Naruto Manga 562 Breakdown: The Five Kage Unite!!!!

Yeah, so my brain is all mushy right now. I guess that’s what happens when you go to a ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ party hosted by the family over the weekend.

For those who don’t know what ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is, it may be best to remain ignorant. And please, don’t ask me to post pictures, because it’s downright scary and, in some ways, psychologically damaging.

Let’s just say it’s a night I won’t forget…

But, you’re not here to read my personal diary entries, are you? No, I guess you aren’t. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Oonoki has already cheated death once. But can he do it again?

So, there isn’t really much I can say about this latest chapter without pushing it a bit, to be honest. I’m not sure why I don’t have a lot to say about it – after all, a lot did happen – But I guess it was just pretty straightforward overall and it mostly involved a few skits from all over the place, building up to the eventual unification of the five Kage.

The only other significant event I could really single out in this chapter was Chojuro’s brief display of awesomeness against Zetsu. I have to admit, the guy is definitely proving his worth and it’s become clearer each time we see him just why he was chosen as one of the seven swordsman of the mist.

I guess we could say he definitely deserved to make the final cut…

*Gets shot down for lame joke.* X___X

What do you mean I'm the centre of attention now? O_O

Other than that, besides a brief mention to the Hiraishin and Minato’s guards who can also use it if they work synonymously together, the rest of this chapter was pretty much as I described above; a straightforward build-up leading to the arrival of the five Kage as they appear on the battlefield to fight Madara together.

It’s strange, but despite this chapter’s ultimate sense of simplicity, it actually does a very good job of feeling epic. I guess it’s kinda like Chuck Norris in that sense – it’s just there and it doesn’t seem like much, but it still knows how to deliver an epic roundhouse kick that will leave you breathless… and everything else-less too.

There’s also the matter of who will live and who will die in this upcoming battle. As far as mortality predictions go, the Tsuchikage looks like the top contender as the first Kage to die in this war. I say that mostly because he has already had his first flashback and we all know by now that flashbacks are often synonymous with death in Naruto. There’s still a chance he might live, but those odds seem to dwindling to ever-increasingly slim proportions as time goes by. But what do you guys think?

Of course, if you really want to know who will die in the upcoming battle, just ask Pein0Avenue who his favorite character is. <_<


But, seeing as how we’re bringing up the Raikage’s left arm, for those of you who didn’t notice…

WTH!? O__O

Yeah, I really don’t know how to explain why the Raikage’s right hand is visible in the last spread, especially considering the fact that it wasn’t there two pages prior, where you can clearly see that the Raikage’s left arm is definitely missing while he’s attacking Muu.

Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time Kishi has made an artistic mistake like this. I recall a chapter where Kakashi was blatantly missing the scar running over his left eye in a close-up shot. Luckily, however, that didn’t do much to keep the last spread in the manga from looking awesome, so I guess there is just one thing left to say…

Go go Kage Rangers!!! Danananana!!!

You just gotta love how Naruto’s face was blocked by Oonoki. Either that, or something else is happening…


Well, thanks for reading my breakdown. It was mostly just me talking about nothing, and trying to make it sound interesting, but I hoped it worked. ^ ^

Here is the winner for last week’s debate.

The son beats the father this time around.

For all those Minato supporters who may not agree with this victory, you only have yourselves to blame for failing to rise up to the occasion to defend him.

I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of an actual “debate” overall, but I suppose it may have just been the match-up I chose. So this week you won’t get a debate, just another bubbliton contest instead.

So, here it is.

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you call in the comments. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 7, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for the breakdown tenrai. I feel the caption contest is gonna be perverted.

  2. 2ND Will revive later to comment more @___@

  3. @Zzattack

    This is WRA… I am not sure what else to expect, to be honest. Lol. O_o

    I just really wan’t in it for this breakdown. T__T

  4. @ zzattack – Its funny I think the Naruto Breakdowns usually end up being the most pervy, I mean under pickles times it was very apparent, yet out of the 3 manga’s we do (We sort of do OP on a part time basis I think πŸ˜› ) it has the least Fanservice @___@ its quite strange actually, I wonder if its the series or if its the writters but most of the time when it comes to the end of a breakdown and the bubblition post people have pervy thoughts pop in their minds first…

  5. Bubble: Damn it! My life points!
    Caption: You’ve activated my trap card!

  6. 6th!!! hehehehehe πŸ˜€ Nice Breakdown!! is that the real Black Zetsu Chojuro chopped off? Is he dead? (If not why not finish him off before having conversation with the Mizukage? Black Zetsu may attack them if they let him just lying around still breathing. :D)

  7. Lucky 7th!

  8. @pis: nah, black zetzu is “the very earth!!”, or so he claims. He/it made the claim when they were hunting down the diplomats a while back.

  9. Bubble: Did you say… ring… around the… Ho’zie…?
    Caption: Next Game – Hot Potato.. with lava…

  10. @Arpotu

    Lol. That gave me an idea.

    Bubble: Did you say… Piggy in the middle?

    Bubble: Tonton would feel insulted.


    *Flees the scene but gets roasted by Mizukage’s lava jutsu before he can escape.* T____T

  11. 7th, I rule πŸ™‚

  12. You forgot to mention that Tsunade said we’ll use that for ‘him’ about the flying thunder god jutsu, does she mean for Naruto?

  13. Taking zzattack advice …

    Bubble: I can definitely do all three at once.
    Caption: My hands are still free!

  14. @Don’t bother

    Actually, I believe Tsunade was refering to the Mizukage (transporting her to the battlefield). The “him” part seems to be a translation error.

  15. @Tenrai: or, maybe there’s something about the Mizukage we don’t know. Maybe she’s wielding a hefty package under that dress (much to her varying suitor’s surprise).

  16. Prediction for the upcoming chapter:

    1: kages getting owned
    2: Naruto goes on rampage
    3: Naruto finishes madara off with a rasengan

    I think i am getting the gist of it now..

    Whats to be expected afterwards?

    Tobi interupting the fight, a wtf moment and itachi getting owned by sasuke.

  17. Someone tell me I’m wrong, please!!

  18. @snoop: it’s anyone’s guess! Let’s hope for spoilers next week (since I hear there won’t be a chapter this week)!

  19. I do wonder if these will happen, though:

    1) Madara, Itachi and Sasuke meet-up, and discuss/hash-out the whole Uchiha true history thing.
    2) Kabuto resurrecting Orochimaru
    3) Naruto and Sasuke fight, and both really do die (to be reborn as some other thing?)

  20. you’re wrong

  21. @ Upcoming Chapters – My predictions

    The Battle will sort of begin but mostly talk, then Naruto’s clone will pop away… Kishi will then troll us by moving the action somewhere else. Hopefully Sasuke meeting Itachi or Itachi meeting Kabuto etc. The rest of the chapter will focus away from the battle…

    What will happen in the battle? Most of the kage’s will be badly injured by the end of it but not all dead, I think Gaara and the Mizukage are the safest… Tsunade needs to die (eventually) for Naruto to become Hokage and for the end of the 3 Sanin, Oonik is old and its been hinted that he will die, since he had his come around moments and flash backs, unlikely that Tsuande will actually die now maybe another coma *yawn* A also had a come around moment plus flashbacks, I think he is safe though… I would like to see him die (if he does) saving Naruto or his Brother…

    Naruto using the 4th Hokage’s Technique… The whole “him” thing makes you wonder but Tsunade wouldn’t know Tobi has a seal on him, The three of them know a sort of transportation jutsu, but not everything about it since they need 3 and I see a lack of seals around… For Naruto it would almost be like going backwards since he is Faster over a short distance/mid range, etc plus with shadow clones and the kyuubi giving him chakra and Sage Mode it would be giving a guy with a bazooka a machette, he can use it but really the arsenal he has is over powered enough!

    Cause we now seen EMS is actually not as strong (in every way) as the rinnegan…

  22. Originally, I thought after reading the latest chapter that there is no way that tsunade is gonna survive this. However, I can’t help feeling shes gonna survive this fight. She will die eventually, but I’m more inclined to think it’s gonna be against kabuto. He technically still has Orichimaru in him, and hell, if he was able to bring back someone like madara, maybe he found jiraiya’s corpse and will bring him back to as a last ditch effort.

    It’s unlikely I know, but I’d love to see that happen, and watch all three of the legendary sanin go out in one big fight against each other.

  23. Ah never mind, just researched it and realized Kabuto was unable to get jiraiya. Regardless, tsunade vs Kabuto in person, that’s when she’ll die. Thats my bold prediction of the week!

  24. Does anyone in the Narutoverse still know the Shiki Fuujin jitsu? Or was the 3rd Hokage the last to know it (yeah, Minato was younger, but he used it before the 3rd did)?

    Trying to figure out if it will be involved in the final chapters of Shippuuden.

  25. …and, now that I think of it… how the HELL did Minato come up Shiki Fuujin, and how do you teach it to someone else (3rd Hokage) without demonstrating?

  26. Arpotu, your comment left scars. That’s all I’m going to say for now…
    And it would have been so cool to see Naruto and Jiraya one last time together, well too bad.
    Lol, at the 5 kage panel I actually thought at first Onooki was held up by Naruto. I laughed…
    Oh, and I’m looking forward to Itachi’s battle. The fact that we haven’t seen him for so long means he will definitely go out with a BANG! ^_^
    As for the Shiki Fuuin, I was under the impression it was written in the Forbidden scroll naruto stole in the first chapter but I could be wrong.

  27. @dmaxx: hopefully they are cool scars… chicks dig scars.

  28. @arpotu: That’s what I always thought too. Until that one girl came along and told me she didn’t want to see whether i was circumsised or not.
    ‘t was a sad day :{

  29. LOL

  30. @Arpotu

    The Shiki Fuujin was probably based on some form of sealing technique created by the Uzumaki clan. Remember, one can still learn the theory of a jutsu even if they never use it in live practice and if one has a general understanding of its principles, then it stands to reason that knowledge alone should be enough to allow that person to use it when the time comes, if he is smart enough to.

    In a similar sense, one can also teach that theory to someone else. However, in saying that, technically speaking, Minato actually did give Hiruzen a live demonstration when he sealed the Kyuubi’s Yin chakra into himself. The Sandaime witnessed that moment after all, if you recall.

    But, I guess you could say it’s also kinda like asking how Anko learned that twin serpent suicide technique thingy. Or how Deidara learned to blow himself up. Lol.

  31. I assume the Kage’s will require Itachi’s assistance to beat Madara, otherwise they are all as good as dead.

  32. @Ahsan – hm, wouldn’t *that* be an ironic turn of events? Having to forgive Itachi post.. uhhh.. current-mortem? But, isn’t Itachi about to tangle with Kabuki, er I mean Kabuto?

  33. @dmaxx LOL


    Usually Black Zetsu come in one not two or three or thousand but if he’s the one that Chojuro chopped off is he gonna live or what? I was referring to that one when Chojuro chopped off his body. We know Black Zetsu is strong but what happened there?


    Is it confirmed that there’s no chapter to be going out this week?

  34. Care to tell me what the hell this means? lol! πŸ˜€ I mean after Tsunade told everyone that she will never die in a battle contradicts with her assistant. Maybe we could see Tsunade’s full power in this battle against Madara.

  35. @Ahsan

    I wouldn’t underestimate the five Kage if I were you. They aren’t the strongest chosen from their respective villages for nothing, you know. They may have a tough battle against Madara and it is likely that they may ultimately need Itachi to defeat Kabuto, but I wouldn’t assume they are just all going to be doomed without him.

    In any case, Madara’s greatest advantage in this battle is that he is essentially immortal. That meteor attack he used to devastate the battle field the first time around wouldn’t have been an attack he could normally use without killing himself as well, so he is taking full advantage of the fact that he can’t die and he even admitted it. Lol.


    Actually, there’s no confirmation that there will be no manga this week. I believe that it was purely a baseless rumor and nothing more.

  36. @pisbolman – Tsunade is saying she will never die IN BATTLE. Shizune is saying Tsunade will ultimately end up shortening her maximum life span. If you think about it, these statements do not necessarily contradict each other.

  37. @ Darks – unless of course she dies because her life span has been shortened during a battle… That would be Ironic @___@

  38. On a side note… Anyone on wra amped for this games release @___@

  39. First spoilers are out.

  40. @pein – LOL @ the video!!! XD XD

  41. *Spoiler Alert*

    Wow!! Susano’o bones destroyed? :O Oonoki and Raikage tag team is quite strong. πŸ˜€ I can see Tenrai’s having a debate on next breakdown. πŸ˜€ A tag team kage fight.. πŸ˜€

  42. @pisolban you ough to say SPOILERS!
    /sidenote Skyrim yay!

  43. *Eats Nike for mentioning Skyrim*

    I’ve already sploded once today in anticipation. I even order the collectors edition, much to the detriment of my bank account. <___<

    I can't wait, and yet I must. T____T



  45. the new chapter =

  46. Yep, shit’s about real down in here… Naruto’s clone must have moved very quickly to do that to Tobi. Faster than Tobi can phase out… Tobi’s gonna be having a Minato flashback soon LOL.

  47. EPIC CHAPTER WAS FRIKKIN EPIC!!!!!!!! @____@

    *Reads that Naruto is on a break next week*



  48. arpotu- that’s the real naruto. that’s why when his clone at the kage battle released they flashed to him getting the memories. i cannot believe we gotta wait 2 weeks for this fight to start…..kishi n his cliffhangers…

  49. @dish: ahhh I understand now. I will auto flagellate myself for the mistake (or for fun).

  50. @arpotu, for funz sounds better!

    @Chapter: Now its clear that Kabuto will be facing Itachi, dont ya think?

    Bubble: “You surrounded me and yelled surprise, but…”
    Caption: “With arpotus 4th comment in mind” The jokeΒ΄s on them.

    @Tenrai Thats a lot of money O_o ! Good work!

  51. I get the feeling that Tsuchikage will be giving someone a field promotion to the new Kage, on his deathbed. He will ask that the new Kage follow his new will to unite the villages.

    Any bets on who his replacement will be?

  52. bubbalation contest:

    Bubble: “Alright fellas! Are you ready? Secret sex art technique: Wheel Barrel No-Jutsu!!”

    caption: How does this work again?… put that one leg over the other O.o

    Chapter: Riddle me this, what does Naruto head-butting mean? Did he move so fast that Tobi wasn’t able to use his transparency technique in time? I think Tobi was just spacing out and didn’t realize that Naruto was coming.

  53. Man, I want to see casualties, I’m not a fan of the Paragon ending I’m seeing here (referencing Ass Erect… err… ahem I mean Mass Effect).

  54. PREDICTION! we are going to see Tobi’s face… that headbutt he just got from Naruto is going to shatter his mask… if you notice everytime kishi goes on one of those breaks, the next chapter always mind fucks you with excitement and cums all on your brain.

  55. /offtopic @thelaughingwiseman That game was AWESOME (except for the buggie parts) What do you think of the 2nd one? I think its worse than NarutoΒ΄s filler.

  56. I felt like ME2 was a huge side mission. I really liked playing it on insanity a lot. The games get progressively tougher though. ME1 was way easier. And they said ME3 is going to become tougher too. I’m glad choosing weapons wont depend on your class in the next one. I give ME2 a solid B (81-85) because the story was alright, It had a drop off from ME1’s stories and interactions. Im looking forward to the 3rd one because off all the choices I made in the first 2. I’ve done all the routes I deemed really cool to see evolve in the finale. I’ve done all the bad stuff with a ginger Commander Shepard (got the idea from youtube) to the really netural stuff that lost me loyalty and killed almost all my squad mates. It’s really hard to have everyone die in the end of ME2..>_>. I liked ME2 because it came with tons of downloadable content (Kasumi and Zaeed and all the other weapon packs).

  57. For me the experience with the second one was horrible, I couldnt follow my 1st installment Shepard ( I was a Sniper πŸ˜‰ and couldnt hit an enemy. No looting and poor scenario design. We lost Wrex and Ashley to find a gay Garrus and lame characters (the only one I liked was the Geth and his history was sheeeeeit). The mining is horrible. The enemies dont represent a real thread as you lost the Sovereign and the geth dont seem a menace as before. Epic Fail IMO. I hope they get the 3rd back to its roots. XD

  58. Oh, there was this thing if you don’t transfer a character in which you can interact with a comic and make some “key” choices if you hadn’t played the 1st game. In it I was able to save Wrex. i always killed him in the 1st one lol. I’m glad the creators said they’re bringing back the main characters from the 1st one. Almost half a year left until it comes out though! That sucks major rocks. I am just going to wait until the summer because it’s going to be around 60 bucks when it comes out. I really want to fight a reaper and take one down on Insanity (that is going to be freakin’ awesome)!!!

  59. I liked the infiltrator class for ME2 because I’m a fan of using snipers in games (ME series, Borderlands, Resistance) and the cloaking. I really like using the sniper called the Widow Maker. It is sick. I am not a fan of the multiplayer system they added on though. I’m just wanting to see the ultimate renegade ending!!! Will he destroy the whole of the Universe or make a deal with the Reapers? lol

  60. I love how the discussion on the blog have moved so quickly from the new manga release, to games. O_o

    In any case, to add my own two cents, I felt ME2 was superior to the first one gameplay wise. The powers and abilities were more fun to use (and you could use them more often now), the shooting system was refined nicely, and the weapon sound effects were much better. Lol.

    Story wise they were about even, but characters felt more dynamic in ME2, and graphics wise 2 was obviously superior.

    The only way I felt Mass Effect 2 took a step back from the first was with the loot system. Although you had more weapon classes than before, you could only choose from about three weapons from each class, unless you got some of the DLC. The armor was also lacking in that department, not to mention the complete lack of reasonable customization for your teammates.

    But at the end of the day, when it comes to games, gameplay counts the most and I felt that ME2 was definitely superior in that regard.

    *Eats everyone for starting a gaming discussion.* <_<

  61. Soldier + Reave + Revenant = God.

  62. ME1 was epic story-wise, but got kinda hax towards the end. Spectre weapons plus heat sink or frictionless materials = unlimited ammo and virtually no accuracy loss even with continuous fire. Plus biotics were unbelievably powerful even with their longer cooldown times, seeing as they could affect any enemy even if they were at 100% health and shields, which is something they corrected in ME2. ME2 was way more challenging and gameplay was more fluid and exciting. If ME3 has ME1’s pure epicness and ME2’s awesome gameplay, the game will be friggin orgasmic.

  63. (while being consumed by Tenrai) “Releasing control”

  64. What consoles do you guys mostly play on? I’ve been a Play Station person since Tekken 2

  65. Main topic: I really like how Naruto is still wearing his own forehead protector through out the whole war. It seems pretty cool that he is standing out in a way the soldiers will know where he is from.

  66. @Wiseman

    I have a PS3, an Xbox 360 and my PC. So, I guess you could say I cover all the playing fields except for mobile consoles, which may change when the PS Vita comes out. Lol.

    Skyrim is definitely a PC buy for me.

  67. @Wiseman

    And yeah, both Naruto and Bee are the only two still wearing their original forehead protectors. In a way, it is strangely symbolic, because as Jinchuuriki, they’ve always been isolated and differentiated from others because of the nature of what they are. In this war, it was no different from how it has always been for them. They were excluded from it and hidden away because of the nature of what they are – once again – so that theme still follows through even up till now.

    I guess whether you hate them or admire them, it will always be the fate of a Jinchuuriki to stand out aside from everyone else.

  68. 360 and PC for me.

  69. I used to play Wii until I bought my 360. Im a kinda of old school guy an love most of all the Super Nintendo and PC games. I urge you to download Assault Cube and give it a try. Its multiplayer, 50mbs, and it has a great community. Google it and give it a try πŸ˜‰

  70. Awesome! Nearly everyone here owns a 360! You gotta tell me your gamer tags. In real life I’m surrounded by hardcore playstation fanboys so that sucks.
    Actually I was always the Nintendo guy but the Wii was kinda bad, i still have my gamecube though (Best controllers ever).
    I’m totally hyped for ME3, Skyrim, Naruto UNS Generations and Halo.
    Now I just need to find money and some time to actually play…

    Oh@chapter: I love the Kage fight. They balance each other out very well, but there’s this one thing. If every village comes together, Naruto can basically never become Hokage, which would contradict his satements throughout the entire series.

    And Killerbee/Naruto Tag vs 7 Jinchuuriki and Tobi. Now that’s a battle.

  71. This should soooo be the caption image for next breakdown….

  72. @dmaxx, not all playstation die hards are fanboys. That generalization kinda hurts… There are always some bad apples in a bunch, can’t do anything about it. I have respect for the 360, I really want to see how the next gen consoles are going to perform (720? and PS4). I’m thinking they are just going to be Virtual Worlds! Crazy ass stuff like that.

    Chapter: I’m looking to see how Naruto is going to prove himself the most powerful Ninja in the Narutoverse! (Beating Tobi and Sasuke)

  73. @dmaxx3d YAY XB0X 360! I dont have any friends who own it neither, so please add my gamer tag: “GambonKA” .
    GameCube best controller 3v4r.
    IΒ΄m totally hyped for “The Last Guardian”.. wait … WHAT!?… fail……..
    and “Sky……….. ward sword” too! XDD
    @arpotu bubble SPOILERS O_o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. @wiseman: Sry you may have misunderstood me. I do realize there’s idiotic die hards on every console and that you should never compare them to fans. I was just saying that it’s pretty bad having some of the first ones always around to tell you that nothing will ever come close to the might of the PS3 πŸ™‚
    You should pretty much do it like Tenrai if you want to enjoy gaming the most, but that’s difficult. I envy everyone who owns a PS3 for some of the most awesome games ever (Mainly MGS and Uncharted) but i also feel bad for them cause they won’t be able to enjoy Halo.
    @Nikeairforce: Yeah, sure I’ll add you at the next opportunity πŸ˜‰

  75. how from naruto it became a mass effect debate?! anyway i really dont understand the people who didn’t like mass effect 2 it was much better first of all bioware removed all the crap that was tedious to do in mass effect 1 like driving the mako and things nobody will miss like the upgrades everyone it was too much time consumming and it was not fun like in oblivion or others games and mass effect 2 story wise is a lot less nerdy than the first one shepard is much more charismatic in me2 the fighting is better the graphics are better…hell everything it better in mass effect 2 and it proves that sometimes going simplistic is the way to go to polish other aspects

  76. @Dan Opposite side of the coin bro. What you liked I disliked. It ruined an ambitious and pretending game and transformed it into a action shooter with lame characters (blunt emotions, shitty voice acting, generic stereotype) and a-million-time seen game mechanics. Im tired of shooting things to get to the end brah, Its the story unravel what I want to see. And the focus on being a spectre of the council is totally lost and thats a shame. Shame on Bioware.

  77. I wonder how well Itachi knew Kabuto before he died. I know that Orochimaru and Itachi have some history… Might prove to be a very revealing discussion before either of them die. Maybe that’s why Itachi chose Kabuto as his opponent – some “unresolved” business…

  78. Dmaxx: I just bought uncharted 3! Crazy. But yeah, I feel Kishi is going to bust a kishi and cut to another story… Either sauske’s where about’s or Itachi’s fight, damn you kishi… damn you >_>

  79. No fanboy console war arguments are allowed on the blog. We see enough of them on game sites already and they are annoying as hell. Anyone who tries to start a fanboy argument will be promptly eaten. <__<

    P.S. I just picked up my collector's edition of Skyrim. It's huge. Lol. @___@

  80. @Tenrai Senshi dont worry nobody starting a console war! just giving my opinion on the mass effect series,

  81. @laughing: yeah, time for a plot shift. Hopefully it will be the Kabuto/Itachi match up.

    Also, was thinking that, just like Naruto’s trip to the turtle island has now become “Naruto’s Odyssey” in the form of filler, Kakashi’s Rampage will be fleshed out more in the anime.

  82. Is anyone else hoping that Kabuto becomes the ultimate villain of the manga? I really am. Especially now that I’ve seen what he’s capable of doing with Madara.

    I think Kabuto should show us that all of this was his plan and that he’s not Tobi’s puppet by deactivating the Jinchuriki’s Edo Tensei in the climax of the battle between Tobi and Naruto. Tobi will be pwned and left for dead and Kabuto will arrive and talk with Tobi after Naruto and Bee have left. Hopefully there will be some flashbacks and Kabuto will give Tobi the finishing blow. He’ll then implant the Rinnegan and take all the Zetsus he wants for his experiments, ending the war and becoming the final boss of the manga.

    What do you guys think? Should Tobi die or should he be the final villain?

  83. I’ve always loved to see Kabuto as the ultimate villain, because he is soo unassuming its ridiculous. I feel that he is Naruto, but the opposite. He went built himself from the ground up. Worked hard raising from rank to rank until he surpassed his predecessor. His skills in medicine showed that he is far greater then Tsunade only dreams of (Sakura doesn’t hold a candle to him, unless it’s holding it for him while he performs surgery in the dark.) And his ultimate goal? Is to understand the nature of Ninjutsu! What happens if he does unlock the secrets? That would be an awesome villain choice kudos to you Dragon. I concur with your choice villain.

  84. another similarity he has with Naruto that is striking. He was never acknowledged by anyone (Kakashi called him a brat, Tsunade, Oro thought they were more powerful as well.) He proved them all wrong! He is an unpredictable ninja (his motives are never known, and I can’t take what he says’ as genuine or truthful). Who else is unpredictable, I wonder? (hint: he’s Naruto) You can call him ballsy like Naruto too. Naruto rushes in thinking he can beat up anyone if he has enough heart. Kabuto would reveal his trap card and his ressurection technique… without anyother motive then to want sasuke? I call that ballsy has hell. He just doesn’t have the hyperactivity that Naruto has though…

  85. A rival appears…

    Good news everyone, now that I no longer think the story sucks butt, I will start posting here regularly again. I stayed away so no one would have to see my bitching πŸ™‚

    Hide yo’ mangas, hide yo’ posts. KISU BE BACK BISHES!

  86. Ah, $#!+. Here’s hoping the next few chapters SUCK @$$. loljkz

  87. Yeah Kabuto is me fav villain too! In Spain we have a funny name for him, Kaguto (wich is slang for turd) but it doesnt take a bit away from his awesomeness! Love your theory Dragon!

  88. Kabs would make a great final villain. Not only has he been around longer than the other bad guys, but he’s also kept all the mystery surrounding him. Why does he help Naurto when he gets the chance? Why does he then work with the bad guys? Kabuto is an enigma. It would be extremely sad if he was just more fuel for the Uchiha machine.

  89. Kabuto really is an unknown. He was found on a battlefield as a child, no knowledge of his lineage at all (so far). He was also a brainwashed agent of Akatsuki, then a double-agent for Orochimaru (after Oro left Akatsuki). He doesn’t resemble anyone in the manga… kinda, except for Kakashi (o.0)… he is naturally brilliant – in both skill and intellect. He should either be the ultimate villain or the ultimate hero.

  90. Naruto is the “saviour” so he’s Christ
    Kabuto is the anti-Christ
    ahhh i crack myself up…
    but yeah, Kabuto seems to have his plans, and for some odd reason, he seems to be like “gin” from bleach. They resemble eachother in a rather close way. Kabuto seems to always perform some kind of good act, but at the same time he is shrouded in mystery. He knows about Madara and his prime, discovered the rinnegan is evolved from the sharingan(in a way), you can’t even sum up what Kabuto is, it is impossible as of right now, there is no right words to call Kabuto besides a snake.

  91. Jasiah Eaves, you just reminded me of something I wanted to say ever since I saw Madara ascend to the rinnegan from his EMS. If the natural order of evolution in the eyes of the uchiha is : sharingan 1 tomoe>2tomoe>3tomoe>Mangekyo Sharingan>Eternal Mangekyo>Rinnegan. Then how would a Hyuuga reach the rinnegan, would they go through the whole process like the uchiha or will they ascend in a more different way.

    I always hoped Neji would be the first Hyuuga to ascend in his ocular jutsu past the byakugan and reach something more, and maybe someday fight Sasuke. I know the odds are really in Sasuke’s favor but who knows what lies past the byakugans evolutions it there be one.

  92. Kabuto definitely is an enigma, that much is certain. Hell, we still don’t even know what his overall goal is in this war, other than the small clue that he is after Sasuke for some reason or another.

    But, as far as I am concerned, the only reason he might want Sasuke is to take revenge on him for Orochimaru’s death. If he just wanted the Sharingan, or even the Rinnegan, he already has Madara for that, so not much else makes sense.

    What drives Kabuto? Is it a search to learn all jutsu in the world like Orochimaru, or is it something else? Does he want peace or destruction? What makes his clock tick? I think the mystery of his character most certainly is enthralling in a way.

    Anyway, by the looks of things, the story is pushing for a “final” battle between Naruto, Bee and Tobi. If Naruto defeats Tobi, the story can’t possibly be over yet because Sasuke and Kabuto will still be out there. So, there is a chance – not a big one, but still a chance – that either Sasuke or Kabuto could indeed become the primary villains of the story in Tobi’s stead. Hell, I think it would be downright impressive if we learned that Kabuto had been manipulating things behind the scenes all along.

    He was once a part of Akatsuki, for all we know he was more involved in the events behind that organization than we know of. After that, he became an apprentice to Orochimaru. But what if he wasn’t just an apprentice? What if he was, in fact, the one using Orochimaru all along to further his own goals? He’s nudged things here, pushed things there, helped enemies, betrayed allies, and has been an integral part of many of the events that have occurred in this story. The only question is, how deep does his influence go?

  93. I know it sounds pretty dumb if I come out with it right now, but i actually like Kabuto too. He was never an Uchiha type. Even though he was as powerful as Kakashi he did never fall out of his role during the chunin exams which shows he doesn’t care about his “reputation” as long as he gets the job done. Some of the best ninja have thought o him as unreplaceable and have given him a great deal of responsibility. He has great knowledge, an original fighting style and is a mistery. We don’t know anything about him or his origins as well as his intentions. And as soon as Orochimaru was gone he saw a chance and came to power.
    Also, pretty much everything about him screams antihero, at least to me. I really hope he will be a second Itachi instead of just a sidekick for the obvious Uchiha bad guy. He would be much more satisfying as a villain than a guy who wants to project his eyes to the moon.
    As an antihero, however? Pretty much everybody hates him, he’s just like Snape actually.
    Also, the whole thing about his intentions being “understanding the nature of ninjutsu” sounds exactly like the “measure my capacity” crap Itachi pulled to me. Both statements were vage and not understandable.
    Just think about the whole fandom hating him and one chapter he kills Madara and they go nuts.
    The only thing I can’t forgive him is for killing off boobies!… i mean Anko *sniff* WHY KISHI?

  94. Trolololol…i wonder if anyone remembers me?

    anyways, back to trolldom, l8r peeps!

  95. oh god damn it, i thought we got rid of you for good… jkjk
    nice to see ya again dude

  96. That’d be cool of Kabuto was an Uzumaki from his mother’s side (a-la Naruto) I mean his name is similar to Naruto’s and Nagatos But then again maybe it’s just in their english spelling and pronunciation. Any idea of what their names mean in Japanese? That lineage would really explain Kabutos vitality (surviving a Tsunade punch being healthy enough to regenerate himself, a minor rasengan, integrating Oro into his system.) The manga stated how the Uzumaki clan were wiped out because of their power in sealing. The medic found him in a battlefield. Could those events have coincided?

  97. @thelaughingwiseman
    Tobi mentioned the uzumaki clan to have red hair. Naruto isn’t technically apart of the Uzumaki since he is supposed to be Namakaze (Like is father), but you could definately be right, hair doesn’t determine what clan you are apart of of course LMAO, i was just throwing that out there for reference to think about… but he could be an uzumaki o.o, but even though i still doubt it, he survived the rasengan because he healed himself. Orochimaru survived a punch from Tsunade, they intergrated the 1st hokage genes in Danzo, when has he sealed anything???

  98. Nagato didn’t seal anything either… It’s just what the clan was known for, when you are a war refugees (at a young age like Kabuto and Nagato were: I’m hypothetically saying they were part of the same clan.) Nagato did seal tailed beast but that was with the help of Tobi. Most likely Nagato didn’t happen upon that sealing method himself. I think Tobi introduced him to it. I said they can be of that lineage but not have any of their skills other then there strength, stamina and vitality. An example of Kabuto’s stamina strength could be that he was able to summon tons of Impure World resurrections by himself. Then again, I don’t really know if summoning the coffins takes up a lot of chakra. What comes to mind is the training Naruto had with Jiraiya-senesi. Jiraiya said that Naruto needed a lot of chakra to summon Gamabunta or else he’d die. I’d just like that idea that Kabuto would turn out to be an off-shoot of Uzumaki, thus making him the anti-naruto in just another way.

  99. Hey guys. The Naruto breakdown may only be out tomorrow. I am just hectic busy at the moment.

    At least we can say that even if it’s late, we still have a week’s worth of discussions ahead of us because of the lack of a Naruto release this week.

    *Eats Harshyt* Yes I remember you. @_____@

  100. Oh, and I DON’T think it would be cool if Kabuto was an Uzumaki. What makes Kabuto cool as a villain is that he has no ties to the Uchiha, Senju or Uzumaki whatsoever and that sets him appart from most of the other primary villains in the series so far, both in terms of motive and individuality.

    Why on earth would any of you want another SOTSP decendant in the fray? Don’t we have enough as it is? Let Kabuto just be Kabuto. he doesn’t need to be a Senju, Uzumaki or Uchiha to be powerful.

  101. @Tenrai: On the flip side, I’m sure the Kabuto flashback is coming soon. Do we really want Kishi to introduce a whole new nation for Kabuto’s history at this late stage in the game? That would truly be a Deus Ex Machina.

    Nah, I would say he needs to be from a known nation, maybe Whirlpool, maybe not. Maybe he should be a T1000, sent from the future to save Uzumaki Naruto…

  102. @ Arputo – Thing is Kabuto doesn’t need to be from somewhere to be a awesome shinobi, he was abandoned as a child (puppy) he was found by Orochimaru (murial) they lived in the middle of the Sound Village (Nowhere) with her husband Sasuke (hustas) but creepy stuff happened there (nowhere), its up to Kabuto to realize his masters goal (save his new home) etc etc @____@

  103. @Arpotu

    Kishi doesn’t need to make anything new for Kabuto, but that doesn’t mean he has to be an Uzumaki or from any other famous clans for that matter. Besides, we already know his last name and it isn’t linked to any renowned clans that we know of.

    Maybe he’s just a normal shinobi as far as his heritage goes, kinda like “Haruno” Sakura, or “Maito” Gai. Do you think there’s a renowned Maito or Haruno clan? Some people just come from humble beginnings, that’s all. It doesn’t mean they can’t become strong or famous. I mean, have you heard anything special about the name “Namikaze” that links it to any famous clans? No, we haven’t. Hell, Minato’s the only Namikaze we know in the manga and chances are, he just came from a normal background with normal parents who weren’t anything special or exceptional. He became great despite that, and he did it all on his own, so I don’t see why Kabuto can’t just be great without having to be linked to some renowned clan or country.

    Your lineage isn’t what makes you great, your efforts do. Madara is exceptional not just because he is an Uchiha, but because of who he is as an individual. We’ve seen lot’s of weak Uchiha as much as we have seen powerful ones. It all comes down to the individual at the end of the day. @____@

  104. Guess we’ll see what happens in the flashback. I really hope he’s a T1000, though.

  105. @Tenari

    Not to hate on your theory, which I do agree with, but there is nothing strong or famous or useful about Sakura………..hehehehe.

  106. @Mantisguy

    I wasn’t using Sakura as an example of fame or strength. Just to show not everyone is a part of some famous clan. Some people are just normal.

    But some “normal” people are also able to become strong and famous. X____x

  107. @thewiseman
    Kabuto didn’t summon all of those coffins by himself… He used the Zetsu to increase his power to do so.
    too give more evidence to Tobi being the Juubi :P, my friend and i were discussing it and i remember that Nagato awakened the rinnegan from adreneline (Seeing his parents die in front of him) and Tobi says the rinnegan was his to begin with so he was just taking back what was his… He didn’t have to mean from JUST nagato, because the Juubi had the rinnegan eye/sharingan eye pretty much a hybrid so in actuality it is “his” power, “his” eye… this theory gets stronger and stronger, Like I said before, the sage didn’t NEED ninjutsu to defeat the juubi because there are other ways to “fight”, he was a sage afterall which ties in to monks and both are known for fighting demons which the juubi WAS. He was a powerful sage and i believe he gave birth to ninjutsu after he defeated the juubi… Then again, you wouldn’t need the rinnegan to birth ninjutsu because that would basically mean you would need the rinnegan to use ninjutsu, and i see plenty of ninja using ninjutsu without the rinnegan, so even if so, he could’ve learned ninjutsu without the rinnegan, but the rinnegan enhanced his abilities… who knows, but that is a great assumption…

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