Bleach Chapter 469 – 471 – K.O brings back Memories @__@

Awe all it has been a while, 469 – 472 and what is most exciting is something seems to be happening, 469 and 470 seemed like mostly filler to me to be honest and I will cover some of the more important events but since we need to be a little more current in our discussions here I will focus mostly on 471 and 472 also known as, “Back Flashes from Hell” and “Cutting your self 101 – How to make it effective”

Current stats on the Battles:

Jackie vs Renji – Jackie lost and killed herself although a very short flashback is shown I am not all too convinced she is dead…

Yukio vs Toshiro – Yukio captured… Not much else on this front…

Reruka vs Rukia – Rukia turned into a plushy toy… then got turned back, then got felt up, then collapsed @___@ really not much more to say there…

Ginjou vs Isshida/Ichigo – Kubo really showed he is running out of idea’s in this battle, Ginjou basically just uses Ichigo’s abilities back at him retaining the same reitsu etc. I hope it’s an effect of the whole “sub shinigami” thing, and not just Ginjou is an ugly Ditto @___@

Tsukishima vs Byakuya – Well I will cover this battle in more detail later but as far as I can see, its plot kai @_@


Chapter 471 focused on all the flashbacks Kubo’s been skipping, as we all know as a rule of Jump, someone cannot die without a flashback, so an entire chapter was committed to this cause. Something I truly enjoyed, seeing as each character drew and learned about their ability, Giriko creating a “god” complex (see Light Yagami, Zero, Pain etc) but not very effective, he seemed to become slowly twisted by power till he could no longer distinguish between good and evil.

Yukio was shown as more than just some spoilt brat. He was a caring child until he was neglected. Words that ment so much to him became empty so he created a world he could be, somewhere he mad the rules of his own isolation.

Jackie seemed to have the toughest childhood, her parents and family dying was pretty heart wrenching, and it gave her a more human outlook. Even Riruka got a slight flashback of a little girl wanting to hold onto everything she loved, keeping things she shouldn’t etc…

On the surface this all seems pretty ordinary, a child neglected happens often, greed pushes people over the edge very often, fear is leads to the dark side it does… (Yoda taught me that) and Pride can end up consuming you… I like how Kubo took these seemingly ordinary lives and by adding power made them extra ordinary.


Finally 472 – the best part of the chapters so far and the most current… This battle between Byakuya and Tsukishima has been awesome but what bugs me is how Kubo, trolled and reverse trolled the situation. First we know that Tsukishima stabbed Byakuya, this gave him the ability to change Byakuya’s past unfortunately we finally see that he did not in fact change anything but merely cut him. This makes his statement “One Cut and I win” sort of pointless, the we see Byakuya’s blade get destroyed… This would mean a loss on Byakuya’s side since he shouldn’t be able to use his sword anymore but he still able to use Bankai… So this is Kubo’s logic…

Sword Broken = No Shikai the lessor but Bankai is okay?

It doesn’t make sense to me personally, and I really liked how the battle was going. It seemed the most equal of all the battle’s so far but sadly it too ended with Byakuya turning to Emokai, allowing himself to be hit by his own blade to then use his hand to stab Tsukishima… Reminded me a little of someone called @___@ Number 4 <_<


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5 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 469 – 471 – K.O brings back Memories @__@”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice breakdown BTW, my mind cant grasp kubo´s plotlines (maybe boredom helps) and its always nice to get refreshed on what´s happening…

  3. Thanks <_<

    Glad to help anyway I can… though Kubo makes my head hurt sometimes 😉

  4. The latest chapter was better than the last few have been. But, it it still just feels like these battles between the Shinigami and the Fullbringers are nothing more than bits of filler, trying to delay the build-up to the real battle between Ichigo and Ginjo.

    Still, an improvement is still an improvement. Let’s just hope it continues to go up rather than opting for this up and down roller coaster ride Bleach has been taking us on for a while now.

  5. Did anyone else notice that Rukia was the only Shinigami that didn’t win the battle against her Fullbring opponent?

    It seems a bit meh to me. What was she doing while everyone was training?

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