Bleach Chapter 474 – Believe it for it is True!!

Ahhh New Chapter day, probably my 2nd Favorite day of the week only second to Frisatsunday… Where we get to divulge on new theories, awesome battles and twists! Lots of Twists… This week we seem to be getting another tailor “mind fing” from good old Ginjou… Though this seems to happen on a weekly basis now, I still find what he does and how he does it fascinating but lets not get ahead of ourselves, lets begin from the beginning…

… It would seem Chad and Inoue will be returning to normal, with Urahara returning to the battlefield… This I am sure for most Bleach fans is a mouth watering prospect we would all love to see. Though he battled Aizen in the prequel to Decide, many fans then felt hard done by Urahara’s lack of battle time and the mystery of his Bankai etc.

Kubo also brings us back to this point to give Ginjou’s words validity… We know that Ginjou isn’t just trolling Ichigo by revealing fake information at least… Another interesting point to ponder is Urahara calling Isshin useless, we know that sacrifice had to be made to give Ichigo back his ability and as a reader of Bleach one must think, could Isshin being told to stay back be for the purposes of Urahara to keep the father away from his son? Or has Ginjou mind games worked on me?


When I read this page the little voice in my head screamed “FINALLY!!”

How long have we waited for Ichigo to just say this to Ginjou, to keep his resolve more then 5 seconds and actually remain unfazed by this enemies taunts… It doesn’t often happen, I think Kubo got stuck in a rut drawing the same “Ichigo’s been mind f$%ked face.” Finally we see him say what we as the reader feel he should but this is a problem too.

Everytime Kubo has mind F’d Ichigo in the end it remained like that, it was all just lies by the enemy/villain, but now with this resolve I wonder if Kubo just wants to “it wasn’t as it seemed” on us again… Which seems to be his favorite niche. Its been used so much that it actually seems redundant now and we can usually predict the outcomes.

There is a lot of info to digest so instead of re writing Ginjou’s words I will put it in neat little bullet point… @___@

1.) The Substitution Badge is not what Ichigo believes it is… Also it has another name @___@

– This has far reaching consquences and quiet mind boggeling, we see from a flash back that this can be true but could Kubo have really planned so far ahead!

2.) Ukitake was in fact behind all of this…

– Now if you been reading Bleach for longer then a week this may come as a surprise, the nicest most peaceful guy behind this cunning plan, but if you read Bleach for over a year you may begin to see the pattern… If a dude’s a complete @$$hole he probably actually really good… (Renji/Byakuya) if they seem nice and peaceful they probably the Devil! (Aizen/Ginjou etc)

3.) Functions of the Badge… (not authority)

– Controls the holders Reiatsu, by absorbing portions of it. Even Ichigo’s Fullbring training gives hints of the Badges true ability. Hearing the voices and feeling the reiatsu.

– Keeps track of the holders position and what exactly he has been doing etc.

There is maybe more to this, but I believe this is the most relevant. All others seemed to just further confirm Ginjou’s words.

The new Villain?

Ishida was quite usefull tool in this chapter, Kubo used him to give a 3rd person perspective on Ichigo’s mind and usually this would all be spot on…

The chapter ends with Ichigo showing the strength of his resolve and bring out the *kick@$$*KAI!!!

That’s all there is to it this week…

Pein Out ^:_:^

~ by pein0avenue on November 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 474 – Believe it for it is True!!”

  1. First, can someone say mind screw.

  2. I don’t understand whats so bad about this. Ichigo is outside of soul society. He’s there to help them, to keep order in one town. It makes sense that they would have a way to monitor him and keep him under control in case he ever went insane or decided to use his power for bad things.

  3. @ gangly – I think its more oppressive force of the Soul Society, plus it took a picture and I think 2 words from Ginjou to make Ichigo go all gun ho in the first place and distrust his friends (Urahara) and Father (Isshin)

    Also the his Reiatsu is being absorbed and I have reason to believe that could in fact kill Ichigo eventually…

    I think we building to something Aizen mentioned earlier about Soul Society, the “king” when he was finally defeated he used words like how could you serve it etc. We may have a situation where more and more suspicion is cast onto the SS 😛


    The two pages after this would seem to suggest something darker in SS, and I would like to think that Kubo (like he played out the Subs Badge) Had a Plan for just this moment to occur…

  5. New Chapter is out

    Ichigo’s new bankai looks awesome. Got to hand it to Kubo, he at least knows how to draw.

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