Bleach Chapter 475 – Bankai

Awe all time for another Bleach Manga Breakdown… I would like to say that this chapter had more content then just awesome new Bankai’s but sadly that would almost be a lie. We gained a bit of character growth and the whole Ukitake is Satan has sort of been put to bed but I think like most manga’s the true brilliance came with the final page. It gave us something to think about and it made me think a lot, (imagine that <_<) but lets begin where beginnings begin…

Ichigo’s Bankai looks epic, many people noticed his fullbring ability in his Shikai and now we see his Bankai, we knew Last week we wouldn’t get his old plain black sword…

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  1. New Chapter is outIchigo’s new bankai looks awesome. Got to hand it to Kubo, he at least knows how to draw. Michael Crume said this on December 1, 2011 at 3:36 am (edit)

That pretty much nailed it! Ichigo’s new confidence is refreshing and seeing him use his head for a change is also something we rarely get to see. Working out Ukitake plans and seeing that by making things obvious he gave Ichigo a choice…

Ginjou of course denounces choice as a delusion, which in a sense is true… Its like you may choose but if you choose wrong you will be killed. I don’t see much choice there but I like how Ichigo is coming back to his roots. He always wanted to protect and that is what makes him a great hero.

We then see Ginjou’s Bankai, it was a pretty epic moment and we can tell that he has chosen the darker path, his Hollow eyes etc… Of course this brought forth the flood wall of crazy impossible theories… Some say Ginjou could be Ichigo’s inner Hollow bla bla, I just think he is a former shinigami like Ichigo that fell into the darkness and wasn’t able to fight it like Ichigo did or maybe he just didn’t want to maybe he wanted the power the Hollow offers either way this could be an interesting battle… If Kubo doesn’t blank out the entire thing with blank pages… Which we all know he will O_o

Well I ain’t got much more except a debate:

Two of my favorite Characters…

Kenpachi vs Shinji

Poll is here for all those shy to comment, but I will consider all debates in comment section above that of the results of the poll…

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7 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 475 – Bankai”

  1. 1ST O_O

  2. No one or thing can defeat Ken-Chan !!!

  3. I think Ichigo’s Bankai looks pretty cool. It was still traditional for the most part and true to its roots, but with an edge to give it a bit more flair. At least we can say he got a wardrobe upgrade over that time skip, if nothing else.

    I was, however, a bit disappointed that Ginjo also went Bankai before Ichigo could get to throw him around a bit first. To me, it would have been better to first see the difference in their power with Ichigo in Bankai and Ginjo in Fullbring/Shikai form, so that we could better measure how much of a power up Ginjo’s bankai actually gives him above that. Ginjo’s sword looks epic though and so does his Bankai form.

    His ego annoys me though. In fact, to me, the worst thing about Bleach is all the egos floating around all the time. That smug face, the arrogant demeanor, it’s really starting to grate me a bit. And it isn’t just Ginjo; a lot of characters are like that in Bleach. Ginjo just has the wost smug look so far, so it irritates me just that much more. <_<

    I swear, Kubo drew his mouth extra big just to make that smug smirk of his that much more "in your face". X___X

    Sometimes I feel like these characters in Bleach just need to come back down to earth a little and gain a little humility. Sure, Kubo might see "overconfidence" as a sign of "cool", but to me, someone who is really cool doesn't need to shove it in everyone's face. They just are, without any effort whatsoever, and most importantly, without having to talk like they are "all that" all the time or like they have to prove it to everyone. In my opinion, the people who talk big about themselves and how great they are all the time, are really just the ones trying to convince themselves that they are as good as they are trying to get everyone else to believe they are, because deep down inside, they are insecure about themselves and thus need to constantly reassure themselves.

    Okay, my rant is over now. Nice breakdown Pein, and thank you. @___@

  4. @tenrai there are two dominant expressions in Bleach. Either you’re frowning, smug or a mixture of both.

  5. It’s dead here too. Did I not get some sort of end of the world memo or something? O__o

  6. Tenrai, not the end of the world, just a little something called Halo Anniversary. 
    Cominv back to Bleach, however. Why does Ichigos Bankai remind me of prince of persia? It’s the sword isn’t it?

  7. Bleach was interesting this chapter.

    More interesting to me than One Piece, and Naruto only just barely eeks it out of first place for the week.

    The explanation for why Soul Society put up with Ichigo and didn’t kill him after the save rukia arc makes more sense than he was just on the right side in the end.

    Makes you wonder if this revelation was planed all along or if it was thought up just recently.

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