Fairy Tail 257 Breakdown. A new beginning.

Hi WRA! Sorry for not doing the breakdown for three weeks in a row, but life has been hectic and I was really busy. Even in my free time, I just wasn’t in the mood because of a few things that happened to me these weeks. But I won’t bore you with my life anymore, so let’s start the breakdown!

Romeo, the Epic Fail Mage. His completely useless Rainbow Fire can be defeated simply by blowing on it. *facepalm*

So, we’re at the fourth chapter after the timeskip. The first two really failed, imo, save for that moment with Mavis the BEAST. She completely pwns all female (and male) mages in the series and she looks like a little kid. I hope Wendy will be that powerful someday.

Chapters 256 and 257 were good. They felt like a new beginning for Fairy Tail. Hopefully, Mashima will take this opportunity to develop the characters even more and stop it with the nakama power ups.

I also really liked the somber feeling they gave me. It’s so fitting. Fairy Tail lost seven years of time, seven years of their friends’ lives. And they can never get them back.

How many times has it happened that we lost something we took for granted? Sadly, that's exactly when we realize just how important they were.

Lucy never really liked her father and I can’t really blame her because he was really a douchebag. He paid Phantom Lord to destroy Fairy Tail just to get her back. But it was always implied that he wasn’t that bad. He was just so obsessed with work that he forgot about his daughter. Also, his wife’s death probably hit him so hard that he worked even more to try to forget it, thus ignoring Lucy and making her hate him.

Even after he lost all his money, he still was a jerk and Lucy couldn’t forgive him, even though she cared for him enough to destroy a weak bandit guild to save him. As soon as he realized just what an idiot he had been, he tried to change and become a better person for her, but she disappeared before he could show her how much he changed. That’s why, even after his death, she’s unable to cry for him, no matter the sadness and pain.

Oh no, she's starting to angst like Sasuke! Snap out of it, Lucy!

On to a more epic part of the chapter, Makarov, Erza and Mirajane have gone to speak with Twilight Ogre to give them what they deserve. The master (who I will be calling Stonebeard) threatens Fairy Tail and insults them. Big mistake there, Stoney. You’re messing with a Wizard Saint and two S-Class Mages. Needless to say, Stonebeard pushes his luck and tries to pick a fight with Makarov, so he decides to pay him back for all the damage he did to Fairy Tail by completely pwning the entire guild.

Makarov + Erza + Mirajane = Overkill. Still less hax than Madara, though. 😉

In the meantime, Lucy’s wallowing in self-pity when her landlady arrives and literally drags her back to her house which she cleaned every day. It’s revealed that Lucy’s father sent her letters and presents every year on the day of her birthday, telling her that his moments with her and his wife were his happiest and he always loved her.

One of the things he said really hit me: Lucy’s mom was “blessed” and so is she. The image of a sacred statue in the same panel made me think that these words will be important later on. We know that Layla was a very strong Celestial Spirit mage and she died on the day the dragons disappeared, on 7/7/X777. Maybe she has an incredibly powerful Holy Magic that Lucy inherited. That’s why she is so in sync with her spirits and she even managed to summon them all at once.

Anyway,  Lucy finally forgives her father and cries for his death. Natsu’s outside with a job and calls for her and she decides to come because she wants to somehow get back the time she lost by living her life to the fullest, for her father.

The beginning of a new arc... about X-Men?!?

Something that really surprised about this chapter was Natsu. He didn’t act like the obnoxious kid he usually is. He was more mature than I thought possible for him. I hope Mashima will keep him like this and give him more development because I could actually like this new Natsu!

That’s it for me. Next week’s the start of a new arc and hopefully Mashima will show us that this timeskip wasn’t useless like we thought.

And before I forget…

Happy Halloween WRA!!

See you in the comments!

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on November 1, 2011.

16 Responses to “Fairy Tail 257 Breakdown. A new beginning.”

  1. It’s FINALLY out. Sorry again for not doing it for three weeks in a row.

  2. I knew it. Fairy Tail sucks so much that no one’s going to comment. Or maybe it’s the breakdown? T__T

    Either way, looks like this breakdown is going to be Dragon’s monologue.


  4. @ Breakdown/Dragon – Lol no worries I know how you feel, Bleach is like the elephant grave yard sometimes too 😛 too much fail makes eyes hurt

    but both seem to be working their way back up…

    I like read Fairy Tail but its not the same as the other manga’s I follow, I can wait till three days later before I read it.

    Nice Breakdown though, I feel sort of meh about this time skip but least we got to see Erza etc kick some @$$ or least hear about it,,, but what confused me was didn’t makarov say he would let the new guild leader stay as the head?

    Also the whole skip has done nothing really, even though the top members of FT are 7 years behind they still really powerful, you would think that others would of moved up in strength but it seems that hasn’t happened also whats up with the Romeo obsession ?

    Pein Out ^:_:^

  5. @pein

    I really hope Fairy Tail will work its way back up because I used to really like it, but now I’m kinda disappointed by it. This arc HAS to be awesome because even the Japanese are hating Fairy Tail after the timeskip. If Mashima doesn’t improve FT, then he’s screwed.

    And what do you mean by “Romeo obsession”?

  6. I will never let your breakdown comments section remain barren mister Dragon. @____@

    Anyway, I think it’s actually best if we just let Hiro have a moment to lay down a few more bricks along his path before we walk to far ahead of it and get ourselves stuck in the mud. As I said before, although the reason for the timeskip may not yet be clear, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Hiro can’t explain everything in one or two chapters, so I say we give him the time he needs to tell his story and see where he takes it, then if we still aren’t happy….

    … Bring on the pitchforks. @____@

    We’ve seen in all the manga that every author has their bad spins. We just gotta be patient.


    I think Pein is referring to the fact that Romeo seems to be in the limelight a lot more lately. Who knows, maybe the timeskip occured because Hiro wants to make Romeo a more integril part of the story and he needed him to grow up a bit for the role. I can only guess at this point.

  7. @Tenrai

    You’re right. I promise I won’t judge Hiro until the end of the next arc, unless he does something completely outrageous, be it good or bad. 🙂

    This timeskip might could be an excuse to make the minor characters, like Romeo, shine, but chapter 256 and 257 made me think otherwise because some of them completely disappeared. The only ones that could do something are Macao, Wakaba and Romeo, but they can’t keep up with the main characters with their magic, unless Hiro shows us that they really are more powerful than they seem.

  8. The new chapter is out. It seems to be getting a bit more interesting, with the secret hidden underneath the old Fairy Tail Building. I wonder what it is. O_O

    As for the introduction of two new dragon slayers, I am not sure I really like that to be honest. Dragon Slayer magic to me felt like it was meant to be something rare and unique. Although there were quite a few fake Dragon Slayers in the manga up until now, there were still only three real ones that we knew about, which seemed reasonable to me and I was happy with that. Now we’ve got dragon slayers coming out of the wood works as if it’s the most common type of magic in the world.

    I mean, technically speaking, we now know of more Dragon Slayer type magic users than any other magic type in the manga. X___X

    P.S. you can tell they aren’t fakes if they have exceed companions, and these two new dragon slayers have exceed and therefore aren’t fake. <_<

  9. @ Dragon/Tenrai – Yeah I meant that part, if he wanted to establish Romeo he should of waited a little longer to bring back the original cast I guess..

    I like the new chapter, the 2 new dragon slayers gonna be interesting, but I like how FT will have to rebuild its reputation and finally we seeing a Guild that has improved since the skip making the original people of FT seem a little weaker and at a disadvantage for a change… next chapter focus on the sky dragon…

  10. New Chapter is out

    -Fairy Tale’s guild members have gotten stronger in the time skip
    -Natsu can recall his lightning fire dragon mode but it eats up all of his energy in one attack.

    The ending was a real twist though
    Not that anyone will comment on this though since everyone seems to be talking about mass effect in the Naruto thread =P

  11. @Crume: LOL

    All in all. The chapter was pretty good. I didn’t like how Natsu has that lightning fire dragon mode since it was kind of a cheap way to get power in the first place but what can you do.

    Porlyusica possibly being Grandine is interesting. Maybe she could train the core members, so that they are comparable to there fodder members. Maybe she can also shed some light on the dragons in general.

    That thing that Romeo was talking about was most likely a tournament of some sort that is held each year to see which guild should be on top or maybe it is some sort of challenge a lower guild makes upon the top guild. Who knows.

    Well that’s all I got 😛 Hopefully we can get some discussion going for Fairy Tail.

  12. Interesting chapter

    Not going to put any spoilerish information on here but I like where Fairy Tail is going, it actually seems like Hiro Mashima knew what he was doing with the time skip now.

    Also it seems Naruto even has the ability to dominate discussion even when it’s on a break. Even when they aren’t talking about mass effect =P

  13. http://www.mangareader.net/fairy-tail/261/1 it’s out early lol

  14. New chapter is out. Not gonna lie, not a big fan of fairy tail, but the ending to this one was hilarious

  15. New chapter is out everyone http://www.mangareader.net/fairy-tail/264/1

  16. An early chapter of Fairy Tail =D
    That aught to keep at least some of us satisfied till regular manga chapters resume.

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