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Source: Ap Forums
Credits: ccc

“Cover story is Tonjit

650: You Should Keep These Two Changes In Mind

Three ancient weapons with the names of gods.
Pluton, Uranus, Poseidon
One is Shirahoshi.
If this was known, everyone would go after her, right?
Robin and Neptune’s conversation
The one listening to it was Caribou

Luffy is told of the happenings of the past two years by Jinbe
Akainu and Aokiji had a fight
Sengoku pushed for Aokiji to be the next Fleet Admiral, but the head honchos in the government wanted to install Akainu
For that reason, Akainu and Aokji (who isn’t usually the type to want to fight) had a duel
After a 10 day long struggle to the death,
Akainu won. Sakazuki is the new fleet admiral.
Akainu showed sympathy for Aokiji and didn’t kill him, but Aokiji left the Marines.
His whereabouts are unknown. He quit the marines.”

Source: Ap Forums
Credits: ccc

“As for Blackbeard,
He knew Whitebeard’s territory all too well,
and took it over in a flash. The world is already too late (in trouble)
BB has joined the ranks of Shanks, Kaidou, and Big Mam as a Yonkou.

The conversation turns to other such events, but Luffy tires of listening halfway through.
Luffy appears as Caribou is persecuting Shirahoshi
Caribou runs
With the Tamatebako in hand, Caribou flees.

The royal troops arrive
and inform everyone about the situation with Hody and the gang
They now appear to be very old men
ES were inside the Tamatebako

Another soldier comes to tell about Big Mam’s messenger brat (?)
Soldier: “We don’t have this month’s offering of candy!
It was all given to the Strawhats at the banquet!”
Minister of the Right: “Should we make an excuse… to that monster who would attack our country us just for some candy- Big Mam?!”


~ by Tenrai Senshi on December 14, 2011.

5 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 650 Spoiler Pics & Summaries”

  1. this was one of my fav chapters.. it had a lot going on .. and finally AKAINU beat Aoikiji .. does anyone think Aoikiji will become the final and 10th member of the strawhats?? dun dun dun!!!!

    now hopefully they will leave the bottom of the sea and do some new world discovery.. fight against blackbeard, big mam..

    i wonder if there is a Devil Fruit that allows the user to swim in the ocean?

    if Blackbeard is collecting abilities.. does that mean he can have more than 2? or is that for his crew members??

    so what business does Jinbe still have.. was it that relay message of the 2 years.. how did Chopper find out about what happened and no one else knew about the aoikiji and akainu.. ?

    oh yeh ..



  2. @spill7 i was thinking the exact same thing when i first heard akainu beat aokiji, tho i think aokiji would make the strawhat crew a little bit overkill.
    Maybe he will ones join the crew like vivi did to leave again after a while.
    Anyways Kiji kinda going rogue really is a great twist.

    A DF that allows the user to swim in the ocean seems pretty useless… right!? (right now the only one who could possibly profit from that is BB)

    about BB i was wondering the same, tho i hope and guess that its just for his crew, since most of them dont seem to have a df.

  3. Well that was an awesome chapter. Just loved it. Also, we got the confirmation for Zoro and Sanji having at least CoO which is pretty sweet.

    Was extremely surprised that Aokiji and Akainu ended up fighting each other. Don’t know why people automatically think Aokiji will suddenly become the next crew member though. Jinbe already said he would join, just not at this moment. Besides, Aokiji would make the straw hats waaay to powerful. You also have to remember that he has been a marine for a looooong time. Just because he has left them doesn’t mean he’s gonna go pirate, he’s probably just gonna lay low, maybe become a drunk or something because he’s depressed. Not a pirate though, and def not a Strawhat. Plus I would imagine there would still be some tenssion between him and Robin over Ohara.

    It’ll be very interesting to see just what BB is up to and how he is capable of stealing DFs from other people.

    Also, just thought this was funny, but Nami beating up again on poor Zoro and Luffy (don’t count sanji because he doesnt see it as getting beaten up lol) and knocking them out. Just love it.

  4. *tension

  5. Lol. I love how all the discussions for One Piece are landing here now. Although, it is appropriate until we get the One Piece section up and running.

    Remember guys, if you want to become an author for One Piece, email me!

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