Bleach Chapter 473 – Enemies in the Dark!

Awe all Bleach followers… *sees two people sitting in the hall, one is Tenrai eating all the cheesecake*

*cough cough*

Anyways, this weeks chapter was actually pretty awesome! It showed Tsukishima’s abilities true weakness and Byakuya’s loyalty to Ichigo <_< yeah I was confused here too @___@ but I feel I am getting ahead of myself…

We begin again with Kubo reminding us that he can in fact draw a moon, this is increasingly evident by the fact that at the beginning or at some point in these chapters we see the moon… Weirdly drawn O_o

After that we return to where we left off, Byakuya and Tsukishima having a short exchange… I find it funny that Tsukishima did actually change Byakuya’s memories, making him believe that it was thanks to Tsukishima that Byakuya could become the man he is. However Byakuya’s loyalty (Love) for Ichigo seems to over ride Tsukishima’s ability.

Kubo then just reminds us of how much of an @$$ whooping Xcution got from our friends the Shinigami, with the exception of Rukia, all Victories went to Team Soul Society. Though this slow build seems to be entering the climax, Kubo has purposefully given Xcution more and more success slowly as these battles continued… We went from Ken-chan’s one hit KO to Byakuya needing to hurt himself to win, gradually the power of Xcution been increasing as the battles intensified slowly…

Rukia battle is the most interesting since I believe that Riruka transferred herself into Rukia’s mind. This is at least a build up of things to come…

MORE BLANK PAGES ULTIMATE ATTACKS !!! I must say as this series goes on I enjoy Ginjou more and more, he seems to see things we either thinking (as the reader) or haven’t even started to contemplate but once brought up has profound concequence. Like now, Uryu seems to be having a tea party somewhere again or maybe he lost his arm, but the whole double team of Ginjou seems to be over rated with only Ichigo’s ego fitting in the blank frame @___@

When Ginjou mentions Tsukishima’s death, or near death, I think he has a brilliant in sight into Ichigo’s mind, using this as an opportunity to weaken our hero’s resolve and truly what has Ginjou truly done wrong. Stolen a power that he put effort into creating, changing Ichigo’s friends minds was never gonna be permanent etc. Ichigo not fighting a traightor like Aizen now and even when Ichigo was weak enough to be easily killed Ginjou let him live….

What is Ichigo still fighting for… Where is Uryu…. Do we have a situation of 2 girls one body going on…

All these and more exciting Questions will be answer next time on…

Dragon Ball Z




~ by pein0avenue on November 18, 2011.

6 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 473 – Enemies in the Dark!”

  1. Its out its short its Bleach <_<

  2. FIRST b*****s!! great breakdown pein!
    Oh, I loved Ginjous evil-face at the end. He is going to rape some minds.

  3. Segunda Espada: Baraggan Louisenbairn…
    Well I dont know what the fuck is happening in this manga. At least I can read the breakdowns to try to comprehend.

  4. third

  5. Four is Death !!!

  6. Anyone else think that since they all shared a bit of their power with each other that Ginjou is about to use the bit of power he got from Tsukishima to manipulate Ichigo and Uryu?

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