Naruto Chapter 566 Breakdown- Battle of the Beasties

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Hey everyone! Since Tenrai is otherwise…um…detained I’ll be taking over for this week. In this weeks chapter the fighting definitely kicks up a few notches. I have to admit that I find fight scenes in the manga kinda boring, but I like them cause that means we’ll have EPIC battle scenes when it comes around in the anime. This fight scene shall be awesome animated IMO.

Naruto and Bee are still fighting against the resurrected Jinchuuriki, and it seems that they are in a bit over their heads. The Hachibi uses his ink to hold them down and try to seal them.

Food poisoning? At a time like this?!

Personally I think the Hachibi would have been better off if he had done as octopuses in nature and, well done this!

(skip ahead to 1 minute cause the first minute is boring)

So the ink clones are doing their jobs when Madara #2 comes out of the ground and all of the jinchuuriki’s go into tailed beast mode. Annnnnd their pretty much screwed!

Aw crap >.<

So Naruto and Bee are pretty much up a creek without a paddle. Hachibi gets gored and Madara #2 gets ahold of Naruto. Dire straights right? I thought the same thing too, until…


That’s right, Kakashi and Bushy Brows show up! Sweet! But here’s my question to you dear readers…..Do you think having Kakashi and Gai is gonna turn the tables or will it be more of a butt stomping? Feel free to debate this in the comments.

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Well that’s it for me. Tune in next week to see more awesomeness from Tenrai.

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  1. Awesome Breakdown, now time to read!

  2. Second

  3. 3rd!

  4. Yondaime! Nice breakdown Miranda, I think that Kakashi and Gai are gonna kick some ass!


    … I put here my bubbles from last week, because I kept staring blankly to the screen until my eyes bled and inspiration came (trough a pact with the devil). I dont want any to miss them, because I posted them really late… and Im [s] so awesome [/s] such an idiot XD.

    Mothafucka this is great!This X-ray glasses work as they said!
    Oh shit, not again!
    You should take your pills, dattebayo!
    Bee´s obsession, Yugitos breasts!

    Yo! That be rad, if I finally got to see her ****!
    He wont even listen…
    Shes not called the two tailed beast for nothing…

  5. 5th Now to read @___@

  6. Naruto: Ga-Ga-Ga, Abababa, on Fuh-Fuh-Fuh-

    Gai: Out with it Boy!

    Caption: Gai, your on fire… O.O

  7. Gai: Kakashi do you think they can smell may alien green sweat ????
    Kakashi: Just keep the pose and give’em the Chuck Norris look.

    Caption: Coolness has no downsides.

  8. 1:
    Gai: That’s right! I’m so badass, I’m on fire and don’t give a shit!
    Kakashi: Who cares? I’ve got an infected eye AND read porn in public!
    Kakashi: Please, just….. tune him out. Focus on our awesome pose, Madara, just on the pose.

    Btw, I don’t know if you saw my post, nikeairforce. I added you as a friend on xbox live.


    Gai: That’s right, I am here. I have the gates, the power of youth, vigor, new techniques, and I am also the blue and green beast of Kanoha! You stand no chance!

    Kakashi: That’s right, I am here as well. I have the sharingan, the sharingan, and I also have the sharingan. Sharingan, sharingan, sharingan SHARINGAN SHARINGAN DAMN IT SHARINGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bubble:
    Gai: How dare you try to lay a single finger on Konoha’s precious youth! THAT”S MY JOB!!!

    Kakashi: That’s right…. wait a second…

  11. kakashi- gai how many times do i have to tell you to shower!



  12. Contest
    Gai: Kakashi, I think i win this battle of who looks more awesome… I’M ON FIRE
    Kakashi: Gai… even with all the fire and dragonballz bullshit you want to do… you still…STILL!!! look gay…
    Caption: … as hell

  13. Gai: Look Naruto I thought we were through with this whole I’ll step in and save your ass bullshit!
    Kakashi: Give him a break… before, he was a blonde by hair, now look at him, his whole entire body is blonde… ridiculous
    Caption: The dumbness multiplied

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  15. The spoiler came out guys if you interested in:

  16. So the chapter as well:

  17. I just jot mind fucked by this last chapter. Holy Mother of Christ. This chapter was over 9000 and on top of that I see the Kyuubi bursting out of Naruto next chapter and F’ing up the yonbi’s face.

    Kakashi and Gai are also really great considering they were going head on against 5 jinchurikies in cloak mode.

    And one more thing before I pass out, Tobi used Kushina’s chain to stop the Gobi, maybe coincidence or maybe more.

    I going to hug a tree to calm down.

  18. Mangastream version

  19. Every chapter there seems to be a hint as to who Tobi is… now we know he can use Kushina’s uzumaki abilities…. you know… now that I think about it, if this isn’t the Juubi, then maybe it can be “no one” as in someone we never been introduced to before o.O but this “tobI” is going to have some kind of history that some old geezer is going to know about… idk just a thought, i STILL think it’s the juubi though…

  20. @ Joey, I highly doubt that Tobi is the juubi because he has to have a gigant body, first of all, and second, he’s chakra pool should be epic and there would be no more need to make the jinchurikies and use the bijuu chakra to power them when he can just power himself.

    I think it’s Hashirama’s and Mito’s unknown child witch has both Senjuu and Uzumaki blood, that with the sharingan makes all the sens to me.

  21. How can no one post a reply after the awesomeness that was this last chapter.????????

  22. This was a brilliant chapter! Good to see an explanation for Naruto’s prolonged use of Kyuubi Chakra Mode. Does this mean we will soon be seeing Naruto partially transforming and them becoming full on partners? or is it just a temporary thing the Kyuubi is doing so it does not end up being controlled by Tobi?

  23. That chapter was epic… It was beyond epic…

    It had everything. Suspense, action, humor, and it threw us a flaming 1000 degrees curve ball of a bijuu killing cliffhanger. And beyond all of that, it looks like the Kyuubi is putting on his ‘badass’ expression. We all know that can only mean one thing! @__@


  24. Sorry to comment again but i’m new here and thought i would introduce myself. Well i say new, i have been reading this blog since it was known as IRA and its weird writing on here for once.

  25. @Gendoikari

    Welcome to WRA! @___@

    Don’t worry, we all start off on this blog saying something similar to that, but before you know it, you’ll be part of the family. I hope you join us often and enjoy your time here. ^ ^

  26. @Gendoikari

    Welcome to WRA!, and as you already know, watch out for Tenrai because he has Cannibalistic impulses. We hope you post a great wall of text from here on and enjoy yourself to free Oreos and Cheesecake….. Mmmmmmmmm Cheesecakeeeeeee.

  27. Hey, if Naruto does transform into Kyuubi, does that mean we might see a sage-mode Kyuubi?? That would be totally frickin epic.

  28. Welcome Gendo…. You mind if I call you that, I can’t spell names to save my life @___@

    Glad you starting to comments always awesome to have people to debate and discuss 😛


  29. sick chapter….sasukes finally on the battle field wonder where hes gonna go….suigetsu and jugo are hopeless and are in for a shocker wen they see karin helping konoha and sasuke as evil as he is…..just gotta say kyubis got his game face on and last time someone had their game face on (muu) shit got real…..

  30. bubble:
    gai: hey im on fire!
    kakashi: and iiiiiim blind in one eye!!
    caption: F-cked

  31. @Arpotu

    I honestly don’t believe that Naruto will transform into the Kyuubi. If he did, it would kinda offset his efforts of making a Bijuu chakra bomb using the rasengan in his Kyuubi Sennin mode.

    I don’t think we’ll see Naruto transform until he has, at the very least, developed his rasengan into a new version of the bijuu bomb. Even after that, I am not sure if he will ever transform.

  32. chapter was indeed epic.. however opening tease page in colour wasnt. also seeing suigetsu and i fergot the other ones name.. again was a waste of a few panels.. i liked seeing the 9 tails interact FINALLY!!!!

    took 10 years to hear him say anything more than just in naruto’s head..

    what bothers me is that since tobi lied completely to sasuke and sasuke has his fueled rage, which seems to be based on lies..

    someone needs to kill sasuke quick.. the fact he hasnt been shown for so long well.. i wouldnt really miss him and nor do i really care about his mission anymore..

    im more into naruto and the kyuubi or really the tailed beasts in general over anything sasuke is about..

    why are you guys thinking??


  33. ehh. i mean what are you guys thinking towards sasuke.. ? is his story really important anymore??


  34. Something strange just happened to me.

    I won’t go too far into details, but all I can say is that you know you read too much manga when you start reading a garfield comment from right to left, all the while wondering why the hell it doesn’t make any sense. X___x


    I think Sasuke will still add some interest to this story and I think seeing the final battle between him and Naruto will definitely be epic, however, in saying that, I can also easily wait for it. Why? Because what is happening right now is so good, that I am in no rush to move on from it just yet whatsoever. For now, the battle between Jinchuuriki, Maito Gai, Kakashi and Tobi easily overshadows Sasuke’s galavanting.

    Sasuke will have his time to shine though. Just, not yet.

  35. I actually am a big undercover Sasuke fan and always have been, I don’t care that he’s a Emo, I don’t care that he’s a revenge maniac and I don’t care much for his general attitude. I liked his character ever since the begining because he’s very smart and very powerful but most of all I admire his sense of honor.

    He knew what he wanted and went for it knowing full well what a horrible future he would have. He kept his promise and went after Itachi and put a great show, but as we now know Itachi is Invincible and cannot be beaten, not even by “dare I say it” Chuck Norris. So back to the point I was aiming for. Sasuke is a great shinobi, with great skills and awesome potential and the thing I want to see more then anything by the end of this masterpiece of a Manga is a speculation i always had, and that is the fact that Sasuke never fall into ” Darkness” and only chose that road in order to gain Tobi’s trust and reach new power in order to kill him and thus avenge his clan by killing the one other shinobi that helped Itachi murder the uchiha.

    I think that’s been Sasuke’s goal ever since he had the talk with Itachi before they fought. The killing spree he went on to kill the three council members of konoha could be translated as nothing more then a side mission in order to sort out the loose ends.

    I think that when the time will be right Sasuke will show once more that he never forgot his friends and he kept them close deep in the darkest and coldest corners of his heart.

    Of course it’s debatable the fact that he almost killed Sakura and was a blindness away from ruining Kakashi’s day.

  36. Eugen- ya know what man..i’ve always said you n i think way too much alike haha. i honestly have a very similar view of sasuke and have been thinkin about those possibilities all along. when sasuke said “because i’m gonna kill him next” when talking to itachi about madara, i’m sure he really meant it. it might take the death of a friend in front of his sakura even..but i think he’ll betray tobi in the end.

    Chapter- friggin epic this whole thing was just awesome to the max. honestly i really liked the color page at the start with all the jinchuuriki, thought they looked pretty cool. but i’m glad the kyuubi finally came out…errrrr <_< ya know what i meant. at least we know kishi wasn't bein an idiot n just lettin naruto spam kyuubi clones without consequence

  37. @1010.. yes what is happening now is total EPIC!! and i dont want it to end..

    @eugen.. i disagree with sasuke knowing what he wants.. he changes direction paths so often and so random that he is so not sure of anything cept his ego. everything he is told is either a lie or something to push him into doing something that suggests he is only a pawn in everyone else’s game. Sasuke has no more friends.. he abuses all their bonds, even with Suigetsu and that other guy.. [someone tell me his name] and look what he did to Karin.. tossed her to the side and used her to achieve what ever his current goals are.. he is too flip-flop for me to really like him..

    in the beginning yes he had a mission to kill his brother. and yes that was his own specific mission, but everything after that i feel he was not in control so much and is easily turned to believe anyone’s view.

    @joey.. a long time ago, on mangaspoilers.. someone i fergot who laid out a theory that Tobi is really Minato’s brother.. it sounded soo beyond crazy.. but perhaps.. after seeing Kushina’s chains.. that theory is possible.. or perhaps Tobi seen it used with the Sharingan to be able to do it himself, or that since he has the Rinnegans he can do all jutsus..

    @ all.. it is about time Naruto goes and partners with the Kyuubi.. seems the Kyuubi wasnt always so bad.. seems he just needed a friend.. i cant wait til that happens. also his 9tails mode as was stated by many here, isnt so powerful compared to Sage Mode.. if only to use the kyuubi cloak to make extra hands for Rassengans.. that to me would seem pointless if he and the kyuubi formed the same level of partnership as the 8tails and Bee.. he even mentions it in the chapter that they are the only ones that are different..

    i was surprised that the amount of tails doesnt define their strengths as was stated in this chapter.. i know for a lot of people we all felt that the 1Tailed Raccoon was tough as nails!!! so this makes me happy..

    sad kyuubi is sad..


  38. @Spill

    I mentioned before that I believed that the Kyuubi’s hatred spawned from the fact that he was being used and abused by the shinobi system, which only ever treated him as some sort of weapon or prize whose only use was as a means to gain power.

    I guess that has pretty much been proven as true in this latest chapter.

    What makes Naruto different is that he is probably the first person to acknowledge the Kyuubi. He told the Kyuubi he wants to erase his hatred. That shows that he cares for the Kyuubi. He’s also the first person to refer to the Kyuubi in a way that isn’t negative when he said that having a bijuu inside him wasn’t so bad.

    I definitely think the Kyuubi has a soft spot for Naruto (no puns intended). A friendship between the two seems innevitable.

  39. coming soon!! tailed beast slumber party!!!


  40. Btw, did everyone read the last page?

    I almost stopped at the page before it, because it had the Naruto symbol thingy at the bottom of the page, so I thought that was the end of the chapter. But this page still follows after it.

    It looks like the Kyuubi’s putting on his badass face. Lol. @__@

  41. Can’t wait for the day when Naruto and Kyuubi play “fetch” the first time. Can you imagine a befriended Kyuubi chasing a tennis ball thrown by Naruto? Ahhh, a boy and his dog….

  42. @spill: Juugo.
    @tenrai: I have the right-to-left thing all the time, can be pretty annoying 😛
    @chapter: very over 9000 indeed! I also really like Eugen’s theories, about Hashirama’s secret kid and the possibility of Sasuke betraying Tobi.

  43. @ Dish, thx, I know we both shared a lot of common theories along the years now and we do think a lot a like, Thumbs Up. Too bad Tenrai ate everyone from the good’old days: Super, Totalitarian, Prawl, Ero, Reflex, Penny, Kisu and a whole lot more.

    @ Spill, It’s actually because of that impression he leaves behind of uncertainty that I think he knows and has known what he’s doing all along.
    I guess it’s gonna be said when the time comes, until then we just have to seat back and enjoy.

    @ ZZ, thanks a lot. It always bugged be that we didn’t knew who Mito and Hashirama’s child was and also who Hiruzen’s second child was, Konohamaru’s Mother/Father. Whoever these two shinobi were they must have been strong seeing as they came from such powerful bloodlines, especially the Senjuu>Uzumaki child.

    As for next week’s chapter I see Naruto in one of two scenarios:
    1. Kyuubi Bursts out and sends all bijuu/edojinchuriki on a one way trip str8 to St. Peter. (Epicness beyond Epic)
    2. Naruto raises his head towards us and gives us the look we’ve been eager to see since the Naruto vs Nagato fight: Sage-Kyuubi eyes and who knows what the cloak will look like after a infusion with so much power.

    Personally I would prefer both but just as tenrai said, what would be the point of Naruto trying to pull off the TBB in Cloak mode if he can now bypass str8 to the bijuu mode and do the spit version. Frankly I want to see the TBB FRS v 2.0 and have doctors figure out a way to re attach my brain after.

  44. lets not make a huge deal about the chain’s that tobi used. Don’t forget that he has the first’s DNA in him and that the first and the uzumaki are related. That is the link as to how he was able to use the same chain’s as kushina.

  45. Hmmm… O.K. Fair enough.

    This chapter made up for what was for me a VERY disappointing chapter last week. Naruto’s lack of participation last chapter seemed to be the result of his many clones and many powerful attacks he used before he met Tobi. O.K. Makes sense.

    This chapter on it’s own was nice. There wasn’t a lot of action but there were some nice things that caught my eye.

    First of all the Hachibi mentions there’s no difference in power between beasts. This means a lot as previously everyone assumed the more tails a Bijuu has the more powerful it is. The difference is probably only in appearance and chakra reserve.
    Although it does go against a few things we’ve seen prior to this manga. There is the fact the one and three tails couldn’t use the Bijuu bomb and Kyuubi was the only one so powerful it could flatten mountains with just one of its tails. Off course that could have been slightly exaggerated.

    Second is what Eugen already pointed out. It also struck my eye when I read the manga for the first time. ‘Kushina’s’ chakra chains restraining the 5 tails.

    “Lets not make a huge deal about the chain’s that tobi used. Don’t forget that he has the first’s DNA in him and that the first and the uzumaki are related. That is the link as to how he was able to use the same chain’s as kushina.”

    I don’t agree. Although the Senju and the Uzumaki are related that’s not reflected in chakra type or nature or in any other way.
    The Senju were known for their diversity in chakra nature manipulation and their skill with nature manipulation (Hashirama’s mokuton ability, Tobirama’s ability to use suiton out of thin air). The Uzumaki were known for their longevity and sealing techniques. So in their basic form the Uzumaki and Senju were nothing alike.
    Also, Kushina mentioned her chakra was special. How would it be special if it’s just a part of Senju or Uzumaki blood.

    So I highly doubt Tobi can use those chains because he’s fused Hashirama’s cells into his body. I think Tobi managed to get his greedy hands on either Kushina’s or Mito’s cells. Probably with a little help from Orochimaru.

  46. @dricedt: Even if the Senju and Uzumaki are related, it still doesn’t mean the chain method is possessed by both.

    @Discussion and what not: I think it was a waste of pages showing Saskue “entering the battlefield” and the two other characters. I guess Kishi was creating filler so that he HAD to stop the page where he did (The Kyuubi’s Decesion.)

    Did Madara slip out of the Hachibi? Look back in the page where he suppressed the 5-Tails. I think sauske is going to show up and Madara is going to take Bee away. Bee is hurt at the moment and the Hachibi wasn’t even able to move.

    I also think that we are going to see Sage + Kyuubi mode. Just not now. We are just going to see Kyuubi run wild as he annihilates (love that word O.O) all his opponents. Remember how fast and destructive the 6-tails form of the Kyuubi was during the Pain fight?!?! Awesomness in it’s purest form.

  47. About the tails thing: I think it was just to show “the will of fire” the other tailed beast have (not saying they use that phrase, just expressing his feelings.) I do think the Power level is determined by the amount of tails. I think the strength the Hachibi is referencing is the strength within ones self to do the best they can with what they have. It’s not how much power you have but how effective you utilize your power. I don’t think the sage of six paths separated them and gave them a certain number of tails for aesthetic purposes. There are reasons to their tails, and it is to determine their power level. When the Kyuubi deduced that the Hachibi was the second strongest, he seemed to have come to that conclusion as if based on previous encounters with the Hachibi himself or the other tailed beast. In the long history of their existence i think the tailed beast have met one another (maybe all at one or not all at the same time) at some point. These encounters could have been the bases of how they knew of each other and determined their power level.

    One interesting note, I thought the one-tail was a sand priest who turned into a ghost that was sealed in a tea kettle?

  48. F*cking awesomeness!!!!! 😀 Seeing Kushina’s chain makes my theory getting close.. just wait.. 😀 That Tobi is indeed from Uzumaki or Senju clan.

    *runs away before Tenrai notice me* 😛

  49. @1010.. the first time i read thru the chapter i stopped b4 the last page since it said “end” but on the 2nd read thru i was quite surprised to see that extra page.. i was happy!!



  50. The tails vs power debate can be easily explained if you simply view the concept of power from a perspective relative to what we’ve already seen in the story so far.

    Now, if one were to look at the surface layer of things without scratching any deeper, one might say that, logically, a Jinchuuriki should naturally have more power than a non-jinchuuriki, right? After all, a Jinchuuriki has the advantage of having access to the power of a Bijuu while a non-jinchuriki does not, therefor it is natural to assume that the former will have a considerable power advantage over the latter because of that difference.

    However, despite how one might come to that conclusion through logic, if we scratch deeper, evidence shows us another matter entirely.

    Take Kisame, for example. He is often referred to as the “Tailed beast without a tail.” Despite the fact that he has no Bijuu sealed inside him, he has power and chakra levels comparable to a Jinchuuriki and has even defeated Jinchuuriki before. So, what does this mean? It means that power isn’t only determined by one single factor, but rather, by how far one pushes themselves to become stronger.

    So the Kyuubi mentioned that as far as tails go, he is the strongest of the Bijuu. This may be true to a certain extent and could be seen as a relatively valid argument, because even Kisame mentioned the heirarchy of the power of tailed beasts based on their tails when he fought Bee, citing that the Hachibi was the second strongest. However, in saying that, it doesn’t mean that the number of tails is the ONLY factor that determines how strong a tailed beast is. The other factor involved, is how far they push themselves to become even stronger.

    Just like a ninja who isn’t a part of a powerful clan (Minato) can train to become stronger than a ninja who is (an Uchiha), or how a non-jinchiiriki (Kisame) can train to become stronger than a Jinchuuriki (Six tailed guy), it is quite fair to say that one Bijuu can become stronger than another – even if the other has more tails than it – simply through will, effort and perserverance. This makes what the Hachibi said about the “tails not deternmining power” a true statement in its own way, because although the number of tails may determine their base power, it doesn’t necessarily determine their limits.

    That’s how I see it anyway.

  51. In regards to the power divided between the bijuu I actually think it’s more what Wiseman and Tenrai both said. The chakra volume is indeed in direct proportion to the tails but the Hachibi tried to show the Kyuubi that power doesn’t always come from how much chakra you have but in fact it takes a lot more then that.

    That power the Hachibi was talking about could come from love, understanding, the bonds the bijuu share with there jinchuriki and overall the perfect understanding between the two. Just like Bee shares with the Hachibi and like Yagura did with the Sanbi.

    So in essence the Hachibi never actually stated that the tails had no direct influencing factor in the power distributed to the bijuu but was actually talking about something deeper and the fact that “True power doesn’t come from the amount of chakra one has”.

  52. @eugen I really hope we see SagexKyuubi eyes show themselves again. With the 2 combined he basically couldn’t be touched with the sensing ability of sage mode and lightning speed of Kyuubi mode

    With regards to the tailed beasts power and their tails…the Sot6p didn’t give them additional tails for no reason. He definitely knew 9 was bigger than 1.. but as others have stated that the tails were not the only deciding factor.

  53. @Gendoikari

    Your Avatar is quite creepy. It’s that guy (whose name suddenly escapes me) from Neon Genesis: Evangeleon, isn’t it? @___@

    I feel like he’s starting at me…

  54. @Tenrai

    Yeah man his name is… Gendo Ikari! He is pretty creepy.

    Please don’t eat me, I know you have a reputation for that!

  55. @gendo: hahaha that kinda sounded’ wrong lol At first I thought it was the Captain from FLCL (the guy who’s eyebrows were big and always moved) but then I saw the picture. Classic show, I really liked it.

  56. @ the chain discussion: Why didn’t Naruto say anything when he saw what Tobi unleash his chains to stop the 5-tails? Surely he would have thought or said something? I mean, he did see his mom do it right in front of his eyes (during his taming of the Kyubi.) Is he going to say something in the next chapter? And if it was possible for every Uzumaki to use the chain method, why couldn’t Nagato use it? I mean he was able to use the Rinnegan. How come he didn’t have the instinct to use that method? I surely think if he knew of it by the time he met NAruto.

    I also want an explanation as to why Kishi would emphasize the Uzumaki as a clan really good at sealing methods. Why would he state that even when we know none of the existing Uzumaki (Naruto and Nagato) were even capable or knowledgeable in sealings. It’d be cool if Naruto had some sealings done like Minato had.

    @pisbolman: I don’t know about that theory. I read somewhere that only an Uchiha can manipulate the kyuubi. I’m not talking about suppressing him like the 1st, but control, as in doing the person’s bidding. Remember his eyes when he was summoned by Tobi during his invasion of Konoha? They were sharingan. I haven’t read an account where a non-Uchiha with implanted eyes can do that. Then again, this whole manga is confusing and has a lot of inconsistencies. I really wish they made fillers that were kishi approved about the history of the Narutoverse. It’d be insanely cool seeing how things came to be and hopefully make sense of all the stuff going on.

  57. I’m gonna starve to death if all of you keep on warning the new guys of my eating habits. T____T

    *Eats Eugen for giving away my secret*

    Speaking of strange, where has Prawl been these last few weeks? O___o

  58. @tenrai

    don’t worry man you can eat me……..wait what?

  59. @laughingwiseman: Didn’t Naruto pull out a So6P sealing method out of his ass?
    Anyway, I just love the whole bijuu-jinchuuriki interaction, especially hachibi-Kyuubi. Makes me wish to also know the rest of them better. We know for sure thar they get pretty pissed if you hurt one of them, so that was not exqctly Tobi’s smartest move.
    It also seems as though the only one who can possibly understand what it means to be a Bijuu, a being only seen as a weapon, is their jinchuuriki. After all, they were being treated the exct same way because people could not separate them.

    I also love the Bijuu’s different personalities. We have the shukaku who has gone nuts and completely likes to kill them, the Hachibi who is more like a real buddy, and then there’s the Kyuubi: Now he is really badass, cunning, moody and arrogant, but he can afford to be, cause he’s basically the most powerful entity in the Narutoverse. Oh, and he has a soft spot for bis container.
    Oh, I look forward to him coming out. He’s gonna be all like: “Damn it, Hachibi, you’re pathetic. I thought you were the second strongest!” Then he’s gonna look at the enemy and be all:” You woke me up, bitches!” And then he’s ginna show them juwt why the Kyuubi is the strongest of the Tailed Beasts

  60. It’s always awesome reading the breakdowns and then the discussions and the predictions in the comments, somehow holds you up till next week when such an awesome Chapter comes along 🙂

    And … A belated welcome to gendoikari O.o


    Of all the strangest predictions I’ve heard I just can’t even begin to comprehend Sasuke being not What-he-is …. >_> <_<


    Guy already had his battle, right? Beat kisame fair and square. Who else if looking up to what Kakashi has to offer FINALLY?! Sorry to be deviating you from the kyubi-being-good side of the story, but it's me and you know me 😛

  61. @thelaughingwiseman

    “@ the chain discussion: Why didn’t Naruto say anything when he saw what Tobi unleash his chains to stop the 5-tails? Surely he would have thought or said something? I mean, he did see his mom do it right in front of his eyes (during his taming of the Kyubi.)”

    It’s Naruto we’re talking about ! He see’s but he just doesn’t observe 😛

  62. has anyone ever considered if Tobi ever placed one of the bijuus into Sasuke? outside of the 6 paths of jinchurikis.. he still has the 1 tail.. but wouldnt it be great if Sasuke has it?

    i honestly never seen this theory before so i am laying claim on it..

    [this theory™]

    discuss.. possibilities.. you know.. for Ahsan.. to tie him over til next week..

    like what if Sasuke can combine the 1tail Tanuki with Susano.. ???

    imagine the possibilities..


  63. @gendo I shall give you a belated welcome. By the way this calls for a celebration. *Randomly dropkicks someone out the window then shoots them with a RPG.*
    About the chain thing just made it clear that he is Cell.

  64. :))) Sorry Ahsan, I know your point of view towards Sasuke and all that he stand for. :)) IHS Ftw =)).

  65. @Spill

    I think Sasuke is hax enough as it is. He doesn’t need a bijuu. Lol.

    Besides, he has the EMS already, and I am afraid that if he had a Bijuu stuffed in him as well, that would detract from the capabilities of his EMS too much, in my opinion.

    P.S. I wonder how the battle between the five Kage and Madara is going.


    I actually don’t hate Sasuke personally. I appreciate his role in the story as an antagonist, so I accept his dark, brooding nature as a part of that role.

    However, I will agree with Spill on what he said about Sasuke being easily influenced and controlled by others. The guy fell under his brother’s theatre act his entire life, to the point where he based his life’s goals on solely on Itachi’s words and his feelings of vengeance, and after finally learning the truth about how he was deceived, he decides to let Tobi pull the wool over his eyes as well, instead of learning his lesson from the first time it happened.

    Revenge already cost him his brother, yet he still chooses to walk that destructive path even though he knows how much damage it has caused already. He’s also chosen to blatantly disregard Itachi’s wishes for peace and has stated, quite factually, that he will see Konoha burn to the ground – the same Konoha his brother died to protect from the flames of war.

    I just don’t understand it really. He claims his love for his brother is what is most important – more than anything else – and yet he selfishly acts against his brothers dying wishes. He truly is lost in darkness and I am afraid he brought it upon himself in many ways.

    In any case, as I said, as much as I don’t agree with his ethics and morals, I do understand his role in the story as a whole, so I don’t hate him as a character for that. I do understand why others may not like him though.

  66. @ Tenrai, at first glance that’s what everyone sees and it’s no surprise you all think Sasuke is easily manipulated, but with his brothers death and him learning fragments of truth from both Itachi and Tobi I think something sparked inside him and while you guys think he’s controlled he might as well have been formulating a very complex plan to kill everyone at just the right time.

  67. for next weeks chapter.. i see the Kyuubi allowing naruto to create the Bijuu Ball.


  68. @Eugen

    In complex plans, generally you don’t get near “death” as often as Sasuke did and you sure as hell don’t go blind if you know you will by doing a certain something.

  69. “he might as well have been formulating a very complex plan to kill everyone at just the right time.”
    @Eugen: Yeah, either that, or Naruto will beat the shit out of him until he learns his lesson. I personally would like to see option number two 😀

    Oh, did anyone else notice something different about Sasuke’s attitude in the first panel? I think it was the look in his eyes ( which were actually sharingan from the start,that’s unusual for sasuke).
    He had the same look Madara had in the various flashbacks. Therefore I hereby call it the “UCHIHA GAZE OF ULTIMATE ARROGANCE”™ . In some countries it may also be known as the “entire -christmas- tree- up-the-ass-syndrome”
    This is the true kekkei genkai of the Uchiha lol.
    But seriously, he’s emo…

  70. =)) =)) OMG DMAX I can’t stop laughing :)) :)). Last part was priceless :)))

  71. @ Ahsan, You’re right, there’s no other person in the narutoverse that’s so reckless yet keeps his cool almost all the way through a fight. But you got to give it to the poor bastard, he’s one fixated MoFo.

  72. @eugen.. i think that we only see him as “fixated” only due to the lack of him being present in the story.. to only bit and pieces of his growth we believe he is different than everyone..

    i like sasuke as a character.. i just dont like that he isnt anywhere until a certain moment and its like the same feeling we got this week with the Kyuubi actually having a semi conversation with the Hachiibee.. its like everyone was trully waiting for something like that and even though there was huge action in this weeks chapter, that one moment stood above the rest..

    so when Sasuke actually makes a return.. everyone will be happy, but is he really so much stronger than the rest.. he proved himself in those individual fights.. but he also seems to not be able to fight as a team..

    not being a team player.. one who casts asides all partnerships to continue to a goal that was pushed to him to me really isnt making his character so much better for the story..

    he is much like the 3rd tier characters who you see in filler arcs to get their story forward..

    so when we see a panel of him “entering” to me was like filler.. when he could have been there more often and still been the same..

    also im not convinced the sharingan is all that powerful anymore.. we see constant evolutions of it with all the implants .. and all that talk that only Uchiha have the rights to them.. what will Sasuke do then? was he kept in the total dark about the Jinchuriki;s getting the eyes implanted into them??

    if we remember he hates anyone who abuses that right.. so are we to see him change his path yet again?? its like a never ending flow in the story..

    to me his story really isnt that important.. but only the fight between him and Naruto.. he evolution perhaps will be grand when in that battle.. but again.. he turns so often.. that what are we to care of his plight, when anyone can just whisper something to him and he changes again..


  73. @ spill, I guess Sasuke will hax now more then ever because we all know that when naruto gets super powered up Sasuke comes into the picture with just a little bit more power and makes naruto look like a small child then naruto gets Very Strong very Fast, beats Sasuke’s ass and Sasuke start to spout stupid shit and gets even more haxes.

    The only thing is, Sasuke can’t get any higher then he is now only if he achieves the Rinnegan like Madara din and from what sasuke proved so far I guess it’s in his genes to be chosen as the next ultimate uchiha.

    I mean look at Itachi, the dude beat the crap out of nagato at his fullest power ever and broke free from edo tensei and is now a immortal guy with unlimited eye power. When you come from blood like that your bound to be good at a lot of things. I for one hope he’s a little bit better then Naruto so that naruto can finally shut him up when he overpowers him for the last time.

  74. Personally, I think Kishi is going to make Sasuke defeat Tobi, Madara, and Itachi (again, when Itachi goes to fight Kabuto) to prove that he’s the strongest Uchiha.

    IE, if you aren’t the best, you’ll get TBB’d like the rest 😉

    Also, anyone else notice Sasuke wrecked Tobi’s lair on his way out the door? Well, at least the upper portion of it. That tells me he’s leaving visual proof that he’s not allied with Tobi.

  75. Arpotu, you just gave me an idea, or actually a speculation. What if Sasuke found all the sharingans and got really pissed and is now going to revise his plans to kill Naruto and will probably start with Tobi as a warm up.

    He’ll probably even go on and kill Madara and have the balls to tell Naruto to take a break in order to get his shit together until he finishes up.
    One thing is clear Naruto is in no condition to fight anymore after hi finishes up with the six jinchuriki and tobi. It all depend on what we see next week.

  76. “the next ultimate Uchiha” …

    well unless Sasuke has some babies with someone there wont be any more Uchiha’s at all.. so by that he isnt standing on a ground with any competition so to me that point is worthless.. even though Itachi gained back a full life.. i doubt an Edo body of his will turn on any chicky to give him some children.. and really Sasuke is still inferior to Itachi.. mainly because all he knows in life is a lie.. while Itachi lived his life fully with complete understanding of everything around him..

    about Sasuke finding the remaining Sharingans.. i believe Tobi used them all up..

    i think it really depends on where on the battlefield Sasuke appears.. be it near Madara and the Kages or be it next to Naruto and the Bijuus..

    about Naruto not being in stable condition to fight anymore seems ridiculous as well as we can see in the last panel he regains his Kyuubi Mode.. and also the Hachibee notices that the Kyuubi stopped completely from absorbing his chakra..

    i mean really.. Naruto is fighting for the Kyuubi.. not against him as well as everyone else.. be it as it was that the shinobi treated all the Bijuu like weapons for their use.. everyone is fighting for them.. so why wouldnt the Kyuubi give full power to Naruto.. thru the entire series.. he always gave Naruto some extra power.. little by little.. and even cheers him on a few chapters ago..

    years ago.. Naruto vs Sasuke was great.. now its no longer just that.. as the Kyuubi fights with Naruto.. while Sasuke just has his lies to push him forward.. and he changes his direction path so often [yes im repeating myself] that really i dont see any direct path for him.. all his info is just like side quests of the main story.. and Sasuke is not the main story and never has been..


  77. i really think sasuke’s too smart to be as manipulated as a lot of people says he is. tobi stated himself how smart sasuke is when he was fighting danzo. not to mention he has always been described as a genius prodigy, operative word bein genius. every fight he’s been in his opponent thinks he has him but then he pulls out a move he’s had planned all along. even when he fought orochmaru as a genin, yes obviously oro wasn’t really hurt by it, but sasuke did come up with a way to successfully attack him.
    he said he didn’t want his brothers eyes, then spammed his own to the point he had no choice. which is what i think he wanted tobi to believe, that he had no choice. i really dont think it’s too farfetched to think he’s got a plan amidst all the chaos he’s been involved in.

  78. tobi has still yet to talk truth..

    thru the entire series, sasuke has completely been manipulated by everyone, his family, his nation, his peers, and most of all those that use him for their goals..

    to claim otherwise just shows you need to go back and re-read everything, because this is the first time i am hearing this.. and i am laughing to it.. while in the last 10+ years that was never the focus..

    sasuke says many things.. but overall he may just want power.. lonely people are like that.. they have no interaction with others and they feel they are god like.. leaving everyone to clean up their mess..

    his plans always change and i dont see him fulfilling any of them out cept for the death of his brother his only 1 main real goal.. and that was allready achieve.. anything and everything after that 1 moment never made sense..


  79. Kudos on your post Spill, I’ll just leave it to that because there was a lot of meaning in your words.

  80. Also Spill remember your last post because when the time comes me and Dish will be there with a wide grin on our face that reads ” We told you so Non Believers “.

  81. Yeah, about the whole genius thing… Did anyone ever realize that every so called genius in the series is in certain things dumb as hell?
    I mean, Neji got his ass handed to him by Naruto because at the time he was fate’s bitch. Then, Sasuke, supposedly number one rookie. Yeah, he went after Gaara alone. Just to clarify, the Gaara who was clearly a total psycho, a pissed off demon carrier and had killed about 5 people during the exam. Not the smartest thing to do, huh? There are a few ground rules in the narutoverse, one is to not piss off creepy twelve year old chibi Gaara.
    Orochimaru, he effing trained his killer! What else do I need to say?
    Next, Itachi, I don’t think I need to tell you how badly he screwed up.
    Hell, even the Yondaime. “Gee, Imma seal the demon who killed thousands of people into a defenseless child and trust the villagers to hail him as a hero!”
    I’m probably the one who hates the most how stupid Naruto is, but he has yet never really screwed up important things. And why the hell is he actually dumb? His parents were both geniusses, damn it.
    Ah, sry had to get that out.

  82. 😀

  83. @eugen.. i look forward to it and thanks for the kudos.



  84. @Eugen

    Lol. Be careful about putting too much pride into your theory, because if you are wrong, it will be Spill and others who disagreed with it who will say “we told you so!” Everything is possible to an extent, even what you said. But so is the opposite, always remember that. @__@


    “i really think sasuke’s too smart to be as manipulated as a lot of people says he is.”

    If that was really the case, then why did he fall for Itachi’s ploy? He’s already shown he wasn’t able to figure that one out until someone spelled it out to him plainly, and by then, it was already to late to undo his brother’s death. I don’t see why it is inconceivable that he would fall for it a second time. Of course, as I said before, it could be true either way and Sasuke may not believe Tobi at all. It still puts into question what his motives are though and somehow, I don’t think “peace” is one of them.

  85. yes tenten i know whatcha mean, but nobody else saw that one comin either. not only was sasuke fooled but so was the entire narutoverse. and i’m feeling like tobi could’ve used sasuke’s initial shock of this realization to tell him just about anything ya know..because after he found out all he had was questions n tobi was the only one there to give him answers. tobi said “i have no proof. it’s up to you whether to believe me or not”
    i’m not naive enough to think this theory is overly likely..i’m just sayin i can see how it could happen n it makes sense to me.

  86. Sasuke’s mindset: You killed our family, DIE!! You ordered my family’s death, DIE!!! You lived in peace after my family’s death, DIE!!!! You allied yourself with those who lived in peace, DIE!!!!! You were responsible for my family’s death, DIE!!!!!! You care for me and you’re not an Uchiha, DIE!!!!!!! You exist, DIE!!!!!!!!!

  87. @Kantonkage

    ROFl!!!! That was just too funny. Omg….

    *Wipes tears from eyes* XD

  88. @kantonkage.. i could not have ever said it better myself.

    @dish.. the narutoverse wasnt fooled by tobi.. they were cautious and planned everything they done out.. and they made adjustments with the reality they know with the new info.. while sasuke.. is slightly pushed, and he rushes into a new direction to kill all those around him..

    the narutoverse is trying to save sasuke not push him further.. yes at this point he is the enemy.. can he be saved.. off course.. but will he be saved.. is the real question.. because the other question is .. does he want to be saved??

    he never had a goal for peace.. his goals were always death .. and when his brother tells him he isnt strong enough he searches out for more power.. from outside sources, instead of looking for those that were his peers..

    the narutoverse are all fighting for the future.. while tobi is only fighting for 1 goal.. so if you repeat the lie often enough.. it may become truth to those that are easy to manipulate [sasuke] also.. sasuke who lost his entire bloodline sees a living Uchiha.. [tobi] and offcourse will lean towards what he says..

    why would anyone else follow that same path when they arent stuck on stupid with the idea that the uchiha are the scapegoats.. when in reality they are/were the real issue all along..

    im not sure where this is going anymore.. ill have to re-read all the comments.. or maybe i need a cup of coffee since i just woke up.. hehe..

    p.s. @kanton.. again AWESOMEST POST EVER!!!


  89. well just to clear it last post was mainly directed at the question Ten asked of me.. “why sasuke fell for itachi’s ploy (if he wasn’t as easy to manipulate as people say)” which was a comment i made earlier.

    and all i was saying was that itachi didn’t just fool sasuke into thinking he had killed the whole clan for power and he’s the big bad older brother sasuke has to kill blah blah blah you get the picture…

    NObody else thought for even a second otherwise, that itachi was really a good guy all along (ignore the people who gave him the orders). i dont think that alone makes him easily manipulated because i mean weren’t we all manipulated by that? i sure as hell thought that sasuke’s revenge was itachi’s main reason for existing in the manga..

    @kanton- thanks for the comedic relief 😀 it was epic

  90. @dish – cheers for the above.. i was so unsure what we were talking towards and after laughing at kantonkage’s post i think i lost it.. as i “spill’t” coffee all over my desk..

    oh yeh.. when we are right and you and eugen are wrong .. get ready for some smiles.. and some KAGE I TOLD YOU SO..!!!


    also vice versa.. im preparing a wall in my mind just in case.. but i know that wont happen.. right!?!


  91. haha sounds good bud, we will prepare our acceptance speeches of your individual apologies 😉

  92. apologizing is a sign of weakness.. you wont get that from me.. but ill take what ever you “dish” out..



  93. All we need is some Cheesecake and we’re good to go. Whatever happens I’m sure kishi will make it look great, he always seems to mind f*** us at the end of the day.

  94. Oh btw I’ve been waning to say this since the chapter was out, id you guys notice that in the jinchuriki color page at the start of the manga Utakata isn’t present.

  95. @Eugen.

    I am pretty sure I saw him standing there. X____x


    Actually, apologizing and admitting one’s mistakes takes a lot of strength if you ask me. Turning a blind eye and pretending you never made a mistake is really taking the easy way out. It is also a form of weakness, because it prevents us from growing through trial and error. After all, how can one ever grow into a better and stronger person, if one can never face his own faults and weaknesses so he can better them? @____@

    In saying that, I won’t be preparing any apology speeches because I’ve already mentioned that both sides are possibilities and that Kishi can spin things any way he likes. So, I haven’t taken any specific sides really, except for the side that has no sides. It only has tops and bottoms. <___<

    Actually, I think I'll take Kantonkage's side, because his was funny and it made me laugh.

  96. @Eugen

    You know, I thought so too at first glance when the chapter just came out, but he’s there, right beside Fu.

    The strange thing is that he has brown hair, not black hair like in the anime. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to notice him.

  97. *Eats Dragon for being up so late and for not joining the side with no sides*

    I am enjoying this discussion, I must admit, but it feels like it’s starting to reach its threshhold. So let’s have a debate.

    Minato vs Itachi. @________@

  98. OMG \:)) look at manga reader’s picture:
    they cut out Utakata, he’s present in mangastream’s version

  99. @ Debate, this is a very hard one to figure out because both are very smart and both are S rank in there respective jutsus.

    Minato has the advantage of speed and sealing jutsu + the rassengan
    Itachi has Tsukuyome, Amaterasu and Susano’o
    Amaterasu might be a bit out of reach considering Minato’s the fastest dude out there but Susano’o can pose great problems for the yellow flesh.

    I’ll check the others point of view before I jump into this one.

  100. yeh 1010- you can believe what ever you want but all this is opinions and each of us have a value at our own so hence we are never mistaken..

    so dont expect any apology from me ever.. and if you think you are a better person because you falter down to another that is cool i wont think of you any less..

    but please dont preach to me your opinion over my own.. i dont push mine on you either.



  101. oh gosh Ten…i’m torn between the fanboyism of my 2 favorite characters. why would you do this to me?? why why WHY!?!?!?!?!?

    ……….uhhhh sorry, i’m good now <__>

  102. @debate
    Minato wins this debate hands down.

    The first time he touches Itachi it’s over as I don’t see Susanoo or Yata’s Mirror being able to counter time space jutsu, and all he would have to do is Flying Thunder God himself inside Itachi’s defenses and lay on the smack down.

    @Eugen- That is odd, and you can see where there were parts of Utakata that they couldn’t cut because they overlaped big hat guy (can’t think of his name at the moment)

  103. Utakata was printed in what is known as the gutter in magazine format where the 2 pages meet.. most likely when it was scanned in that edge was not scanned in properly and thus was smushed together and was taken out. big mistake to whom ever uploaded it since you can see it if you have the original magazine and not uploaded internet image.

    back again to my previous point about individual theories and not apologizing.. i want you guys to understand that if you create an individual theory towards a story we all are fond of and it never pans out while another of us here may have an individual theory that does, your theory should be given an apology because you over thought something or even under thought it.

    if someone else is here asking you to apologize for your creativity, it is them that should apologize to you and not vice versa. if my theory never happens, i shouldn’t and no one else should have to denounce it based on their own triumphing anyone else’s.

    if someone on this board has a theory that actually really happens, i would be more than happy to congratulate them and give them praise on their wonderful creative thinking and forward thought ideas.

    this doesn’t denounce any other theory that never happens no matter how far fetched it may be.

    so please do not try to force an idea that one MUST lower themselves to be your stepping board because you believe someone else or your own theory to be top tier and everything else is just trash..

    to walk on that ground apologizing for something you work hard in developing is a slap in all creativity. do no force it.

    that is all i ask and this has been my stance from day 1 on here and always i am met with aggression from a bandwagon of followers who never understand that i am more than happy to give praise, just not take praise away from anything else.

    we all love manga and anime and creativity.


  104. @Spill

    “but please dont preach to me your opinion over my own.. i dont push mine on you either.”

    But isn’t that just what you did right now with your last comment? Lol.

    You really shouldn’t take me too seriously Spill. This is just a discussion and I never intended to be preachy. I just gave my opinion, something you seem to encourage yet also condemn at the same time, which confuses me a bit.

    Just as you gave your reason as to why you won’t ever apologise, I gave my reason as to why I would if the situation called for it. However, it wasn’t about apologising for having your own ideas though. I was talking about being able to admit ones mistakes in a more general perspective, not one specific to this discussion. I probably should have been more clear about that. Lol. In any case, we both just gave our opinions, that’s all. Is there any harm in that?

    I agree with your other comment though. Apologizing for something like having your own ideas and theories is not something anyone should ever have to do and I also don’t like it when people ask for or demand an apology out of others just because they feel their opinion might be wrong or because theirs was proven to be true further down the line. I would never suggest that it would be right. I hope I wasn’t confusing there. X___x

  105. i gave a reason why anyone shouldn’t apologies for thier creativity.

    wake up 1010 get off your high horse.

  106. @Spill

    Did you even read my last comment? Because if you did, you would have noticed that I just said I agreed with your other comment about not needing to apologize for their creativity. Did you even bother to read that part? Or did you become too upset to even notice it before you decided to reply in such a coarse manner?

    To be honest Spill, you’re becoming awfully aggravated over nothing. My last comment was in no way disrespectful to you, so please treat me with the same respect. I don’t know where this animosity came from, but I don’t think it is necessary.

  107. I don’t know how a theory of mine and Dish turned into a heated discussion between Spill and Tenrai, but all I said is that I wanted Cheesecake, not to be given any apology, Cheesecake not apology.

    If it makes you guys feel any better I’ll send kanton your way with a gigant rocket launcher and a box of kittens.

    Just to clarify things, all Dish and I did was throw a opinion as to how Sasuke might have been playing the game as of late and if the theory turns out to be wrong I guess Kisu will eventually come along and say it to out faces, how dose Kisu record anything written here O__0, if it turns out to be right both me and Dish will be pretty pleased with our selves and the manga would have gained a greater plot twist.

    So please no more fighting over something that wasn’t even mentioned, we’re all good.

  108. @Eugen

    Don’t worry, I personally have no intention of having a fight. There’s nothing really worth fighting over here anyway. Lol.

    Let’s get back to the manga discussions. @___@

    Now we just need Baron to pop in and take a side in the debate. Not sure who he would choose though….

  109. @ Tenrai, He would most likely choose Cheesecake :P.

  110. *pops in , eats cheesecake and flashes away* 🙂

  111. Ahsan how could you 😦

  112. oh my…i was just bein a lil sarcastic about the whole “prepare my acceptance speech for your apologies” thing. honestly didn’t mean anything by it just jokin around a bit.

    but i too like cheesecake…or chocolate chip brownies. yeah gimme chocolate chip brownies 😀

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