Naruto Shippuden 238- The Return of Another Pointless Character….

Well hello everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Miranda. For those of you who do…..I’M BACK!! I will be taking over the Naruto anime breakdowns, as well as a few other things in the coming weeks. So stay tuned so you can catch what i’ll be throwing down. I must warn you however, I am a college students so there are times when homework may take precedence over the breakdown, but I promise I’ll have them out ASAP. Anywho, let’s get this breakdown started!! *dons her writers hat*

So we’re still in fillers…ugh so annoying. BUT there is an end in site, episode 241 *should* be back to the story line….hopefully. *crosses fingers* This weeks episode brings back yet another  character that has nothing to do with the story line and we couldn’t care less about. This character is Kosuke.

The episode starts off with Ino and her dad….and the awkwardness that always comes when parents try to talk to you about relationships, sex and basically anything serious. I guess seeing his teenage daughter naked helped add to that awkwardness.  So Ino proceeds to take her embarrassment out on her fellow team mates…..but Shikamaru is like

Complete with the annoying "kissy face"


Then we see the return of the eternal genin Kosuke.

ohai guys


So now…..well, brb I need more coffee. *goes and gets more coffee*

Three hours later

Sorry that took so long guys, I was erm….well, trying to avoid watching the rest of this episode. Because ya’ll know that I absolutely despise fillers. *sigh*

Anyways, we get two flash backs. One of Ino-Shika-Cho saving Kosuke from some bad guys and the other is of their parents saving Kosukes’ hind end…..I’m noticing a pattern with this Genin of 50 years…..

Kosuke shares the story of the epic battle and leaves Shikamaru, Ino and Choji feeling like crap….He gives them some sage advice….which is funny considering he always seems to need his butt saved by others. They come to the realization that they aren’t their parents and get all emo over the coming war and how they aren’t prepared for it…..

*brain explodes over crappy filler episode and dies*

Well kids, the moral of today’s story is to look inside yourself and find your inner strength…before your brain explodes.

That’s it for me, tune in next week to hear me whine over yet another crappy filler!


Peace and love,





~ by Miranda on December 9, 2011.

11 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 238- The Return of Another Pointless Character….”

  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Now that I spammed first, I need to confess… I never watched this episode and probably never will after reading the breakdown @___@ like you say only 3 or so left in what I think is the WORST filler arc of all Naruto… I would like to ask people a question… What Fillers would you like to see? I actually feel reading the Manga that Kishi is so sick of the crap filler that he purposely leave things out now so the Anime team can put filler in its place @__@

  3. Second! O_O *runs away*

  4. I for one would like to see back stories of former kages or important people in the narutoverse, like Kakashi’s dad, Minato and his team, Hashirama, Tobirama, Izuna and Madara history. Also references about Muu and former Kaze kages that we don’t know shit about, same goes for mizukages.

    And backstories of the former jinchurikies and how they got caught by the akatsuki.

    Andddddddd how the hell Rin died and who was Hashirama and Mito’s child. Also who was Konohamaru’s parents and Asuma’s brother/sister.

  5. I would like to see the Chunnin Exams when the Konoha 11 got promoted, the adventures of team Hashirama, InoShikaCho first generation exploits more of the Aburame and Hyuuga clans ( such as Hanabi and her mother) more of the Konoha 11’s parents, how Shizune end up in Tsunade’s care taking care of Tsunade, Kabuto and Kakuzu’s backstories, whether or not Iwa hates Minato and much more. By the way FOUR IS DEATH!!!!!

  6. God damn I really don’t ask for much but can it be that hard to make fillers people actually wanna see? Why can’t you just take Akatsuki member xyz and show us their friggin background?
    Seriously, I would kill to see how Sasori defeated the Sandaime or the origins of the Jashin cult. Hell, I could write that and it would be awesome. But no, that’s to mufh effort.
    They should just hire a young writer wgo likes the series and make him write filler plots when the canon episodes are being aired.
    Ah, sorry a out that. Rant mode now off.

  7. dmaxx3d, I agree with you wholeheartedly man! Show us something we wanna see, don’t just pull random crap out of your bum!

  8. Heh thanks miranda. Though I gotta say, there is exactly one filler episode I liked. I’m talking about the one where Hinata thoroughly kicked ASS for the first time with those bug guys. I think the jutsu she used in that episode was later even accepted in canon. I’m sure it’s often used in fanfiction at least…

  9. The only filler I’ve ever liked watching or writing about was a Bleach episode when they were all at the beach. I loved writing that breakdown…I wonder if it’s still here?

    Anyways, I despise fillers. They are a waste of time man. *shakes head*

  10. There are some good fillers, and there are some not so good fillers. Then there are TERRIBLE fillers (AKA, 80% of them).

    I guess this one falls into the last category. I think the biggest problem with fillers is that they mostly lack relevance to the main story arc and thus, don’t hold out interest very well. I would say that the only filler arc I really like as a whole, was the six tails filler arc because we got to know another Jinchuuriki. That, and it wasn’t one of those sappy arcs with a predetermined and predictable “happy ending”. It actually ended quite tragically and harshly and it showed quite clearly just how brutal Akatsuki was in their quest for hunting down the Jinchuuriki.

    It was also the only filler that actually felt like it could have been a part of the main story arc, because it fit in so cleanly and the capture of the six tails echoed cannon quite relevantly.

    As for getting out of fillers, what I am most eager to see is how Naruto’s Kyuubi sennin chakra mode is portrayed. I mean, with all those flames flickering and the colouration and all, I think it might be quite hard for the animators to pull off without it looking choppy. I wonder how that will turn out…

    Thanks for the breakdown Mandi! ^ ^

  11. Honestly some of the filler this season was good like dare I say it the Tenten episode *hears gasps of horror in the background*.

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