Bleach Chapter 477 – The Lost 2

We all choose our paths in life. Some believe choice is an illusion and that we are predestined to walk down a certain path; that uncontrollable forces in our lives thrust us to this point and will continue to push us. Like domino’s moving in a predetermined path – each pushing the next – this is known as ’cause and effect’. Believing in this theory, one believes that it is our outer premise that determines our inner selves. Now I know you are probably wondering where all this is coming from, but it’s something that struck me the most about this chapter. The way Kubo keeps us in the mind of Ginjou, the villain. This is not a move often used by a mangaka at such a late point in an arc, but it was then that I decided to think deeper, thus almost frying my brain…

Common this is Bleach lets get down to breaking it down! 😉

The opening page at first seems pointless, we can tell by the look that this is Rerukia (this is how I spell it cause her character actually seems like a re done rukia @__@ ) we left wondering though, 1 Million Years that is a long time but all I could think of was this…

I am not sure if Kubo is just taking the Pi$$ or if he was actually serious, 1 Million years… that is a long time!! Though I will not debate this point, its a high number we know this but what would this prove to us standing from where we are to where we going… This would prove that the Soul Society has been around for far longer then anyone could imagine and I wouldn’t be suprised if Kubo is trying to bring abouts an “origins arc” the true beginning of the seperation of Hollow and Shinigami etc… Though I digress @___@

Kubo seems to be putting a little more effort (I will repeat the little) into drawing his battles, though with Bleach I have learn’t, read the chapter for story watch the anime for fight scenes @___@

Ichigo quickly over powers Ginjou which makes little sense once I finished this chapter, either Ginjou is one of the most useless shinigami or he is relying purly still on his fullbring ability @___@ To survive 1 Million Years and still be easily beaten by a boy that just recently regained his powers and not just beat but Easily beaten…

And this is where the point I was trying to make earlier… You know that whole beginning paragraph, a couple of pictures up and a video…

Where Ginjou is finally cut down, brought down by Ichigo. I must say like last week Kubo was brilliant in this respect… We hear this odd sound of Ginjou doubting, wondering of what things could of been and how they are.. That if he and Ichigo traded places would they be standing on oposite each other or be standing as brothers…

This is where the Nature vs Nurture debate is raised, is Ginjou the way he is because he is a bad person or was he made that way by the circumstances that surround him? and visa versa for Ichigo…

Not a Single Suprise was Yell that Day!

This is where shiz get complexicale… that’s right its a word I invented to describe this exact situation… It will basically only work with Bleach since its the only thing that is as complexicale as this situation… If you brain hurts I appologize @___@

Tsukishima jumps to Ginjou’s aid, and all you people eating cereal now trying to point out that Tsukishima should be dead, well technically no… It may have been Yukio’s ability being released and not Byakuya’s Chest Palm that ended the “Invaders Must Die” ability.

I think many fans called this, and besides the many… many bad puns that could come from this little “pandora’s chest” I would rather just stay clear of them… <___<

Riruka ability actually put her inside Rukia’s chest… Her jumping to Rukia’s aid though bugs me, I understand that Ginjou and Tsukishima wheren’t exactly the best of guys but after stealing the power THEY gave to Ichigo… They would let him live, it seems our noble shinigami would not extend that same to them…

Seeing Ginjou killed, or laying there.. Riruka and Tsukishima waiting standing there watching there fallen comrade. It was a sad scene, tragic really… Though I am looking forward to the following chapters, I am hoping Kubo will give us more of a reason behind Ginjou and Tsukishima. Giving us a taste of how Tsukishima gained his ability, his suffering feeling of loniness and as the final page shows. Ginjou maybe not the Monster he died but a good man, will delving deeper reveal the way he was turned to the monster?

That is all for me fowkes, thanks for reading and being awesome… Would Like to comment on the new look WRA pretty awesome must say! Thanks to Tenrai for putting in all the hard work… If you don’t know Tenrai you must be living in a rock and this is probably his stomach since we all at some point are consumed by this being @___@

2ndly I will be on Haitus till the New Year, so to all a Merry Christmas and A AWESOME NEW YEAR!! Hopefully we continue to grow as a group 😉

Love Peace and Chicken Grease

Pein ^:_:^

Oh and something for the new year


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6 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 477 – The Lost 2”

  1. First!!
    Nice breakdown =]
    Am looking forward to seeing Ginjou’s back story as I hope it will explain how the fullbringers got together and delve a little bit deeper into the dynamic between him and Tsukishima.

  2. Moving up in the world!

    I totally think you got that first part from The Matrix Reloaded.

  3. Third !! 🙂

    lol Looks like the arc is moving to an end ! I can start reading bleach again perhaps ~_~

  4. [repost]

    so lately the anime has been real close to the chapters just coming out recently.. and it has really been really great.. but since its so close to the current chapter.. i wonder how its going to be animated.. i been thinking that when ginjo trains with ichigo in the video game werld .. the anime will extend itself there.. but every episode follows so closely to each panel in the chapters.. are we headed towards the largest filler arc of all anime??
    im worried about that since we just left a super long filler arc and finally it started again with finally getting back to fullbring content..
    what are your guys thoughts on this? if it wasnt for WRA.. i never would have gotten into Bleach.. and i only started following it this past february of this year..
    so its really fresh in my mind.. and Bleach fillers are not so bad but really no so good either..
    where do you think if at all the filler will happen or do you think in the anime the story will be fleshed out rather more.. even though each episode is like a complete chapter only.. or really each episode has been like 80% of each chapter.. leaving the next episode to finalize the chapter that past already..


  5. your wrong, the person on the first page was Rukia not Riruka. That was just a flash back to the chapter before when she was saying how Ichigo changed soul society’s way of belief, even though they’ve had the same belief for 1 million years. everything else was pretty good. I’m really hoping the new chapter will come out soon

  6. @ Jeremy – If you look at the design of the hair its more like Riruka then Rukia’s… So I still stand by what I said… Also Rukia hasn’t been alive for over 1 million years… but maybe you right. <__< if it is I find it stupid and repetitive…

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