Bleach Chapter 476 – The Lost, The Blind and the Defeated O_O

It’s Wednesday. The smell of fresh manga being uploaded and read all over the world is filling my senses… Jump’s releases of Naruto and Bleach are welcomed to break up this week, as I am sure many of us are falling into the Holiday mood with the Christmas trees and snow – for our northerners πŸ˜‰ – and hot sandy beaches, ice cold drinks for the southerners… (I am meaning hemispheres here O_O not states in the USA πŸ˜‰ ). But did you come here to read my rambles of bliss as I count the last days before my holiday begins and I get to rest… or for a Bleach Breakdown? ‘Cause I could go either way here. πŸ˜‰

*Puts on Reading Glasses*

As I am a Cono Sur (see it’s in italics, classy stuff) of manga. I tempt my pallet often first with Bleach before taking bites of the heavier manga’s like Naruto, but this week – though Naruto was epic and will dominate discussions for this week and probably months to come – Bleach felt ‘longer’ if that makes sense.

Usually skipping through the blank pages makes Bleach a light read, but this week we had a bit more depth and, in many ways, I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night Kubo is using this Chapter to bring everything together. I think it’s safe to say that he will not bring back Aizen soon and that Ginjou is, in fact, a worthy villain on his own and not just a filler to be thrown aside like the Bount guy. πŸ˜‰

The looong awaited battle begins and though there are a lot of blank attacks – Who needs texture in a power move etc etc… – you know Bleach things! I am glad to see that Kubo also focused on more than that and added some of his awesome art to the battle too. Now if you haven’t read it yet, don’t get ahead of yourself. There ain’t much, but as a Bleach reader, when it comes to Bleach I am easy to please…

Through what gave this chapter more longevity was the return to our Soul Society peeps. It was also the thing that made me face palm about the chapter…

I don’t wanna rewrite the story of Bleach but it’s basically Kubo trying to tie up all the knots he needs to bring this chapter out of the ‘filler’ feel and into the present, and again we hear the “it was all planned this way” speech in not so many words, but it made for interesting reading and built up suspense for the upcoming chapters and even arcs.

*Short and sweet version*

Ginjou was bad, Soul Society decided to use Ichigo as bait and kill both… Ichigo changed the SS and made them believe in him and now they just wanna kill Ginjou…

So you understand this and so did I ’till Byakuya leaves. @____@

We understand that it’s for plot purposes, but if I was inΒ  Soul Society’s, position the mission was to see out Ichigo’s choice, but it was also to eliminate Ginjou. If all these captains attacked Ginjou at once, this battle would be over quickly, but instead they leave. O_O

Putting that rant aside, there where Ichikia moments for those people who believe in love between the living and essentially dead people… I wonder if that is necrophilia?

I must say after we leave Rukia’s mind and begin the battle, the chapter finishing pretty quickly and was a lot more enjoyable in my opinion. @__@

I love how Kubo switches the narration here, pulling sympathy from the reader with every page. In the end we should know that in all manga nothing is an accident, but I enjoy how Bleach has so much put into even something as subtle as the word placement. Breaking up a sentence in an image to give it that extra ‘oomph’ factor.

like starting a new…


.. when it really isn’t necessary but to make it…


This is why I love Bleach despite all its flaws, its plot holes and sometimes lazy imagery.

Ginjou’s mind has been open to us in most of this arc and returning to it now has given this chapter that spark it needed to be a truly brilliant read that stands close to Naruto’s release this week.

Well that is all from me…

Ken Chan is the winner of this debate again, though only for Ahsan’s words that kept it from being a draw. @__@

Pein Out! ^:_:^


We’ve been looking for a Bleach anime writer, if you would like to enter or take up the post write a mock breakdown of the episode that has just releases 351, and send it to me. If its good will put it up and you will then become a new author for WRA… @___@


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6 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 476 – The Lost, The Blind and the Defeated O_O”

  1. Nice breakdown Pein. I really enjoyed reading it especially with the “lines” ideas and all. I enjoyed this chapter as well.

    Thanks for all the hard work. @__@

  2. 2nD! now time to read the chapter X_X

  3. Chapter was good, one can only hope that it stays this good.

    Still I have to wonder if the recent revelations are recently conceived or if this was the plan all along.

    I get the feeling that they left because by that time it had become Ichigo’s fight more than anyone else’s. Besides the fact that it’s good substitute shinigami vs bad substitute shinigami Ginjou did a number on Ichigo and his friends. So yeah it’s appropriate to let him be the one to take Ginjou down.

  4. Third!
    Well he has to make up with lack of attack textures and backgrounds somehow

  5. @ Kanton – @___@ that was a slight fail I must say :P, yeah that is what Bleach misses texture and backgrounds but if you look there are sometimes that Kubo outdoes himself with character design…. @___@

    @ Michael – True but leaving is kinda irresponsible too, its like leaving your 5 year old in the kitchen sure he probably wont hurt himself but if he gets a knife he may be screwed (weird analogy but true) them remaining there wouldn’t hurt the cause and all 4 of them quickly over powering Ginjou would make logical sense cause then its over, he isn’t Aizen he just another sub with maybe Visord sort of abilities…

    To be honest I have no idea if this was planned if it was its brilliant but I still think there is something coming that will bring all these points together like the true reason Aizen went rouge

  6. This was an interesting chapter.

    We may get a better insight on why GInjou is like he is, and why he hates soul society. Also we may see how he and his Fullbringers got together as well.

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