Naruto chapter 565 Breakdown: A little bit of Peek-a-Bee?

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and to my horror, I found myself in the most self-compromising position I could imagine…

I guess I must have been dreaming about eating all the WRA members again, but just when I thought of thinking about it, the realization suddenly hit me…

… I was eating my own poop…. and it was Monday morning too. X___x

Ah yes, Monday… That day of the week that causes agony within the hearts of any who hear its name spoken out loud. The day that follows after Sunday, the day that precedes Tuesday and, unfortunately for me, it is also the day on which I chose to do my breakdown. So, it stands to reason that my brain – already weak from the fatigue of a long day, and dreading how early I have to wake up to go running tomorrow morning – is completely mushy right now, and prone to a complete absence of any kind of rational or intellectual thought whatsoever.

Or at least, that’s the excuse I would use if I had a brain. <_<

In any case, I am sure you are not very interested in my personal life, so let’s move on with this week’s breakdown.

It makes you wonder where all those fingers are going after the photoshoot...

To start off, I have to say that so far, this battle has done a good job of being epic. You can normally tell when a manga is in a good spot, when there are lots of discussions going on about it in the comments section. Of course, with those discussions comes a lot of debates and clashing theories – many of which I have been swept up in myself – but such is the life of a blog filled with so many strange and wonderful creatures.

To see eight of the nine Jinchuuriki (or, in some cases, former Jinchuuriki) facing off against each other is quite a treat indeed, although I must admit, I would have also liked to have seen Gaara involved in this battle as well.

Why wasn't I invited? I also want to see Yugito's....

I swear I didn’t type that. My hand just slipped. <_<

*Blames Pickles for his corrupt ways.*

Anyway, to see all nine Jinchuuriki in one battlefield would have really been epic and, to me, Gaara is also a part of the “new generation” that Naruto and Bee are fighting to preserve, so I feel he also deserved take part in the battle for their future to some degree.

I also think it would have been more fun and interesting to see how he interacted with Naruto and Bee. His stoic nature would have most certainly stood in stark contrast to Naruto’s and Bee’s energetic and often chaotic tendencies, especially with regards to some of the dialogue taking place in our latest chapter.

*Sees Pickles inching closer* Don't even think about it. <_<

Besides that, this chapter was pretty much all it set out to be – an epic set piece for the battle at hand. We managed to get an idea of what kind of power each of the seven deceased Jinchuuruki might have once wielded in life, and I have to say, they are quite diverse and interesting to say the least. However, I would still like to see a bit more focus in the battle, because each scene often seems to move from one Jinchuuriki to the next so quickly, that we have very little time to really appreciate each of them individually, or their powers.

It still feels like things are warming up a bit though, and I highly doubt we’ve come close to reaching the peak of this battle just yet, so all I can say is that I look forward to what’s coming next.

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your... wait... <_<

What I would really like to see is all of the Edo Jinchuuriki transform into their full bijuu forms for an all out battle royal that might even coax the Kyuubi into coming out of his shell, but we still can’t tell if that is even possible at this point, seeing as how we don’t know whether Tobi gave his Edo Jinchuuriki their full bijuu powers (AKA, sealing each respective Bijuu back into their bodies) or if he just gave them a small amount to help them along.

All I can say is that regardless of what happens, I am sure it will be a blast.

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So yeah, that’s all I really have to say. If you want more weird theories about Tobi’s mask, the chakra rods or how the universe was created, just read some of the comments on last week’s breakdown. There’s enough theory there to put Einsteins relativity to shame.

Or, you could stay here, save yourself from falling into the depths of insanity, and see who won last week’s battle debate.

Neji wins.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this result. People always vote for the guy who has a doujutsu, it just seems to be a rule of thumb around here.

But all of you were terrible at keeping this battle debate going. Perhaps it’s my fault for the match-up? Nah, I’ll just blame you guts and feel better about myself. <_<

So, this week we’ll just play it safe and have a bubbliton contest.

*Insert possible caption here.*

Sorry I didn’t choose your recommendation Baron, but I generally prefer to use panels from the current manga release for each respective bubbliton contest and this one seemed like the most appropriate for this week. I do appreciate the suggestions though, so anyone can feel free to drop one by me at any time.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown. See you in the comments. ^ ^


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  1. Yea!! First again

  2. 2nd !!!!

  3. 3rd?… this is weird, I aint gonna do this again

  4. It seems that Tenrai has become an Ouroboros

  5. Naruto: “is this the first nip-slip of the series!?!?”
    Bee: “…just a lil more…to the left…”
    8-Tails: “I thought it was anko…”

    caption: It was anko, by god it was…

  6. unitary sexagesimal again!!

  7. Bubbleton Entry:

    Bee: It looks like they’re battery powered.

    Hachibi: Is that double A or triple A?

    Naruto: It looks more like a D to me…

    Caption: Size definitely matters… I mean battery size, of course. <__<

  8. Actually, reading these latest chapters with all these Jinchuuriki/Bijuu relationships going on, it made me wonder if Gaara ever got to the point where he was also talking to the Ichibi the same way Bee talks to the Hachibi now, or at the very least, how Naruto talks to the Kyuubi.

    I mean, if you look back at Gaara’s battle with Deidara, he seemed to exert a great deal of control over his Hachibi powers, even to the point where we could see him forming partial limbs, or where his sand took on the form of the Hachibi in some way or another. Does this mean Gaara had gotten to the point where he and the Ichibi were cooperating, or was it more like Naruto’s case where he forcefully took control of the Ichibi’s power, but still can’t do a full transformation because of a lack of cooperation?

    It’s quite an intersting topic really.

  9. @ Tenrai – I think Gaara had a bit more control since he only had one tail to get through, like Naruto who can easily transform to even 3 tails without being taken over I think Gaara could use his strength up to a point and still keep control… I doubt he will have made friends with his tailed beast not the Hachibi though @___@

    He spoke to him ever since he was younger, when he was put to sleep

  10. Wow. It’s dead in here. What happened to everyone? O_o

  11. We’re all lurking, waiting for a spoiler alert…

  12. 6th 😉 Im lurking until moar wild bubbles appear. XD

  13. supposedly this is a confirmed spoiler ~SPOILER ALERT~
    Hachibi: Move! This won’t be any ordinary boom!
    Naruto: R-r-right.
    Tobi: ! An attack would obliterate me in this condition..
    Hachibi: BIJUUDAMA –
    The rest of the jins fall back but Yagura stands in front and holds a giant mirror.
    Naruto: Bee! That’s the same move like before , he going to throw it back!
    Hachibi: !
    Yagura: Bijuu—
    Bee: I can’t fire another one right away Naruto do something!
    Naruto: Shit I don’t know how to stop it!
    Yagura: DAM— Yagura freezes
    Tobi: !? What?
    Naruto and Bee: ?
    Tobi: He didn’t that son of a bitch–Tobi starts running towards the jins
    Naruto: What’s going on?
    Bee: they aren’t moving? this is our chance Naruto!
    Naruto makes 7 chakra arms and grabs all the jins and starts dragging them into a giant rasengan.
    Above Naruto Tobi comes kicks Naruto away.
    Bee strikes from behind with Samehada and cuts a bit of Tobi’s arm
    Naruto: !?
    Naruto: Rasenshuriken!
    Tobi: !
    Tobi grabs a jin body and throws it in the way
    Naruto: !? What’s the deal here.
    Tobi: Urgh…damn that Kabuto.
    Naruto: Hold on! I think I get it!
    Bee: What mothafucka?
    Naruto: He never slipped through me….he ran here instead of teleporting…he never absorbed any of my attacks…
    Naruto: Now I get it.
    Naruto: While he’s controlling the path’s he can’t use any of his own powers!
    Bee: fo real? Let’s get this motha fucka then!
    Tobi: Damit! Tobi claps his hands and starts concentrating.
    Tobi: !? I have no signals!
    The jins get up and all the rods fall down from their body.
    Tobi: No….Kabuto played me…all this time..
    Kabuto: That fool…did he really think I’d just let him have my jinchuriki like that? Now that he gave them their powers It’s time for some payback. I’ll use them against you then I’ll take Naruto and Bee for myself.
    The jins lose the rinnegan and sharingan.’
    Yugito: What?
    Yagura: It’s him….
    Roshi see’s Samehada-oh not that sword again…
    Han: Where is that immortal scumbag?
    Fu: It seems you guys are the 8 and 9 tails?
    Naruto: yea..and that guy over there has been using you guys to capture us! he’s part of the Akatsuki!
    Ukataka: Akatsuki you say…
    All the jins look towards Tobi
    Kabuto: Kill him!
    2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 tails start rushing towards Tobi
    Naruto: Let’s do this!
    Bee: yeeeeeaaaaooooooo
    Tobi: You can try.
    The Jinchurikis unite!

  14. @Joey

    That spoiler seams fake to me, but if it was real, it would most certainly be interesting to say the least.

    However, I highly doubt it is real. It seems far too dramatized. Lol.

  15. @Tenrai, that just gave me deja vu! I think it was a similar spoiler/prediction and you said the same exact thing! weird…

  16. Spoiler ALert

    and it’s not too far away from what Joey posted, except the last part.

  17. *Spoiler Alert!*

    Holy dammit! Gai and Kakashi appear? Does anyone else see a connection here? If Kakashi is there, there’s a good chance that this means Tobi will be revealed to be OBITO!!!!

    I mean, the impact of him being Obito wouldn’t be there if Kakashi didn’t witness his unveiling. This just spells Obito theory win to me… @___@

  18. @ tenrai, I actually don’t support that spoiler fully because There’s a very small chance Kakashi and Gai could have known were Bee and Naruto were.

    PLus they’ve been fighting 24’ish hours and still be good to Go against Tobi, that sounds a little over the edge.

    I guess we’ll see tonight if it’s true or not

  19. it’s out and DYNAMIC ENTRY FOR THE FTW!!!!

  20. That was epic….


    And it seems the Edo Jinchuuriki can fully transform after all. However, it seems that Tobi was controlling how much power they could release at any given time. It goes a long way in suggesting that the Chakra rods are, in fact, feeding the Bijuu chakra directly from Gedo Mazo straight into the Jinchuuriki’s bodies. So they not only allow Tobi to control them, but also control how much of their Bijuu power they can use at any given time.

  21. @ tenrai, that’s probably the most accurate deduction of the Edo Jinchurikies and the source of there bijuu chakra.

  22. Also I really am looking forward to Naruto’s fusion with either the sage kyuubi mode or even full kyuubi transformation, and above those I hope Kakashi and Gai will beat the crap out of Tobi.
    I know it’s not to be expected, but damn, if this is not the time for kakashi to sprout a EMS and Gai to pop open all the gates in order to become immortal legends in the history of the NARUTOVERSE.

  23. @tenrai senshi
    i’ve been fooled :I but i’m so glad that spoiler i posted wasn’t real even though it said “confirmed” but i mean that would’ve made Tobi seem stupid even though i liked the idea of Tobi can’t use his own techniques while controlling the bodies in that fake spoiler, too bad he can use his powers lolz. looks like our questions on the bodies being edo-tensei or the real bodies were still never answered then.

  24. new naruto chapter was less than crappy.. i was let down and disappointed.. dynamic entry wasnt so dynamic.. so whats next weeks chapter?

    Kakashi versus Obito??


  25. @Joey

    We know they are Edo Tensei bodies. I already proved that. I don’t see how it is still “unanswered” unless you are just avoiding the evidence that was clearly presented to us. X___X

    But I’ll show you the spread again anyway…

    Please note the black around the pupils of their left eyes and the lines and cracks in their skin. Both are clear signs of resurrection that we have seen in every single Edo Tensei summon to date. If that isn’t proof enough for you already, then I don’t know what is. I am showing you clear, physical, irrefutable evidence to back up my claims. Are you going to continue to turn a blind eye to it and pretend you can’t see it for what it is? O_o

    As for the spoilers, those sounded very much like some of the fan-made predictions I have read before. That’s why I suspected they were fake. X__X

  26. @ tenrai, i think that a lot of people here find it a little too boring to read all the walls of text we leave behind ( all of us). I’ve posted a lot of stuff i’ve never gotten answered for only to find the same subject started by someone else.

    Don’t take it personally, but we know the info about the jinchiriki is already known, and if anyone else has questions I guess they’ll have to go back and reread the manga in order to find out the answers for themselves.

    As for this chapter I really found the scene were all the jinchuriki, in there beats mode, attacked to be a very overwhelming moment, both for the Hachibi and Naruto alike. I mean Naruto almost got his soul sucked out by Tobi’s human path ability.

    I wonder if Tobi, seeing as he has only one rinnegan eye, possesses all of nagato’s abilities. Shinra tensei and Banshou Tenin being the ones I’m most curios about, also the resurrection ability of Naraka path.

  27. Oh we are going to see some character death soon. Kakashi, your time’s up! Gai, your youth has been passed on and all that remains is to empty the overflowing pond of youth by battling Konoha’s greatest enemy. And if you can’t do that, you will run a 100 laps around the battlefield. YOSH!

  28. Great breakdown Tenrai! You’ve become such a pervert… or maybe you were just hiding it all along. 😛

    This week’s chapter was awesome, but a bit too fast-paced. It was great because of the action, but it lacked substance. Tobi could have explained some things about the chakra rods, where their chakra source is… and so on.

    For example, how did Han become his Bijuu if he doesn’t have a will to negotiate with it? Also, Han wasn’t able to fully control his Tailed Beast, as implied here.
    The Eight Tails sensed that the other beasts were different from before. This chapter showed us a glimpse of what changed: Han, an Edo Tensei zombie, can physically transform into his beast, despite lacking the will to defeat its hate.
    So what did Tobi do to them with Gedo Mazo? I hope we find out soon.

  29. @Dragon

    If Tobi stripped away the emotions of his thralls, then I can understand why they can transform into their full Bijuu forms without problems.

    You see, the reason it is so difficult to transform in the first place is usually because the host’s will is overwhelmed by the will or hatred of the Bijuu who’s power they are trying to tap into. This causes them to lose control. But a host without emotions will not be overwhelmed by negative feelings because… well… they don’t feel anything at all. This means that control can be maintained.

    At least, that’s how I think it works. X___X

  30. @Tenrai

    I always thought it was a war between wills between the host and the Bijuu, kinda like a tug of war.
    If the host has a weak will (or no will at all) then they have automatically lost. They would become completely overcome by the Beast’s will and lose control. The Bijuu would be reborn and the host would only be a shell. That’s why I was surprised when the Five Tailed Dolphin Horse attacked Bee like Tobi wanted. It should have gone on a rampage because no one’s will was there to restrain it. Maybe Tobi did something to the beasts with Gedo Mazo to suppress their hatred.

  31. @tenrai Senshi… I mean I KNOW that Kabuto “ressurected” the bodies… but what it is I’m still trying ti figure out is HOW this works… THEN AGAIN, i just thought about something. Those black things in them is their channel of chakra from their respected tailed beast directly from the gedo mazo o.O… I just don’t see how Tobi allows such power to be able to slip away from him in the middle of a battle by trusting Kabuto who already “backstabbed” him… It doesn’t add up which is why i said that there has to be something behind that, like even if Kabuto couldn’t control the bodies, he could still unbind their spirits and make the bodies “disappear”… I am sure Tobi is smarter than that, that is all I’m saying which is why I’m pending on the whole edo tensei. Apparently by taking out the black rods the battle is won, so I don’t know… last ichecked edo tensei doesn’t need black rods that is why i’m pending your answer even though you have clear proof…

  32. Naruto Chapter 566 is out! >>

  33. late… but epic! :”>

  34. Dragon ,you have to realize that because of the fact that:
    1. Tobi us using the edo tensei jinchurikies Kabuto summoned with his own chakra rods plus the added sharingan and rinnegan that overrides all control to Tobi, both for the jinchuriki and also for there bijuu.

    He can use the power of the sharingan to manipulate the bijuu to do his bidding just like he did with the kyuubi.
    There is no grey area here. It’s full out control used with 3-4 different techniques:
    1 Jichurikies under Edo Tensei (even it was done by Kabuto) So full control here
    2 The chakra rods that allow the Rinnegan to control anything they’re stuck into
    3 The Sharingan’s Power to manipulate, I guess this counts for a lot of bijuu control.
    4 The added bonus of who knows what type of added control from the Rinnegan.

  35. @ Joey, most likely the removal of the chakra rods will impend Tobi from transferring more chakra from Gedo Mazo, if it will prove to be the case, and also loosen the control he has on the bodies.

    But with the loss of the rods I see no change in the Edo Jinchurikies for two reasons:
    1. They all have the sharingan witch allows tobi to control them and keep them under genjutsu if need be.
    2. They will still have the rinnegan, and seeing as they’re not dead bodies like the six paths Nagato used, they won’t collapse after the extraction will be made. Best bet might be, they return to Kabuto’s control or take back there minds.

  36. As for this chapter I just realized how much of a downside Chakra mode has in comparison with the Sage Mode. Not only dose Naruto get hurt a lot more from hits he normally will have no problem with in sage mode, but also he’s power seems to be lacking more.

    The best thing about CM is the chakra arms that make it easier for Naruto to use his jutsus. Maybe he’s shape manipulation is more stable due to the fact that he has a lot of help form the chakra arms and compensates by not using clones.
    Also the speed seems to be a great improvement for Naruto but one thing that bugs me is the fact that he doesn’t use that speed at ALL.

    I mean, you prove to the Raikage you’re in the same league as Minato but you don’t use that skill at all.

    Naruto could have used the speed to take out the jinchurikies with no problem, yet he seems to be very weak now.

    I understand he won the major battle on every battlefield and he should be tired as hell, but I still can’t see why he can’t use his powers at peak condition.
    The only thing I can think of is that Naruto didn’t release all the kagebunshin he has scattered across the war zone.

  37. Hehehe, I´m happy you guys considered the theory about the chakra rods having to do with the Gedo Mazo. :3333333
    On a side note, if this summons where still being controlled by Kabuto then Tobi would really be risking too much, so, IMO, Kabuto released them and Tobi used Edo Tensei himself. That gives him full control.

  38. @ Nikeforce – I think maybe Tobi’s actions in putting the chakra recievers in the shinobi was to over ride Kabuto’s control by forcing his own… Similar to Itachi? So for the same reason Kabuto won’t release his jutsu on Itachi I think the same applies to the 6 Jinchuriki… Also if the jutsu is released they would return to the dead bodies they where and the chakra would not just disappear it would probably be able to be reabsorbed (though this is more a stretch its a theory)


  39. @ Nikeforce – Also what do you need for Edo Tensei, 6 Dead Bodies, DNA of the original hosts (which would be easy to get but there is no proof that this was done prior… even when they had the oportunity during sealing it was never shown to have happened Gaara as the main example) etc

  40. @ Pein, regarding your last point made: Tobi didn’t even know how Edo Tensei worked, so I doubt he would take the time to get DNA samples from the Jinchurikis for no reason.

  41. I’m VERY disappointed with this weeks chapter. 565 promised an epic fight between all the jinchuuriki’s (except Gaara off course) but all we got was Hachibi versus the Edo Bijuu’s….. And the Edo Bijuu’s had absolutely no problem overpowering the eight tails….

    Let’s talk about Naruto’s contribution.
    First he slips. Then he barely clings on.
    He briefly becomes Captain Obvious.
    He gets bit.
    And finally he gets hit in the back (so much for Bee having his back)….

    So much for being faster than A… Or being a dangerous ninja that can fight toe to toe with Kage’s and other S rank shinobi….

    All this chapter did was make Naruto look like a moron. A slow moron even.
    He’s supposed to be the fastest guy in the entire manga. I don’t care if the Edo Bijuu’s together overpower him, if they can’t catch him that power means nothing. That was Minato’s strength. He could use his speed to the point where even the vastly more powerful A and even Tobi couldn’t touch him. He kicked their asses with ease with the only powerful attack in his arsenal being the Rasengan. And he didn’t even use that attack against A!
    Naruto has shown to be able to use that speed to his advantage before but now Kishi makes him out to be the genin he used to be at the start of shippuuden… Slow, dumb, without any significant power and worst of all scared of his opponents…

    Honestly, at the end of the chapter I was rooting for Tobi more than Naruto.
    Although I knew Tobi wasn’t going to capture Naruto I still wished he would because if this is the Naruto we’re gonna be reading about in the next chapters I’d rather go and read Bleach!

    This Naruto would get his ass handed to him by the Naruto we saw ‘fighting’ Sasuke at Orochimaru’s lair…

    Yes people it was THAT bad.

    Thank god Kakashi showed up or this chapter would have gone down as one of the worst chapters in Naruto history. Let’s just hope for excitements sake Kakashi is done rampaging or this will be the shortest big battle ever.

    Rant over.

    “Sorry I didn’t choose your recommendation Baron, but I generally prefer to use panels from the current manga release for each respective bubbliton contest and this one seemed like the most appropriate for this week.”

    No problemo. That suggestion was meant to be for the discussion on that chapter. Maybe I should have pitched a few bubblitions along with the suggestion but it doesn’t matter now.
    As for the current bubblition, I had a feeling that was going to be these panels. ^__^

    Obi Wa… uhm.. Pickles has taught you well.

  42. @Baron

    Actually, I have to agree with you about how Naruto was portreyed in this chapter.

    I enjoyed the chapter, mostly because of the mass destruction and Kakashi and Gai’s entrance, but now that I look back, I have to admit, Naruto was a bit under par when it came to how he handled this fight. I mean, when we look back at what Naruto has achieved before with Sage mode, it was incredible. He was able to take on the six paths of Pein and not only did it help him survive, it allowed him to take out five of the six paths with relative ease. He was throwing around giant Rinos, killing paths without touching them and generally looking cool and epic while doing it.

    Hell, Naruto even took on the Kyuubi – all nine tails of it. I don’t understand why he’s having so much trouble with only partially transformed Jinchuuriki when he managed to go toe-to-toe with a fully transformed and very powerful Kyuubi. And that was still in Sage mode. His Kyuubi chakra mode, for all intents and purposes, should be more powerful than his sage mode transformation, but I truly do feel that Kishi isn’t portreying it the way he should be.

    It seems incredibly underwhelming right now and it makes me wonder why Kishi has decided to make Naruto’s ultimate transformation out to be so… average. He should be darting around the battlefield at blinding speed like he did against Sasuke at the battle of the end. He should be keeping his opponents on their toes with pure chakra blasts and landscape destroying attacks like he did against Orichimaru in his four tailed form. Hell, he should be reversing their attacks and blowing them away like he did against Deva Path in his six tailed form. And this chakra cloak, which takes full control of the Kyuubi’s chakra completely, should make him more powerful than he was in those previous states, even moreso when you consider that he can actually control himself now.

    In the end, I wouldn’t have minded if Naruto was eventually put in danger or overpowered like he was in this chapter, but I don’t think it should have happened so quickly. It should have taken longer, with a lot more effort from the Jinchuuriki to get Naruto on the back foot. If this chapter was split over two or three, and Naruto had the oppertunity to kick more butt before finally being worn down from fighting so many opponents and then finally overwhelmed – so it at least looked like he was just outnumbered rather than completely outclassed – then I would have been happier.

  43. @ Baron/Tenrai – I sort of agree but maybe this has more to do with Naruto splitting his power more then anything else… When Naruto dodged A he was at full strength (basically) he had fought no battles and was in one body… This lasted until very recently after that moment… He was warned that unlike bee his transformation caries a lot more risk, this gave him the a huge disadvantage… I think we are now seeing these result of that Which to me makes it more believable, Sasuke is a hax who has battle after battle without getting tired but if you see closer he always had someones help in healing or oro’s presence giving him vitality…

    Naruto seems physically stable but his inner world is continuasly in a tug of war with the Kyuubi taking up Naruto’s chakra meaning he is actually burning chakra at twice the pace…

    As you say Sage mode was more effective, I don’t believe that is true even saying Pain battle was awesome, Naruto needed to have 2 clones as back up and transform to the 6 Tails to defeat the 6 Paths of Pain and this all while Pain was not at full power when the battle started… here he has beaten or played a role in beating, Nagato, the 3nd Mizukage and the Raikage (in different bodies but if naruto was whole he would probably be a lot faster and stronger) plus a few hundred filler and Zetsu fodder.

    So in short yeah its annoying to see Naruto thrown around like a rage doll but I think its also concequence for his power… basically Naruto is where Sasuke was a few months earlier, he is arrogant (to a degree) and tries to do everything alone with a new awesome power… Sasuke went Blind and Naruto will also have a big backlash before he is able to change the kyuubi and reach infinite Chakra mode for the final battle between the,


  44. @Pein

    I agree that it may be a result of Naruto splitting his chakra, but I am not sure why you compared him to Sasuke with regards to arrogance. Unlike Sasuke, Naruto isn’t fighting alone, as you suggested he is. He’s fighting alongside Bee, let’s not forget that.

    I think we may see a turning point if the Kyuubi agrees to give Naruto more chakra again. He’s probably lost a lot thanks to all his clones splitting it up and the Kyuubi absorbing his own chakra as well, as you suggested,

  45. @ Tenrai – What I mean is Naruto wants to do a lot over a lot of battlefields… Sasuke technically had Karin but most of his battles where more one on one then 10 vs 10, Raikage, the other kage’s he wasn’t trying to beat just get around to Danzou and then Danzou by himself… Naruto has the help of Bee, Gaara etc but he is more spread then Sasuke… also why I said in brackets to a degree, he is just very confident in his ability (taking the risk of making clones) that he ends up hurting himself… Sasuke’s eyes are just an example I think Kishi is going with… If naruto could win this battle without having the help of the kyuubi then it would be pointless gaining the kyuubi’s trust etc later…

  46. Tenrai, Pein & Baron, I also agree with all of you and stated the same thing.
    Naruto lost focus and power really fast, even more so the Kyuubi gave him a lot of chakra that he used to stop Madara’s Mokuton Wave, so that must have put a really great burden on Naruto when the released his clone seeing as all that fatigue and power loss would have gone str8 into the original.

    One thing I don’t know is weather or not Naruto released his other clones or he put them to work gathering Sage chakra.

    It would be a nice turn of events if the Kyuubi would agree to finally give all in to Naruto and say something like: “I gave you all the chakra I had when we were fighting Madara and I don’t have any more left.” Then Naruto goes and dispells the Sage chakra gathering clones and hi goes into a full sage kyuubi mode.

    But I have to agree to one thing, what ever the reason Naruto had to be this weak I don’t care, If Kishi doesn’t find a good enough reason to give us as to why he performed so bad, then he would have really fucked up Naruto’s whole training and power gained so far.

  47. Bubble Time!!!

    Bee: Talking breasts? Awesome.
    Hachibi: There’s no low Kishi won’t sink to…
    Naruto: I think there’s a giant pickle looming in the shadows!!

    Caption: Captain Pickles is behind everything!!!

  48. This chapter was very interesting because it got everyone complaining about how Naruto was down played. If this is do to his spreading himself too thin because of too many clones then the clones themselves should also be not doing so hot either. The other angle to consider here is that maybe this was his plan to lure Tobi out of hiding so that Kakashi and Gai can take on Tobi and divide his attention from the six paths.

    Naruto: What are these things on her breast?
    Hachibi: Aren’t the nipples too high?
    Bee: Got milk?

    Caption: Anyone thirsty?

  49. Bubble:
    Naruto: What are those bumps on her chest?
    Hachibi: They’re Breasts, Even I know that…
    Bee: He’s been hanging around Sakura way too much

  50. Bubble contest:

    Naruto: Target acquired. Request permission to invade hostile territory!
    Bee: Permission granted! Fire at will, soldier!
    Hachibi: You know, we’re kind of in the middle of a war for our very existence you guys…

  51. Lol. It’s gonna be hard to choose a caption entry as the winner. They’ve all been quite good so far. X__X

    Btw guys, there will be a visual update to the blog soon, and there will be some new sections introduced along with it. It should all be up and running next week sometime, so I hope you’re all looking forward to it. @__@

  52. Bubble:
    Mothafucka this is great!This X-ray glasses work as they said!
    Oh shit, not again!
    You should take your pills, dattebayo!
    Bee´s obsession, Yugitos breasts!

    Yo! That be rad, if I finally got to see her ****!
    He wont even listen…
    Shes not called the two tailed beast for nothing…

  53. @ Eugen – Would be awesome if they had been gathering sage chakra but unfortunately only 2 can gather at a time and in a war zone that may be tough @___@

  54. @Nike: Hey I sent your gamertag a friendship request

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