Naruto Chapter 564 Breakdown: Mysterious villains are mysterious…

So, we’ve learned quite a few interesting facts in this last chapter now, haven’t we?

I mean, the evidence isn’t glaringly obvious, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice a few things about each of the subjects involved in this latest chapter that you may not have realized before. So, today, I will be your belated guide as we journey into the strange, the ugly and the sometimes terrifying realm of the human mind. @___@

Or at least, that would be the case if half of the subjects we were investigating where, at the very least, human. <_<

But, enough of my mindless ramblings in an attempt to buy time and make my post appear longer than it actually is. Let’s start with subject number one!

First, we enter the mind of Tobi.

You can tell from the image above, that this was definitely a forced entry. And for all of you who are wondering, no, we did not enter from behind. It was too dark and we didn’t have any flashlights on us at the time. <_<

In any case, I would like to take a moment to discuss subject number 1. I would call him by his real name, but to be quite frank, I have no idea what it is, and apparently, neither does he. So for now, we will simply refer to him as Tobi. You see, most people would say that Tobi suffers from multiple personality disorder, or that he is bipolar. Some blame that for the reason he is so confused, or why he has sudden mood swings, but I have discovered the truth behind the matter.

You see, Tobi – as he likes to call himself, aside from Madara – is really just an introvert who suffers from a case of low self esteem. His peers at school used to bully him and always called him a nobody, and so he eventually began to believe their words as being the truth. Evidence supporting this hypothesis can be seen bellow in a take from our interview with him yesterday morning.

Don't be so hard on yourself Tobi. Even a nobody is a somebody. We'll just ignore the fact that the statement I just made completely contradicts itself. <_<

In the end, Tobi just wanted a hug, but no-one wanted to hug someone whose arms kept falling off all the time. It was just totally freaky. However, to be completely fair, in the end, all I can say is that nobody can tell a nobody that nobody loves them. After all, in order to not love someone, you have to know that they exist in the first place. @__@

Unfortunately, during the interview, when asked if we could see who was really behind the mask, Tobi refused our request and chose to avoid any further comment on the matter, leaving his aesthetics a mystery. One of our other subjects tried to forcefully remove the mask with a headbutt, but he failed to realize that a headbutt involved hitting a person on their head with your own, and not sticking your head up their…


Moving along, our next subject was a bit of a more difficult case to study. It may have had something to with the fact that his mind had already previously been crowded to the point of disrepair…

Itachi looks scary in this picture. O_O

And so we have subject number two, who goes by the name of Naruto. Now, Naruto had a difficult childhood growing up, mostly because so many people, monsters, birds and toads were crammed into his mind at a young age, that his own brain had little time to develop properly, which resulted in the substantially lacking intelligence levels we’ve observed in him today.

During our interview with Naruto, we also noticed that aside from his startling lack of higher level brain function, he and subject number 1, Tobi, were also not getting along very well at all. Tobi thought Naruto was a bit immature and didn’t like the fact that he kept trying to remove his mask, and Naruto simply just didn’t think at all. It was a complete clash of personalities.

What started as a small feud soon escalated into a massive battle, where Tobi swore to take over the world by staring at the moon for 24 hours – which proved difficult because it kept setting every 12 hours – while Naruto simply continued to insist on taking off Tobi’s mask. Eventually, a few guys with tails and 50 cent got involved, but none of this seemed to bother subject number 3, who was far too absorbed in his own hateful ideas of hatred to be bothered with anything else that was happening.

He's big. He's bubbly and his ears are attached to his eyes!!!

As we mentioned before, our third subject – Kyuubi – has had some serious anger issues for as long as he can remember. Everyone keeps asking why he’s so cranky, but after a brief investigation, the answer became painfully obvious.

I mean, I would also be pretty cranky if I had nine bushy tails getting in the way every time I tried to take a poop. Imagine the dingleberries! Such a horror is not for the faint of heart, that much is certain, and so Kyuubi spent a large part of his early life learning what we now refer to as the art of ‘proper poopy posture’, a notion that would scar him for many years to come. His anger levels weren’t helped by the fact that he was always portrayed as a female in every fanfic ever to grace his presence – as he reluctantly revealed to us in our interview – but that is a matter still subject to further investigation.

Eventually, Kyuubi met subject number 2, Naruto, under some rather exceptional circumstances (being sealed inside the boy along with many of the other local wildlife). The two had a rough relationship at the start – and no, I don’t mean THAT kind of rough – but they eventually began to tolerate one another. There was a stark turning point when Naruto said that having a tailed beast inside him wasn’t so bad, so we have reason to believe that their differences will be resolved soon enough, but that wasn’t the only connection they made of late.

Do you get dingleberries? O_O

And so that concludes our journey into the human (and other monster’s) mind. I hope you found the experience as nauseatingly confusing as I did. It would only be fair. <_<

In any case, as good as this chapter of self discovery was, hopefully next week we will see more battle and less talk. I am also hoping to see more with regards to the battle between the five Kage and Madara, and hopefully we’ll also see the moment where Naruto will FINALLY remove Tobi’s mask and reveals who he is.

Only time can tell what will transpire next.

There’s also the matter of the Jinchuuriki and how they retained their powers even after having their bijuu extracted, but Pein0Avenue put it best when he mentioned that Madara could have simply given them some of their power back from Gedo Mazo. There isn’t much I can add to that.

All in all, there’s not much that can be said other than that this battle with Tobi got off to a good start, but there are still too many questions that need answering, and so we are left wanting more. For now, here is last week’s bubbliton contest winner.

Floatingdreamer: He wants in on this!

Well done to Floatingdreamer for his winning entry.

Actually, I was scrolling down through all the comments, trying to go through all of the entries to find a suitable winner, but then I hit the Tobi=*insert name here* debates and the veeeeeeeeeery long comments that went with them. Then I became lost, scared and confused. It was a traumatic experience. So sorry if I missed your entry between the endless walls of text. It’s just one of those things.

This week, because I couldn’t seem to find an appropriate Bubbliton screen, we’ll just have a debate.

Shino vs Neji

Well, this should be an interesting debate indeed. Remember, great debates count more than poll votes, so if you want your favorite to win, get involved!

Well, that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown.

See you in the comments! ^ ^


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  1. First

  2. Damn Kantokage… second!
    …and Naruto simply just didn’t think at all
    …I would also be pretty cranky if I had nine bushy tails getting in the way every time I tried to take a poop.

    I got dingleberries too XD

  3. 3rd

  4. 4th

    Neji for the win! – Maybe O.o

  5. 5th!!! 😀

  6. At least we know everyone can count. X____x

  7. OMGWTFBBQ!!!! Did I win??? Thank you, thank you!! I’d like to first off thank Tenrai for choosing me and … well that’s it 🙂

    Great Breakdown and hopefully we get an early chapter this week.

  8. Hehehe, Floatingdreamer I think you won because Tenrai couldnt choose himself! The infidelity one was Epic! (-but it came after yours so,… XD!) Also I liked Kanton last minute entrance XDDD.
    But for sure yours was tha best! Good work!!!11!

  9. lol thanx nikeairforce03

  10. well..even though shino’s never been beaten, i think neji would be one of the ones to do it

  11. 9th!! Have we established a stopping point with this thing?
    Ahh, the breakdown was really funny, great job.

    Annnyway, about the debate, I kinda hope someone takes part in it. It’s a pretty good match up, Shino and Neji are the strongest out of the Rookies in my opinion, because Team 7 doesn’t count. Lee could probably beat them, but other than that.
    Well, I’ll first wait for some other opinions before starting to debate, but IMO Shino wins this one.

  12. I am trying really hard not to get involved in this debate, because I need to remain neutral to choose a winner. However, in saying that, I picked these two fighters because I do believe they are about even in terms of combat potential, so it could swing either way depending on how well people debate points on either side.

    I hope you guys have a good debate with this one. But you know, someone has to start it. Lol. You can’t all just wait around for someone else to do it, otherwise everyone will be waiting forever and nothing will happen.

  13. I have to go with Shino on this one. Neji is a bit of a one trick pony, and all his techniques are built around direct combat. Shino’s kikaichi can be used for attacking, defending, even for clones. Also, his bug clones can reform almost instantly when struck. Neji’s only chance at winning is to close the gap between him and Shino where he has the upper hand. However, if Shino can keep him at a distance and continually attack Neji with his bugs, Neji will tire out from all the heavenly rotations he’ll have to do to defend himself.

  14. neji takes this because of his defensive capabilites. if we’re talkin one trick ponies, shino might be the biggest one other than lee. all he does is use his bugs. literally. dont get me wrong they are very effective, however the main reason he’s won in the past is because he’s been able to catch his opponent off guard, usually from behind…n he doesn’t yell surprise O_o
    anyways…neji can easily counter this strategy because of his doujutsu. he can keep track of shino’s bugs trying to surround him and react accordingly. plus we’ve seen since he became a jounin that he has the capability for long range..well maybe mid range, attacks with his air palm technique so he isn’t so hindered by not being close to his opponent anymore.

  15. First spoilers are out.

  16. Does anyone recognises Tobi’s suit/clothe/scarf/battlegear? Why the ring slipped from his hand? He can control the intangibility right but why the ring?

    About the spoiler..Hmmnn… more action! 😀 We want information too. too bad same old thing rinnegan’s vision field is introduced. We need more information about the other jincks. 😐

  17. From Mangahelper’s discussion:

    “Controlled-Kyuubi” had sharingan-shaped eyes, but she had no Sharingan powers, simply because it was just a representation of Tobi’s control.

    I think Tobi isn’t like Nagato, he can’t use Pain powers divided into people’s bodies. They’ve got a rinnegan in their eyes the same reason Kyuubi’s eyes were like a sharingan when he controlled her. Imho, all they’ll do is fight better than with Kabuto being in charge, and will use Jinchuuriki powers only.

    That makes sense.

  18. @Pisbolman

    Actually, when you think about it, unlike Nagato, Tobi isn’t using chakra rods to transfer his own chakra into controlling his six paths of Pein. Therefore, it stands to reason that they may not be able to use his abilities in the way Nagato’s six paths of Pein were able to use his. Obviously, transferring chakra isn’t necessary for Tobi because the Jinchuuriki he controls already have their own chakra, whereas Nagato’s paths were dead bodies that no longer had chakra of their own and thus needed Nagato’s chakra to do anything beyond playing dead.

    The eyes, as you said, may simply just be a form of control, and for the advantage of shared vision, but Tobi’s six paths may never end up showing any other use of them beyond that and may simply defer to using their own Jinchuuriki powers they are already putting on display for the entire battle.

  19. The chapter came out guys:


    …Bee’s toast…

  21. Actually I think the kyuubi might make a comeback when all bijuu from the edo jinchuriki will be released against the Hachibee.
    And we will have an all out beast war, Kyuubi and Hachibi vs Niibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi and Nanabi.

  22. Oh, and I dont have to remind you guys what a weakend kyuubi made in his fight with Naruto:

    Yeah ponder on that with the added bonus of sage chakra and you have the equivalent of Madara’s meteors thrown at you from point blank range.
    Try and stop that with your bare hands.

  23. For some absolutely inexplicable reason I really want to see this episode animated O_O

  24. It was a good chapter, from a battle standpoint. And once again, Naruto is showing some intelligence with the way he battles, while Bee is proving why he is such a powerhouse.

    But, ultimately, this is a six vs two battle and you can see just how much of a dissadvantage Naruto and Bee are at. I mean, Naruto almost managed to take down one of the Jinchuuriki by himself, but then another one got in the way. Add to that the fact that their opponents have shared vision and the sharingan to perceive and see through their movements… Well, I think my point is obvious.

    This is the same problem Jiraiya had when he was facing Pein. Individually, he was able to take down Pein’s bodies fine, but when fighting against them as a group, it was basically impossible. When it comes down to it, Naruto and Bee would be best finding a way to seperate their opponents and fight them one-on-one. If they managed that, they would defeat their opponents quite soundly, I believe.

    What I enjoyed the most was the almost brotherly relationship between Naruto and Bee. They really look out for each other and battle well together. It was quite awesome. @___@

  25. @Tenrai

    I was thinking of does Kabuto still have control of them? Or Tobi has full control of the edo jincks?

  26. Regardless of Edo Tensei. I mean if Kabuto still can cancel it and then the ET jincks can be taken away from Tobi’s control.

  27. @Pisbolman

    Well, to be honest, I am not sure. So far as we know, the Jinchuuriki are still bound by Edo Tensei (the have those dark eyes) so it stands to reason they would be dispelled if Kabuto releases his technique.

    In saying that, however, I do not believe Kabuto can control their actions anymore. I think the chakra rods Tobi is using may be overriding Kabuto’s control of them.

  28. @Tenrai: Or, Kabuto agreed to release (some) control of the Jinchuuriki to Tobi. I would bet that if Kabuto gave the order, the Jinchuuriki would yank those chakra control rods out and give Kabuto full control.

  29. I don’t really know if Kabuto actually revived those bodies… that would put Tobi at a disadvantage…i don’t think Tobi is that stupid to GIVE Kabuto control over his bijuu… remember that when they take the demon out the jinchurriki they still have the body… so i don’t know if the little edo looking bodies are flaws because they forgot, but i’m sure the bodies are not controlled by edo tensei, because they should have still retained some of their personality to a degree. The bodies are dead, but at the same time Nagato’s bodies were dead, they just had the rinnegan and in shonen usually dead zombies usually have blackened eyes o.O… sooo no edo tensei isn’t controlling these bodies… Tobi wouldn’t let Kabuto get the chance to get control over the bijuu like that, he just took the bodies of the jinchuuriki and used chakra receivers like Nagato did with Pein.

  30. @JOEY

    HEy! That makes sense too. That’s what’s i was wondering. The Edo Jincks doesn’t seem to look like an Edo Tensei because Kabuto didn’t have the DNA(i guess) since when Akatsuki captured those jincks they still have their bodies. They won’t just throw those body away just like that i think and i think they are sort of aware of the Edo Tensei jutsu judging from every their vast knowledge of being an Akatsuki member. And I agree to JOEY that the bodies are dead and are just being controlled by Tobi with some sort of jutsu or maybe with sharingan or rods like Nagato did. And they would have retained their personality if it’s the other way. We know that Edo Tensei person usually have their entrance of talking to each other like why are they still alive when they know that they were captured and the bijuu got extracted to the time they died. Remember Tobi’s hideout where he has (maybe) thousands of sharingan eyes and it’s the best place to hide the dead bodies of jincks.

  31. And it makes sense too that Kabuto didn’t know that Tobi found Naruto and Bee. We usually see Kabuto’s appearance at the chapter in connection with Naruto and Bee in particular because he wants them captured too. And would have cancelled the Edo Tensei and leave Tobi fighting Naruto and Bee which is at Tobi’s disadvantage which is we know that not gonna happen. Because Kishi won’t just let Tobi vanished from Naruto and Bee and go somewhere else or even at Kabuto’s whereabouts.

  32. @joey: yep, you’re right – with all of this body swapping going on, I got mixed up.

    @all: Anyone else think Orochimaru’s last words to Kabuto were “…gasp…bring me back… as a…. chick… gasp…” Kabuto then finds Anko.. hubba hubba kukukukuku..

  33. @Joey

    But when Kabuto was going through all the shinobi he revived, the Jinchuuriki were among them, which means they were, in fact, revived by Edo Tensei.

    You say that Tobi wouldn’t have ‘let’ him revive the Jinchuuriki, but it’s just as well to say that he wouldn’t have let him or wanted him to revive Madara either. That didn’t stop Kabuto from doing it though, now did it?

    I believe that Tobi has simply overridden Kabuto’s control by using the chakra rods. But that doesn’t change the fact that the six Jinchuuriki he is controlling are still Edo Tensei zombies.

  34. @Tenrai Not quite Nagato stated that Jiraiya could have defeated him if he knew the secret.

  35. did anyone notice how Tobi’s mask cracked when Naruto hit the Chakra Rod with his Rassengan?

    is Tobi’s mask the center location of control for the Chakra Rods?

    if you destroy the rods, will the mask eventually crack to pieces?

    will Kabuto gain control of the Tailed Beasts and their Jinchuriki hosts?

    nice chapter.. annoying seeing Naruto fall and get hurt in the 9tailsaiyan mode.. but in Sage he cant even be touched..

    now that it is 6 paths again.. i want to see Nartuto’s Frog summons..


  36. @ Spill – Since he wasn’t trying to dodge is probably why he got hit, I am actually more annoyed at his lack of hurting, maybe I expect too much from 6 former jinchuriki at 1 tail level of their transformation… @___@

  37. isnt it also possible that tobi, having the sharingan and rinnegan, used edo tensei himself to revive the jinchuriki?

    Another possibility is that although Kabuto used edo tensei to bring back the former jinchuriki, tobi used their real bodies and the bijuu his jinchuriki?

  38. @ Pein, non the less that kick in the face Naruto was given by Han proved that the dude is a powerhouse. Not only did he send Naruto flying, Bee caught him with the hachibi tentacle and on top of that both were sent flying in the background, crashing a long way away.

    Even Naruto stated the dude was strong when he caught his punch.
    So i’m guessing a sage kyuubi mode is finally ready for its great debut.

    Chakra arms that can send tens of rassengans and evil intentions sensing, plus the added bonus of his great speed; that with the sage mode’s raw power and extra sensing will make for a perfect combination between power and speed.

  39. @EdoTenseiJinchuriki well, it was my understanding that Kabuto showed all the secrets of the technique to Tobi, so it makes sense they are revived by him and they show no emotions because Tobi is in full control.

  40. Have you all forgotten that Kabuto summoned the Jinchuuriki beforehand already? I don’t know what cracks all these other theories are crawling out from, but we clearly saw that Kabuto revived the Jinchuuriki himself.

    Now, let’s get things cleared up a bit here.

    1: We know the Jinchuuriki Tobi is using are edo summons because you can see the black around their sharingan eyes that clearly gives it away, as well as the cracks and lines in their skin that we see in all Edo Tensei summons.

    2: We already saw that Kabuto had summoned them when he was showing Tobi all his forces. The Jinchuuriki were all standing there, easy for all of us to see. Please note, this was before he showed Tobi how his jutsu works. I already showed that in the link above.

    3: It stands to reason that once someone has been revived by Edo Tensei, they can’t be revived again by someone else at the same time. After all, a person only has one soul, so two Edo Tensei summons of the same person cannot logically exist at the same time. If however – as some of you are suggesting – Tobi could use Edo Tensei himself, and if you could use it to summon someone who has already been summoned by someone else, then why didn’t Tobi just summon Madara himself? The fact that he didn’t in itself is substantial proof that he couldn’t have resummoned the Jinchuuriki if Kabuto already summoned them before, which is precisely the case.

    I believe all the points I made above make my point pretty clear. I really don’t understand many of these theories that have been coming out lately, because some of them completely ignore or contradict what is clearly happening in the manga. X____x

  41. @pein..

    my comment about Tobi’s mask.. when Naruto hit the fire/magma jinchuriki… he wasnt fighting Tobi, but it was tobi’s mask that cracks when Naruto hits the Chakra Rod.. Tobi said his mask was special.. this new one was made for war..

    im curious towards seeing his mask crack even further when all 6 paths are taken down..

    just wondering if anyone else feels this way or noticed it too?


  42. @all: I’m going to pull a flip-flop and side with Tenrai again. I will then abstain from further stupid remarks. Maybe.

  43. tenten i agree with ya they obviously edo tensei summons, but tobi has simply overridden control of them by using the black chakra rods plus the rinnengan.

    p.s. guess this battle debate is comin down to the single comments made by myself and darks haha…

  44. @ Debate,
    Neji has every bit of intel he needs about Shino thanks to the byakugan.
    He’s fast, super super precise and has great long range jutsu as well as deadly short range hits. Plus the rotation to stop incoming bug swarms.

    On the other hand we have shino who is a very calm and calculated shonobi who can use his bugs as clones, defensive purposes and of course for attacking, cornering and draining chakra from his victims.

    So both shinobi base there attacks on stoping or draining chakra as a win card.
    And while I admire Shino for his wits and strategy I’m gonna side with Neji on this one for 2 main reasons:
    1. He’s a jounin
    2. He has hex eyes (we all know hex eyes cannot be beaten except for Naruto or stronger hex eyes(Yeah Sasuke I talking about you)).

    Examples of hex vs hex:
    Itachi vs Kakashi
    Itachi vs Sasuke
    Itachi vs Nagato
    Sasuke vs Danzou

  45. Oh yeah, almost forgot. I know Tenrai is trying to be a diplomatic person as he always is and will never discredit someone on there comments or opinions but just as he said: Pleas stop posting theories that have nothing to do with the manga and are pure fiction.

    I support the fact that we should speculate on future developments and try our best to figure them out, like: Itachis’s gift, Sasuke’s EMS, Tobi’s identity , who is in the secret coffin, and so on.

    But when we have solid proof there is no need to try and read hidden messages that are not written with invisible ink by kishi on the manga pages.

  46. @spillz I LOVE YOU MAN! lmao no homo… i DID NOT notice the crack, i just thought tobi was annoyed they figured it out, but I knew there had to be some reason why they showed Tobi’s face up close… but then again idk… he made the mask for war as in saying its not fragile or easy to break. He told Naruto after Naruto tried to break it stating it was hard and Tobi said it was made for war so it won’t break easilly…
    Tobi made that mask before the war… apparently that mask is linked to the chakra rods as spillz stated. The “former jinchurriki” summons Kabuto did were probably done as a hype error, to get ppl like “oh man the former jinchurriki!” but i’m sure that was an error. If The beast ARE in the jinchurriki, imagine Kabuto dispelling them, the beast are going to go on a rampage and i’m sure Tobi is smarter than to risk anything of the sort… But If the mask is linked to the chakra rods, then Tobi ALREADY had them set… BUT BUT BUT i just noticed something.

    Maybe the chakra rods are linked or not… usually in manga when there is a crack, you would see the “sound effect” of the crack you know the big black sign LMAO… but in other pictures of Tobi there are other “cracks” in his mask too… so idk if that was a crack or not, we’ll see next week if it is.I can tell Bee is going to have some kind of flashback with him and that girl Yugito even though i pray they don’t because i really don’t care about their love story, but i still think they aren’t edo tensei otherwise Naruto wouldn’t be worried about the chakra rods because if they take out the chakra rods then they would still be able to move because they would still be “alive”. He’s fighting them like he fought the peins, as dead bodies. Naruto had experience fighting edo tensei users already so he would have thought that since they are alive it wouldn’t be the same way. Why else does Tobi need the chakra rods in them? To control the dead bodies, they aren’t “alive” or “revived”…

  47. ok this is simple, they are edo tensei zombies. if they weren’t, tobi would have had to put chakra rods all through out their bodies to make them move, just like nagato did. however, since they’re zombies, they can move on their own and the single chakra rod is most likely being used to take immediate control away from kabuto. tobi controls these specific bodies through his rinnengan abilities and naruto is trying to destroy them so that he doesn’t control them in the same way nagato did because that’s how he thinks they need to be fought. idk if that’s correct in this instance..but we’ll see.

  48. “tobi would have had to put chakra rods all through out their bodies to make them move”

    No, Nagato only did so to be able to control his Paths from a distance. Tobi is always with them so he doesn’t have to do so.
    Remember Nagato thought he could control Naruto after shooting one rod through Naruto’s gut? ^__^

    As for the rest, yes Kabuto summoned them and Tobi controls them with the rods. If the rods are taken out/destroyed Kabuto regains control.
    The Jinchuuriki don’t have their Bijuu’s because they can only transform into a one tail state. They have a small portion of their power, the same amount Naruto had pre time skip when he fought Sasuke at the valley of the end.

  49. BTW Tenrai,

    I thought the top two frames of the following page would be fun to use in a bubblition;

    Apart from the obvious “I baked you a cookie and I ate it” jokes I thought some fun could be had with it. just my 2 cents.

  50. @Baron

    I always appreciate and welcome suggestions. Thanks. @___@

  51. Well, I dont think its that impossible that Kabuto dispelled Edo Tensei to give Tobi full control. The chakra rods could be coming from the gedo mazo itself for all that we know, thus the possibility of regaining jinchuriki powers.

  52. baron- yes of course i do remember that, but that was a similar situation because naruto had the bodily ability to move on his own, the same way the edo tensei zombie’s have the ability to move about on their own. nagato’s paths were dead bodies, the rods are literally the only reason they could move. rods in their lips gave them the ability to move them and talk, rods in their arms let them move their arms and so on and so forth is what i meant

  53. @ baron..

    who is to say the jinchuriki zombies dont have their full bijuu powers.. their first fight.. and by the end we see a full form 8tails.. so why wouldnt it be possible that next month we see full forms the 6 jinchuriki’s?

    also tobi has the 1tail raccoon gaara’s bijuu.. i miss that crazy voice.. [anime] …its snowing on my screen…


    BYAKUGAN ☼_☼


  54. @spill: y’know, I think that’s something we’ve all be looking for since we first saw the 3 Sannin fight with their summons. It would be better than “Monster Island” to see them all whipping up on each other! That would be cool, but for some reason I doubt we’re going to see it. Hope I’m wrong!

  55. “who is to say the jinchuriki zombies dont have their full bijuu powers”

    Nobody, but it stands to reason as Tobi would be foolish to put all the Bijuu power he collected back into dead people ready for Kabuto to control. Tobi isn’t that stupid.
    Besides, they don’t need it seeing as how difficult Naruto and Bee already have it fighting the Jnchuuriki’s with the Rinnegans shared field of vision and the Sharingans motion predicting.
    Tobi’s paths are in every way more advanced than Nagato’s.
    They can’t be destroyed, they can use all their techniques, they have a lot more power, they’re faster and more agile and Tobi can back them up if he needs to.

  56. this next chapter will show if their zombies of kabuto or not if naruto can successfully destroy the black chakra rods…

  57. @Joey

    I’ve already proven that they are alreay Edo Tensei zombies and I’ve also already shown screens where Kabuto summoned them. If that isn’t proof enough, then I have only one question left to ask.

    If they were summoned as Edo Tensei zombies by Tobi and not Kabuto, then why would Tobi need chakra rods to control them?

    I think that question in itself, implies all it needs to.


    While I certainly agree that Tobi would be foolish to put each bijuu’s full power into each respective Jinchuuriki he controls, there is also a reasonable chance that this is simply a case of extreme villainly hubris.

    Perhaps Tobi simply thought there was no way he could possibly lose this battle. Of course, he would still be stupid to do it, but it wouldn’t be the first time we would have seen a villain’s pride precede their rational thought. Lol.

    In saying that, if Tobi is as calculated and methodical as he seems, then he should have been cautious enough not to do something like that. X___x

  58. You guys are still looking at the edo tensei all wrong. Edo tensei can revive a person with every bit of it’s power from the moment that person had DNA collected from itself.

    How the hell do you guys think Madara has so much power now that he’s resurrected. Kabuto went and procured portions of his DNA from when he was at he’s peak, implying that he’s peak was just about the same time he died. He himself said he achieved the rinnegan shortly before passing away.

    So it stand to reason the powers he has now were his own before he died, only he was to weak or too wounded to use them. But now that he’s an Edo Tensei zombie he can use his body to the full capacity and even beyond that as Kabuto said.

    So the next examples are Nagato and Itachi. Seeing as both were dead and with no eyes after there passing how do you think they were brought back with there eyes in there proper place seeing as both there eyes were now Sasuke’s and Tobi’s.

    Simple the Edo tensei revives a person with it’s full capabilities form the moment there DNA was collected and from what Kabuto said there might even be room for improvement on the zombies now that he achieved a level even greater then Tobirama or Orochimaru in using the jutsu.

    Sooooooooo the point I was trying to make about the jinchurikies is that they still have the bijuus inside of them because that’s what there blood contained when it was harvested by Kabuto.

    Even the Kin Jin bros could use the kyuubi cloak at 4 or 5 tails, can’t remember the exact number. So if the Kin jin could use the chakra they had while they were alive in there resurrected form what doubt do you guys have the 6 paths jinchuriki can’t use there powers and bijuus seeing as they were full out jinchurikis and not hybrids like the Kin Jin.

    Also Tenrai said it 3 or 4 times now that the jinchurikie were Kabuto’s original summons and not Tobi’s and the only real use of the rods is, as Dish said, to override Kabuto’s control over the summons, that and with the aid of the Sharingan assures Tobi’s full control over he’s new paths simply for the fact that he doesn’t trust Kabuto to keep he’s end of the deal and might take a chance and turn the jinchurikies on Tobi himself.

    It’s actually pretty str8 forward if you ask me and this things have been explained before, so I don’t get where all the confusion and speculations are coming from.

  59. @ Baron – I doubt he put all the chakra back into the bodies but I have a feeling since Chakra regenerates he was able to put some into the bodies and the bodies would begin to generate it alone after, as we seen they only showed a single tail in each so to think that they are full capacity is not been proven yet…

    Out of the jinchriki that bug flying one seems the coolest to me 😉

  60. @Eugen

    It was just stated in the latest chapter that Tobi made new Jinchuuriki out of the Edo Tensei Jinchuuriki that were revived.

    This in itself suggests that Tobi must have reinserted some of their Bijuu chakra back into them from Gedo Mazo. I also originally assumed that the Jinchuuriki revived might have retained their former Bijuu power that they had before death, but recent evidence suggests that isn’t the case and that Tobi simply returned some of their power to them post postmortem. O_o

    It stands to reason, as Pein suggested, because when we first saw them as the new six paths, they were standing in front of Gedo Mazo.

  61. @ Tenrai, the Hachibi says “he turned them into jinchuriki again after reviving them”, but it doesn’t state that they dind’t have the bijuu chakra inside them or that Kabuto himsalf made it so they would retain the bijuu chakra after resurrection.
    It’s very ambiguous and the way the Hachibi says it makes it sound very obscure seeing as they were already Jinchuriki.

    As I said the Kin Jin still had the Kyuubi chakra inside them after there resurrection so that must mean Kabuto also could bring the new jinchurikies to life with there respective bijuu chakra inside them.

  62. To add to the last statement:

    As i stated before, it’s very important when the DNA was collected, so I might be wrong speculating they were resurrected with there full abilities.
    Kabuto might as well have collected the bead bodies of the Jinchurikies after there beasts were extracted.

    As I stated there are a lot of variables that only Kishi can clear out, but what the Hachibi said has no logic seeing as he doesn’t know weather or not the bijuus were inside the jinchurikis from the first moment they were brought back to life.
    Further more, why would Tobi risk all that chakra when he knows he need all of it to revive the Jiuubi.

  63. @Eugen

    You said yourself that there are many variables here that only Kishi can clear up, yet you were the one who first insisted that, and I quote, “You guys are still looking at the edo tensei all wrong.” That seems like a bit of a contradiction of ideals to me.

    In any case, I’ll address some of your other points.

    “As I said the Kin Jin still had the Kyuubi chakra inside them after there resurrection so that must mean Kabuto also could bring the new jinchurikies to life with there respective bijuu chakra inside them.”

    You need to remember that with cases like Nagato’s and Itachi’s, both had their eyes removed after they died, not when they died or before. The Jinchuuriki, on the other hand, died because their bijuu were removed, therefore we can surmise that their deaths came about AFTER their bijuu were removed from their bodies. There is a clear difference between these two cases, because one involves loss after death, while the other involves loss before death.

    Now, if we go by the suggestion that the state of an individual at the time of their deaths determines the state in which they are resurrected by Edo Tensei, then it makes it easy to identify why Nagato and Itachi would still have their doujutsu (both still had their eyes at the time of their deaths) and why the Jinchuuriki wouldn’t have their Bijuu anymore (none of them had their bijuu at the time of their deaths because they were already removed).

    Even the Gin-Kin brothers, who you used as a reference in your comment, still follow this idea, in that they also still had their Bijuu chakra at the time of their deaths, unlike the Jinchuuriki who had their Bijuu chakra extracted beforehand. There is no evidence to suggest that the Gin-Kin brothers ever had their Bijuu chakra extracted from them before they died, so there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t still have it after being resurrected by Edo Tensei.

    “Further more, why would Tobi risk all that chakra when he knows he need all of it to revive the Jiuubi.”

    As Baron suggested, Tobi may have only given each Jinchuuriki a part of their Bijuu chakra again. He may not have necessarily sealed a full bijuu into each of them. There’s also the possibility that Tobi is simply extremely overconfident, and believes that he cannot lose this battle. Hubris is something we’ve seen in many villains and it often leads to their downfalls.

    The third possibility is that Tobi simply feels cornered and realizes that he is losing this war and that if he doesn’t act now, his Moon Eye Plan won’t succeed regardless of whether or not he risks using his Bijuu on the front lines. It is somewhat similar to the alliances predicament of choosing whether or not to use Bee and Naruto on the front lines, is it not? In both cases, they were a last resort, and in both cases, each side’s hands have now been somewhat forced into taking that gamble.

  64. Well, here I go again, because I really think that what I said has reason to stand up. How would Tobi give back the powers to the jinchuriki? He needed all of Akatsuki members to extract that chakra, he would need all of them to regain them back, and he cant afford to lose such important chakra. So there´s where I think the chakra rods play an important part, as they have to be conected to the Gedo Mazo somehow. You people say that Tobi´s mask has to do with the chakra rods, then thats the way he can “permit” HIS summons to obtain chakra form the statue at his will. Eat it or beat it XD

  65. @ Tenrai
    ” Now, if we go by the suggestion that the state of an individual at the time of their deaths determines the state in which they are resurrected by Edo Tensei, then it makes it easy to identify why Nagato and Itachi would still have their doujutsu (both still had their eyes at the time of their deaths) and why the Jinchuuriki wouldn’t have their Bijuu anymore (none of them had their bijuu at the time of their deaths because they were already removed).”

    What you said here is very important because it implies the fact that Edo Tensei follows a very strict set of rules, and from what you said, those rules being that a person resurrected with Edo Tensei will automatically be brought back to life with the skills and powers he/she had up until the moment he/she died.

    I for one contradict this statement because it’s too much of a gamble seeing as DNA changes with time and progress. In this case a 7 year old Naruto portion of blood will not resurrect a dead Naruto at he’s Prime because there’s no information in that chain of DNA to speculate future progression and power gain.

    The most logical theory I came up with, and stand by, is that the Edo Summons come back in the state they were at the time the DNA was collected.

    Now there’s a chance the DNA of the jinchuriki might have been collected after there deaths, but we don’t know that for sure.

    I am contradicting myself now and I do concur that I might be wrong about them having the full bijuu inside because frankly I can’t know something like that but neither dose anyone else. So unless we know for sure when Kabuto gained there DNA we wont know if they had the bijuu from the get go or not.

  66. @ Nike, there is meaning in what you say, but also keep in mind that Tobi probably has a great deal of Chakra seeing as he can use a Saringan and a rinnegan in perfect sync.

    Just look at Kakashi and his state after using Kamui a couple of times, Kakashi who’s the 1st Hokage candidate.

    That means that Tobi has Senjuu and Uchiha blood fused into his body, thus boosting his overall chakra to that of what Naruto or a jinchuriki might have.

    So resealing that chakra wouldn’t be that much of a problem for him, only it would probably take him a lot of time even as it is, on his own.

  67. @Eugen

    “I for one contradict this statement because it’s too much of a gamble seeing as DNA changes with time and progress. In this case a 7 year old Naruto portion of blood will not resurrect a dead Naruto at he’s Prime because there’s no information in that chain of DNA to speculate future progression and power gain. The most logical theory I came up with, and stand by, is that the Edo Summons come back in the state they were at the time the DNA was collected.”

    You forget that Edo Tensei isn’t just about DNA. It is about bringing back someone’s soul from the afterlife. So, you can’t only consider the state of their DNA, but also the state of their soul at the time of their death. We’ve seen evidence that already shows that a shinobi’s soul is likely the container of their power and jutsu, or is essentially linked to it in some way. This was suggested when Hiruzen sealed part of Orochimaru’s soul (his arms) and it stopped him from being able to use jutsu.

    Your DNA theory is flawed because putting a bijuu in someone does not necessarily change their DNA structure, just the same as implanting someone else’s eyes doesn’t necessarily change it either. If I get a heart transplant, does that suddenly mean my DNA structure throughout my entire body has suddenly changed? No, it most certainly doesn’t.

    Going by that, how would Edo Tensei be able to discern someone’s power, jutsu or strength purely by their DNA alone? Logic says it can’t, after all, if I work out 12 hours a day at the gym, my DNA will still be the same as it would be if I sat at home watching TV all day. If I played chess to improve my thinking skills, or read a book to learn more about cars, or practiced archery to improve my accuracy, my DNA would still be the same as it would have been if I chose not to do any of those things. So no, I do not believe that DNA determines the state of those resurrected by Edo Tensei with regards to all their skills, jutsu, looks, memories or fluffy monsters stuffed inside their tummies. That is all determined by the soul being brought back, if you ask me.

    In either case, I was presenting a hypothetical “what if” in my previous comment. Nothing about Edo Tensei is 100% certain in any case.

  68. @ Tenrai, I guess there’s no point in turning this small debate into something that doesn’t belong on this blog and we’ll agree to disagree.

    In any case I can relate to your last statement and until we find out how this jutsu works 100% there’s no point in throwing ideeas on the table for nothing.

  69. @Eugen

    Yes. In a sense, we are just debating about a jutsu that is essentially still a mystery in many ways. But I suppose any debate or discussion is better than a dead blog. Lol.


    The breakdown will be out tonight or tomorrow, depening on how my time goes.

  70. How are Naruto and Bee Going to separate the Jinchuruki, to take them on one on one? Have any (new) path exposed their power? I’d go after the one that can use all the elements (I think he is the four tail?) Bee will most likely use the ink-blot jutsu to cover the whole battle-field. Naruto will switch to Sage mode as not to be seen by the enemy. Naruto would use frog kata to fight the sharigan.

  71. @wiseman

    From what I can tell, Bee’s plan is to burn down the whole forest. I don’t know why, or how it will help with the Rinnegan’s vision sharing, but he must have something up his sleeve.

  72. So is it a biju-bomb that Bee is going to use?

    I just though of something, Is it possible for Madara to use his new paths to help in extracting jinchuruki? The new paths have limitless and powerful chakra, can they be used as a the other rings?

  73. @wiseman: i dunno, a spinning chakra tentacle thingy would be kinda cool. Don’t want to overspam Bijuu balls just yet… wait, that didn’t sound right.

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