Naruto Chapter 567 Spoiler Pics & Summaries

Here you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for Naruto chapter 567.

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credits: ohana & koohiinin
source: 2ch & NF

165 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2011/12/14(水)
十五と水月出てきた ちょっとだけね

188 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2011/12/14(水)

Sasuke appears in color.
Juugo and Suigetsu appear just a little.

The Kyuubi is cute!
Guy opens up to the sixth gate.

credits Yagami1211
Source NF

567 : Konoha Village’s Jinchuuriki.

Juugo : Let’s hope Karin and Sasuke are safe.
Suigetsu : You don’t need to worry about this.
Juugo : Why ?
Suigetsu : If they are alive, do you think we’ll have a big heartwarming reunion when we’ll find them ?
Juugo : ?
Suigetsu : Listen, Karin wants to get into Sasuke’s pants, that means we’re a hindrance to them.
Juugo : I see. Then what do we do ? Collecting the swords again ?
Suigetsu : Let’s get in their way. That’s what I would enjoy the most after collecting the swords.
But, first We’ll have to visit a few Orochimaru hideouts.

Naruto : So you came, Kakashi-sensei, Big Eyebrows-sensei !

Kakashi : You’re putting way too much efforts in doing what I taught team 7, so I can’t really rest myself.

Naruto : Yes ! The Sharingan are linked by the Rinnegan eyes, the right and left eyes, and the left chest … huh, then …

Gai : Calm down, I don’t get what you’re saying.

A Jin starts running.

Kakashi : 5 tails, so it’s Gobi, The 5 tails beast !

Naruto : He’s coming !

Gai : Konoha Boulder Buster !

Naruto : Uoou !!!

Gai removes the coral from Naruto’s back.

Bee : Sorry, little eighty. Are you all right ?
Hachibi : We share the same pain, dude. Are you ok ?

Tobi is hiding. He does something to Gobi and his chain. Are Tobi and the chain linked ?

Gobi : ( What a pain. To think that I’m being controlled by that guy … ) Gobi crumbles.

Kakashi : ( What did the Gobi Jin tried to attack Tobi ? )

Tobi does something to Gobi again.

Gai : Did he stopped the Bijuu’s power ?

Kakashi : I don’t know. But it seems he can’t fulling control the Tailed Beasts, maybe.

Gobi is in pain.
Another Jin comes to Tobi.

Hachibi : Hey did you hear this, Naruto ? The voice.

Naruto : I did.

Hachibi : That’s Gobi’s voice. We Bijuu do haves emotions, you know and to see another Bijuu like this piss me off.

Kyuubi : Meh. What’s are you talking about ? That’s what the ninjas who have been using us as pets did all this time, it’s the same.

Hachibi : Are you sure about that, Kyuubi ?

credits Yagami1211
Source NF

Naruto : Wut ? It seems like Kyuubi and Hachibi are talking.

Hachibi : I knew it, Kyuubi … after all, you …

Kyuubi : You talk way too much. Indeed, you’re the 2nd strongest after me, the Hachibi. Take care of thoses guys, I’m going to bed.

Hachibi : Don’t start an argument about our tails. You were always like this. That’s why you treated the one tail Tanuki like shit. Are you listening to me, mozafucka ?
You’re a fox, so don’t start faking sleep !

Kyuubi : ( Meh, what a pain in the ass. )

Naruto : Hachibi and Kyuubi are fighting !!


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  1. So after the awesome entrance, Kakashi just fades away >_>

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