, which Naruto doesn’t want to hear. Can you blame him?

The friendship between Gai and Kakashi started off rather rocky. The first time Gai approached Kakashi he turned him down flat. Kakashi wanted nothing to do with the “rivalry,” poor Gai.

Strike One


So Gai begins to follow Kakashi around like a silly little fangirl until he finally gives in and accepts Gai’s challenge. Little did he know that accepting this challenge would lead to years of Gai’s challenges and a beautiful bromance.

Nothing like playing rock, paper, scissors during sunset with the one you love

Back to current time and Kakashi has shown up but Gai doesn’t believe it’s him so he goes into super fight mode. When the other ninja try to intervene Gai attacks them as well. He even goes to the eighth gate.

To prove that he is the real Kakashi, he tells the other ninja about Gai’s “acorn”….*tries not to make a penis joke* Ehem, just another example of the closeness between the two ninja….and a little more information than we needed to know.

So as Kakashi is saying goodbye, sappy music starts up and he asks Gai if something were to happen to him would he come right away. Gai says yes (of course) and they all live happily ever after. Until next time.

So here is the winner of last weeks caption contest…

This is the face you put on every time you watch a lame filler.


Congratz to katonkage!

Now I’m not doing a contest this week, didn’t see anything worthy of a contest.


Anyways, that’s all for this week!


~ by Miranda on December 27, 2011.

5 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 241- The Bromance Between Gai and Kakashi”

  1. numero uno!!

    nice breakdown cant wait to be through with these fillers either haha

  2. *Booming voice* : And thus a new pairing hath been created and it is good. Let us all celebrate the union between the masked pervert and the green spandex beauty! May also their students find manly man love fueled by the neverending power of youth!

    Ahem, Yeah, ignore that. Fillers mess with your brain. And sometimes i’m scared shitless of what my brain comes up with

  3. I’ve been really liking these fillers lately. They seem to me to be really good, and they tend to offer valuable insight into the other characters. They ARE really good, I am quite impressed. I haven’t seen this one or the one before this one yet, but I’ll be watching them soon. Here’s hoping the quality continues to be high.

  4. I take that back, I have seen the one before the last one and I am catching up now by watching this one.

  5. Once the fillers are over, I’ll start watching the anime with dedication again. Then I can finally comment on these breakdowns properly. Lol.

    But, thanks for your breakdowns Mandi. Your efforts are appreciated, especially considering the drive it must take to just write anything on these fillers at all.

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