Naruto Shippuuden 240- Kiba’s Feeling Sorry For Himself

Hey everyone! Miranda here with a breakdown of the newest anime episode “Kiba’s Determination.”  It’s another filler, of course. But according to my source we only have two more weeks of filler and then we’ll finally get to see Narutos’ training with Killer Bee. Which I am really looking forward to. Welp, enough with the chatter, let’s get ‘er done!

This episode, just like many many other fillers is lighthearted, a bit foolish, and has a good moral. Unfortunately the bit foolish part makes it hard to watch. I, personally, want something serious. The episode starts off with a flashback/dream back to when everyone was still kids. Of course this means Naruto was treated like crap. After awakening from his dream, Kiba gets his butt chewed by his mom. So in true teenage form Kiba pouts and feels sorry for himself. And of course, it’s all Narutos’ fault.

My life sucks and it's everyone's fault but my own *pout*

So Kiba asks Kakashi to train him. Kakashi, being the very intelligent and quite sexy ninja that he is has better things to do so he summons his little doggy friends. Kiba gets pissed cause he didn’t get what he wants (typical teenager) and fails to see that Kakashi is really helping him. So after a few minutes of getting his butt handed to him by some dogs, Kiba walks away. Akamaru, apparently knowing better than Kiba takes him back to the tree that was in the dream, seeing that Naruto beat his time finally. Along comes Hinata to explain that Naruto spent lots of time and energy to surpass Kiba, and BAM! Kiba removes his head from his behind and figures out that it’s his own fault that he isn’t as strong as Naruto and decides to do just like Naruto did, put a little time and energy into it. Or as he says it, he’s…


So Kiba goes back to the puppy brigade and declares his determination. He defeats the dogs and ends up feeling better about himself. The end.

So the moral of today’s story is, teenagers suck!


The real moral is: if you think your life is crap, with a little hard work and determination you can change it. Now if only some of the adults I know would learn this lesson….

And to any teenagers that may read this and get offended, just so you know, I was one of those teenagers not so long ago myself. I really wish I knew know what I thought I knew back then *sigh*

Now I’d like to take some time to reintroduce the caption contest. Rules are simple. In a comment give me a potential caption for the picture below and I will choose my favorite next week. Ok, so here’s your picture.

*Insert caption here*


And here’s a sneak peek of next weeks episode “Kakashi, My Eternal Rival.”

Until next week!








~ by Miranda on December 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 240- Kiba’s Feeling Sorry For Himself”

  1. First!!!!

    Nice breakdown Mandi. I also once though to myself “I wish I knew back then what I know now.” I wasn’t the most confident or self-appreciating person back in the day and I let it get me down a lot. Then, after overcoming that phase of my life, once I was out of school, I started to realize that I was actually worth something and I started to appreciate the fact that I wasn’t the worthless person I thought myself to be. But, that realization gave birth to a new problem.


    I went through a new phase where all I could think about was how many opportunities I missed out on in life because of my low sense of self worth back then. So, the same thought kept popping back into my head over and over again. I wish I had the confidence back then, that I have now. Maybe then, I would have made much more of myself while I was growing up. Maybe things would have turned out differently…

    But, I’ve actually come to realize something now. Wishing for a past that didn’t happen, is just as self-destructive as having no self confidence. All we’re doing by question our lives and those “what if” scenarios, is preventing ourselves from moving forward. We become frozen with negative thoughts and feelings that are filtering down from our pasts.

    What is most important, is that we learn to understand that the past is over and done with. It cannot be changed by dreams or “what ifs”. It won’t comfort us if all we do is question ourselves and the decisions we made before. What we really need to do is understand that we have the power to change how we live now, in the present. We have a better understanding of life and although we can’t change what happened in the past with that understanding, we can use it to learn from our past and create a better future. @___@

    Okay, that’s my philosophy lesson done for the day. Can you believe once sentence in a breakdown started me off on this tirade? Sheesh. I really take things to far sometimes, don’t I? <_<

    Um… I should probably think of something to say in the actual subject of the anime? It was…. animated. @___@

  2. lmao Tenrai, you’re such a goofball. But I agree with everything you’ve said.

  3. SECOND O_O >_> <_< @_@ #_# $_$

  4. Caption: This is the face you put on every time you watch a lame filler.

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