Naruto Chapter 563 Breakdown: Kishi sure knows how to pull off a cliffhanger no jutsu…

Ah yes… cliffhangers. What a strange creation they are indeed.

If someone were to ever ask you what exactly a cliffhanger was, then I suppose the description given by ‘Urban Dictionary’ would prove to be the most suitable explanation.


Noun; The annoying last part of a dump that just won’t let go…”

Oh wait, that’s not the right one… but… I guess it seems to fit well enough, doesn’t it? I mean, there’s nothing that can induce a heart attack quite as well as reading your favorite weekly manga – which is turning out to be epic – only to have it end at the most exciting and promising moment, while leaving you in a fanspasm-induced coma. It’s downright gut wrenching! It’s even worse when you’ve just learned that you won’t be saved by the grace of a new manga in the following week, which means you’ll be left hanging on the edge of that “cliff” for that much longer.

Kishi, why do you torture us so?

Luckily, one thing I can say for certain is that this week’s chapter was, indeed, epic, so Kishi definitely delivered on that front. I guess at the end of the day, that is what matters the most, so let’s get on with the breakdown!

P.S. After this exercise, I have decided it is safer not to defer to Urban Dictionary for explanations on everyday words. <_<

Light travels faster than sound. That's why sometimes people appear bright at first, until they open their mouths...

So, the most epic battles in the Narutoverse up to this point have finally begun. The battle between the Five Kage and Madara for starters, which started off nicely with the Raikage and Mizukage taking the lead against the alliance’s greatest foe to date.

I must say, Kishi has done a great job in the last few chapters building up to this monumental battle in the manga and, as a whole, he has definitely elevated this war arc from seemingly mundane levels of enjoyment, to a whole new level of adrenaline pumping excitement. It was even enough to bring Kisuzachi back from the dead, and that in itself is saying a lot.

*Hugs Kisu and welcomes him back to WRA.* <_<

Kisu's reaction after being hugged... <_<

Leaving the build-up aside, the battle itself up to this point was definitely impressive. The five Kage are doing a good job of showing their worth and why they are considered to be the strongest from their respective villages. The best part about all of this is that it seems almost certain that this battle won’t be interrupted by Naruto or Bee at all, which means we’ll truly get to see some of our favorite characters go all out.

It’s more than I could have hoped for. Everything was going so well. The battle was awesome, the epicness was tangible, and the Mizukage was showing Madara just how hot she could be. But then, the unthinkable happened; an event that would scar all those who had witnessed it for many years to come. The mountains shook, the birds cried out in anguish and my cheesecake burst into flame before I could even eat it. T__T

It was… something my eyes would never allow me to forget…

I wonder what Pickles would have to say about this. X__x

I have only one question to ask… What the hell was Kishi smoking when he drew this panel? O_o

Did he fail to notice the blatantly suggestive nature of this image? I mean, for heaven’s sake, it looks like Gaara’s mom is ‘getting it on’ with Tsuchidaddy like there’s no tomorrow. Was this some sort of cheap ploy to throw Madara off his game? Were they wearing protection? If not, what will the babies look like? Why is Gaara’s mom on top? And how can Gaara keep a straight face through all of this craziness?

I suppose this is just one of those mysteries of the universe that simply cannot be explained. Any reasonable amount of thought on the matter might cause a brain hemorrhage in any case, so perhaps it is best for us to simply let it go.

Luckily, everyone was able to keep enough composure to give Naruto one very last and important message…

Buy your Lottery ticket today!!!

What I liked about this chapter most of all, was the way Kishi has focused on the theme of correcting the mistakes of the past and securing the future as well.

Madara represents the past, and the cycle of hatred that gave birth to the shinobi system that had fueled wars for so many ages. For the five Kage, they feel as if it is their duty to right those wrongs and to destroy the remnants of the mistakes made by their forebears. By erasing that past, they will also break the connection to that hatred that has seeped down through history.

For Naruto and Bee, they are facing Tobi who represents the future and a world that will continue to exist in the grip of hatred if they don’t do something about it now. Much like it is the Kage’s responsibility to correct the mistakes of the past – a past some of them were also partly responsible for creating – it is also Naruto’s and Bee’s responsibility to lead them into the future, as they represent the next generation who will influence the world.

And so, a mighty clash begins to determine the fate of the world…

The most important battle in Naruto so far is innitiated with!!!!!.... a headbutt. O_o

It’s the face-off of the century – literally – and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It also looks like Tobi’s mask might break from Naruto’s headbutt no jutsu, which only just makes me that much more excited. The only question is, what do you guys think will happen now?

In any case, that’s all from me this week. All that’s left is for me to go through the formalities of presenting the winner of last weeks caption contest, as well as the new caption contest for this week.

Last weeks winner:

Kan10: You’ve activated my trap card!

Well done to Kan10. That was a very clever entry that I would have never thought of myself, to be honest. Of course, only those who have watched Yu-Gi-Oh! might understand it. Arpotu, you came a very close second, so well done to you as well.

And, as you suggested, here is this week’s bubbliton screen.

*Insert possible caption here.*

There, now you can all have fun with Kishi’s hentai no jutsu. Just try not to go overboard… please? I know how you people are. <_<

*Realizes his request will likely be in vain.*

Well, I’ll see you in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 15, 2011.

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  1. FIRST! Awesome breakdown XD

  2. Second! Now to read the breakdown 😉

  3. Thank you Darks. ^ ^

    *Hears crickets chirping…*

  4. Man, you rock, great breakdown! Now for some lame bubble appetizers:

    Bubble: Yes, put in some extra pepperoni please.
    Caption: This is how Pizza the Hut was made.

    Bubble: No, you´re doing it wrong!
    Caption: Elemental mating, not so easy with no ears.

    Bubble: Look, she´s gently rubbing his arm!
    Caption: When you thought you had seen everything.

  5. 4th I think 😉

  6. Bubble: Is Susanno fist pumping in the background?

    Caption: He wants in on this!

    Awesome Breakdown Tenrai as usual.

    Really hope I can last one more week 😦

  7. @Floatingdreamer

    If I could survive the wait for Skyrim, then I can survive anything!!!! @__@


    Bubble: Hey mom. Remember how you told me to warn you if I saw dad coming? Well…

    Caption: Infidelity. That’s no ordinary Susanoo in the background…

  8. Lol, great breakdown Tenrai..

    Wow, these last couple of chapters were just.. wow, there are now words.. Kishi is, dare I say it, on a hot streak right now.

    By the way, Happy Two Millionth WRA!!!!

  9. Nacho! (that is spanish for “nine”, right?)

  10. @arpotu … Nacho? Thats as if I said:
    “Fork! (Eso es nueve en ingles, ¿verdad?).”
    ^^^ Insert random english word here.
    You were joking, right? XD

  11. @Tenrai Skyrim? Never heard of it >____<

    *crawls into hole because of embarrassment

    Uncharted 3 is where dreams come from ^_^

    Anywho, hopefully the plot holes in the story get explained since I'm still wondering why Naruto isn't tired after the clone dispersed?
    My prediction is the focus to be on the kages and then the battle with Naruto and Tobi will commence. I'm wondering how Naruto will fair against Tobi. It's all so exciting 😀

  12. Yes, I was playing 🙂

  13. Well I’ll be… I won?
    Let’s see if lighting will strike twice.

    Bubble: “I… need an adult?
    Tsuchikage: I am an aduuuuuuuuuult!

    Bubble: Now rub his arm. Good, good. Now sniff him a little…
    Caption: The Five Kages new take on “bringing the villages together.”

  14. Bubble: Gaara: I think I know now why Dad turned out such an evil asshole!
    Caption: Suna women! Hot like the desert but don’t you ever look underneath the underneath!

  15. Hey guys. I decided that maybe it would be cool to get a bit of an interesting discussion going. So I have a question for everyone.

    Who is your favorite character in Naruto and why? It’s not about top ten lists, just your absolute favorite and what makes them appeal to you so much. It should be interesting to see everyone’s answers and how they compare. @____@

  16. @ Tenrai – Favorite Character – Pain, Powerful, cold and made sense what he said in a twisted sort of way… he is for me the most rounded villain in Naruto and pretty awesome at that 🙂

    Least favorite is Tsunade….

  17. Well, my favorite alive character is Kabuto. I like that sneaky bastard since the very beginning. The battle with Tsuande helped and also that he was the sidekick of Oro, who was awesome too! Naruto comes second ;).
    Then, my fav dead character is Jiraiya. I cried when he died, nuff said.
    My least liked character is Juugo and that other bitx of the “hawk team”, Suigetsu might have a chance of redeeming himself yet.

    Bubble: Gaara: When he said he was preparing a “Momma on the rocks” I wasnt expecting that!
    Caption: Susanoo´s cocktail party, be prepared, he is no ordinary bartender.

  18. Favorite character, without a doubt, has to be Itachi. I honestly think he had a chance to be The strongest shinobi ever if he hadn’t been such an amazing person. how many people suspected he was really a good guy the entire time? a true shinobi if ever there was one in this manga. and as young as he died, he is still an all time great n what’s scary is he could’ve been better.

  19. Master Jiraiya. He seemed like the most relatable person to me. He always tried his hardest, and he messed up big. He was cynical at the beginning. He was just a pervert making adult books. A far-cry from what he used to be. He felt like he was never worthy of titles such as teacher or Hokage. Even in the end he was commenting on his failures, until he got to Naruto. The one thing that rose him from the dead (spiritually and literally) was that bright little fire of hope that he saw in Naruto. In a way, we are all looking (or already have found) for that bright little fire of hope that we can use to keep going through our path of life. That one thing to look forward to in life. Instead of just being a perverted sage going through the motion of life with no end in sight. Jiraiya was a tragic hero. He didn’t want much. Never had a wife or child (that we know of). He created one of the most powerful villains in the Narutoverse (Pain) and one of the most potentially powerful heros (Minato- who’s reign was cut short because of his sacrifice at around 30 something years of age). He was really good friends with Oro and he couldn’t bring him back, so that must had major effects on his lone-wolf complex (always roaming around, not really journeying with anyone). I’ll talk more later, gotta go to class.

  20. @wiseman

    A very interesting answer. I enjoyed reading that and the depth you gave as to why you liked Jiraiya so much.

    But, I can see the connections you are making. I guess a lot of us think of ourselves as being nothing special and we all have regrets, but we can never underestimate the influence we may have on those around us. No life is lived without consequence and no action is performed in vain, because everything we do has meaning in some way or another.

    But what I loved about Jiraiya the most was just how supportiv, fun and yet strangely wise he was. He wasn’t just a teacher, he was a father figure. Stern when need be, and yet fun and inviting any other time. @___@

    I’m getting all sentimental now. *Sniff.* T__T

    *Hugs random WRA member and then bursts into flames.*

  21. *jumps into a nearby puddle of tears, dousing the flames.*

    Man, I need to watch where i walk around here, one wrong turn and I’m in a hug from hell!

    Kisame. Hands down. The shinobi of shinobi. Always looking for the truth, chasing his destiny, trying to find a place where he belongs. Powerful enough to take a tailed beast one v one….and win. Versitile and able to adapt to different circumstances, both in battle and throughout his life. Loyal more than any other, sacrificing his teammates, even himself, in order to complete the mission. A shinobi you can rely on to get the job done under any circumstances. Plus he had an effing bad.ass. sword that had a taste for blood and battle that rivaled his own.

    Yup. Gai was right, he was a shinobi worth remembering for the rest of your life. Living and dying by the way of the ninja.

  22. Orochimaru, I just found him extremely cool. A true villain in the sense that he had just one goal: learn every ninjutsu and thus become the most powerful shinobi. Not in the least shy to experiment on himself, while working mostly alone. Did not care for anybody but himself. Obviously great at ninjutsu and perhaps the most knowledgeable character in the series regarding kinjutsu. His affliation with snakes makes him even cooler as snakes are just awesomeness. His body was seemingly indestructable; getting split in half doesn’t hurt, and he could retrieve the Kusanagi sword from his throat.
    An additional feat of his, imho, is that in the anime scenes that include him always had intense music.

  23. Bubble:
    This is wrong on so many levels.

    It’s just two levels,.. And I’ve seen wrong,.. This isn’t wrong… Not by a long shot… Remember two girls one cup?.. That! was wrong.

    I’ve seen enough Hentai to know where this is going.

    Than why are you still standing there… Captain Pickles?.. Is that you?

    — Parental Advisory —


  24. “Why is Gaara’s mom on top?”

    Who says it’s Gaara’s mom…. Remember his ‘aunt’?

    Yeah, I just went there. Mindf*ck five!

  25. “so perhaps it is best for us to simply let it go.”

    LOL. That’s not what ‘she’s’ doing!

    I can Rock this all night long,.. Get it?.. Rock? ^__^

    ‘She’ get’s it. >__>

    (Sorry people, been watching a little too much of Barney Stinson)

  26. My favorite is always going to be Itachi. He was one of the most powerful shinobi and a great example of self-sacrifice. But what I love the most of him is this certain simplicity in his thoughts despite being hailed as a genius. While still a teen and hard-pressed to find his place in this violent, politically dominant world, used for the silly little powergames of the council and his own family and being suddenly thrown into a world of criminals and confronted with the hatred of those dear to him, Itachi didn’t care about anything of this. Through all of this he still just wanted to protect his most precious thing, the one he loved so much to sacrifice everything for him, die a villain even: his little brother.
    Such a strong bond between siblings is a fairly rare and wonderful thing.

    Also, I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with the Uzumaki family, namely Naruto and his parents. Their family life would have been so nice to see, but this young family was destroyed by death just after it was formed.
    Still, the few panels we have seen an interaction between them were somehow really comforting, like that’s what a family should look like. Those chapters were really nice to read.

    Ahem! *hides manly man-tears*

  27. A Scanner Darkly did this to me:

    I had my self a little adventure while I was watching the movie. Really nice. Really nice.

  28. Aside from that, I am keeping myself busy with tons of projects and test reviews, while I wait for this next chapter to get under way. After seeing the more detailed drawing of Naruto head-butting Tobi in the chapter discussion, I think Kishi is going to flip the script and change to a different scene. My money’s on Itachi vs Kabuto. Itachi is going to hypnotize Kabuto to release the Resurrected zombies before decapitating him.

  29. baron!! haaaaaahahahahaha those entries literlally had me laughing out loud, especially “gaara’s aunt” hahaaa that was awesome.

  30. Bubble: Gaara: Apparently mother has something else to teach us.
    Caption: Birds and the Bees. Pfft! The “ultimate” defense is where it’s at.

    Yes, I have returned on my birthday appropriately. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! *shoots Tenrai for old time sake*

  31. *eats the projectile*

    Happy birthday Kanton, even though I am probably late.

  32. Happy Birthday Kanton!

    I would like to propose an idea at an attempt to spark some conversation for all manga on the blog and maybe get some comparison’s going.
    Well first off, I lied. This idea came from IRA. So here goes nothing:
    There would be an extremely brief breakdown of the weekly manga with a poll from 0-10 stating how much you liked the chapter. And that way, we can spark some discussion and battles between the manga.

    I posted this in the Naruto breakdown because it is the only place where it could be seen.

    Thanx and cheers ^_^

  33. I’d be up for it, if only to get some actual life in the One Piece thread.

  34. Happy B-Day Kanton, sorry for the late reply, hope you had cheese cake!!
    MMMMMM Cheessssssseeeeeee Cakeeee.

  35. *Eagerly awaits spoilers.*

    Why must these things always take so long? T____T

    And where’s the cheesecake? <___<

  36. @ Tenrai, do you have any info on early spoilers??

  37. @Tenrai and everyone 😀

    What do you think about this comment. I was browsing the discussion thread at mangahelper and i saw this one.

    “Ehh… Kishi has left a door open. Muu definitely ‘took longer’ to recover from Naruto’s hit. If an ET zombie gets hit by something even more powerful such as a FRS then it may take even longer, or may even reduce them to a point where they can’t regen at all. Not saying that’s what WILL happen. Just saying that Muu’s ‘slow regen’ makes it a possibility.

    And I too think some people are making too much out of Tobi’s 6-Paths. At this point it is up to Kishi – but we have already seen that the 6 Paths jutsu starts off with LIMITED puppets. Nagato’s Pains could not whip out any and every jutsu that Nagato could. They were, in fact, limited to only ONE power. Period. Yes, they were still powerful – but they were not all simply extensions of Nagato. Preta could not use Deva’s powers. Animal could not use Human.

    There is no reason to believe that all the Jinchuriikis that make up Tobi’s Pain Paths…
    1. Still have thier Jinchuriiki powers. None of the puppets Nagato made were using thier old powers. Why should we assume the Jins will? They might still have them, but they might not.
    2. They might not have any special Sharingan powers at all except the ‘basic’ stuff that comes with any Sharingan.
    3. They might not have MS powers of any kind. We haven’t seen MS in any of them yet.
    4. I’d lay odds that they CAN’T use Izinagi, regardless of whatever else they can do.
    5. There’s no reason to think they can warp around like Tobi can in any case.

    Well, I could continue but I’m highly doubtful that the Jin-Pains are all that and a bag of chips. Tobi himself said “it isn’t how I’d like it”. I really doubt they’ll be the dematerializin’, teleportin’, full Rinnegan spectrum flashin’, EMS usin’, Susanoo spoutin’, Ameratsu blastin’, Izanagi rezzin’ monsters that some people think. ”

    I am so excited about the spoiler but i guess it won’t be out early as tomorrow or Wednesday. It should be out tomorrow since there’s no chapter this past week. So everyone can have something to talk about the oncoming chapter. 😀

  38. I forgot to include in that post above. How did Naruto got a chance to headbutt the man behind the mask? Isn’t he intangible or something or he just doesn’t know that Naruto is in his way and didn’t noticed Naruto coming? I hope we’re near on revealing who’s the man behind the mask. 😀 I still betting he’s not from Uchiha but from Senju/Uzumaki clan. 😀 or Hashirama himself. 😀

  39. @Eugen

    I haven’t seen any spoilers yet, but I’ll keep checking now and again until I find them. @____@


    Remember, we learned from Tobi’s battle with Konan that he cannot remain ethereal indefinitely. He can only use that technique for five minutes at a time at the most, so it stands to reason that while travelling normally, he won’t waste it unless necessary. Naruto probably just took him by surprise, that’s all. Let’s not forget how fast Naruto can move…

  40. I doubt Tobi is Hashirama, Hashirama was a pretty peaceful kind of guy :I and his hair wasn’t rough like Tobi’s long hair version and short… so i doubt he’s hashirama

  41. @ Pisbol, just as Tenrai said, Tobi must have been caught by surprise by Naruto and maybe even more so due to his speed and the way he looks, it might have scared him a little bit. Remember Kyuubi’s reaction to Naruto’s first transformation into the Kyuubi chakra mode: “Rikudo Sannin”.

    We’ve seen Tobi has a great understanding of the sage of six paths and that might have been the first thought that crossed his mind while being headbutted with the speed of light by Naruto.

  42. First signs of spoiler coming out,yet not much we can say about chapter:

  43. Spoilers are starting to come out, but they are short and not translated yet.

    Still, check back every few minutes and there is sure to be more before we know it.


    *Reads first English line.*

    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I WAS RIGHT!!!!! (Along with all the other people who had the same theory as me).

    *Lightning strikes in background.*

    Take that Baron, and Pisbolman, and other people!!!!!

    *Eats all the nonbelievers.* @___@

  45. Oh wait. The English translation disappeared now, so perhaps it wasn’t accurate. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the full summary to know for sure. T__T

    *Regurgitates all the nonbelievers he ate until further notice.* <__<

  46. *Wipes Tenrai’s stomach fluids from my body with eyes and mouth poppping out ala-anime.* 😀

    Hmmnnn.. It’s out now the full spoiler just a few seconds but the english translation is not yet posted. I think it’ll be out a few minutes too.


    The man behind the masked doesn’t need to have the same hair as they were before as that of Hashirama’s. I know it sounds impossible in the manga. 😀 And about the peaceful guy thing. Yeah anyone can change feelings for example Nagato who has Yahiko’s ideals but turned out the other way.

  47. First!!! 😀 Spoiler full summary translated. 😀

    *Eats Tenrai for being late* 😀

  48. Oppsss!!! Sorry! So excited about posting the spoiler i forgot to paste the link. LOL!!

    *Regurgitates Tenrai and then eats him again* 😀

  49. Come on!!! *Regurgitates Tenrai again as the translation is not confirmed* T_T

  50. Tic tac toe. Pisbolman got four comments in a row. O_o


    Anyway, it seems that first spoiler I saw was a fake, which is a pity because I was quite excited about it. Even still, the confirmed spoilers promise a good chapter regardless, albeit one that still doesn’t give us the answers we desperately crave.

    It should be an awesome battle though from what I can tell. I can’t wait for it to come out. @__@

  51. @Tenrai

    Lol!! I know.. I am so effing excited for the new chapter to go out. But still to no avail. It’s 2:39am in the morning here already and i am going to sleep now. T_T I’ll just read it when i wake up. 😀

  52. Its out!! Quite awesomeness involved, though doesn’t seem to answer too many questions about Tobi’s identity. Still badass nonetheless.

    I hope we get to see this battle through without being cut off, but then again, there’s so much badassery going on I think I’d be okay with it.


    I love Tobi’s reaction in the bottom right when he finds out his charade has been blown. I like to imagine he said it in a way like Ricci Riccardo via South Park.
    Really, is there anyone in the Naru-verse who isn’t massivley annoyed/pissed at Kabuto?
    I like how Itachi is being an actual ninja and keeping the hell out of sight during all of this.
    And I wonder how right Naruto actually is/is not on Obit… I mean Tobi’s eyes.

  54. At the top part, tobi’s eyes are like ‘not sure if trolling, very stupid.’

  55. The new chapter was very good and I can tell this will be an epic battle. We didn’t get the answers we wanted yet, but I have a feeling that will come soon enough. Still, I guess the mystery around who Tobi is, is part of what makes him such an enegmatic villain – it makes you want to see what happens next.

    I really have no idea who will win, who will lose and who or how things will play out from here. I guess that’s a good thing. Lol.

  56. ZOMG i know everybody is talking about tobi BUUUUUTTTT what about the nine tails!!! did you not see his reaction??? i have a feeling that he’s going to help naruto. After all naruto is the FIRST to like the ninetails and not hate him EXCITED FOR NEXT WEEK!!!

  57. New chapter was great and I can’t wait to see what Fu (seven Tail jinchuriki) & Han (five tail jinchuriki) can do , also Yagura’s jutsu is a very useful one and to some degree it reminds me of Haku’s skill.

    The fact that Naruto gained the approval of the Kyuubi might make for a great ending page to a future manga where Naruto and Bee are in dire trouble and when all hope feel’s like a dream to far to dream for, BAMMM the Kyuubi Bursts Out of Naruto with Naruto in full control and with Tobi’s mask cracking because of the awesomeness that is Naruto.

    And after Naruto and Bee whip Tobi and the former jinchurikis to bloody pulp, Kishi ass rape, Sasuke comes in to finish the job and kills Tobi and challenges Naruto to the final showdown.

    To witch Kakashi will intervene at the final moments and probably loose his life due to the uncontrollable Rampage he’s been on for the later part of this year.

  58. So, now we know that the only real reason the Kyuubi is so cranky is because nobody ever showed him some love.

    I mean, the poor guy is just used and abused like an old doormat that collects the dust outside your house entrance. Between being mind controlled by Madara, used like a dog on a leash by Hashirama, being sealed into Mito, being impaled only a floating ball/waterfall inside Kushina and then being controlled by Tobi like a mindless toy, Kyuubi has never had any say in where he goes or what he does. On top of that all, no-one likes him. No-one ever tried to think about his feelings or how it affected his life. He just exists for everyone else to use, or I am sure that is at least how he sees it.

    I guess a Bijuu is treated just as badly as their Jinchuuriki hosts often are, as weapons or monsters that don’t have a soul of their own and nothing more beyond that. If I was treated like that, I would be cranky as hell too. So here Naruto goes and says that having a Bijuu sealed inside him isn’t all bad, which is like saying that the Kyuubi itself isn’t all bad. I guess that’s the first sign of acknowledgment the Kyuubi has ever received from anyone, in a sense.

    So yeah, the moral of the story is, nine tailed demonic foxes with the power to level cities are just people too, you know. Kisu would probably disagree, but that’s because he doesn’t hug enough trees. 😛

  59. @ Chapter – It was pretty awesome, must say that they other hosts seem pretty amazing and I think Naruto and Bee are gonna struggle…Tobi also seems very confident in himself and his motto’s and sayings are making me think that he is of the current generation @___@

    @ Kyuubi Turning Good – We have seen it enough in the manga, so to be honest I am not really relying on any twists here, basically Naruto will make the “mass of hate and chakra mallice monster” into a soft puppy that will let Naruto stroke its belly… Though I don’t like it, its more of a meh what eva lets move on 😛 people are so ficle in Naruto now adays… well the villains 😛

  60. @Ten
    I’m afraid I have to disagree in Kisu’s stead.
    The Kyuubi wasn’t even capable of rational thought before being sealed in Mito; It was just a rampaging beast. If it somehow maintained rational thought after being free’d, even if Naruto “Changed” it, I have to believe it would go back to leveling villages anyway.

  61. Yihhhhha. The first part of the chapter was sheeeeeeit but then awesomeness came back!

  62. @Amatarasu

    And what proof do you have that the Kyuubi was just an irrational or mindless beast before it was sealed into Mito? None whatsoever. To assume it was just a mindless beast before then will never be much more than an assumption until we have evidence to prove otherwise.

    You talk about the 9-tails as if it was just a savage monster that attacked villages on a whim, but if you look at the facts, the only time the Kyuubi has ever been seen attacking a village is when it was being controlled by someone else. It has never once attacked a village by its own volition, from what we have seen, so this whole statement of yours where you say “I have to believe it would go back to leveling villages anyway” is based on nothing really.

    We have never once seen the Kyuubi in a state where it was incapable of intelligent or rational thought, unless it was being directly controlled by someone else, such as Tobi or Madara. Besides that, there are no other parts in the manga that have ever depicted the 9-tails as a mindless beast. In fact, as far as I am concerned, there’s a good possibility that the Kyuubi is the most intelligent of the Bijuu we have seen so far.

    In saying that, however, your argument still doesn’t disprove what I said in either case. Even if the Kyuubi was only capable of rational thought after it was sealed into Mito, it still doesn’t counter what I said about the Kyuubi being used by others as nothing more than a weapon, or that he was never seen as anything more than a monster, now does it?

    Either way, the tone of my previous comment wasn’t actually a very serious one in any case, but I don’t mind a debate when it presents itself to me. Lol. @___@

  63. @ Tenrai and Ame – Thing is what you both trying to do is prove religion… there is only one situation where we had seen the kyuubi attack freely, was with Minato, also when naruto is taken over… he has a lot of hate and wants to kill that is proof that Kyuubi has hate in it, but we also have no other records of the kyuubi attacking… Also we have proof from previous tailed beasts, ie the 8 tails only stopping their violent tendancies for Bee or Yugito the other…

  64. @Pein

    By the time Minato fought with the Kyuubi, the latter had just woken up in the middle of a warzone being attacked by half of Konoha. By then, it’s understandable that the Kyuubi would have harboured a lot of hatred towards the people who had kept him trapped for what was probably over a few decades.

    Once again, that attack on the village was Tobi’s doing, not something the Kyuubi innitiated itself. Either way, by then, he was already hateful and cranky anyway, because of being used, messed around and abused for so many years, which is what I was going for in my original comment. @__@

  65. I think most of us can agree on the fact that we want to see kyuubi and naruto get along. I personally would like Naruto to give some kind of inspirational speech about the kyuubi having kinda become one of his precious people ( only less corny lol).
    But that was not the only surprise this chapter: Could someone please tell me how the hell the Jinchuuriki can summon their beast’s power?
    Also, I have a feeling that, if Naruto, Bee, Hachibi and Kyuubi wanna survive this, they will need to work together on this one.

  66. @Dmaxxx

    It seems Kabuto can control the state of the person he resurrects to a degree. For example, when he resurrected Madara with Edo Tensei, he stated that he revived Madara’s body from a time when he was at ‘his peak’ (I.E. when he had the Rinengan).

    This suggests that, given the right amount of preparation, Kabuto could have also revived the former Jinchuuriki’s bodies from a time when they still had their Bijuu powers. It’s the same as reviving Nagato with the Rinnegan or Itachi with the Sharingan even though their eyes were removed after death. That’s how I see it, in any case.

    Anyway, I would also like to see Naruto and the Kyuubi finally get along. I mean, at least then, even when Naruto feels like he’s facing the world alone, or carrying a burden that’s a bit too much to handle, he’ll know that there is always someone there no matter what, rooting for him. Kinda like how Hachibi is always supporting Bee. I also think their conversations could be quite funny and also very interesting.

  67. “*Reads first English line.*

    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I WAS RIGHT!!!!! (Along with all the other people who had the same theory as me).

    *Lightning strikes in background.*

    Take that Baron, and Pisbolman, and other people!!!!!”

    Hahahahaha, what a nice way to jump the gun there Tenrai. ^__^

    It’s like I always say, don’t believe anything until it’s been officially denied.

    True story.

    But anyway, I can guess what the fake spoiler said and I have this to say about it. The more people believe that theory the less likely that theory is correct. Sometimes I feel Kishi is reading those spoilers and predictions as well and grabs the opportunity to completely mindf*ck us. OK, Madara in the coffin was predictable but other predictions and theories haven’t even come close to the real thing.

    Besides, Tobi saying he is “No one” probably means… That he’s…..

    Clint Eastwood!!!

    The man with no name… Get it?.. >__>

    “This suggests that, given the right amount of preparation, Kabuto could have also revived the former Jinchuuriki’s bodies from a time when they still had their Bijuu powers.”

    Or it’s the fact that Jinchuuriki mix their own chakra with the Bijuu’s inside them so when they had their Bijuu’s extracted their chakra didn’t differ from the Bijuu anymore.
    Gaara and the Lightning brothers are good examples of this. Gaara is still able to control sand without having the Shukaku in him and Ginkaku was even able to transform into his version of a 6 tails Kyuubi.

    “It’s the same as reviving Nagato with the Rinnegan or Itachi with the Sharingan even though their eyes were removed after death. That’s how I see it, in any case.”

    Kabuto explained he needs the DNA of the deceased. DNA holds the secret to the eyes (and the rest of the body) pre- and postmortem.
    The only thing that’s odd is that Itachi was revived without blindness, which is logical because the Edo Tensei is DNA based, but Nagato was still a cripple. Nagato should have been revived to the physical state he was in before he fought Hanzo because he wasn’t born with a DNA defect.
    When he absorbed Bee’s chakra his legs healed.
    Perhaps Edo Tensei is limited by the amount of chakra used meaning Kabuto decided not to perfectly revive Nagato as Nagato would be powerful enough with the Rinnegans powers.

    “I personally would like Naruto to give some kind of inspirational speech about the kyuubi having kinda become one of his precious people ( only less corny lol).”

  68. “I personally would like Naruto to give some kind of inspirational speech about the kyuubi having kinda become one of his precious people ( only less corny lol).”

    It came to me, my own, my love… my… preciousssss.

    Something like that?

  69. This chapter… was so powerful, i actually got a sense of fear of when he just suddent started laughing then said “You can call me by my old name Tobi if you want, if you prefer. The war has already started call me whatever you want!” then Naruto asked, “Who are you?” and he responded “I’m no one, i don’t want to be anyone.” which had pierced my soul a bit from that cold conversation and his “face expression” even though we can’t see his face but the angles and eyes were truly sinister…
    What I HATED THOUGH… It felt like Kishi said “Fuck you Joey… FUCK YOU” when Tobi put his hand on his mask and said “If you want to see what is under my mask…” And i had to go to the next page to continue… I thought he was going to reveal his face and it be like “END” but NO, the bitch wanna say “You gotta work for it” I said “FUCK YOU KISHI… thats why you got raped by monkeys!” … but it was kind of epic… even though now that this is going to be a pretty enduring battle, i won’t be able to see Naruto destroy that mask. I hope the fight isn’t too long just because I want to see what lies under that mask. SHOW ME what is under that mask THEN will i care about the real Madara and all the other fights… until then, I don’t care about those fights, this mystery has been going on FOREVER! sick of it >8I… *Done with the tantrum*

    I still think he’s the juubi… he did say “i’m no one” i mean of course that could mean it doesn’t matter who he is, but i really think he meant it in the sense of he isn’t even human… i mean he went through life during Madara’s time and is still able to move around and maintain youth, and use space time ninjutsu. Apparently during Naruto’s kyuubi mode Tobi can’t use space ninjutsu and slip through because maybe it won’t work.

  70. It’s interesting that Tobi mentioned that naruto should have slipped through him, I wonder if the Kyuubi chakra cloak is too dense for even Tobi to slip through or if there is another reason behind such an occurrence.

  71. @Baron

    I blame fake spoilers.

    Anyway, on your points about Edo Tensei revivals, I don’t completely agree with your hypothesis about it just being based on DNA.

    Remember, neither Nagato or Madara were born with the Rinnegan, therefor the Rinnegan was not a natural part of either of their DNA structures. Both of them acquired it through other means at some point in their lives, but it was never part of their original DNA structure to begin with.

    Madara obviously used Hashirama’s cells to help him elevate his sharingan to the Rinnegan and Nagato, who is an Uzumaki, was given the Rinnegan through external means as well, according to Tobi. Yet they were both revived with the Rinnegan.

    So, I believe that Kabuto can manipulate the state in which his Edo Tensei summon’s are revived to a degree and that it isn’t just purely based on their DNA. Remember, although he needs their DNA to perform the technique, he is essentially bringing back their souls and not just their bodies. The state their souls are in at the time of their deaths probably has more to do with how they are brought back than the state of their DNA.

    It’s also logical that an individual’s power and jutsu are connected to their souls in a way. I say this because when Hiruzen sealed part of Orochimaru’s soul away (his arms) he lost all use of his jutsu, even though, physically, his body wasn’t altered in any way beyond that.

    As for your points about the Gin-Kin brothers and Gaara, that is relevant to a degree, only with Gaara, we have seen no further Ichibi transformations in him since he lost his Bijuu. We’ve seen that he can still manipulate sand, but we haven’t seen him use any Ichibi claws, etc, like we did when he fought Deidara and we most certainly have not seen him sprout a tail.

    I believe the Gin-Kin brothers were unique in their ability to transform because they absorbed a large amount of the Kyuubi’s chakra when they ate its flesh. But for normal Jinchuuriki, when they have their bijuu extracted, all that chakra that belongs to that Bijuu is being extracted as well, it isn’t just being left in the body and that’s why a Jinchuuriki never normally survives the ordeal (because of absolute chakra loss).

    The Gin-Kin brothers, on the other hand, never had anyone rip their Bijuu chakra out of them, so it stands to reason that they would have never lost their ability to transform for any reason. In the same vein, I think Gaara’s ability to manipulate sand has more to do with his own chakra growing accustomed to that power while he had his Bijuu than it does anything else. What makes these other Jinchuuriki so strange is that they aren’t just able to still use their Bijuu powers or techniques, but rather, that they are still able to transform into their bijuu forms to a degree, which is an ability Gaara hasn’t shown since having his bijuu removed.

    We also know that Bijuu transformation requires cooperation with the Bijuu sealed inside one’s body, which is why Naruto has yet to transform as well (and also probably why Gaara can’t anymore), so how can the other Jinchuuriki transform if they don’t have a bijuu to cooperate with? That’s why I believe the state in which the other Bijuu were revived has something to do with that ability.

  72. @Baron: Actually that’s a conversation he should have with Yami Yugi ehm Naruto.
    @Jinchuuriki discussion: We have only ever seen Gaara keep some of his beast’s power after it was gone, haven’t we? If we go by that, then Naruto could keep his regeneration after kyuubi is extracted. Is that even kyuubi’s specialty? I think no other Jinchuuriki had it. Gaara for sure didn’t.
    Anyways, that was kinda off topic. Tenrai, maybe Kishi himself didn’t think this through, it makes no sense that Nagato remains crippled if kabuto could just choose a time where his body was stil intact. So the Jinchuuriki must have incorporated some kind of transformation in their original fighting style for the Edo Tensei to allow it. Maybe that’s because they are all older than Naruto and Gaara and had more time to grow accustomed to the Bijuu’s presence. Bee may just be a special case. He gets along with the Hachibi so he can ask him directly to transform…

  73. Oh, also. This is the second time Tobi referred to himself as nothing, or just a shell. Maybe some of the strangest theories out there are true and Tobi is the “evil side” of Sasuke from the future or something. Heh, he could have split himself with Muu’s jutsu. God, that would be really bad 🙂

  74. @ Tenrai/dmaxx – Well I think the rebirth of the Tailed Beasts within the bodies of the hosts may have something to do with Tobi more then Kabuto, remember when they where first connected to Tobi they stood in a line with Gedo Mazo behind them? So maybe Tobi allowed some (not all) the beasts chakra into the bodies…

    – Tobi Theories — His identity is truly in many ways a driving force behind this manga, Kishi won’t reveal it for a very long time… Or at least this battle 😛

    @ Kyuubi Turning Good – Truly not my fav theory 😦 to be honest, Naruto over coming the darkness of the Kyuubi is awesome but now its like we can all live happily ever after which is annoying to me since in most places besides fairy tales happy ending aren’t real… but then again one of my fav sayings is

    “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
    Orson Welles

  75. The kyuubi doesn’t necessarily have to be “good” just have a connection to Naruto, since Naruto has that effect on people. Of course he can’t be Sasuke’s “evil side” that makes no sense -.-… and of course he isn’t from the present generation, he had connections with Madara and the past. He apparently never ages, and his body is not a real human body, so of all things that counts out Obito, Sasuke’s “Evil side”, Hashirama believed in dividing power as opposed to Tobi wanting to have absolute power and control. Nagato’s “peace” system tied into what he already believed when he was still under Yahiko. Yahiko wanted to be the “God of this world” and that is also what Nagato wanted, so Nagato didn’t “change” because he still had good intentions just in a absolute way, that was his way of gaining peace. For Hashirama to be Tobi would go against everything Hashirama believed in so he’s excluded. Like I said before, if all Tobi needs is chakra then he could easily use all the tailed beast and use Mugen Tysukiyomo, but apparently Tysukiyomo has connection with the tailed beast which again is why I say those powers of the senju and Uchiha comes FROM the tailed beast. Who said he split “all” the power to the tailed beast? He already has senju and Uchiha blood, so all he needs is the tailed beast to become “whole” again. He did mention the rinnegan was “his” just taking back what was his, and i’m sure he wouldn’t take out his own eyes, give it to someone else and trust them to follow through with his plans of reviving akatsuki for him. He OF COURSE didn’t give the eyes to Nagato, Nagato activated them while in danger as you SAW for yourself in his history of how he obtained the rinnegan. Tobi didn’t “give” the eyes to Nagato. He had to regain HIS eye which is why he has the sharingan in one eye now, and the rinnegan because apparently they both have different abilities. So the ocular jutsu must be the results from the Juubi itself. The sage’s ocular abilities creating the moon came AFTER he absorbed the Juubi. The sage of six paths didn’t have the rinnegan as his own eyes, those were the juubi’s abilities, CLEARLY you can see it in the Juubi’s eyes. The juubi had the eye of the rinnegan and the sharingan hybrid and it was red like a sharingan. So the rinnegan and the sharingan comes from the juubi, which is why the Uchiha are cursed with hatred and power because the eyes are directly connected to the brain and influences you, if you learn that in psychology. The Senju had the juubi’s chakra(that they could handle) which you CAN do like Naruto had to extract the chakra and not the mind of the kyuubi, and the sage’s will of fire. Tobi has to be the Juubi because no one can claim what was activated by another person without their help as “his eyes”, it’s only logical. His body is fake, he has both senju and uchiha chakra in him, he can’t be a scientist because seeing how much Orochimaru discovered and Kabuto discovered he was shocked. Tobi has to be someone we all know already otherwise he would be a bullshit character which would fuck up the story. the only logical answer is him being the Juubi, he has the mask already of the juubi’s eye. Who knows what the Juubi’s eye looks like? NO ONE… ALSO, why does he want Sasuke and Naruto to combat with eachother? Sasuke is an Uchiha, Naruto is a Senju. He wants Sasuke to “evolve” and he didn’t want to capture Naruto “yet” until now, so there had to be a reason…

    As far as jinchuriki goes… who said the bodies were brought back with the bijuu??? Tobi HAS the bijuu so i’m sure he could easily put the bijuu in the bodies. Like someone mentioned before, he was standing before the medo gazo

  76. @ Joey Lengendd – Wow that is a long post, a few questions though…

    Are you saying that the Tobi is the Juubi the 10 Tailed Beast? Only problem with that is… What the hell is happening with the rest of them, If the 1-9 Tails are portions of this beast how is it that he can still exist?

    Also why only act now, if we look at this long history why only act right at the end… he would of had many years to take up the power of the beasts… plus with Madara vs Hashirama he would have the perfect Naruto vs Sasuke situation…

    In the end it would take up a lot of time putting out theories and Kishi better have an awesome answer, I am not sure how he will reveal it to us but I think that when we see who Tobi is our minds will be blown (that is what I hope) Juubi theory to me is the same as the 6th Coffin theory of the Original Sage of Six Paths…

    I believe that Tobi is current generation or at least mid between Danzou and Itachi’s… I think he is around Kakashi’s age if not slightly older… but one thing I am doubting at the moment… is he an Uchiha… That I feel skeptical about 😛

  77. @Pein

    That’s actually a very good observation. You may be correct that it was Tobi himself who returned a bit of each of the Jinchuuriki’s powers back to them, which may be why they can still transform. It’s as good a conclusion as any I’ve heard so far, and certainly the most plausible.

    As for Kyuubi becoming good, I don’t think he will be good as in fluffy, squishy and huggable. I think he will always have a cynicle or sinister streak to him, but he may just become less hateful. I think there will be a form of respect between him and Naruto and that will eventually evolve into a friendship of sorts, kinda like Hachibi and Bee, and I really like the relation between the latter two so I could see it working for the 9B duo as well.

  78. The juubi’s body was sealed in the moon… who knows what the Juubi can do, apparently the body is of some importance. We don’t know why he acts now, maybe things are in place. The other bodies of the bijuu are pure chakra while the juubi actually had a body. He had years to do it… but he wasn’t strong enough to fight Hashirama, the third raikage and so forth. He had to regain some of his power. He influenced Yahiko to form Akatsuki, and later made their misson to capture the bijuu. So he didn’t act “at the end” it was a long process he has been planning. He had other strong ninja go out and collect these beast for him because he couldn’t do it on his own. Now he is merely complete to the point he can do it on his own as you can see he is confident in capturing the 2 remaining beast by himself. He has to be older than Kakashi because he was alive during Madara’s time apparently since Madara made mention to him, so he had to have been around for a long time. He seems to maintain his same age, with a prosthetic body. So his body is not real. He can FULLY use Gedo Mazo as a weapon without injury unlike Nagato. He claimed the rinnegan as HIS. First of all, Nagato was OLDER than Kakashi, and for Tobi to claim the rinnegan was his all along, he had to be OLDER than Nagato to even “give” it to him, so even if he isn’t the Juubi, he is still well over Kakashi’s age. Use timeline. I’m using little clues he gives to assume he is the Juubi and you can’t really deny my theory, because it explains MOST of the events that happened and his abilities, and his plans with the moon’s eye and the juubi. The Obito theory cannot explain any of that, the Hashirama theory can’t explain it, or any other theory there is… i heard them all and they don’t explain as much as the juubi theory does.

  79. “Well I think the rebirth of the Tailed Beasts within the bodies of the hosts may have something to do with Tobi more then Kabuto, remember when they where first connected to Tobi they stood in a line with Gedo Mazo behind them? So maybe Tobi allowed some (not all) the beasts chakra into the bodies… ”

    Hmmm,… Why didn’t I think of that.

    Excuse me while i punish myself with 30 whiplashes….


    “The juubi’s body was sealed in the moon… who knows what the Juubi can do, apparently the body is of some importance.”

    Probably a lot of scary things. That’s why the Sage sealed him. As in, locked him away. As in, no way he’s getting out unless he calls up Sean Connery to get him out of ‘The Rock’…

    “The other bodies of the bijuu are pure chakra while the juubi actually had a body.”

    False. The ‘complete’ Kyuubi has a body completely made of flesh and skin.

    “He has to be older than Kakashi because he was alive during Madara’s time apparently since Madara made mention to him, so he had to have been around for a long time.”

    We don’t know at what time Madara died. Madara mentioned Nagato too so for all we know Madara met Tobi shortly before they approached Nagato and gave him the Rinnegan (which is quite possibly Madara’s Rinnegan).

    “He can FULLY use Gedo Mazo as a weapon without injury unlike Nagato.”

    Gedo Mazo didn’t have the chakra of 7 tailed beasts when Nagato summoned it.

    “because it explains MOST of the events that happened and his abilities, and his plans with the moon’s eye and the juubi. The Obito theory cannot explain any of that, the Hashirama theory can’t explain it, or any other theory there is… i heard them all and they don’t explain as much as the juubi theory does.”

    You’re just clutching at straws here.
    If Izuna is Tobi that would explain a lot (more than the Juubi theory). Knowledge about Madara, the Uchiha, the Senju, the Uzumaki, the Sage, the Rinnegan. His powers and ability to use a sharingan without being worn out (if he wasn’t an Uchiha he would have trouble using it, instead his sharingan is always active like with Itachi). It would also explain one very important factor. Motive. Kishi’s story is all about brothers. A and Bee, Itachi and Sasuke, Sai and, uhm… his brother… But most importantly, the Sage brothers.
    If Izuna is Tobi that would make perfect sense. Was it not Tobi who explained Izuna gave his eyes to Madara? How would you take it if you heard your brother, who you just sacrificed so much for, was going to be exiled for taking what you gave him. Would you be like “meh” or would you stick with your brother and turn on the people that exiled your brother.

    Oh, and did I mention the resemblance in the facial features?
    It has got to be one hell of a coincidence if Tobi turns out to be someone else than Izuna.

    You’re right about the Hashirama theory though. That’s absolute Taurus feces. Not because Hashirama is the reason the world exists as it currently does,… Or because Hashirama started the will of fire hype,… Or because Tobi hates everything about Hashirama,… Or because Hashirama tried to achieve everything through diplomacy first…
    No, it’s because Hashirama is sealed inside the Death God (kinda like how the Juubi is sealed inside the moon ^__^). Ergo, it’s literally impossible Tobi is Hashirama.

  80. @redbaron at the same time… you actually evaded my other saying that “nagato activated the rinnegan on his own, so how can Tobi claim the eyes were actually his when he didn’t actually “give” Nagato the eyes.” … And Like I said before, the ocular jutsus ARE the juubi’s so i’m sure he wouldn’t have trouble using his own abilities. Madara and Kabuto stated that Tobi may not cooperate, i’m sure if they were brothers in crime, then Tobi would fully cooperate with Madara… I’m sure Izuna doesn’t know what the Juubi’s eye actually looks like unlike Tobi who made an exact replica of that eye. Tobi wants the body of the Juubi for a reason at the same time Tobi’s body is FAKE. Kabuto isn’t going to be the main villian i’m sure we all know thats not going to happen. I’m sure one of the final battles is Naruto fighting against the Juubi(Tobi COMPLETE)… Why would Izuna say he isn’t complete? just a SHELL of his former self? (No filling) what is no filling? No chakra. He doesn’t use ninjutsu, why? No chakra. I’m sure Izuna would have used ninjutsu, afterall he and Madara were practically “twins” when it came down to fighting even though they weren’t actual twins. They had Izuna as a support character for Madara and how Madara was the first to achieve the eternal mangekyou sharingan. They added Izuna was dead to let you know what happened to him afterwards otherwise people would be like “What happened to Izuna?” HE WENT OUT ON THE BATTLEFIELD BLIND AND DIED. They never did confirm Madara was dead after his fight with Hashirama they only said he was defeated. They said Izuna was dead… HE’S DEAD. Izuna and Obito are just support characters for Madara and Kakashi nothing more. The only shell I know in the narutoverse is the juubi, the one that CLAIMS the rinnegan as HIS eyes even though Nagato activated them ON HIS OWN WITHOUT ANY TRANSPLANT. I KNOW Tobi is going to say eventually in some epic way “I AM the juubi”… i know alot about storylines and twist because i write them all the time, so I can point out little hints in stories and plot twist…

  81. You forget one thing Madara did mention Nagato after his revival. Also Tobi’s monologue of Madara’s past. I think he’s Cell.

  82. he’s cell? LMAO from dragonballz? Plausible o.O (JK) but if you didn’t mean from DBZ then what do you mean? Tobi had connections to Madara and Nagato and BOTH of them obtained the rinnegan… Tobi has to have some control over the rinnegan in some kind of way.

  83. @Joey

    If you write storylines, maybe you should use that skill to make proper, coherent sentences… >_> just saying.

    I just wanted to say, we shouldn’t say any one theory is completely right or completely wrong because all these arguments are based solely off assumptions and statements from Tobi – who said he was Madara in the first place…But I think I’ll jump into the fray for a bit.

    I think Tobi only needs the body of the Juubi because its body is the only entity that can handle the surge of chakra from all 9 bijuus. Think about it. The Kyuubi’s chakra – when Naruto went on the Orochimaru/Pain rampage – alone is poisonous to the average ninja. It seared Sakura’s skin and internally affected her from just a mere push. For naruto to weild it, he has to disintegrate his skin, and fuse his blood with the chakra. It’s very potent. To be able to weild that kind of chakra times 9 is kinda ridiculous and I just think the Jyuubi’s body has some kind of resistance to it.

    Though I believe you are right: the powers of the Uchiha and the Senju did originally come from the Jyuubi. When the So6P was on his deathbed, he chose to divide his reserves of chakra/stamina/life-force/whatever to his two sons, who eventually became the predecessors of the two respective clans.

    Honestly, the “Izuna Theory” makes more sense than your Jyuubi theory. If he really his the Jyuubi, then that means he must’ve lived all the way to the time of the So6P. That also means that the So6P screwed up. It just doesn’t sound plausible to me. The Izuna theory on the other hand, from baron’s argument, makes sense. Izuna over the generations, in his lust for revenge of his older brother, has become delusional and lost all sense of self over time in his path to achieve his vengeance.

    And the debate about how the previous Jinchuurikis were revived with their bijuu’s chakra, this has been said before but…Tobi had bijuus 1-7 under his belt coming into the war. It makes a lotta sense for him to be able to infuse a part of the bijuus’ chakra into their former Jinchuurikis to give Tobi an edge.

    Though here’s my prediction (technically what I want Kishi to do lol): I think Tobi will succeed in capturing the Hachibi and the Kyuubi and consequently succeed in reviving the Jyuubi. However, Naruto, being an Uzumaki, will survive. The final battle then, will be between Tobi/Jyuubi and Naruto and friends. I think that would be an epic storyline haha 😀

  84. Wouldn’t it be funny if Naruto decided to enter the chunin exams as he is now? Lol.

    Ah yes, I wonder when anyone will realise he’s due for a promotion to a higher rank… <__<


    You've made some good points about the whole Izuna theory and I can most certainly see why it is plausible, but there is one thing I would like to ask you.

    If, as you mentioned, Izuna loved his brother so much – enough to give his eyes to him, or even enough to betray his own clan after his brother was exiled (as you suggested) – then why do you suppose he was so mortified when he saw Kabuto resurect Madara? Why was he so against Madara being bought back and why did he seem to be avoiding the original plan he and Madara apparently shared?

    To me, it looks like Tobi is trying to cut Madara out of the loop. If Izuna is someone who loved Madara so much and was willing to go so far for him, why would those feelings suddenly change? Why would Izuna suddenly become cold towards the very brother he had sacrificed so much for? Izuna's love for his brother was something you tried to use as a motive for his actions, and yet Tobi seems to be acting completely independantly of any such feelings whatsoever.

    To me, that is the biggest question that throws a spanner in the works for the 'Izuna being Tobi' theory. Of course, I still believe it is possible – as all theories are to a degree – but that particular point I just made is still very relevant and makes the Izuna/Tobi theory seem less likely.

  85. @ Tobi being Izuna/Juubi – When Tobi wanted to reveal himself to Sasuke, he wanted to show more then just his eye, he wanted to show his entire face, so Sasuke “knew” he could trust him, if Tobi is someone from before Sasuke’s time then how would he be able to trust him just by seeing a sharingan?

    @ Baron – He may not be an Uchiha, if his eye is always active he may have just stolen the sharingan, and has a massive reserve of Chakra unlike Kakashi 😛

  86. “Izuna’s love for his brother was something you tried to use as a motive for his actions, and yet Tobi seems to be acting completely independantly of any such feelings whatsoever.”

    Ahem… Exchange the word Izuna with Itachi and Tobi with Sasuke.
    That story didn’t go exactly according to plan either…
    And Tobi didn’t act cold towards Madara, he chose the alliance with Kabuto but if he was Izuna then he has already a plan to make Kabuto pay for using his brother. It’s pretty much what an older, wiser and more cunning Sasuke would do if he discovered his brother’s body being used.

  87. @dmaxx3d

    My comment was questioning Baron’s use of Izuna’s feelings for his brother as a motive for Tobi’s actions (assuming Tobi is Izuna), that’s all. It has nothing to do with Itachi or Sasuke, to be honest.

    As for Tobi acting cold towards Madara, we have seen evidence suggesting that Tobi has cut Madara out of his Moon Eye plan, as suggested by Kabuto. We also have evidence that suggests that he was meant to revive Madara at some point using the Rinnegan and yet he has chosen not to do so. I would say that means Tobi has essentially cut Madara out of the loop regarding whatever deal originally existed between the two of them and is, thus, treating the matter regarding Madara with an air of coldness or passiveness. In other words, he doesn’t care about Madara. He was probably just using him.

    It hardly fits the description of Izuna, who gave up everything for his clan and his brother. You used Itachi and Sasuke as a comparison to question my point, yet even Itachi stayed true to his feelings all along and still gave his life to save his brother, didn’t he? Nothing ever changed that, no matter what happened to him – not even the wishes of Konoha swayed him. Conversely, even Sasuke is still acting on his feelings about Itachi, so why would anything change Izuna’s feelings for his brother then?

  88. Hm, with Naruto’s kind words to Kyuubi, and all of the captured Jinchuuriki at one-tail power, I wonder if we’re gonna see a Kyuubi vs Other Tailed Beasts battle? Maybe Kyuubi can convince the other beasts to come over to Naruto’s side. Now, wouldn’t THAT put a kink in the plans!

  89. @pein if that is the case why not show sasuke his face now? He was going to remove his mask so Sasuke could trust him because who would trust some random guy wearing a mask? There is a better connection from seeing their real face, that is why Tobi was going to remove his mask… don’t make things what they aren’t.
    @cranksatnyc why waste time forming perfect sentences on a blog? You can still understand what I type apparently…
    @the whole debate – EVERYONE is still going around the fact that Tobi claimed the rinnegan as his, i’m tired of saying that, because that is something no other theory can connect with besides the juubi… Also like i stated before, Izuna died. He was a support character, his death is CONFIRMED. That is like saying Jiraiya is still alive, or Asuma. Apparently Madara can’t really “trust” Tobi. The Gedo Mazo can hold all the bijuu apparently if you can see that the whole plan was to put the bijuu in the gedo mazo. OF COURSE the juubi can hold all the bijuu… its no special body THAT’S HIS CHAKRA. The Izuna theory is OUT the window, he was just a brother Madara had to gain his eternal sharingan, nothing more. They had a funeral for him and everything. To say Izuna is still alive is saying Elvis Presley is still alive. I do not even see how Izuna’s theory is stronger than the Juubi, you all still never connected Izuna in claiming the rinnegan from Nagato, or how he knows what the Juubi’s eye looks like.

  90. “you actually evaded my other saying that “nagato activated the rinnegan on his own, so how can Tobi claim the eyes were actually his when he didn’t actually “give” Nagato the eyes.” …”

    That isn’t exactly an argument that supports Nagato got the eyes from Tobi. >__>

    “And Like I said before, the ocular jutsus ARE the juubi’s so i’m sure he wouldn’t have trouble using his own abilities.”

    Are they? We have no proof the Rinnegan is the result of the Sage becoming the Juubi’s jinchuuriki.

    “Madara and Kabuto stated that Tobi may not cooperate”

    Kabuto did, Madara didn’t.

    “I’m sure Izuna doesn’t know what the Juubi’s eye actually looks like unlike Tobi who made an exact replica of that eye.”

    Why not? Wouldn’t Madara be able to tell Tobi what the Juubi looked like after awakening the Rinnegan and reading the Uchiha tablets fully?

    “He doesn’t use ninjutsu, why? No chakra.”

    Then how did he summon Gedo Mazo… Summons require chakra. Especially when summoning something as big as Gedo Mazo.
    Remember Naruto was only able to summon Gamabunta after using the Kyuubi’s chakra.
    Every attack Tobi uses requires chakra. So that argument is invalid.

    “They added Izuna was dead to let you know what happened to him afterwards otherwise people would be like “What happened to Izuna?” HE WENT OUT ON THE BATTLEFIELD BLIND AND DIED. They never did confirm Madara was dead after his fight with Hashirama they only said he was defeated.”

    No, they said he died at the valley of the end. Just like Shisui was drowned by Itachi. So your argument is invalid.

    “If, as you mentioned, Izuna loved his brother so much – enough to give his eyes to him, or even enough to betray his own clan after his brother was exiled (as you suggested) – then why do you suppose he was so mortified when he saw Kabuto resurect Madara? Why was he so against Madara being bought back and why did he seem to be avoiding the original plan he and Madara apparently shared?”

    First of all. Was he mortified from seeing Madara or was he mortified from seeing Kabuto summon Madara? There’s a big difference. The fact that Madara immediately mentioned Nagato after being summoned suggests Tobi had planned to have Nagato revive Madara.
    Remember what Tobi said after he heard Nagato had used the Rinne Tensei to revive the victims of Pains blitzkrieg in Konoha? Selfexplanatory if you ask me.
    So I don’t think he was against Madara being brought back. He was against Madara being brought back as a tool for Kabuto. Why would the Juubi or Obito call Kabuto a bastard for reviving Madara? They wouldn’t care about Madara one bit. Sure, Kabuto has a great bargaining chip in hand with Madara as his chew toy but I doubt Tobi called him a bastard for that. Tobi didn’t call Naruto a bastard when Naruto took his (now 2nd) favorite toy away.

    Secondly, you say he seems to be avoiding the original plan he and Madara shared. Do we know what their plan was? No. Didn’t Madara also mention the Infinite Tsukuyomi? Yes he did.
    Looks to me like his goals are (or were) the same as Tobi’s…
    Kinda like, two brothers taking on the world.

  91. “Also like i stated before, Izuna died. He was a support character, his death is CONFIRMED. That is like saying Jiraiya is still alive, or Asuma.”

    We saw one panel that ‘proved’ Izuna had died. Kinda like we saw one panel that ‘proved’ Madara died,.. Or Shisui.

    With Jiraiya we saw several panels, flashbacks, an entire fight and his farewell message before he died. Ditto for Asuma.

    See the difference now?

  92. When shishui “drowned” he really did die… what are you talking about? That flashback of him and Itachi and Shisui giving him that eye happened BEFORE he “drowned” as you can see they were standing by a riverbed… Tobi never called Kabuto a bastard in the manga i read…there is proof of the sage gaining the rinnegan from the Juubi… it is all in the Juubi’s eyes itself, it resembles a rinnegan AND a sharingan. THAT is self explainatory… Tobi only cared about Madara’s revival because that would blow his cover of being Madara himself. As you can see he didn’t care for Madara anymore because he began laughing. He was mortified because Kabuto could ruin his plans for the war if he brought that to everyones attention… He was only able to summon Gedo Mazo because he obtained some of his chakra back… he did collect 7 of the tailed beast afterall… The time Tobi told Konan that the rinnegan was his was truthful. Why lie to someone you’re going to kill anyways? I NEVER said Tobi gave the eyes to Nagato, i was saying he DIDN’T give the eyes to Nagato and used Nagato’s past of when he first awakened the rinnegan as the fact that the eyes were not transplanted, then I posed the question “How can the rinnegan be Tobi’s if he never given the eyes to Nagato?” So therefore, Tobi must be the original “owner” of that power, the Juubi… The juubi is the original owner because the Juubi had the eye itself… … doesn’t that beast resemble Tobi in a way? You DON’T see the sage’s eyes but you see the Juubi’s eyes… Why do the none of the tailed beast have the same eye as the Juubi? The Sage DID split the powers of the Juubi afterall, so where did that mysterious eye go? The Rinnegan and the Sharingan. why does the infinite tysukiyomo reflect the Juubi’s eye off the moon? Reaons… this also strengthens my argument that Doujutsu comes from the Juubi. He REALLY wants to complete the moon’s eye plan quickly and he was going to do that WITHOUT Madara. “All I care about is completing the moon’s eye plan”

  93. In the end, all theories are plasuible. None of them, however, are certain, nor can they be proven as fact just yet.

    Quite frankly, Kishi is at a point in his story now where he could pull just about anything out of the hat as far as the mystery around Tobi is concerned. Hell, he could make Tobi an evil Naruto from an alternate reality if he really wanted to (they do have similar hair… And the lines under the eyes….?). The only limitations are how well he writes it and, consequently, how realistic he is able to make it relative to his plot.

    So, as interesting as these debates are (interesting when we aren’t reading the same points over and over), they are also starting to go around in circles a bit here. I swear, if I see another point about the Juubi’s eyes and Izuna dying but not dying again – the same points that seem to be irriterated over and over – I will burst into flames. Some of you will enjoy watching that, but I’d prefer to avoid it if possible. <__<

    Of course, that goes for me too. Lol. So, now I am going to wash my eyes out with Bleach (not the manga, although that would probably work too…) And then I am going to sleep. Why am I telling you this, you may ask? I blame end of week fatigue. X___X

    *Reminds self to put a battle debate in the next breakdown to try and avoid more Tobi debates.*

  94. Next we need debate + bubble!!!!!!!!!

  95. I just have to mention this since I realized exactly what Kabuto did when he Edo Tensei summoned Madara.

    Without going into all the details of Edo Tensei we all know that if the summoner dies before releasing it that the Edo Tensei summoned person/people do not go poof.

    Now think about this for a second. Kabuto didn’t directly summon Madara, he used Muu to summon him. This means that no matter what happens short of Madara being sealed he will still be around. Kabuto can release the Edo Tensei he cast and Madara wouldn’t be harmed because Muu summoned him rather than Kabuto.

    In fact this I feel is the reason why he summoned Madara like he did in the first place. So that when he eventually has to release the Edo Tensei he won’t be releasing his “Trump Card”.

    Something tells me the Edo Madara is going to be the big bad of the entire manga in the end. Kabuto is probably going to end up being his dragon/Lieutenant.

  96. @Michael/IANRH

    Actually, that isn’t entirely accurate. Muu didn’t use Edo Tensei to summon Madara, he just used a normal summoning jutsu to summon the already revived Madara to the battlefield. Essentially, all he was doing was transporting him to where he was needed, nothing more.

    Remember, Kabuto had already revived Madara using Edo Tensei quite some time beforehand. So, there was no need to revive him a second time. That would just mean having to find more dead bodies to use for the jutsu and that would be a waste of time and resources.

    If Muu was actually using Edo Tensei, he would have surely said the name of the jutsu when summoning Madara. Instead, all he said was “Kuchiyose no Jutsu”, which is a normal summoning tech that many ninja can use. In other words, if Kabuto releases his Edo Tensei technique, then Madara would, in all likelyhood, dissappear just the same as all the others who were revived.

  97. even if Madara was summoned by Muu, if Kabuto dies, Muu “dies” and then so does Madara… If Kabuto dismisses edo tensei then Muu would be dismissed and in turn so would Madara… afterall i’m sure Kabuto puts talismens in the bodies before they go so Muu didn’t directly summon the coffin like someone mentioned before just that normal summoning jutsu. I’m sure Madara was brought back into the storyline to confirm events of the past, and who Tobi is, not going to become a major villain even though he is powerful…

  98. @Pein

    I have pointed that out in the past breakdowns about the man behind the mask not Uchiha. Noticing that his sharingan doesn’t revert to normal eyes even if he’s not in danger or in battle. He got EMS and so as Sasuke is but Sasuke’s EMS does revert to normal eyes. I think his(man behind the mask) eyes were from Madara. Transplanted by Hashirama and then tell the whole ninja world he is Madara and survived the battle with Hashirama. We all know that senju power is not that easy to control so the only thing that powerful to control it + the transplanted sharingan is indeed Hashirama. 😀

    Good to know we think alike about that. About Tobi I’m still sticking to my theory Tobi is Hashirama. Everyone can say he was sealed by the 3rd Hokage but still I have this feeling that he’s Hashirama. 😀 Hashirama’s power plays a big role to Madara.

  99. @pisbolman Tobi is not Hashirama simply for that the fact that Hashirama is clearly dead as Madara is. Now if Tobi is a Zetsu thingy with Madara and Hashirama’s DNA then it’s possible.

  100. @Tenrai
    Ah-ha but if he had already been revived then why was he still in the coffin? Also it’s possible that if he was previously revived that He may be running on a separate Edo Tensei casting, and if so could Kabuto then release one Edo Tensei without releasing the other?

    Also unless Edo Muu was truly running on fumes there I don’t see why it would have taken him a whole chapter to gather the chakra to do a regular summon. In any case don’t you need a contract with someone before you can summon them? I didn’t see Muu use a scroll or anything similar either so as far as I can tell he used the Edo Tensei and just didn’t say it out loud. I suppose we’ll find out eventually one way or another in any case.

    @Joey Legendd
    That’s not how Edo Tensei works, it was explicitly stated that even if the caster were to die the summoned edo tensei people would remain, and that the only way to get rid of them is for the caster to undo the jutsu or for the edo tensei summon to be sealed in one way or another. Therefore if Kabuto were to be killed before releasing the Edo Tensei the Edo tensei’d Shinobi in the Akatsuki’s army wouldn’t just vanish.

  101. @Pisbolman

    Although there are many possibilities as to whom Tobi could be, Hashirama is not one of them.

    Here are the facts. Hashirama was already resurected by Orochimaru in the battle against the Third, which proves he was already dead beforehand. You can’t be resurected if you aren’t dead, after all. This conflicts with Tobi’s attack against Konoha during Naruto’s birth, after all if Hashirama was already dead beforehand (as proven when he was resurected by Edo Tensei) how would he have been able to attack Konoha disguised as Tobi? In the Third’s battle against Orochimaru, Hiruzen also sealed Hashirama with the reaper death seal, which means he cannot be brought back to life by any means in any case.

    Going by that, we can conclude without any reasonable doubt that Tobi cannot possibly be Hashirama, past present or future. Also, going by the fact that Madara hated Hashirama, I think it also stands to reason he would have never worked with him in the first place. Nothing about Tobi even comes close to matching Hashirama’s profile, from his looks, to his abilities, his jutsu, or even his goals. And the fact that we know Hashirama’s soul was sealed away doesn’t help that argument either.

  102. @Tenrai

    I know and am aware of all that you have said. My theory might be of that impossible the closest i could get maybe IF my theory won’t be the one I’d still stick to the closest possibility that the man behind the mask isn’t from Uchiha. Remember even Hashirama was sealed by the 3rd Hokage doesn’t mean he’s out of the contender theory because we haven’t seen the real score of HOW Hashirama died and so as Madara. There are hints but we haven’t yet to see what really and how they died. Though the splitting of Muu was kind of anticipated from where he is being sealed and he’s saying beware of something. The re-appearance of Muu from his splitting jutsu we only first heard from that chapter. And so as to Hashirama’s other ability, we never know if he can split his body too like Muu as the man behind the mask would always say he’s the shell of HIS former self. There are lots of possibilities but i’m not counting my theory out. 😀

  103. Ok, so I’ve been in my bat-cave researching who Tobi could be. The whole chalk boards filled with photos and newspaper clippings to get any hint to who he is. I have three prospects: Michael Jackson, Big foot, or my personal favorite Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bibop! Wouldn’t that me sick?!?! by I digress… It’s like Kishi is talling us “Screw you! and just read the story!” There are soo many possiblities of who the masked man is. It’s a shame, once we find out one answer to a question (is he Madara?) 800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 other questions arise about this masked vigilante! Maybe it’s batman! Or Bobo bo bo bobo

  104. What we know about Tobi:
    -He has a vast knowledge of clans in the Narutoverse.
    -He was the Mizukage at one point
    -He was the one that fought Minato
    -He is not Madara
    -He has the 1st hokages blood cells
    -He can make his body intangible
    -He hasn’t been shown with the MS or EMS
    -He was the one that met Itachi

    What we don’t know:
    -How did he give Nagato the eyes?
    -How does he know Madara? How are they connected?
    -Was he the person who taught Itachi about the MS?
    -How did he come into possession of the 1st Hokages cells
    -How does he know so much about the Uchiha
    -Is he an Uchiha?
    -Is he lying about the history of events he was part of?
    -Is that his true form? (i.e. Orochimaru’s and Kabuto’s true forms aren’t actually human, so could Tobi’s be that of something different?)
    -Did he have something to do with Madara’s death?
    -Were the eyes he “gave” to Nagato, that of Madaras?
    -Speaking of which, remember that time Tobi found out about Nagato’s defeat by Naruto? He was hoping to use that resurrection jutsu for himself, but when the real Madara got impure world resurrected, he said a similar thing. What does that mean? Was Tobi trying to cut Madara out of the picture?

    screw this! Back to Unchart… ahem… I mean the Bat-cave!!!

  105. Okay, i haven’t actually theorized anything on here in a while, but this turn of events in Naruto has gotten me pretty interested again. I’m not sure if any one’s said this before but it wouldn’t really surprise me that if kishi pulled something along the lines that Tobi really was Madara. Well, not madara, but his body kept alive by his chakra or something along those lines. I might explain a little bit more after this next chapter, but what I’m saying Madara’s soul did pass into the after life (hence his undead summoning) but his body continued to live on with it’s newly awakened rinnegan. I need time to find the chapters and everything to tie this together, but the basis of my theory lies on things Tobi has said, i.e.; “I’m nobody” (literally souless), “I’m a shell of my former self” (no soul), “Everyone thought I died at the Valley of the End” (with a picture of him standing up), “Itachi came and found me” (could be that Itachi realized it was possible Madara may have lived on in some form and went looking for him). Also Nagato blacked out as a child and woke up with the rinnegan even though he’s an uzumaki and therefore could not have had the sages eyes, only his body (still not sure if the senju and uzumaki are distantly related though the younger sages son or only through the marriage of the first hokage) (i only thought of this because madara awoke the rinnegan near death, i’m assuming after he somehow combined his dna and harishma’s dna ina fight, which also ties in with tobi’s reference to obtaining the dna of harishima). But back to nagato, tobi could have still had the rinnegan but did not have the means to wield it (enough chakra) because his soul was dead, but he found an uzumaki who had the sages body and spirit, and therefore could maintain the eyes of the rinnegan for safe keeping (notice how nagato never appears with normal eyes again).

    This could be why nagato took orders from tobi. Tobi is a strong ninja as proven by fighting toe to toe with the fourth hokage, but nagato still could have presented a challenge to his authority but never did. Also tobi can summon the nine tails fox, which only madara has been known to do.

    It’s not a perfect theory and has plenty of gaping holes, but I’m saying it wouldn’t be a shock to see kishi pull this one out of his ass….

    Sorry for the grammar and spelling, I’ve been awake the past few days straight because i could and am rather at the end of my limits…

  106. TL:DR much like Madara was the “mizukage” he is madara in a “he isn’t, but really he is in a sort of way”

  107. Wow! Interesting theory.
    /offtopic When you say “I’ve been awake the past few days straight because i could” you mean you did it just because it was possible ? Lol. Then the world would be a (much more) horrible place!

  108. It’s thanksgiving break right now and i couldn’t afford to go home, but instead of staying in the dorms i house sat for a friend and discovered the joys of an xbox 360 (i don’t have a gaming system of my own)

  109. @IANRH

    He was in the coffin because that’s probably the most viable means of storing an Edo Tensei summon while they are not in battle, nothing more. Madara had already been revived by the jutsu. The proof is in the fact that we could see his body standing there in the coffin when Kabuto showed it to Tobi.

    If Edo Tensei had not been used yet, then instead of seeing Madara’s body, we would have only seen the body of the person who would have hosted Madara’s soul. The fact that the body had already assumed Madara’s form means it already contains Madara’s soul and thus Edo Tensei had been used. What more evidence do you need?

    “Also unless Edo Muu was truly running on fumes there I don’t see why it would have taken him a whole chapter to gather the chakra to do a regular summon”

    Firstly, Muu was only half the man he used to be *cough*, therefor he had a lot less chakra than normal. Conversely, Madara has god-like chakra. We saw from past examples that summoning someone or something who’s power is beyond yours is difficult or near impossible in some cases (as shown with Naruto when he first tried to summon Gamabunta), so it stands to reason it would take Muu – with only half his chakra – some preperation to summon Madara, who is far more powerful.

    Secondly, if Muu did use Edo Tensei, then why didn’t he do any preperation for it or use a host body? Why didn’t he say “Edo Tensei” when using the technique instead of just saying “summoning jutsu”? Why didn’t we see the same markings on the ground that we saw when Kabuto showed us a demonstration of how Edo Tensei works? You can’t get around all of that, I am afraid.

    “In any case don’t you need a contract with someone before you can summon them? I didn’t see Muu use a scroll or anything similar either so as far as I can tell he used the Edo Tensei and just didn’t say it out loud.”

    Why could Pein summon his other bodies with Animal path? Did he need a contract to do so, or was it simply the nature of his jutsu that allowed it? We don’t know all the rules regarding Edo Tensei, so for all we know, they are bound by each other in a way that is somewhat like a contract of sorts. They are all bound by the same technique, after all.

    In either case, I could just as easily ask, wouldn’t it be necessary for Muu to know Edo Tensei in order to use it?

  110. @Tenrai
    “In either case, I could just as easily ask, wouldn’t it be necessary for Muu to know Edo Tensei in order to use it?”

    I think it would depend on whether or not if someone directly controlling an Edo Tensei used Edo Tensei through an Edo Summon would it be him casting it or the Edo Tensei summon? Remember that they aren’t like Pein’s six paths and as far as I know taking control of one means using their chakra rather than piping in your own. Kabuto has shown that he can take over fully and I rather doubt Muu was in on that particular conversation. So if he could do that it’s not entirely out of the question that he could use Jutsu through them that they don’t know of but have the capability to use.

    Also If you don’t need a contract with someone to summon them then why didn’t the Akatsuki just summon all the jinchuriki to them? It would make sense that Pein would have had his six zombie paths sign a contract with him just so he could summon them. Another thought on the matter of summoning without a contract, if it was possible then why did they have to set out search parties for Naruto in the first part of the story when he stole the scroll of sealing, when they just as easily could have done a summoning on him?

    I’m not saying your wrong or I’m right but there seems to me to be a lot of unanswered questions here.

  111. @IANRH

    I never said a contract wasn’t necessary to summon. I just basically said there may be expecptions where a physical contract isn’t necessary because the subjects involved are already bound by other means.

    Edo Tensei may bind all those summoned by it in a way that makes them connected to one another, kinda like how a contract binds a human to the animals that they can summon, or how the six paths of Pein are bound to each other through Nagato’s controll. That’s kinda the gist of what I was getting to.

    Also, I already explained why Muu couldn’t have used Edo Tensei. He didn’t make any of the necessary preperations, he wasn’t near any dead bodies or live sacrificess needed for the jutsu, he didn’t say the name of the jutsu when summoning (instead he just used a normal summoning tech) and we didn’t see the same seals on the ground as we did with Kabuto when he himself used Edo Tensei.

    So, it stands to reason that Muu did not use Edo Tensei, given all the evidence I mentioned above. There is no evidence working for that possibility, just a lot working against it.

  112. Of course Muu didn’t use Edo Tensei…
    Muu was shocked that Madara came out the coffin, and said “WHOEVER is BEHIND these impure world ressurection…” means that he didn’t do that…
    @Alec “(notice how nagato never appears with normal eyes again).” umm… when he FIRST activated his rinnegan he was attacked by Konoha Ninja. His eyes went away and reacted AGAIN when he was in danger with the other ninja… so it DID deactivate.

  113. Hey guys. My breakdown will be out early tomorrow.

    It always seems like Monday’s or Tuesdays are the easiest days for me to write them. Sorry about that. X____X

  114. Oh shit Last minute bubblition:
    Bubble:Why do I feel that there’s an opening in our defenses
    caption: Uchiha Madara and you thought Orochimaru was bad.

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